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Top facts about Tyler Adams

Mon 10 May 2021 | 13:30

As one of the young brilliant talents in the world of football, Tyler Adams is the one we want to know more about in our article today. Stay tuned to know more about this wonderful player.

There are many young, talented football players around the world, waiting for their chance of getting famous and Tyler Adams is one of them with no doubt. But the question is what do we know about him? Well, in our article today we are going to take a closer look at his lofe and discover the 

top facts about Tyler Adams

. Hope you enjoy it.

Tyler Adams is an American football player who has also played for the United States national football team. He was born on 11/25/1998 in Wappingers Falls. Adams is 22 years old, weighs 68 kg, and is 175 cm tall. He played 46 minutes in his last game for Leipzig against Werder Bremen, which ended in a 1-4 draw with Werder Bremen.

Among the clubs he has played for are the New York Red Bulls and Leipzig. On March 19, 2015, Adams joined the

New York Red Bulls

II, the club's reserve team that played in the United Football League. Adams scored his first goal for the team on 4 April 2015 in a 4–1 victory over Toronto Bay, the club's first victory. Adams helped the club to a 5–1 victory over Soup Park Rangers 2 in the USL Cup final after making a consistent appearance for the team during the 2016 season.

Top facts about Tyler Adams that you didn't know

He started to be a soccer when he was too young for this position but as we are going to cover top facts about Tyler adams, we will see that he has tried so much to achieve what he wants.

As you see we have managed some nessecery informations like

Tyler's zodiac sign

or birthday that might be useful for us to know Tyler Adams better. 

  • Full name

    : Tyler Shaan Adams

  • Date of birth

    : February 14, 1999 (age 22)

  • Place of birth:

     Wappinger, New York, United States

  • Height

    : 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

  • Position

    : Midfielder

  • Number

    : 14

  • Education

    : Roy C Ketcham High School

  • Foot

    : right 

  • zodiac sign

    : Aquarius

Current team


RB Leipzig, United States men's national soccer team 

An interesting fact is that Tyler Adams was born under a horoscope sign of Aquarius, which helped him achieve his career goals. Him Chinese horoscope sign is Rabbit. That means that sometimes even the stars work in Tyler Adams favor. He enjoys in his job and continues to try the best he can. That is the reason why most people know Tyler Adams as a famous Soccer Player with an impressive fan base. Their support helped him achieve some of his long-term career goals.

Tyler Adams career

Tyler Adams career

is the next title we want to talk about. Well On 23 July 2015, Adams made his debut against the New York Red Bulls in a friendly against

Premier League

champions Chelsea. He scored the second goal of the match and won the game 4-2. Adams signed his first senior team contract on November 3, 2015, and in 2016 he was shown to the team at the training camp.

Adams made his MLS debut as an unused substitute on April 1, 2016, in a 0–1 loss to the New England Revolution, and on April 13, he made his debut against the San Jose Earthquakes. Before going to the second team of this club on loan again.

Adams appeared in the 2017 season as a fixed player for the Red Bulls' first team. On 15 August 2017, Adams helped his team to a 3-2 victory over Cincinnati and assisted Bradley Wright-Phillips in the 77th minute. With the victory, New York reached its first FA Cup final since 2003. Adams scored his first two goals in MLS 3-3 against DC United on September 27, 2017.

On March 13, 2018, Adams scored a goal for New York with a 3-1 victory for Club Tijuana in the Concacaf Champions League, helping the club reach the semi-finals of the competition for the first time.

A groin injury caused Adams to miss the Bundesliga in the summer of 2019 and the first half of the 2019-2020 season. He returned for the last game before the winter break and played 86 minutes in a 3–1 victory over Augsburg. On 10 March, Adams made his Champions League debut against Tottenham Hotspur in the second leg when he came on as a substitute in the 56th minute for a client who suffered a head injury. Adams lost the game due to a minor leg injury. The game ended 3-0 (4-0 overall) with Leipzig winning and advancing to the next round.

Adams has represented the United States in the under-15s, under-17s, and under-20s. He played in all of his team's Concacaf Under-17 Championships in Honduras, helping the United States qualify for the 2015 FIFA Under-17 World Cup. In May 2017, Adams played all the games for the United States at the 2017 Under-20 World Cup in South Korea.

To know more about Tyler Adams career, On November 14, 2017, Adams made his senior debut for the senior national team, playing a full 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw with Portugal. On September 11, 2018, Tyler Adams scored in a friendly match against Mexico at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

He felt very happy when he scored his first goal in the Bundesliga. Tyler says : "For me, as competitive a person as I am, I want to win every game possible. I was happy to be able to score my first goal, of course, but at the end of the day, I would rather have the three points."

Do not go anywhere, we have anther top fact about Tyler Adams. Let's go for it.

Tyler Adams girlfriend and love life 

Tyler Adams family

are also talented just like himself, Adams brother Dylan Sullivan came through the Red Bulls Academy and played Division 1 football at Clemson University starting in the autumn of 2019.

Adams revealed the struggles he went through to get to where he is today.

But you should know that Adams' father was not around in his life but he was lucky enough to find a family through his mother's new husband and he speaks about the impact this had on his life. His family on his stepfather's side were die-hard Rangers fans and would push him to be the best he could be, on and off the pitch.

Well we didn't find any information about

Tyler Adams girlfriend

 but later he may want to share something about his love life.

Now stay with us as we are going to cover his talent.

Tyler Adams talent in cooking


Tyler Adams talent

you should know that he is also interested in cooking and that is because of quarantine which he wasn't able to go out and buy food. So he started to learn to cook simple things from his mom and asking her for some recipes. He says "I would go to the grocery store and buy some of the things that she would say.

I think that during this quarantine period, everyone has had to cook to a certain extend to eat so for me, I don't know if I'm getting better. I haven't had anyone other than my girlfriend to test it so that's probably a good thing for everyone!"

Tyler Adams Childhood and Life story

His family played a huge role in

Tyler Adams childhood

 As they have helped him make any decision that he should be made whether it was to pick a certain club. When he was deciding to leave New York there were multiple clubs so they found that the best route for him was to come to Leipzig. The main reason for this decision was the structure that the club works and the developmental plan that they had for him. Besides, they wanted to allow young players to play. In his parent's eyes, there was no better place to go than a club where they play young players and give him the chance to play.

Also, it was a difficult task for Tyler Adams to leave the USA and his family behind but he was already leaving the house as he traveled a lot with the national team. On the other hand, it was an easy decision because he was going to follow his dreams.

It was not a big challenge in coming from a big city like New York to a smaller town like Leipzig for Adams. Fewer people, less going on, it's pretty easy when the weather is nice and there aren't two feet of snow on the ground. So he rides his bike to training and he is just able to enjoy life. The researches for top facts about Tyler adams showes that his mother threw him into a bunch of programs when he was younger to find the best environment for himself to play.

Tyler played for some local town teams not too far from his house. His dad had a big influence on him in terms of which club would be the best for Tyler's development. Also, his mother was more "go out there and have fun" whereas the father was also the same way but always trying to find the best competition for Adams so he could progress his game. Being a professional soccer player was always a big goal for him so that he had to find the best competition to play.

Tyler Adams net worth, Salary and Market Value

Tyler Adams net worth

is estimated to be $1.5 Million - $5.5 Million at the age of 32 years. Tyler Adams' income source is mostly from being a successful Reality Star. Tyler Adams earns £41,000 per week, £2,132,000 per year playing for RB Leipzig as a D/WB (R), DM, M (C). Tyler Adams has earned a total of £3,679,000 over his career till now.

Interesting relationship between Tyler and Gio 

Gio and Tyler have known each other for a long time now. They both are from New York and they have always heard about each other and then Gio has played against Tyler's younger brother. He has the same age as his younger brother. On the field, Gio is an attacking player and Tyler is a defensive player but off the field, Gio is a little bit shy sometimes. Also, he's a funny guy and a good person to be around as Adams says that:

"He has a great personality. We get along really well and we're good friends."

Tyler Adams Education

Now it's time to have a look at

Tyler Adams education

as we promissed you to cover all of top facts about Tyler Adams. He is still studying psychology and will finish it in 2023. What he is taking is general Psychology courses and things like contemporary health. A lot he learns in these classes subtly relates to the professional athlete's life. Learning things about your sleep, your nutrition, your mental health, and how all these things play a key role in our performance. Tyler picked to study this because he was so interested in the similarities are between being a professional athlete and sports psychology are. 

Now, sport psychology is a growing field for so many young athletes and so many athletes that are dealing with mental health problems and things like this because it's a real thing and everyone goes through it.

Tyler Adams Instagram

About Tyler Adams social media we can see that Tyler has Instagram and Twitter account that has 108K followers with 173 posts on Instagram.

If you search His ID 

( tyler_adams14 )

you can easily find him on Instagramm.

You may have seen in

Tyler Adams Instagram

that One day he posted a story about Justin Kluivert who was cleaning the snow of Tyler's car then he talked about his experience with snow in Germany in an interview. Tyler says that was kind of his first experience with snow in Germany because in his first 2 years there it had not been so much snow. He continued that it feels a little bit more like New York at that time of the year. He was thankful that Justin had cleaned all his car.

So that was all top facts about Tyler Adams. Thank you for reading our article and if you wanna see more about other players follow us and click on the links bellow.




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