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Sat 24 April 2021 | 13:30

What would come to your mind if we ask you about the football boots? Will you think about the strange football boots or the best ones? Well, most of us wonder about the best football boots in the world. Before getting to know these best boots, let's take a look at the original football boots.

Shoes have always been considerably important to all of us when it comes to style. But when we talk about football, things get a little bit more complicated, as they play a very important role in the players' ability to play. When we talk about the 

best football boots of all time, 

we need to remember that choosing a very light soccer boot with no foot protection is not the best option, while a very fast shoe can give the play more confidence and more control over the ball. 

The button line is that soccer shoes are like a weapon to the players and so play a very important role in the loss or victory of our favorite team. 

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the most iconic football boots of all time and also dig into the history a little bit. 

All you need to know about the best football boots

Without further ado, let's go through the 

best football boots of all time 

and the history behind them. Stay tuned.

History of the best football boots of all time 

While black was once the only option, the garish color schemes range from red to yellow, were later used as modern players seemed to be more fashion-conscious, keen to match their boots with their kit, and also express themselves on the pitch.

There have been a variety of boots out on the market over the years, but in our article today we have a list of the greatest ones to ever be worn.

Football boots have changed a lot over time. In the 1950s and 1960s, manufacturers in South America and Southern Europe began shifting their focus on making boots lighter and more agile. It was during this period that Adidas introduced the first boots with interchangeable screw-in studs.

Boots soon became available in a wider variety of styles. The first manufacturer to shift away from the traditional black boots was Hummel, who brought a white pair of football boots to the market during the 1970s.Throughout the 1980s, classic designs, including the Copa Mundial and the Puma King, were introduced, while the 1990s saw the impact of the Adidas Predator, arguably the most popular pair of boots in the history of the game.

Years ago, players gladly wore free boots supplied by a shoe company. That is no longer the case as shoe companies pay football players vast sums of money to wear their boots. In 2017, it was reported that Cristiano Ronaldo is paid £6.2 million a year to wear Nike boots.

It is the highest figure of any modern day player. Surprisingly, Mario Balotelli is the second highest paid player when it comes to footwear. The Italian striker earns £5.1m thanks to his deal with Puma.

Today, advancements continue to be made. Manufacturers are now even moving away from leather in favor of lighter and more durable synthetic fibers. Blades have also taken over traditional studs, and the ability to customize boots is giving players the chance to have their personal brands.With the art of making a football boot ever-evolving, here we take a look at the most popular football boot brands.

Time to know more about the best football boots in 2021.

The coolest football boots in 2021

Have you yet thought about the best 2021 football boots? Do you have any idea about the shoes to be one of the best soccer boots of all time soon?

Here are five football boots to take the market by storm in 2021:

  •  Puma Future Z 

  •  Nike Phantom GT Blue

  •  Puma Ultra 1.2 Blue Hi-Vis Yellow 

  •  Adidas Copa Sense 

  •  Gold/Black Nike Tiempo Legend VIII 

Ok time to take a closer look at each one of them:

Puma Future Z 

Released in January 2021, Spanish winger Suso has debuted Puma Future Z boots, when he took the field for Sevilla against Levante on October 1, 2020. A day later, Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian superstar Neymar also donned the boots in practice. Earlier, Manchester United rising star Brendan Williams wore a pair of Future Z at the club’s training facility. 

These boots have taken a generation leap, and replaced Puma’s current-gen boots Puma Future. They are available in black, yellow, and white. There is a Netfit technology in these boots. The bootlace holes are situated in a unique location. The new fighting system is called Fuzionfit +. The boots have also new grip control features on the upper end and evoKNIT collar. 

The evoKNIT collar is a cosy fabric lining that feels as comfortable to the skin as a soft pair of socks. The Grip Control Pro texture can help the player achieve the perfect footing in slippery pitches


We got our first glance of Nike Phantom GT boots in the new PES trailer. Then in August, Nike released the first two variants of the Nike Phantom GT.

Later Nike released a third colour edition of the series in February 2021. The best Nike football boots in the world are famous for their innovative designs and athletic fits. The Nike Phantom GT series did not disappoint on either regard. 

The first two releases of the series were predominantly white and black with splashes of pink. The new shoes is mostly blue with a strip of white. The iconic Nike logo is also in white. These boots are particularly dense at the instep and toe. This gives the player more traction at the bottom of his feet and gives him/her better balance to receive, control, and shoot the ball. 


Lucas Digne made headlines when he decided to paint his red Puma Ultra 1.1 boots blue. The Everton fullback wanted to sport his team’s colour instead of red-which symbolises Everton’s Merseyside rivals; Liverpool. Digne would be delighted to know that he will get a brand new pair of Puma Ultra 1.1 soon, and this time, there would be no need for him redo the colourway. The new Puma Ultra 1.1 will be fundamentally blue. There will be no technical upgrades in this edition. But, the Puma Ultra 1.1 has already proven its mettle on the field and is currently one of the best football boots in the world. 

Puma Ultra 1.1 is one of the lightest football boots you can buy right now, because of its MATRYXEVO upper construction and Kevlar-Carbon fusion. Wearing this pair, you can expect to be lightning-fast on the pitch. The Grip Control Pro layer over the skin texture would refine your first touch to a whole new level. The yellow Puma logo looks ravishing on the blue backdrop of the boots. Digne would sure love them!


Adidas has announced the arrival of their next-gen Copa silos. The German sportswear giant has rebranded the series as ‘’Copa Sense’’, released in January. Adidas has remained tight-lipped regarding the technical specifications of the new Copa silos. In fact, we didn’t even get a visual preview before Juventus star Paulo Dybala wore them on Argentina training in October. 

Copa series boots are known for their seamless leather construction and gorgeous laceless design.The previous boots also featured a tough Exoframe plate for extra support and superior traction. 


Nike has came up with a new colourway for the famed Nike Tiempo Legend VIII in 2021. The colour tone is ‘’University Gold/Black/Fireberry’’. The base colour of the shoe is metallic gold or, as Nike likes to say “University Gold”. All markings on the boot are in black while the laces and collar come in shades of dijon. However, there are no new features on top of the existing specs. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Nike Tiempo Legend VIII has a host of contemporary features. The Quad-Fit linings address all pressure points of your feet to keep them comfortable for hours. The Flyknit tongue secures your inner foot and provides you with the stability to withstand harsh challenges from the defender. This particular trait makes it one of the best football boots for strikers. 

Umbro Velocita 4

Umbro has always made quality football boots; they nail the comfort, the durability, and the power. There has, however, always been one area they have seriously lacked in - the sex appeal. Well, forget all about that, as the Umbro Velocita 4 might just be the coolest design of coolest football boots around right now, while also ticking all the usual boxes. Umbro has managed to maintain the robust, sturdy quality that their boots have been renowned for while adding in the style factor that they’ve often missed. They have all the great qualities of the old leather style boots while still looking modern. They're also worn by Portuguese defender Pepe, which is magnificent in itself.

Up to here we have covered the history of 

best football boots of all time



the 2021 phenomena. now it's time to answer the question of "how can we choose a football boot"? 

How can we choose a good football boot?

  • Make your choice always from a reputable and well-known brand. Because the expertise in engineering design of the criteria for the production of shoes, by brands, is valid. Arguably, reliable stores provide original shoes for customers.

  • The diversity of models, such as coloring and initiative in the plan is always the best choice, but sex, leather, lightweight, and flexibility, which in the agenda of the best brands of soccer shoes can be. the point is significant.

  • Over the past year, just a few of the great football shoes have been unveiled in the world. Whether you are a superstar of the Premier League or a nicknamed Footballer of the league one or a typical player on every post of the pitch, it will be effective in choosing the right shoes.

  • The best shoes for your foot, footballer, etc., shoe cabinet, which is at the same time easily on the feet, from damage during the game, prevent, and high performance relative to the Earth is the game for the player have to trust the person to attract.

  • Natural kangaroo leather, quality synthetic leather, or sock models; the Shape of the claws of wide or narrow legs and the tack of steep or smooth legs will limit the choices depending on the type of shoes and their features.

  • The performance of soccer shoes in terms of style while having high durability as well as its monetary value is very important for the buyer to be careful. Always the most expensive is not the best, because there are different cases for playing football with the standard shoes that complying with them can stop us from paying exorbitant fees would drop in.

  • Always keep in mind the purchase of football pitch boots. Because if you use the wrong shoes on the playing field, irreparable injuries will be inflicted on your knees and ankles. Also, hearty and high-quality games can not be offered.

Now that we know about the most iconic football boots in 2021, Let's go a bit back in history and find out more about the

coolest football boots of all time

Most iconic football boots of all time

As the next item of our article we want to know more about the 

best soccer boots of all time


  • 5. Nike Air Mercurial

The Nike Air Mercurial stormed onto the world football stage at World Cup ’98 in France. The boots adorned the feet of the world’s best player at the time, the original Ronaldo. The Brazilian was unbelievable at his peak and the Air Mercurial helped showcase the pace and power of the No. 9.

  • 4.  Puma King

The Puma King is the original boot created by the German company. The boots have been worn by some of the world’s greatest players including Eusebio, Pele, Diego Maradona, and Johan Cruyff. According to lore, Cruyff even refused to wear the Netherlands’ Adidas produced kit and had a special one made with just two stripes on the sleeves because he was dedicated to Puma. The boots still resemble the original ones worn in the 1960s, but Puma updates them with new technology. Since the 1980s, the King has stayed true to the design that both Maradona and Cruyff wore.

  • 3. Nike Tiempo Premier

The Nike Tiempo Premier debuted in 1994. It was released in time for the World Cup in the United States and was Nike’s real coming out party in football… errr, soccer. The boots have a classic look with white Nike swooshes on the sides of black kangaroo leather and molded studs on the soles. Greats like Romario and Paolo Maldini donned the Nike boots and helped the company’s rise into football clothing.

  • 2. Adidas Predator

The original Adidas Predator was released in 1994. It was a revolutionary boot that promised players would put swerve on their free-kicks, passes, and shots, in essence, they would bend it like Beckham. In fact, Beckham’s rise in the late 1990s as a football superstar coincided with the popularity of the Predator. The two are synonymous when it comes to football boots. The Predator cost £100 when they were first released in 1994, which was a high price back then. Taking inflation into account, the original Adidas Predator would cost more than £193 in 2018.

1.Adidas Copa Mundial

The Adidas Copa Mundial is considered the best football boot ever created. Although it isn’t worn by many professionals today, the Copa Mundial is one of the most iconic and aesthetically pleasing boot ever made. Without the Copa Mundial, Adidas would have never designed the Samba, which has become its most popular selling shoe of all-time. Made with kangaroo leather and rubber molded studs, the Copa Mundial is the epitome of what a football boot should look like.

That was all about the best boots of all time. Hope you've enjoyed it. Which one was more attractive to you? Let us know in the comment section.




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