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Funniest moments in football history

Ready for some good laughs? Then follow us below as we take a look at some of the most iconic and funny moments in football, that you may or may not have seen when they happened.

Football is game full of intense competition and can sometimes be a dramatic epic of a story when two fierce rivals face each other, or when the classic David versus Goliath repeats itself in the beautiful game we love. But while we adore such moments in football and actually pay money to bear witness to these moments from up close at the stadium and feel the intensity for ourselves alongside other fans who share the same passion and enthusiasm as us, it is not the only reason many of us watch football.

Aside from these epic tales, there are also many lighthearted and

funny moments in football

that baffle us by how weird and funny they are. We have shared many a laughter with our friends and other football lovers week in week out every year, watching some of the funniest moments in football history go down in front of our eyes.

One fascinating thing about these moments is that they can happen to almost anyone in the game, whether they are a world-class superstar of a footballer, or just a Sunday League amateur who gets to be famous only because what happened to them passed on throughout the internet as one of the funniest football moments ever.

You may have already seen these events unravel in front of your eyes as you might have been at the stadium when they happened, or you might have caught them on TV, or you might have even seen them on social media as they have all gone viral several times since they were first witnessed.

Funniest moments in football of all time

We simply cannot wait to show you some of our choices for the

funniest moments in football history

award. So without further ado, let’s go through our list and share a laugh or two about these iconic moments that will surely have a place in football history for all eternity.

The Braithwaite disaster


are notorious for some of the worst signings in football history, especially during Josep Maria Bartomeu’s reign as the club’s director, the same director who was recently arrested for alleged corruption and unfair use of media. One of the deals that truly infuriated Barcelona fans and maybe the club’s players was the signing of Martin Braithwaite as an emergency striker, for whom the Catalan giants paid €18 million to

CD Leganes


While the signing itself could be considered as one of

football's funniest moments of all time

by the club’s rivals, especially Real Madrid fans, the truly unique moment came during the Danish striker’s unveiling ceremony, during which new signings traditionally show off some of their skills to the club’s supporters and the media who gather at the club’s home stadium to record everything that goes on during the presentation. The Denmark international started off with simple techniques and keep-ups, he felt the need to try a bit more difficult moves in front of the eyes locked on him.

The disastrous moment came when Braithwaite failed to do much with his poor technique and flair, which humiliated the footballer and created one of the funniest moments in football history, as it showed how Barcelona had wasted their money on a subpar center-forward who was not nearly as close to the level of other Barcelona players when he signed for the club. The 29-year-old’s performance speaks for itself, as he has made over 45 appearances overall since joining Barcelona, during the process of which he has managed to score only eight goals and provide four assists.

Braithwaite has played for numerous clubs throughout his career, signing for clubs such as


, Bordeaux and Leganes before his move to Barcelona. But despite his experience in the game as a professional footballer, he might never recover from the disastrous show that he put on for the first time at Camp Nou, which also gave us one of the funniest soccer moments ever.

Luiz, you cheeky devil

Football tactics have changed quite significantly since the first days of football and many pioneering managers and players have contributed to this change over the years. One greatly differing aspect between today’s modern football and the simple traditional football of seventy years ago is the deceiving factor that many players are infamous for using unfair tactics of deception to fool players and match officials and get a foul or two in their favor.

Of course while such moves and deceptions do infuriate opposition players and supporters and is considered to be highly unethical and unfair, some of these moves tend to give birth to a number of funny moments in football that are not easily forgotten. Thanks to the Brazilian defender David Luiz, we have been blessed to witness many great moments throughout the former


defender’s career.

But one particular moment that will always be remembered as a cheeky and deceptive move by the defender, dates back to his first spell at Chelsea when he was a young and up and coming center-back and the world was after signing the exciting prospect.

In a Premier League match against their fierce rivals Manchester United back in 2013, the then


defender clashed with the former United defender Rafael da Silva, whose somewhat seemingly harsh standing tackle from behind threw Luiz onto the ground, where he stayed for a good couple of seconds, before being seen smiling at the opposition fans who were directly looking at him from the stands around the corner flag.

In one of the

funniest moments in football history

, the Brazilian dropped to the ground, clutched his leg and started to smile as he appeared to mock Manchester United fans. His deceptive move resulted in a red card for Rafael, who had to leave the pitch and go into the dressing room following the red card.

While Man United supporters were sure David Luiz was mocking them and even Sir Alex Ferguson had claimed that the defender was acting like a dying swan, criticizing Luiz for his unsporting behavior, the Brazil international later claimed that the reason behind his laughter was not that he caused the United man to be sent off, but that he was laughing at the jokes aimed at himself, as United fans had reportedly dubbed him the “Sideshow Bob”, who is a guest character in the animated TV series The Simpsons.

Whatever the reason behind his smile after the tackle, David Luiz single handedly created one of the funniest football moments ever, for which he will always be hated by United fans across the world. Of course his Chelsea days are now over as he plays for the Premier League club’s city rivals



A very erotic voice

We did say we were going to talk about some of the

funniest moments in football history

. What we didn’t say, however, was that these moments did not necessarily happen on the pitch and during the game for that matter. For this next one we pay a visit to the globally loved manager Jurgen Klopp, who has created his own legacy at Liverpool since taking the wheel at the Reds after departing from

Borussia Dortmund

in 2015.

The German manager is known for his famous and lovely bursts of laughter and for the close relationship he has with his players at each club, which has turned him into one of the most likable managers in the world. While his behavior and treatment of other players is respectable, he is also able to crack memorable one-liners and funny jokes on and off the pitch, which have put a smile on many faces throughout the years. One of the funniest soccer moments ever came when the former Borussia Dortmund manager was present at a press conference back in 2018.

During the press conference a day before Liverpool’s clash against Paris Saint-Germain, a couple of questions were asked from the


manager, but the translator had a difficult time interpreting everything in a detailed fashion, which led to him losing his grasp of the questions asked by the French reporter.

With Klopp sensing that the translator was in fact nervous and was going through a difficult time, he eased the atmosphere by commenting that the man behind the mic had a very “erotic voice”, which cracked up the whole room as everyone laughed at the comment made by the German genius.

He also congratulated the translator for having such a good voice and even jokingly asked the reported to repeat his question so that he could listen to the translator once again. It did turn into one of the

funniest moments in football of all time

as the video was shared on the social media, quickly going viral as everyone praised Klopp for his sense of humor and also for supporting the translator through a difficult moment.

The Liverpool manager has since managed to win the Premier League for the Reds after a thirty-year wait, while also adding the Champions League trophy to the club’s cabinet after beating Tottenham in the same season that the hilarious comment was made.

Tiki-Taka much?

We have heard and seen football teams, especially Barcelona, make use of the tiki-taka passing system to cut through opposition defense with hundreds of head-spinning passes all across the pitch. We have also seen many tiki-taka goals being scored, to which we are practically used to by now. But what about a tiki-taka own goal? Have you ever witnessed such a thing? Was it one of the funniest moments in football history? If it were, then it probably was the own goal that


managed to pull off during their clash against Paris Saint-Germain in 2020.

As one of the

funniest soccer moments ever

, we got to witness this goal in PSG’s 6-1 rout over Saint-Etienne, which clearly showed the raw power that the Parisians had. But it was not all about how tough the French powerhouse were, as one of the goals came from sheer luck, and to the neutral’s excitement, the goal was in fact a hilarious one. In the said game Mauro Icardi managed to open the scoring two minutes into game with a beautiful right-foot attempt from a tight angle, after which Neymar managed to add another in a one-on-one attempt.

While these goals were as simple and regular as it could get in a weekly football match, Paris Saint-Germain’s third goal came out of a truly hilarious incident, which earned its place on our list of funniest moments in football history. As usual, PSG were attacking from the left flank through Di Maria, who then attempted a low cross from inside the box.

While the Argentine winger was clearly aiming for Neymar, the opposition defender Timothee Kolodziejczak tried his best to clear the ball. But the attempt was unsuccessful as the ball hit his teammate and changed direction towards the goal. One might think that this is it and the goal is given. But the goal came after the ball first hit the post, then rebounded only to hit the club’s goalkeeper on the leg and then get deflected once again into the goal.

The defenders stood and watched in horror as the goalkeeper tried his best to get a hold of the ball. But all efforts were we useless as the ball had already crossed the line. It truly was one of football's funniest moments of all time, as the PSG players celebrated it like any other goal. To say that this goal was the fault of one player would be a major understatement, as they clearly tiki-taka’d the ball into their own goal. Of course since then 28-year-old Kolodziejczak has joined Tigres UANL and is currently playing in Mexico’s MX Clausura.

Batshuayi’s epic celebration fail

Football is obviously an exciting sport, both for fans and the players themselves. Playing for your country on international duty is certainly much more of an honor as it brings out the patriot inside you, who would give everything for the motherland. Of course while scoring goals and celebrating alongside your teammates can definitely be a thrilling matter, some players might take it too far and as a result taste the bad conclusion of a certain move.

That is exactly what happened during the 2018 World Cup group-stage match between Belgium and England, during which the former emerged victorious after scoring a goal in the 58th minute of the game. But while many basked in the joy of Belgium scoring a goal against a tough England, one particular event caught the eyes of the media and everyone else, as it quickly turned into one of the funniest moments in football history.

The said moment came when the now 27-year-old

Crystal Palace

forward Michy Batshuayi tried to celebrate the goal in his own way in front of the opposition goal. He picked up the ball and tried to dropkick it back into the back of the net, but everything literally blew up in his face as the ball hit the post and got deflected back towards the Belgium international’s face.

In one of the

funniest football moments ever

, Batshuayi closed his eyes and put his palm on his face to soothe the pain he had caused himself by shooting a ball towards the post, only for it to rebound and hit him hard on the face.

But while he was able to soothe the physical pain he had caused, he would have never been able to soothe the internal and psychological pain he had just endured by making an absolute fool of himself on probably the biggest stage of them all in football, which is literally called the World Cup, as billions watch the games in the competition.

One simply cannot forget such a humiliating matter which is still considered by many to be one of the funniest moments in football history. That is probably why the Belgium international took to social media literally minutes after winning the game thanks to the same goal he failed to celebrate properly, tweeting the following statement on his official Twitter account: “Ahahha I knew I would be f**ked the minute I come to my mentions (followed by several laughing emojis) why am I so stupid bro (face-palm emoji) s**t hurts.”

These were only some of the funniest moments in football of all time, as there are literally hundreds or even thousands of other moments that have to potential to be included on this list. We sadly cannot list them all as there are simply too many of them around. Still, you can enjoy every little moment as new and better contenders for the list of football's funniest moments of all time come to being week in week out, as we enjoy the beautiful with all of its intense and at times hilarious moments.




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