Four Controversial Cheltenham Moments that Can’t be Forgotten

Thu 08 April 2021 | 11:47


When it comes to racing there is nowhere bigger and better to enjoy the sport than the

Cheltenham Festival

. With each new festival comes new record breaking moments, feats of sporting genius and wins for all those with a stake in a race. However, as well as golden moments that are written into the sporting history books, there are also the controversial moments that Cheltenham has given us over the years. Here we take a look at four controversial Cheltenham moments that can’t be forgotten.

 Lord Windermere - 2014 Gold Cup

Who could forget the thrilling moment that Lord Windermere gained a short margin over On His Own to win the Gold Cup in 2014. No one thought Lord Windermere was a likely winner and the title looked certain to be given to On His Own. As thrilling as the race over the line was, it was nothing compared to the drama that followed and the steward’s inquiry that took place. Was there interference? In the end it was ruled not, and Lord Windermere took the title. I think it is fair to say that this goes down as one of the controversial moments of Cheltenham history and it is still spoken of - and disputed - to this day.

Binocular - 2010 Champion Hurdle

Unfortunately, Binocular had not been enjoying a good season before the event of the festival, and few saw that changing as the much anticipated meet approached. He was set to run in the Champion Hurdle - an event in which he had only come third year before. There was more bad news when a muscle injury was sustained and whether he would run at all was the question that punters were asking before the start of the festival came around. In fact, Nickey Henderson himself said that the horse’s injury was bad enough to keep him out of the race, and that seemed to put an end to the matter once and for all. Or did it? Everyone was amazed as he not only entered the race, but then went on to be crowned winner. A quick recovery, it seems. Not a day that bettors will forget in a hurry! If you are a regular bettor

choosing a horse to bet on

can be one of the hardest decision you could ever make, whether you’re someone who bets smart, goes for the cool names or just likes the colors of a specific jockey.

Tied Cottage - 1980 Gold Cup

Tied Cottage’s win will perhaps be remembered as both one of the controversial and the most emotional moments in Cheltenham history. Tied Cottages win came against the backdrop of the failing health of his owner and trainer. However, as emotional as the win was, it was taken from the team when banned substances were found inTied Cottages sample. A sad and controversial turn of events for all concerned.

Chinrullah - 1980 Champion Chase

This final controversy comes from the same festival as the previous one, and is also similar in nature. Chinrullah’s performance was spectacular and the win emphatic. It perhaps came as little surprise to some to find out that there were performance enhancing substances in play, and as a result the honor was taken from the Irish winner.


source: SportMob