Greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes, a complete collection

Fri 23 April 2021 | 6:30

A look back at the greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes including his quotes on Barcelona and his own playing style as well his famous comments about Messi, Ronaldo and other famous football stars.

No one can argue against the fact that Xavi Hernandez is among the greatest and most influential football players of all time. He was Spain's and Barcelona's engine during their historic spell from 2008 to 2012, Xavi was one of the Best playmakers in football of all time. He orchestrated the midfield line perfectly and dictated the tempo of the game at will.

Nicknamed as the metronome, Xavi played his entire career at


, winning absolutely everything with his club and country. He was a perfect example of a playmaker in Cruyff's footballing philosophy. Alongside his team mate, Andres Iniesta, Xavi formed one of the best midfielder dues in the history of football. Such was his importance for Barcelona and Spain national team that after his retirement, neither of them could reach the height they experienced with Xavi on the field.

Xavi Hernandez is one of the most successful footballers in the history of football and a true the model for the youngsters. At the age of 11, Xavi joined La Masia and spent 20 years at Barcelona. During his highly successful career, The Spanish super star won eight La Liga titles, three Copa del Rey titles and four UEFA Champions League title. He also won two back-to-back European Championships and the 2010 World Cup with Spain national team.

Xavi made many assists during his two-decade years career as one of the top football playmakers in history, his main specialty was setting up his team mates for one on one opportunities against the keeper. His 212 Assists is testament to his greatness as a playmaker. He is indeed one of the most enigmatic personalities in the history of football. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of the

Xavi greatest quotes


A complete collection of the greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes

A complete collection of the

greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes

including his quotes about his own greatness as well as his comments on Messi, Ronaldo and other great football stars.

Best Xavi Hernandez quotes on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Rivalry

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In this generation the debate is mostly between

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

fans. Xavi has praised both Messi and Ronaldo many times. He played alongside Messi at Barcelona and has always backed-up the Argentine in the never-ending topic of who is the Goat in the history of football. The followings are the

best Xavi Hernandez quotes

about Messi and Ronaldo:

Leo [Messi] is the best player of all time - better than Pele, Maradona or Cruyff. There have been some great teams in history - Pele's Brazil, Cruyff's Ajax, Sacchi's Milan - but in the past 20 years this Barcelona team is the best.

If he continues like this then I think Messi will be the best player in the history of football.

The way I see it, Messi is the best player in history. He is the one who changes the course of games; he's the best. There is no comparison in my view; he's the world number one and by a margin.

Along with Lionel Messi, Ronaldo is the best player in the world, In fact he is in front of Leo in terms of influence in a game. The kid has everything. We are talking about physical and technical football.

There is the physical side, and in this aspect Messi and Cristiano are at the same level. And then there is the speed at which you are able to connect with your team-mates, and in this aspect Messi is of the highest level, whereas Cristiano is not.

Cristiano does not seem like a player who excels at linking up with his team-mates. He is not a passer of the ball and that is why Messi is the best in the world for me. He has both kinds of speed, both the physical one and the one that allows him to link up with his team-mates.

If Cristiano considers himself the best player in history, that's fine, but those of us who see him train, there is no comparison, Messi is the best in history and we don't see it any other way.

Greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes on football, Barcelona and Spain national team

Xavi Hernandez was a great football player. Truly one of the best in the history of football. He was one of those players who demonstrate their creativity and character on the field with a level close to perfection. Xavi spent the entire of his career at Barcelona and was the main star of Spain's golden generation which won two European Championships and the 2010 World Cup. The followings are the 

greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes

 on football, Barcelona and Spain national team.

There are two types of football - there's physical football and football talent.

Ibiza is a popular vacation place for a lot of the players in Spain. If you go in the summer, there are some of the world's most famous movie and music stars, so nobody cares about soccer players.

In futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. You notice the small details in quality, class and tactical understanding.

In England, footballers are respected more, the game is nobler, there's less cheating. Every Spaniard who goes loves it - and comes back a better player. If I had ever left it would have been to England.

England really is the birthplace, the heart and soul of football. If Barcelona had Liverpool's fans, or Arsenal's, or United's, we'd have won 20 

Champions Leagues

, hahaha!

In England, if you do a couple of things right, people talk about you being a legend.Here (Barcelona) if you don’t control a ball properly or if you kick the ball into the stands, people hate you. So you have to become a better player.

In football, the result is an impostor. You can do things really, really well but not win. There's something greater than the result, more lasting - a legacy.

Like so many of the players, I started at La Masia at the age of 11. I can't ever imagine not playing for Barcelona, let alone not playing soccer for a career. I don't ever want to play anywhere else.

I think Barcelona and the

Spanish national team

have been good for soccer because there are a lot of teams that come up playing from the back: with the goalie, the defense, moving up a defender to midfield, playing attacking soccer. I think fans want to see that. They want to see beautiful soccer, a spectacle, and Barcelona does that.

There are a lot of teams that don't want to play, that only want to defend against Barcelona, and that makes it difficult. We're always looking for the open space. A lot of times we'll face six defenders and four midfielders.

It will be difficult to finish my career here. I don't know if I am going to end it at Barcelona, although I would like to. I don't know what is going to happen.

Greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes about himself and his own playing style

Xavi is a very self-expressive character. Fans loved him for his self-confidence and blunt comments about himself and others. In this part we will have a look at the

most memorable Xavi quotes

about himself, his life and his careers.

I’d love to be faster. Physically I’m limited, but I’ve survived by using my head.

I pass and I move, I help you, I look for you, I stop, I raise my head, I look and, above all, I open up the pitch...The one who has the ball, is the master of the game...That is the school of Joan Vila, of Albert Benaiges, of Johan Cruyff, of Pep Guardiola

I've no regrets at all, but I still think at times that I would have loved to play in England. You live football over there; it's a great culture. People respect you more; it's more difficult to find respect in Spain. There is more criticism here.

I don't actually watch many shows. I will either watch movies or football. I enjoy to watch games in the Premier League and will also watch movies a lot as well. That is how I relax.

You pressure, you want possession, and you want to attack. Some teams can't or don't pass the ball. What are you playing for? What's the point? That's not football. Combine, pass, and play. That's football - for me, at least.

I spend the entire 90 minutes looking for space on the pitch. I'm always between the opposition's two holding midfielders and thinking, 'The defence is here, so I get the ball and I go there to where the space is.'

I like to read the papers. I make my living from football, and I like to know what's going on.

Greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes about football figures

In this part of our article on the greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes we will have a look at his comments on his former clubs, teammates and rivals. Xavi has worked with many of the world's best coaches. The followings are most memorable Xavi quotes about football figures and his time at different clubs, including his quotes on Paul Scholes, Johan Cruyff and Andres Iniesta.

On Paul Scholes:

In the last 15 to 20 years the best central midfielder that I have seen — the most complete — is Scholes. I have spoken with Xabi Alonso about this many times. Scholes is a spectacular player who has everything. He can play the final pass, he can score, he is strong, he never gets knocked off the ball and he doesn’t give possession away. If he had been Spanish then maybe he would have been valued more.

To me Paul is a role model. He is the best midfielder I've seen in the last 15 or 20 years.

Maybe one small regret is that I never got to play with Paul Scholes - but I was never going to leave Barcelona and he was never going to leave Manchester United.

On Old Trafford:

Favorite stadium? I have good memories of my CL debut at Old Trafford, spectacular atmosphere. The Theatre of Dreams, as they say.

On Celtic Glasgow:

The atmosphere generated by the fans in Celtic's stadium for our visit was the most impressive I've ever witnessed. The grounds of Liverpool and Manchester United are good and the hostile feeling of playing against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu is also excellent, but the atmosphere against Celtic was the best.

Celtic, like Barcelona, are more than a football club. Our clubs are a symbol of a culture and community that has not always been made welcome in their respective countries.

On Andres Iniesta:

Iniesta is easily Spain's most complete player. He has everything.

On Paul Ince and Roy Keane partnership:

I liked the Paul Ince and Roy Keane partnership Manchester United had. They would have been my team had I moved to England.

On Wembley:

I'd love to play at Wembley. It's special for Barca - and for everyone in football.

On Johan Cruyff:

I'm a footballing romantic just like Johan Cruyff. We like football that is attractive, attacking and easy on the eye. When you win playing like this it's twice as satisfying. I've always played attacking football: my footballing ideals are very clear and well defined. I've grown up at Barcelona with that style and that's the one I like. I think it's good to win like that, by taking the initiative right from the off.

On Pep Guardiola:

I've learned a lot with Guardiola, from the way he is, the ambition he has, the desire and passion that he feels. He's a football-obsessed tactician and it has been a pleasure to be around him. To be honest, I consider him the best coach in the world right now. So any knowledge he can impart to me will be more than welcome.

Best quotes on Xavi Hernandez

We wrap up our article on the

greatest Xavi Hernandez quotes

with the best quotes on Xavi himself from other football great stars.

He is the best player in the history of Spanish football. (Lionel Messi)

If we’re talking about Xavi, we’re talking about a legend in world football, a genuine legend. From the very first game to the very last game he has been the most decisive player at Barcelona, the player who has done more for Barcelona than anyone else, the player who has lifted more trophies than anyone else, ever. That’s Xavi Hernández. There will be a Before Xavi and an After Xavi. (Hristo Stoichkov)

If Xavi has a bad day then Barcelona do not play half as well. He is the one that sets the rhythm of the game. His play allows the team to function. He’s different. (Johan Cruyff)

I have run out of compliments for him. There is no-one who can compare to what he represents as a person and a player. His statistics, the years, the feelings he conjures up, his way of doing things are beyond words. He is a unique player, unrepeatable and he has been fundamental to the club and Spain. It is a true pleasure and privilege to have played alongside him for my entire career. (Andres Iniesta)

I hope future players learn from him in the way that I learned from his love for the game. There wasn’t a single day went by when I didn’t see him enjoy it. There would be a friendly and he would play. When he was injured, he would play, or he would do everything to be back soon. He is the most amateur player I know, and at the same time the most professional player too, such is his love for football. (Pep Guardiola)

People ask me every year who [I’d] take out of the Barcelona team to give us a better chance of winning and every year I tell them the same: Xavi. His control and use of the ball make him their best player. (Iker Casillas)

It wasn’t really Messi who was the problem. It was Iniesta and Xavi. They can keep the ball all night long. (Sir Alex Ferguson)

So here was our article on

Xavi greatest quotes. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.

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