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Sat 17 April 2021 | 9:00

Though the articles related to prominent players absorb readers, the pieces around newcomers who can put their names among the professionals look arousing. In our today's article, we will uncover some facts about Yunus Musah, a pretty young but professional footballer. So, stay with us to know him.

Almost always, football fans show interest in reading texts about outstanding players whose reputation comes from their long ad rich career history. However, through the following article, we will introduce Yunus Dimoara Musah, who has been able to get the football world's attention to himself with his excellent performance.

Musah is a professional soccer player coming from New York City, United States. Born on 29 November 2002, Yunus Musah is a right-winger for the Spanish club Valencia CF. Musah's talent and physical stats have abled him to appear not only as a right-winger but also as a central midfielder.

Having played for the youth international team for England, Musah appears for the United States national team. Although the young star has not published much info about his off-pitch life and tried to keep the related data to his personal world private, we have gathered some facts about Yunus Musah from several authentic sources.

Since his reputation is not as much as notable footballers, you might not have heard Musah's name a lot. So, join us within the article to know one of the future football champions in advance. 

Taking a Look at Facts about Yunus Musah

A player whose career future in the football world is truly predictable and professionals expect a successful tomorrow in his career is a young player who has earned his current position after fighting many challenges. Introducing one of the football world's heroes in the future, we will present a wide range of facts about Yunus Musah, personal and professional life. 

Yunus Musah Childhood

Yunus Musah was born in New York City his mother, who was from Ghana, was on vacation in the United States at the time. Also, after his birth, his Ghanian father moved to Italy and started living in Castelfranco Veneto. One more available piece of data regarding

Yunus Musah childhood

is that when he was a 9-year-old boy, in 2012, through moving to London, he joined Arsenal's Academy. 

Though Yunus Musah was born in New York, he grew up in England and Italy, which led him to become England's representative on multiple youth national team levels. 

Having settled in Caste franco Veneto, northern Italy, Yunus joined a camp run by local club Giorgione, which worked as an opportunity.

Presenting his ability and skill well caused him to enter their youth ranks. Then, through showing his notable talent, the genius youngster began to play with the club's older age group.

Due to the brilliant Musah's performance, Antonello Orfeo, the club's president, described his playing as an unbelievable improvement. He said, "He had an incredible progression with the ball, an extraordinary resistance, and technique and above all, a small contagious for all his teammates and coaches in the years he spent at Giorgione." 

In 2012, Musah and his family moved for another time to East London, and this time their moving led the 9-year-old boy to the Arsenal Academy. Having played for seven years for Gunners, Musah, with his excellent performance, could affect the club's U-18 team to the 2018 FA Youth Cup Final. Additionally, he helped the side to the 2018-19 Youth Premi League South championship.

Yunus Musah Parents

Like most football stars' parents,

Yunus Musah parents

probably have had an efficient role in the success he has achieved in his career. Having moved to Italy, Musah's father started his business at Giorgione Calcio in 2000.

Though Musah is a young player and his early life refers to a not long time ago, no more related facts are available regarding his parents, even their names. No source has published any facts about Yunus Musah's siblings, except one photo he is standing beside his older brother, Abdul.

Whether or not he has another sibling has remained private, as are other parts of his personal life.

Yunus Musah girlfriend and relationship

As you can guess about

Yunus Musah girlfriend and relationship

, he is too young to get married, though he looks so good to be in a relationship. However, the handsome player is single and has not fallen in love yet. 

Yunus Musah Origin

The eligibility for playing for England, Ghana, USMNT, and Italy is rooted in

Yunus Musah origin

. Musah's birthright of United States citizenship refers to his Ghanaian mother's trip on 29 November 2002, Musah's birthday. She was in the Bronx, New York City, for visiting her relatives. His family moving to Italy only shortly after his birth caused him to start playing football there. 

Yunus Musah Instagram

Taking a look at



Yunus Musah Instagram

reveals that he has shared 115 posts so far (at the time of writing the article). Having 75.9k followers shows how much he has fans and how successful he has been in the football world, which could earn him this figure of followers.

Most of these 115 posts are about football events, which Musah participated in them, some memorable scenes that he has left from himself in the football world, or some of his goal celebrations.

Besides photos related to football, Musah has posted some others from himself without any particular themes, which might come from his unwillingness to share anything about his life outside football.

Though Yunus Musah's Instagram is not his only account in social media, he has an active Twitter account. Comparing Musah's activity in these two platforms shows that he has not posted and had followers on Twitter as many as Instagram. However, based on the number of his posts, followers, and followings on Instagram, we can guess that he does not spend too much time on it. 

Some Quotes about Yunus Musah

Amongst the

facts about Yunus Musah

, we have allocated the following part to look back at what the managers or coaches, who like him to join their team, and players, who enjoy watching his playing, have said about him.

Gregg Berhalter, the United States men's national soccer team (USMNT) coach, said, "We have been tracking Yunus for over a year and a half now. We have a good connection with



We've had a lot of good contact with him, spoken at length to his family. What we see from him is a player who is hungry to make his impact. He has a connection with the United States and loves the direction the team is going in. He loves the young talent that he can be alongside".


said, "With Yunus, it's interesting because when you watch his game, he's playing wide right in a 4-4-2. He's taking on the outside back and running by the outside back, and he's done a complete job defensively, but we still see him as a player that can potentially be better central. A box-to-box midfielder a little bit in the style of

Weston McKennie

 in terms of covering the ground, good speed". 

Whereas Musah's excellent playing has attracted many top players, coaches, and managers' attention, there is a wide range of receptions about him that praise his style of playing and his talent. However, because of not being able to cover all of them in the piece, we just mentioned two of them. 

Yunus Musah Net Worth and Salary

According to the revealed data in 2021 about

Yunus Musah net worth and salary

, which is one of the most viewed topics for football fans, he earns monthly as much as an average man in the UK at least after working 2.7 years.

Following the contract with Valencia CF in December 2020, Musah earns 1.1 million Euros (985,309 pounds) per year. To get better what a high income he gains, we have crunched the numbers, which show his earning per day is about €3,014 (£2,699) and per hour €126 (£112). 

Yunus Musah Market Value

One of the most notable facts about Yunus Musah is his market value, the topic, which has aroused much curiosity in the football world. How much the talented 18-year-old player is worth seems to be very notable, so we have earmarked this section to talk about it. Based on the estimated

Yunus Musah market value

, his value is a maximum of 10 million euros.

Yunus Musah Tattoos

Whether to beautify the body or to remember an event, many players get tattoos on their bodies. However, some other players prefer not to have a tattoo. For example,

Cristiano Ronaldo

avoids inking to be able to donate blood regularly. Not for the same reason, but Musah is on the second group, and till now, no authentic website has published any photos of the

Yunus Musah tattoo

Yunus Musah Career in Summary

We have prepared a brief review of the youngster footballer's career history as the last part of the

facts about Yunus Musah

. Stay with us to know how he passed the steps of success during the years. 

Having joined the Arsenal's Academy in 2012, about seven years later, he entered Valencia CF. Musah became the reserves in

Segunda Division B

and made his first appearance for the club in the same year on 15 September 2019.

His debut refers to the match against 

La Nucia

, which ended in a 0-0 home draw. It took only one year that Musah could score his first senior goal, the only goal of his team, on 1 March 2020. However, his effort could not lead them to earn victory over their opponent, and they lost it in a 1-2 result at Gimnastic de Tarragona.

The arrival of Valencia's first team new manager, Javi Gracia, worked as an opportunity for Musah to spend the pre-season with the senior team in 2020. On 13 September 2020, when Musah was only 17 years and eight months, he made his first debut for the team and La Liga in a match against

Levante UD

, which caused him to earn the title of "first Englishman for the club."

One of the records he has achieved comes from his score goal on 1 November 2020, while he was 17 years and 338 days in a competition against


and helped his team end it in a 2-2 draw result. His performance in the match caused him to become the youngest non-Spanish footballer of Valencia.

Additionally, by the goal, he could break the record of Lee Kang-in, who had held the record by 18 years and 219 days age. As you would expect, in December 2020, the team extended the contract with the talented midfielder.

Being qualified to play for


, United States, Italy, and England as a youth, Musah appeared for the first time in an international match for England's under-15s in 2016 and afterward led him to play for England under-18 level. Also, in October 2020, the Under-19 team called Musah up.

One of Musah's earnings for England's under-18s team was the penalty he got and led the match's result to a draw against Brazil's under-17s. However, his goal over Austria's under-18s is one of his most crucial ones, which led the team to end the match in a 3-2 victory. 

Musah achieved all these gainings over 30 games he played for England at the youth level. Following Musah's acceptance of the United States' call-up for the senior team, he participated in a friendly competition against


in November and one month later over


in December in 2020. 

Being one of the ten first-time selections, whose average age was 22, for the largely Europe-based team, Yunus Musah participated in a match against Wales at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea on 11 November, which was his senior international debut.

Yunus Musah brilliant performance attracted Gareth Southgate's attention, England senior manager, that he declared his effort for persuading the 18-year-old skillful player to commit to keeping his playing for the team for a long time.

However, Musah had played for the United States squad at the senior level, one of the most vital

Yunus Musah career

decisions. Also, Southgate announced that the team would like to have him in the future.

On the other hand, Aidy Boothroyd stated, the England Under-21 manager said the hope he plays in the U21s at some point. All in all, despite being undecided about which nation to represent permanently, Yunus Musah officially stated that he committed to play for the United States internationally. 

Through the article, we tried to gather several top

facts about Yunus Musah

, which could help you know the young American British midfielder more. As you read, though the young footballer started his profession not a long time ago, there is a wide range of info about him.

Covering the data about not only Musah's career history but also his personal life, we might have missed some facts. Our team in


welcomes your comments about the young star of today's piece. So if there is any idea about Yunus's on and off-pitch, let us know via the comment section.

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