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Strangest goals scored in football

Have you ever wondered how and why sometimes there is no logical explanation for some of the goals that are scored in the game? Follow us below as we take a look at such instances as the weirdest goals ever scored in football.

Football is without a doubt one of the greatest sports to exist as we all are deeply in love with both watching and playing football (or soccer for those on the other end of the North Atlantic ocean). We have witnessed some truly amazing and memorable moments throughout history, with players, managers, fans and clubs making their mark in creating something beautiful for us to watch and enjoy.

One of the most obviously attractive points in the game, which is literally the only aim of each team that goes onto the pitch, is scoring goals. Goals are especially memorable and loved if they are worth watching again and again through replays, which is why there is a clear distinction between

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s tap-ins and magnificent goals such as his bicycle kick against Juventus in the Champions League, which also goes the same for the difference between

Lionel Messi

’s goals from the penalty spot and his goals from a free-kick from figuratively miles out.

But there comes a time once in a while, without anyone knowing or expecting, when we see something truly remarkable and unexplainable, when we witness some of the

strangest goals scored in football

as our jaws drop to the ground in awe of what we have seen. Of course there are many instances that could have been chosen for the list of most bizarre goals in the history of football.

Weirdest goals ever scored in football

If you too want to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the goals that defied physics or were simply absurd and unbelievably stupid, then follow us below as we take a look at some of the

most unexpected goals in Football History


Zlatan Ibrahimovic v Moldova

It is only natural and fair to start off such a list with the king of scoring the strangest goals scored in football, who is none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself. The 39-year-old Swedish striker has scored some head-scratchers throughout his career and we can even make a standalone list of the most bizarre goals that the

AC Milan

man has scored through the years.

Of course while his brilliant bicycle kick against England and his karate kick goal during his time at

LA Galaxy

do come to mind when talking about unexpected goals in Football History, we can see how he has scored these goals as Ibrahimovic is known for his athleticism and acrobatic abilities in the air. But this one particular goal against Moldova was perhaps pure luck and quite unexplainable.

We have seen thousands of mistakes from goalkeepers throughout history, but in this scenario, Moldova’s goalkeeper was not much at fault as the ball quite unexpectedly reached Zlatan. Moldova had proven successful in holding off the stronger Sweden, but all came to nothing when their goalkeeper Ilie Cebanu tried to send the ball forward with a kick as the Sweden international paced closer to him.

The keeper fired the ball with all his strength, only for the ball to hit Ibrahimovic in the head as the Swedish striker gave it a little direction with his head, which led to the ball changing its course and going into an empty goal left by the bamboozled keeper who just couldn’t believe what he had seen and neither did we as it was truly one of the

weirdest goals ever scored in football


Divock Origi v Everton

There are players whose names will forever echo in the football halls of fame the way a certain commentator shouted their name in an intense or memorable match. Just like the way Martin Tyler shouted “Aguerooo” and Sergio Aguero’s name was engraved on one of the pillars of football, Divock Origi’s name will be heard by football historians for years to come. Of course this fame was not for scoring one of the

strangest goals scored in football

, but for scoring what might probably be the most important goal of his life.

But of course we digress talking about his feats in the Champions League when we can just as easily talk about the absolutely lucky goal that he scored against Everton in literally the dying moments of the game. Few of the Premier League fans might forget this goal as the Reds were held to a 0-0 draw until the last seconds of the game’s injury time. While the viewers were waiting for the referee to blow his whistle,


were still hopefully pushing on for a late winner, which they did get thanks to this amazingly easy goal from Origi.

The Merseyside derby was about to end goalless as

Virgil van Dijk

tried his luck with a botched volley attempt from outside the box, which was so bad that the Dutch defender turned around to their own half in frustration and anger. But little did he know that they were about to bear witness to one of the

most bizarre goals in the history of football

as Jordan Pickford made a hash of it and tried to save a ball that was destined to go over the bar anyways.

The goalkeeper just couldn’t hold on to it as it was too far high and the ball subsequently slid down from his grip and hit the bar only to reach the surprised but aware Divock Origi, who was hopefully waiting for a miracle to happen, and a miracle it was, as the ball landed on his head and the Belgian put the ball into the back of the net from a yard out as we saw one of the most strange goals in football history.

Stefan Kiessling v Hoffenheim

What is a goal that does not cross the line inside the goal? Well, as the riddle might be utterly confusing to some, those who remember Stefan Kiessling’s goal against


would certainly be able to solve the puzzle. Some even rightfully say that this one should be on top of the list of the

most strange goals in football history

as it is truly baffling how no one caught the way the ball into the back of the net.

It was back in October 2013 that Stefan Kiessling’s

Bayer Leverkusen

went head to head against Hoffenheim and we got to witness something truly bizarre. After a corner was taken from the left side of the pitch, Kiessling rose up in the air and headed the ball towards the opposition goal and turned away in disappointment as he saw his effort go past the post and outside the pitch. However, the disappointed footballer soon turned back to see his teammates celebrating his goal as the opposition were getting the ball out of their goal.

You might be wondering how the ball ended up in the back of the net. Well, thanks to some poor or rather fortunate or unfortunate loose stringing of the net, the ball had found its way through inside the goal, which mislead not just the Leverkusen players and the game officials, but also Hoffenheim defenders as well, as they were unbelievably unaware that the ball had went through from the outside, despite their clear view of the situation.

Fortunately for Kissling’s side, his goal was given and having witnessed one of the strangest goals scored in football, people started to feel the void inside the game for a goal line technology more than ever before.

Jack Mahoney v Guernsey

Now many might not be familiar with who Jack Mahoney is or what league Guernsey plays in, but there is one fact that few could argue against, and that is the fact that the lower the league is, the stranger the goals get. Of course while this particular and certainly hilarious goal came in the FA Cup, it was only a preliminary round between two much less known Guernsey and Thamesmead back in August 2016.

It is worth pointing out that many did get to know these two sides as the goal went viral as one of the strangest goals scored in football. The game was in fact notable for two reasons, with the one being the fact that the goals scored in the game were the first FA Cup goals to ever be scored off of the British mainland, and the second was the fact that God almighty himself literally intervened to help Thamesmead to a 2-0 victory instead of keeping the score-line 1-0.

One of the most unexpected goals in football history, which could be considered as The most unexpected one at the top, came when Scott Finch tried his luck from way out with an overly ambitious long-range shot that clearly showed how he was only thinking about the glory rather than thinking about how to actually shoot the ball towards the goal. With the player putting all his power into the shot, the ball strayed off and was heading towards the corner flag up in the air, ready to go further ahead and enter the parking lot outside the stadium.

However, in a fateful split-second, the ball changed course as Thamesmead’s invisible twelfth man, which was the “strong wind”, blew the ball back into play and hit the crossbar after a teammate headed the ball towards the goal and the goalkeeper couldn’t get his hands on it.

That is when we got to witness one of the most bizarre goals in the history of football as the ball bounced off the bar onto Jack Mahoney’s stretched leg as he put the ball into the back of the net to help his side go through to the next round of the FA Cup. The most surprised of them all were definitely the fans watching the game from up close as many were jeering Finch for his botched attempt before bearing witness to one of the strangest goals scored in football history.

Darren Bent v Liverpool

While the previous goal mentioned on the list of strangest goals scored in football only came to fruition thanks to the help of something invisible and out of ordinary on the pitch, this goal from Darren Bent against Liverpool came from quite a visible object which was even more out of the ordinary on the football field.

While Darrent Bent himself was quite capable of scoring goals himself in the 2009-10 season, during which he scored a total of 24 goals for


, this particular goal might not have been possible without the help of another ball, a beach ball to be precise. Now you might be wondering what on earth would a beach ball be doing on a football pitch? To answer this question we need only one word: Fans.

As a long and low cross made its way towards Bent from the right wing, the English striker readied himself to take a first-time one-touch effort towards the goal. But little did he know that he was about to score one of the strangest goals scored in football as the then Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina took his position on the line thinking he had the ball covered.

He was ready to clear out the ball as got into position, only to be bamboozled as a red beach ball found its way onto the pitch and diverted the ball to the left side of the goalkeeper as the main ball went into the goal and the beach ball went outside having scored a brilliant one-touch finish.

Ironically enough, the beach ball had found its way onto the pitch thanks to Liverpool fans themselves as a kid was seen punching the big red ball onto the pitch which gave birth to one of the strangest goals scored in football history.

Philipp Schobesberger v Viktoria Plzen

There are numerous instances of players scoring unbelievable goals in football, with the goals being so unbelievable that the scorers themselves cannot grasp the reality of how they put the ball into the back of the net. Of course sometimes these impressive goals are the result of purely accidental and unplanned moves that see the scorer fall or miss the initial ball, only to later pull off a phenomenal move and send it home for a beautiful goal.

That is why Philipp Schobersberger’s goal will always be remembered as one of the greatest and funniest goals in football history as the now 27-year-old pulled off something truly phenomenal.

You simply cannot talk about the most strange goals in football history and not mention Philipp Schobesberger’s hilarious and at the same time impressive goal against

Viktoria Plzen

which in the end won the match for his team with the scoreline being 2-1. The Austrian was waiting for his chance to come from the left side of the pitch as the ball was played through the midfield. The versatile forward/midfielder finally got his chance when a beautiful through pass was played into an open area left gaping by the Plzen defenders.

The chance looked certain as Schobesberger closed in on the goalkeeper in a one-on-one situation having left all the defenders behind. But while some footballers are able to keep their calm and their posture in front of goal, the Austrian’s speed proved too high for him get his posture right, which led to him falling onto the ground sliding towards the goalkeeper’s left.

This particular misfortune, however, was not going to stop the

Rapid Wien

player from snatching up a goal with his chance as he somehow got to the ball with his shin and the lower part of his knee and sent it on the opposite direction as the goalkeeper stood watching the ball slowly roll past his right side into the goal. Even though more than six years has passed from the day this goal was scored, the moment is still being shared on social media week in week out.

That concludes our shortlist of strangest goals scored in football. But these were only some of the more famous and shocking instances of goals that were not supposed to happen, as there are dozens and maybe even hundreds of weird goals that have defied all logic and physics for the sake of entertaining the viewers and surprising the players on the pitch.




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