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Tue 13 April 2021 | 12:00

Our today's article is about Pablo Sarabi biography, the Spanish player whose attractive style of play and performance have attracted much attention. Containing a detailed look at a wide range of facts from Pablo Sarabia religion to his achievements, the article can introduce him to you well.

The star of our today's article is a Spanish professional footballer, who comes from Madrid, Spain. Born on 11 May 1992, Pablo Sarabia Garcia plays as an attacking midfielder for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and Spain national team.

His talent, technique, and intelligence have abled him to play in both positions, attacking midfielder and right-winger. Beginning from the youth football with Real Madrid, Pablo Sarabia continued his career by playing for Getafe and Sevilla in La Liga. Sarabia took part in a total of 232 matches and scored 36 times over eight seasons. 

As a young footballer, Sarabia passed many difficulties, though meanwhile, he earned many experiences which abled him to present himself in Spain's international team. Starting his International playing in the Spain U16, Sarabia played in Spain U17, U18, U19, and U21 63 times and recorded 18 scored goals in his youth international career history.

Since 2018, Pablo has joined the Spain team and has appeared in 3 competitions. Over eleven years, Sarabia has left a brilliant performance which led him to earn a rich career history and fans thanks. All we described was only a short overview of the talented Spanish player, which in Pablo Sarabia biography, we have presented a wide range of facts about him. To know him more, stay with us till the end of the article. 

All You Need to Know about Pablo Sarabia

Since footballer's off-pitch lives have almost always been an attractive topic for football fans as much as their on-pitch lives, in the following text, we have gathered many facts related to

Pablo Sarabia biography


Taking a look at general info and then going through details in-depth have made our today's article a comprehend one. Stay tuned for more facts.

Pablo Sarabia Information

As the first part of Pablo Sarabia biography article, it is better to begin the text by reviewing a shortlist of facts, including his physical stats, football information, date of birth, and personal info. 

Pablo Sarabia Bio

  • Full Name:

    Pablo Sarabia Garcia

  • Nickname:


  • Foot:


Pablo Sarabia Physical Stats

  • Age:


  • Height:

    1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Skin Color:


  • Hair Color:


Pablo Sarabia Football Information

  • Position:

    Attacking Midfielder

  • Jersey Number:


  • Professional Debut:

    3 January 2010

  • Current Team:

    Paris Saint-Germain

Pablo Sarabia Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

    11 May 1992

  • Birth Place:

    Madrid, Spain

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


Though we have not presented enough facts about Sarabia yet, and the unavailability of some information such as

Pablo Sarabia religion

caused the list not to be a long one, it was enough to provide a background. Through the continuous part of Pablo Sarabia biography, we have covered several items related to his personal and professional life.

Pablo Sarabia Early Life


Pablo Sarabia date of birth

and the year he began his youth career, 2000, can describe how he spent his early life. Though no much information is available about his parents and early life, it is clear that he had excellent supporters during his early life that he could continue his dream in football very well. Unfortunately, the lack of enough facts about

Pablo Sarabia childhood

does not allow us to explain further.

Pablo Sarabia Profile

In this part of Pablo Sarabia biography, we will focus on his profile, including his style, reception he received from his coaches or teammates, and goal celebration. 

Real Madrid

Having played in the Escuela de Fútbol Madrid Oeste de Boadilla del Monte academy,

Real Madrid

sigend a contract with him in 2004, when he was 12. After playing in some of the club's youth teams, Sarabia appeared for the first time in Segunda Division B in a match against Alcorcon in 2010.

He also scored his first goal two weeks later for Real Madrid Castilla in a competition over Racing de Santander B, which resulted in their 5-2 victory. On the UEFA Champions League home fixture over Auxerre in December 2010 was the first team called him up. In the 72nd minute of the match, he came on as a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo, which later Sarabia described the night as a tremendous one that he would never forget. 


Following signing a five-year contract with


for a €3 million fee, he joined the team and scored his first goal in the top flight on 15 September 2012, though they ended the match with a 1-4 home loss to Barcelona. 


On 9 June 2016, Sarabia joined


and signed a four-year contract, and during the years left a brilliant performance from himself. 

Paris Sain-Germain

Through a five-year contract, Sarabia joined

Paris Saint-Germain

in July 2019. One of his memorable goals for the club has been the winning penalty in the 2020 Coupe de la Ligue Final over Lyon, by which he changed the match 0-0 draw after 120 minutes to a victory.

Spain National Teams

Starting to appear in international competitions with the Spain Under-16 team, Pablo Sarabia played at the 2009 FIFA World Cup in Nigeria with the Under-17s. Also, in the UEFA European Under-19 Championship, he was the captain of Spain's campaign.

Finally, on 30 August 2019, Robert Moreno, Spain's manager, called up Sarabia to participate in two UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying matches over the Faroe Islands and Romania. 

Style of Play

Having arrived at Paris Saint-Germain for an 18-million-euro fee and as a super-sub player, Pablo Sarabia started to play in the club. Despite his extreme effort, it took him a long time to integrate into the team he had just joined.

Though Sarabia had started playing in PSG like a poor performer, later in 2020, Pablo became one of the team's top players. Before joining PSG, Sarabia had incredible appearances in his previous squad, Sevilla, that he had scored 13 goals and assisted in 12 ones in the 2018-2019 season.

However, the changes in his status within the new club, which was a bigger one, had caused him not to have a brilliant start. The talented player did not let anything block his way and presented himself as a PSG's attacker with a different profile.

Injuries to some of his attacking partners worked as an opportunity. So, he tried to show his skills and asserted his value for the club and the football world. Here, in this tactical analysis part of

Pablo Sarabia biography

, we will take a close look at his techniques. 

Though Sarabia has mainly played on the right side of PSG's attack as an attacking midfielder or winger, due to having a high level of adaptability, he has shown he is capable of performing as a false nine in two-striker tactics.

The versatile player had not appeared on the left side of the pitch many times, but doing it in the 2019-20 season worked as proof and showed how much the former Sevilla footballer is flexible. The coaches often described him as a player who likes moving between the lines and wandering from his place. 

Also, the Spanish player has shown his excellent performance in the last 25 meters. Being left-footed and not having a large physical state, Pablo Sarabia has been able to compensate for that through his above-average playing intelligence, which ables him to get the better of his opponents.

Two other features of Sarabia's style of playing are his excellent work rate and great vision. The former point allows him to show his role with and without the ball significant, and the latter helps him make quick decisions. 


This part of

Pablo Sarabia bio

is about the reception he has gotten from prominent people in the football world. As we described in the prior section about his style of playing, Sarabia has excellent techniques by which he could arouse many praises.

The Paris Saint-Germain manager, Thomas Tuchel, is one of the people who admire Sarabia and is satisfied with joining Sarabia to the club and has hailed the impact of the new signing and described him as a player with a good mentality. Furthermore, he said, "Pablo is impressive.

He runs well, with and without a ball. His game without the ball is a great example. He plays with a lot of intensity and does not stop working defensively". 

Goal Celebration

Among the most common and usual ways for celebrating goals, Pablo Sarabia usually shows two specific gestures. Thumb to nose gesture is one way that the Spanish midfielder does as if he wants to confirm his team's superiority to the opponent's fans. The other way that he celebrates his goals is by running straight with outstretching arms while he screams. 

Pablo Sarabia Outside Football

Though Pablo Sarabia nationality

is Spanish, because of playing for Paris Saint-Germain, he lives in Paris now. Since no trustworthy source has talked regarding Sarabia's life outside football, we only can focus on his posts on Instagram.

Among the shared photos regarding sports events with his teammates, the talented Spanish footballer occasionally shares some others from his family, partner, and himself. According to them, it is clear that besides football, he prefers to spend time with his family and partner. 

Pablo Sarabia Personal Life

As we talked earlier about Pablo Sarabia life story in his childhood, there are not many facts regarding his personal life. However, we have gathered some data from authentic websites, which in the following part we will present. 

Family, Children, and Relationship

The 28-year-old Spanish player has not revealed many facts about his off-pitch life, which shows his unwillingness to share photos or facts about his family and relationship.

No source has published anything about Sarabia's ex-girlfriends, but as a few photos on his Instagram show, he is currently in a relationship with a beautiful girl, Carmen Mora. Like Pablo Sarabia nationality, she is from Spain, and they have begun dating since 2019. Nothing more is available about

Pablo Sarabia life story

with Carmen Mora, except the place they live, Paris. 


Though most football fans enjoy knowing more about the social activities and having any background in participation in any charity events, many players do not talk about them in media and prefer to keep them private. 

Either because of unwillingness to announce in media or due to having done nothing in such matters, there are no facts about Sarabia's involvement in philanthropic affairs. 

Legal Issues

While we have heard much news about the legal issues some footballers have gotten into, no legal disputes have happened to Pablo Sarabia throughout his life. 

Pablo Sarabia Career Statistics

One of the most significant parts of each footballer's bio is analyzing his career statistics. So, we have allotted the following section of Pablo Sarabia biography to figures which can prove how much he has been successful during his career history. To talk better about the topic, we grouped them into clubs and international. 


Sarabia played for two consecutive seasons for

Real Madrid Castilla

, 2009-10 and 2010-11. During the two seasons, he appeared in 49 matches and scored 15 goals, which 12 out of 15 ones refer to the later season. Having made appearances for the club, Sarabia joined Real Madrid for one season, 2010-11, and just took part in one game without scoring any goals.

Getafe was the next club he played longer than the formers, five consecutive seasons, from 2011-12 to 2015-16. Though he played in each season at least 16 times, he made his most appearances in 2014-15, in which he took part in 40 competitions and scored four goals. Totally, by playing for the club, Sarabia recorded 145 participations and 14 scored goals in his career history.

After leaving Getafe, Sarabia joined Sevilla and kept playing for three seasons. During his first season of playing, he participated in 46 matches and scored 11 goals. Though his performance in the first season was excellent, Pablo Sarabia did his best in his last season with the club, playing in 52 competitions and scoring 22 times. Entirely, he played in 151 games and scored 42 goals. Since the 2019-20 season, Sarabia has joined Paris Saint-Germain and has taken part in 69 matches and scored 20 times. 


Despite Sarabia's large number of playings in club competitions, he played only in one year for Spain national team, 2019. During the year, he made three appearances and recorded one international goal in his career history. 

Pablo Sarabia Honors

The last part of Pablo Sarabia biography is about honors he has achieved during his career history. Through playing for the clubs Sevilla and Paris Saint-Germain, and appearing in international competitions with Spain U21, U19, U17, Sarabia has earned many achievements. 

Between 2016 and 2019, the period he played for Sevilla won three awards, including Copa del Rey runner-up in 2017-18, Supercopa de Espana runner-up in 2016 and 2018, and UEFA Super Cup runner-up in 2016.

Sarabia's brilliant performance in Paris Saint-Germain provided the opportunity of winning several achievements, Ligue 1, Coupe de France, and Coupe de la Ligue, and UEFA Champions League runner-up in the2019-20 season and Trophee des Champions in 2019 and 2020.

In addition to the mentioned wards, Sarabia has won some prizes via his international appearances, such as UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2013, UEFA European Under-19 Championship in 2011, and FIFA U-17 World Cup third place in 2009. Considered an individual honor, he gained the UEFA La Liga Team of the Season in the 2018-19 season.  

All in all, that was all about the prominent and talented Spanish player, which we gathered as

Pablo Sarabia biography

. Despite our effort in preparing a comprehensive collection of facts regarding his on and off-pitch life and even some details about Pablo Sarabia childhood, we might have missed some data. If you have new or more upgraded info which can enhance our article to a complete version, please share them with us through the comment section.

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