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Top Facts About Javi Martinez, Bayern Munich Most Expensive Signing

Javi Martinez is a Spanish footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder or a central defender for the German club Bayern Munich. Everyone knows Javi is a talented footballer on the pitch but only a few consider his untold story, stay tuned and find out the top facts about Javi Martinez.

The Spanish footballer is well known for his physical strength, ability, vision, defensive awareness and tactics on the pitch. In addition to his good tackling and ability, he also is mentally strong which is a very important thing and allows him to play in different positions. In this article we will fill you in with Javi Martinez transfer market stats and his contributions to become a remarkable footballer. 

In addition to his career details we will fill you in with Javi Martinez personal life as well. Don’t miss the interesting storyline of the Spanish footballer. We will start with Javi Martinez childhood and then go through his career. The Spanish footballer is a married man and we will also give you the details about Javi Martinez girlfriend and his relationship history and let’s not forget about

Javi Martinez net worth

and income too.

Top Facts About Javi Martinez, You Probably Didn’t Know

Martinez also played on the international level, playing for the Spain national team. He was a member of the squad that won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2012, and also played at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Prior to Euro 2012, The Globe and Mail described the footballer as a “silky yet combative player.” Find out more top facts about Javi Martinez in the following.

Javi Martinez Childhood and Early Life

Let’s start with

Javi Martinez Childhood

story. Javi Martinez Aginaga was born on 2 September 1988, in Estella, Spain. He was born and raised in the nearby village of Ayegui to his mother Fortuna Aginaga and his father Victor Martinez. Ayegui is located in the province and autonomous community of Navarre, northern Spain. Javi Martinez parents are both from a middle-class family. Javi is the second son of the Martinez family. Growing up he was close to his sisters Mariola Martinez and Cristina Martinez. He also has a brother named Alvaro Martinez who is nine years older than him.

During his childhood he wasn’t so close to his brother because he was often away and busy with his footballing career. As a child Javi dreamed of one day becoming a professional footballer and just like all the boys of Ayegui he grew up playing football with his friends in the town’s sport center.

Javi Martinez parents

had different opinions when it was about their son playing football. His father didn’t have a problem with Javi playing football with his friends while his mother insisted that he should focus on school.

In an interview Javi recalled his early days and he stated: “My mom was very serious about education. She would want me to stay inside doing my homework chores all the time. So I used to have a little trick which I pulled on her. So I would say “oh mom I have some activities in school today, very important activates.” When she allows me, I’d go on and play football with my friends for the rest of the day.” Find out more top facts about Javi Martinez in the following.

Javi Martinez Early Career

Javi had a great passion for football and after having lots of talks with his mother she eventually allowed him to put football in his first priority. The little boy was so happy and he took football seriously since. At the age of 5 his parents decided to take him to C.D Berceo the same club where his older brother Alvaro played football. Javi Martinez parents made the decision after seeing Alvaro’s improvement at the club.

On his first day in training the young boy worked hard to show himself worthy. Javi ran fast and he didn’t have any professional skills. Javi stated about his first day of training: “Everyone said that I just ran all over and had really long and skinny legs. Even my dad would say I had two sticks out of my backside.” Between 2000 and 1995 the little boy tried different youth clubs including Logrones, Arenas and Izarra. Learn more

top facts about Javi Martinez

in the following.

Javi Martinez Joined the Best Youth club in Spain

Javi Martinez age was 10 when he joined the best youth club in Spain

CA Osasuna

. He showed a good performance and he was eventually selected for playing in the team.  The footballer improved his performance professionally at the club and proved himself worthy. He played for the club for seven years and during his time he managed to meet football legends like

Raul Garcia

, Cesar Azpilicueta, Nacho Monreal and Mikel Merino. Find out facts about Javi Martinez transfer market stats in the following.

Javi Martinez Joins Athletic Bilbao

Javi Martinez age was 17 when the Spanish Club

Athletic Bilbao

signed a €6 million contract with him in the summer of 2006 from a fellow La Liga club CA Osasuna. Athletic Bilbao was desperate to have a remarkable young talent in the team. Despite the facts that Javi was only 17 he played for the first team however; under the condition that his older brother join him. The footballer stated about his brother’s support for him at the club: “Going to Athletic Bilbao means that I should leave far away from home.”

He added: “I needed that support, someone who could act like my mother, father and a bit of everything. At the time, it was a big sacrifice for my brother because he was playing in Catalunya, at Figueras in the third division.” He showed a great performance while he played for the club and based on

Javi Martinez stats

he scored three goals in 32 appearances for the first team. Find out more top facts about Javi Martinez in the following.

Javi Martinez the Midfield Engine of Atletico Bilbao

Soon the Spanish footballer established himself as a strong player in his first season. He grabbed a brace in a 2-0 victory back in 16 December 2006, against Deportivo de La Coruna. In 2009 the footballer made lots of contributions which led the team to the final of

Copa del Rey

. In the six years that the footballer remained in the club he was a big help and during the 2009-10 season he became the midfield engine of the team. According to Javi Martinez stats he had 46 official games and scored 9 goals.

The footballer successfully netted a career best six times in the league campaign however; Atletico Bilbao missed on another qualification to the UEFA Europa League. In the 2011-12 season under the supervision of the new appointed manager Marcelo Bielsa he was used regularly as the central defender of the team. He made 50 starts as the defender and received three red cards during the season. The team reached to another domestic cup final and decisive game in the Europa League but they lost both of the games 3-0. More top facts about Javi Martinez are in the way.

Javi Martinez a National Title Collector

Javi Martinez age

was 19 when he was called up to Spain’s under-21 team to represent his nation at the 2009 UEFA European Championships in Sweden. On 20 May 2010, he was included in the senior side by manager Vicente del Bosque to play in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. In an interview Martinez recalled his days in the world cup and stated: “We were in the hotel waiting for Vicente Del Bosque’s press conference to see if they had called up Fernando Llorente.”

He added: “There were 40 Germans drinking in the pool at the time, and when the boss said my name we all started to jump up and hug each other. I cried, my mum called in tears, and so did teammates because it was so unexpected. He later called up


as well, so the party was complete. The strange thing was the Germans had no idea who we were and they were just in shock when we all started celebrating like that.” He made his debut in a 3-2 friendly game over Saudi Arabia, in Innsbruck, Austria and substituted for the

FC Barcelona

’s Xavi in the 74th minute.

On 3 June, he made appearance in a 1-0 victory over South Korea. He played for 80 minutes until David Silva replaced him. He also played in the final stages, substituting the injured Xabi Alonso for the final 20 minutes of a 2-1 victory over Chile on 25 June. Spain won the world cup that year and later the fans called Javi Martinez “a national title collector.” He captained his team for the 2011 European Championships in Denmark and led his nation to its third title in the category. At the UEFA Euro 2012 he featured in one game for the eventual champions. Find out more

top facts about Javi Martinez

in the following.

Javi Martinez Is a Complete Player

Once again he replaced Alonso in the second half of a 4-0 win over Republic of Ireland. The manager del Bosque described him to be “a complete player” and compared him to Patrick Vieira; who is highly regarded as one of the best players of his generation. He was part of the team in the 2012 Summer Olympics, which ended in group phase elimination. The footballer also was called up to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Find out more facts about

Javi Martinez transfer market stats

in the following.

Bayern Munich Most Expensive Signing

On 29 August 2012, the German club

Bayern Munich

paid the staggering amount of €40 million to transfer Martinez. The club broke a fifty-year


transfer record with this contract. Some believed that this was an overpayment and a bad move. However, the transfer of a talented footballer with a bright future could help the team a great deal on the pitch. Over time Martinez proved everyone that he was worth it and started delivering. In an interview he stated about settling at Germany: “when you experience so many things in one place, it becomes a part of your life.”

He added: “I’ve experienced everything during these five years – some good, some not so good, but I feel at home here. I miss my Ayegui [his hometown in Navarre, Spain] but everything is to my liking here. The way of life is similar to that in northern Spain. It’s not as different as I thought beforehand. I’ve settled in really well and I hope I’ll be here for many years to come. What I like most is to play a simple game and give my all in every match. That means not backing down when you have to stick a leg in and facing the consequences.”

He continued: “I can’t guarantee ten assists or ten goals a season, but I can promise I’ll work my hardest and that’s what keeps me going. More than scoring a goal.” He made his debut for the team on 2 September the same day his 24 birthday was. He came in as a last minute substitute for Bastian Schweinsteiger in a 6-1 victory against VfB Stuttgart. The Spanish footballer scored his first goal in a 5-0 win over Hannover 96 on 24 November. His second goal came in a 6-1 heavy defeat of Werder Bremen on 23 February 2013. More

top facts about Javi Martinez

are in the way.

Martinez Reached 100 Bundesliga Victories

The 2012-13 season went very well as they won 4-0 against FC Barcelona in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semi-final. Based on Javi Martinez stats he finished the season with 3 goals in 43 appearances. In the 2018-19 season Bayern won the game against

Eintracht Frankfurt

in a 5-0 win. On 19 January 2019, after a 3-1 victory against


, Martinez reached 100 Bundesliga victories with Bayern Munich in his 120th appearance for the team.

He broke a record that was previously held by Arjen Robben for 126 matches. On 18 May 2019, the footballer was given his seventh consecutive Bundesliga title as the club finished two points ahead of Dortmund with 78 points. After a week following Bayern’s 3-0 victory over RB Leipzig in the 2019 DFB-Pokal Final, the footballer won his fourth DFB-Pokal.

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 season there were speculations that he will leave Bayern and return to Athletic Bilbao. On 24 September 2020, he aimed the net in extra time and scored a goal which led to Bayern’s victory in the 2020 UEFA Super Cup with a 2-1 win against Sevilla. This was Martinez second goal in two games in the UEFA Super Cup. Find out facts about

Javi Martinez personal life

in the following.

Javi Martinez Love life

Let’s get into the details of Javi Martinez personal life and dating history. The footballer once dated the stunning fashion model Maria Imizcoz. The Spanish beauty is not just a pretty face and she also is a graduate of international management. She is widely followed on Instagram and posts stylish photos of herself, posing for the camera with her well fitted body.

More than 50k fans follow her on Instagram. The couple met in 2010 during shooting for an underwear brand. Javi asked the model out and they started dating. In 2013 she was voted by Bild as the hottest WAG in Bundesliga. However; their relationship didn’t work out and they got separated on valentine’s day back in 2014. Find out facts about

Javi Martinez children

and their mother in the following.

Javi Martinez Girlfriend  

Currently, Bayern Munich defensive midfielder is in a long-term relationship with Aline Brum, the couple met each other back in 2014. The Spanish beauty is a model who promotes cosmetics and beauty apparel on her Instagram page.

Javi Martinez girlfriend

also studies Criminology in Munich. The couple is inseparable and they have a good relationship together. However; they keep their relationship private and they don’t share details. As for Javi Martinez children, the couple is blessed with two beautiful children. On October 3, 2016, Javi Martinez and Aline Brum welcomed their first son Luca.

Aline posted a photo of Luca’s birthday and captioned: “Happy birthday my little man! Our prince is getting bigger and bigger and continues to light us up with his smile. You deserve everything beautiful in this world, I’m proud to be by your side every day watching you grow, and give everything you receive.” On July 12, 2018, Aline gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Javi Martinez children are very close to their parents. You can see their connection in almost every post Aline uploads on her Instagram. Find out facts about Javi Martinez salary in the following.

Javi Martinez Salary and Net Worth

Let’s get into the detail of

Javi Martinez Salary

and income. For a footballer who once was Bayern Munich’s most expensive signing, Martinez earnings must be sky high. In addition to his career as a footballer he also associated with several brands. He recently posted a photo of himself playing the popular video game series Crash Bandicoot. He posted while playing the game and captioned: “can’t get enough of this game.” He also is a model for the Spanish brand, Hawkers which is based in Elche and sells sunglasses.

His contract with the German club Bayern Munich nets him an annual salary of 6 Million Euros and he is paid 500k Euros per month. His market value is the staggering amount of 27 Million Euros. Looks like the footballer has great taste in cars. He currently drives an Audi RS7. As for Javi Martinez net worth the footballer’s net worth is the staggering amount of 55 Million Euros. Find out facts about

Javi Martinez social media accounts

in the following.

Javi Martinez Social Media Accounts

Let’s get into the details of Javi Martinez social media appearance. The footballer is widely followed on Instagram. He is signed up by the username of


and more than 2 million fans follow his account. He recently posted a photo announcing the news that he tested positive for Corona virus. He captioned: “unfortunately I tested positive, although I followed all Corona rules. The virus and the risks are real. Stay home and stay healthy and take care at any time.”

As for other Javi Martinez social media accounts, he is available by the username of


on Facebook. More than 3 million fans follow the Spanish footballer. On Twitter he is signed up by the username of


with more than 1 million followers.

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