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Thu 08 April 2021 | 7:30

If you are one of the football followers who think young players do not have many things to say like professionals, stay with us within the following article. The piece regarding the top facts about Thorgan Hazard persuades you to become sure that your idea might not always work.

Our team in Sportmob has gathered a wide range of facts about Thorgan Hazard, full name Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard, which help you know him more. Being an attacking midfielder or a winger, Thorgan Hazard is a professional footballer for the German club Borussia Dortmund and the Belgium national team. 

After signing Thorgan's brother with Chelsea, Eden Hazard, Thorgan started his professional career at Lens in Ligue 1 and then in 2012 joined Chelsea. However, due to a loan deal, he played for Zulte Waregem for two years and did not appear in any competitive match for Chelsea.

Playing for Zulte Waregem prepared the opportunity of winning the Belgian Golden Shoe award in January 2014 for the best player in the Belgian Pro League. He also won the award for the best professional football player in May 2014.

The same year, following his jointing Borussia Monchengladbach in 2014, he appeared in more than 100 competitions for the club, and after five years, in 2019, he moved to Borussia Dortmund. After making appearances at every level through playing for the Belgian national youth team system, Thorgan Hazard made his first international appearance in a competition against the United States in May 2013. 

Taking a look at facts about Thorgan Hazard

Through the short introduction above, we tried to make a brief opening about Hazard, the player who started his profession in his 21. However, since the off-pitch life of players looks absorbing for the football fans, in the following, we have tried to cover more

facts about Thorgan Hazard

, including his professional and personal life. We have begun with a shortlist of general info about him and then gone through the details in-depth within the piece. 

  • Full Name:

    Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard

  • Date of Birth:

    29 March 1993

  • Place of Birth:

    La Louviere, Belgium

  • Nationality:


  • Age:


  • Height:

    1.75 (5 ft 9 in) 

  • Weight:

    71 kg 

  • Wife:

    Marie Kindermans

  • Playing Position:

    Attacking Midfielder, Winger

  • Current Team:

    Borussia Dortmund

  • Number:


In the following, we have portrayed a wide range of top facts about Thorgan Hazard, from his childhood to a summary of his career.

Thorgan Hazard Childhood and Growing up Years

Thorgan Hazard childhood

is the opening point of the 27-year-old Belgian footballer's sports life. He has three other brothers, that based on their orders, Eden is the oldest one, Thorgan is the second, Kylian is younger than Thorgan, and Ethan is the youngest child of the family.

All four boys have followed their interest in football, an occupation which their parents had begun before. Having happy childhood, Thorgan spent most of his early years with Eden and Kylian.

Their parental upbringing caused four brothers to raise with a wide range of similar interests. Being attracted to the same things made a lot compulsory for their parents. For example, one of their heroes was Zinedine Zidane, which their interests in him caused their parents to buy the Legend's No 10 French shirt for each of them. One of their other enthusiasms was their tendency to become an attacking midfielder in their future, which they are now. 

Common interests between brothers were rooted in their parents' background about football. Their mother, Carine Hazard, and their father, Thierry Hazard, were once footballers so, it is clear why they wanted their children to follow their dreams.

Celebrating the Hazard in the football world, which was once middle-class, refers to the parent's decision. Having an extraterrestrial pedigree in football, the parents had made big plans around football for their four children and force them to follow their soccer careers. To ensure their four sons get their desire, they tried a lot and prepared all they needed. 

The warm atmosphere in his family has caused Thorgan to remember the period as the most memorable and beautiful period. Looking back, Thorgan remembers his football playing with his older brother, Eden, and his cousins.

As Thorgan described, at first, he was interested in playing as a goalkeeper, though later he found it boring, and due to his elder brother's help and, because of not being tall enough for the position, he left the idea.

The thought of making their parents proud led Eden and Thorgan to pave the way for their two younger brothers, Kylian and Ethan, to enter the football world successfully. 

Thorgan Hazard Origin

Going through the 27-year-old attacking midfielder pedigree shows that

Thorgan Hazard origin

refers to the Southern part of Belgium while his parents belong to the Belgian White Ethnic group. Taking a look at his family roots reveals that the Belgian's ancestors are of a French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia, occupying more than fifty percent of the country's nation. 

Thorgan Hazard Parents 

Thorgan Hazard parents

have had an efficient role in their sons' professional life, which we have earmarked one separate part to introduce them. Thierry Hazard, the legends' father, is a retired expert footballer and a coach for his sons.

Thierry played as a midfielder and defender for La Louviere, which was amongst the top division team in Belgium. In addition to having a sportsman father, the four boys have a mother, Carine Hazard, who was once a footballer and played as a striker. The sportswoman left her career three months after her pregnancy. 

After these years which Carin's sons have appeared brilliantly in the football world, she has left the responsibility of mentoring her sons to her husband and has centered on family affairs.

Thorgan Hazard Wife and Children

Next on our article of 

facts about Thorgan Hazard

, we want to take a look at the handsome player's love life. The story


began when he started a relationship with Marie Kindermans, Johan Kindermans' daughter. Later, their relationship led them to become true lovers, and eventually they decided to get married and change their role to wife and husband.

Through holding a private ceremony with some of their friends and family members, they got married in December 2016. According to some articles regarding the facts about Thorgan Hazard, the couple has two daughters.

However, his photos on Instagram,


, and some other authentic websites declare his only child is Elayna Hazard, born before their marriage. Due to his willingness to keep private the related affairs to his family, there are no more facts about

Thorgan Hazard wife and children


Thorgan Hazard Instagram

Taking a look at

Thorgan Hazard Instagram

reveals that he might not spend too much time on the platform because he has shared only 164 posts on his page till now, the time of writing this piece. Most of his posts are about football, his awards, memorable scenes, and some special events. Among them, there are some photos of his family and himself, which shows they might be keen on animal sightseeing, horses. 

Thorgan Hazard Net Worth and Salary

The more famous a footballer is, the more football fans want to know about their earning, so we have allocated this part to

Thorgan Hazard net worth and salary

. Based on published figures, his net worth is about 2.6 million euros, and his market value is 38 million euros.

Crunching the numbers says that he earns $ 3.8 per minute. According to the comparison between his salary and an average German citizen, making 3,770 euros per month, the latter has to work at least three months to gain as Thorgan Hazard's income per month is.

As some sources declare, he makes his money via his football profession and through the product endorsement brand of "Nike." 

Some Top Short Facts about Thorgan Hazard

Almost always, football fans are interested in knowing more about the legends of the football world. Therefore, we have allotted the following part to some facts about Thorgan Hazard, which may you have not heard or read them before. 

  • Along with a strong interest in his profession, Hazard likes expensive and luxurious cars a lot. As his photos with his cars reveal, he owns Mercedes A-class and Bentley. Though Thorgan has always tried to keep private his personal life and related topics, his tendency to flashy cars is an exception to his anti-flash manner. 

  • The time Thorgan wanted to join the football world, his elder brother, Eden, was at the French side. For this reason, Lille tended to add Thorgan to the same team Eden played. However, his parents' preference was not playing in one squad to avoid any comparisons between the brothers. 

  • One of the other facts about Thorgan Hazard is regarding his appearances in his country's team. He was the second Hazard in Belgium's national team when Marc Wilmots handed it. 

Thorgan Hazard Career in Summary

To know more about

Thorgan Hazard career

, we have divided the following part into two sections, including club and international. Each section contains his performance in several clubs he has played and the success he has earned for them.

Staring to play at his 5, Thorgan played for Royal Stade Brainois, his hometown club, as his first team. Five years later, he followed his older brother, Eden, and joined Tubize. Playing for the club worked as an opportunity for him that


, the French team, discovered him within a local tournament.

During his playing for the club, he was the teammate of some players, such as

Geoffrey Kondogbia


Raphael Varane

, who won the 2008-09 edition of the Championnat Nationa those days. Having trained with the senior team, Thorgan made his debut in a pre-season competition against the Belgian club,


, and scored a goal, which caused the match to end in a 1-1 draw.

Having played for the club's Championnat de France amateur squad in the fourth division and appeared in several competitions for the under-19 team, finally, on 11 May 2011, Thorgan's name became one of the senior team's players in a Ligue 1 match against



However, he did not make any appearances in the 2010-11 campaign. Following Thorgan's promotion to senior team permanently in 2011-12, he appeared as a second-half substitute for the first time in Lens' opening league match over Reims, though they lost in a 2-0 result.

Afterward, through an agreement with Lens, Chelsea approved the transfer of Thorgan Hazard. The first match he appeared in was an Under-21 Premier League competition against

Manchester City

, which ended in a 0-0 home draw.

However, Thorgan did not stay there for a long time, and it was his last playing for


. Due to a season-long loan move to Zulte Waregem, the Belgian Pro League club Thorgan experienced taking part in the first-team. While if he had continued his playing for Chelsea, his development would be slower.

Between the years 2012 to 2014, Thorgan earned many experiences by playing for the club and joined on a loan Borussia Monchengladbach, the German Bundesliga, on 5 July 2014.

Thorgan played for the club for about five years and then, on 22 May 2019, moved to Borussia Dortmund and signed a five-year contract for a €25.5 million fee. 

Regarding Thorgan's international career, we have grouped his playing into youth and senior sections. Taking part in the international competition in all levels, Under-16, Under-17, and Under-18, Thorgan Hazard made his first appearance in a match against Germany.

During the period, Thorgan played for the Under-17 team, earned many experiences, and scored some goals. On 16 May 2013,


national team called Thorgan Hazard up for his first senior appearance. Since then, Thorgan has appeared in many matches and earned many honors for himself and the team.

Thorgan Hazard Quotes

Though Thorgan and Eden are each other's rival, they are two brothers with a close family relationship, which it has caused Thoragn to talk a lot about Eden. Through this section, we have gathered some of his saying about the period in which Eden could not play.

Due to struggling with injury and Coronavirus, on 9 November 2020, Thorgan said, "He is one of the best players in the world, and it is always better to have him in your squad. Madrid lost Red Devils last weekend without him. We all need an Eden at 100 percent".

Also, he added, "It was a surprise for him, an unpleasant one. The injury was gone, and then Coronavirus was showing up". However, Thorgan later declared that Eden felt good, and fortunately, there were no more symptoms of COVID-19".

Thorgan Hazard Records and Achievements

We have allotted the last of the article to

Thorgan Hazard records and achievements

, which show how much he has been successful in his career. Via his playing for Belgium in 2018, Thorgan Hazard achieved the FIFA World Cup third place. There are two other honors in his career history called Individual awards, Belgian Golden Shoe in 2013 and Belgian Footballer of the Year in the 2013-14 season. 

As you read, Thorgan Hazard tried a lot from his boyhood days to the period he became a professional and famous player. Overviewing Hazard's early life to now that he is an outstanding player in the football world, we gathered the most upgraded and available

facts about Thorgan Hazard

from authentic websites. However, there might be several other pieces of info about him that we have missed. So, if there are any comments, share them with us through the comment section.

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