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Almost always, stars' life stories have looked charming because they contain much arousing info for readers. So, our team in Sportmob has presented one of them, containing top facts about Pepe Reina, that whether you are a football fan or not, will look delightful for you.

As one of the best football players in the world of football, Pepe Reina has a rich career history, which was earned through his playing for several top clubs, such as Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Milan, and Aston Villa. Commonly known as Pepe Reina, Jose Manuel "Pepe" Reina Paez was born in Madrid, Spain. Due to his talent and having a father who was a prominent goalkeeper of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Miguel Reina, the Spanish professional footballer, found his way into the football world very soon. 

Born on 31 August 1982, Reina started his career when he was about 13, with the Barcelona youth squad. In the following, we have presented a wide range of facts, from Pepe Reina salary to a brief look at his personal life. Also, we have allocated one part to the things that happened to the Spanish player through Coronavirus, which is the hottest topic in the world.

Knowing some top facts about Pepe Reina's current life and his past, though it does not earn a complete and comprehensive understanding of him, helps you get the general info regarding the Spanish star's career and individual life. So, stay with us within the piece around Jose Manuel Reina Paez's life. 

A review on top facts about Pepe Reina

In the following article, we have presented a list of top

facts about Pepe Reina

, which helps you know more about his on and off-pitch life. The 38-year-old goalkeeper has left himself a brilliant performance in his international appearance for Spain national team and the clubs he has played. All of them have caused Reina to earn an astonishing profile which attracts football fans. Before going through his biography, we have prepared a shortlist of general facts about him. Join us within the piece about Pepe Reina.

  • Full Name:

    Jose Manuel Reina Paez

  • Nickname:

    Pepe Reina

  • Date of Birth:

    31 August 1982

  • Place of Birth:

    Madrid, Spain

  • Nationality:


  • Age:


  • Height:

    1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

  • Weight:

    92 kg

  • Wife:

    Yolanda Ruiz

  • Playing Position:


  • Current Team:


  • Number:


After reviewing brief facts about Reina, it is time to begin to read a wide range of data about him, containing his early life, personal life, net worth, and a summary of his career. 

Pepe Reina Childhood

Taking a look at most football players' early lives reveals that their career lives often rooted in their childhood. So, football fans are interested in knowing more about their childhood, parents, siblings, and how they joined the football world.

However, there are not many facts regarding Pepe Reina's early life, but since Miguel Reina, his father, was a goalkeeper for some prominent teams, including



Atletico Madrid

, he possibly affected his son's career life. Miguel is a 75-year-old retired goalkeeper whose career history reveals he had a successful professional life. Besides his playing for the clubs, in October 1969, he made his debut for the Spain national team. Unfortunately, there are no more facts about

Pepe Reina childhood

, mother, and siblings, except his mother's name, Concepcion Paez Torres. 

Pepe Reina Wife and Children

Pepe Reina was in a relationship with Yolanda Ruiz for a long time, which their lasting relationship led to their marriage in Cordoba on 19 May 2006. Having married, Pepe joined the Spain national team for the 2006 World Cup.

The couple now has five children, Alma, Thiago, Sira, Grecia, and Luca Reina Ruiz, which his photos with his children and wife expose a warm atmosphere between them. Almost always, football fans tend to know as much about footballers' personal lives as they do about their professional lives. However, there are no more published facts about

Pepe Reina wife and children


Pepe Reina Personality

Most of the time, the first impression and people's appearance affect our prediction about their characteristics. For the characters with steely faces, we usually judge them as serious personalities. Since the Spanish goalkeeper's appearance is similar to the explained format, it sometimes causes us to know him as a strict man.

However, his jester-like character off the pitch describes him as a man who often entertains his teammates and makes them laugh with his jokes and songs. Another feature of

Pepe Reina personality

is that he has also been famous for acting as a crowd-pleasing master of Spain's winning celebrations after the 2008 European Championship, the 2010 World Cup, and Euro 2012.

Besides his sense of humor, Pepe Reina has caused controversy in some cases. The first case refers to July 2018, in which the Italian Football Federation began to hear the subjects of Paolo Cannavaro, Salvatore Aronica, and Pepe Reina. Being accused of getting free tickets for the Lo Russo Camorra, Pepe Reina criticized Nega, the Spanish rapper, due to his supporting the anti-lockdown demonstrations by far-right political party Vox within the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain. 

Pepe Reina Tattoos

One of the controversial topics among players in the football world is the tattoo. There are two groups of viewpoints regarding it, which one of them knows tattoo just inking of the body for making their bodies more beautiful. In terms of the opposite group, the tattoo is a kind of irreverence of the skin and taboo.

It seems that among people interested in various fields, footballers are the biggest enthusiasts of the tattoo. In addition to beautification, they tend to transfer a symbolic meaning or represent significant events during their lives.

Like tattoo fans, such as

Sergio Ramos

, one of the most tattooed players in the football world, and as photos and facts about Pepe Reina show, there are two tattoos on the inside part of his arms, which tells his willingness to it. However, there is no more info about

Pepe Reina tattoos


Pepe Reina Instagram

Taking a look at

Pepe Reina Instagram

and the number of his followers, following, and posts reveals that he probably does not spend too much time on the platform. Among the 223 shared photos (until the time of writing the article) on his Instagram account,


, you can see many of them are his photos with his seven-member-family besides the ones related to football and memorable events. 

Some facts about Pepe Reina and Coronavirus

According to a published piece on 31 March 2020, the Premier League keeper struggled against Coronavirus and announced his situation by being unable to breathe that had made him worried. He described the time as his throat had closed as the endless minutes of fear when he got no oxygen is available. Reina, who was an Aston Villa footballer at the time, by feeling unwell, began to do necessary care, though he had not tested yet. 

Opening up his symptoms, including fever, dry cough, and headache, Reina started to take precautions as soon as he found them to prevent the virus spreads to his family. Fortunately, through an interview with an Italian newspaper, Pepe described he won the battle against Coronavirus.

Pepe Reina House

Being the former next-door neighbor of Fernando Torres, Atletico Madrid striker, and Spanish International teammate, Pepe Reina was also his teammates' neighbor,

Luis Suarez

, during the time he was at


. However, there are no facts regarding the current

Pepe Reina house

Pepe Reina Net worth and Market Value

As one of the soccer players with high earnings,

Pepe Reina net worth

is about $9 million, including his assets and incomes. Crunching the numbers of

Pepe Reina salary

reveals he earns about 65000 Euros in a week approximately. Taking a look at the list of all goalkeepers' market value shows that Pepe Reina is in 422-place with €800Th. 

Pepe Reina Glory Time and Low Points

One of the most significant parts of each professional footballer is his career history which most articles present as the star's biography. So, we have earmarked the following section to the right-footed goalkeeper's profile as one of the most viewed

facts about Pepe Reina


As Reina's background shows, having begun from Barcelona's youth team, he continues playing as a reserved team player, which finally led him to find a place in the senior squad. Like all professional players who have earned their high-level place in football through many efforts and occasionally some loss, Pepe Reina has earned his current position by hard-working and extreme exercise.

One of his memorable memories was the eight consecutive clean sheets in Premier League, by which he broke the former Liverpool record, five clean sheets by David James.

Reina's consistently excellent performance led him to earn the Golden Glove Award in the Premier League. As the quickest goalkeeper during the history of Liverpool, Pepe Reina reached 50 clean sheets.

Within 38 matches in the Premier League, he achieved the Golden Glove award for three consecutive years. The 2008-09 season has been one of the most successful seasons in Reina's career history in Liverpool because Pepe could keep 20 clean sheets and caused his team to finish it with 86 points in the 2nd place.

However, Liverpool fans do not forget the 2013-14 season and Reina's brilliant performance, by which he achieved Coppa Italia in a competition against


that ended in their 3-1 victory. Nonetheless, based on Pepe's career history, no other team became a permanent place for him when he left Liverpool, which made the period his low points.  

Pepe Reina Career in Summary

​Beginning his career at his early age, Reina passed the stairs success one after another. Reina made his first La Liga appearance in the 2000-01 season and during the following season singed a contract with



About three years later, he joined Liverpool and spent eight consecutive seasons there as Liverpool's first-choice goalkeeper. During the 2013-14 season, Reina played for Napoli on loan, which won the Coppa Italia in 2014. Afterward, through signing a contract, Pepe Reina moved permanently to Bayern Munich in 2014 and was the second-choice goalkeeper behind

Manuel Neuer


However, it did not last a long time, and in 2015 he returned to Napoli but under a permanent deal and stayed there for three years till 2018. Having played for Milan for about two years, Pepe Reina played for Aston Villa on loan, though it took only six months, and in August 2020, he returned to Serie A with


. Despite the brilliant appearance in his club career, he has had an excellent performance in the international one.

Starting from Spain's youth team, Reina won the UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship in 1999, which was his first achievement in international competitions. Since 2005 he has started his senior career and generally has been the second keeper after Iker Casillas and

David de Gea


As one of Spain's squad for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Pepe Reina appeared one time in their winning UEFA Euro 2008 campaign, considering his first international honor in his senior career. Also, Reina has been in the team when they won World Cup in 2010, UEFA European Championship in 2012, and the 2018 World Cups. 

Holding the 4th highest number record in taking part as a Spanish player in the Premier League, Reina has appeared more than 200 times in his first five seasons, of which 108 out of 219 participations were clean sheets. His 100th Premi League clean sheet refers to the 2010-11 season, in which he played for Liverpool against Aston Villa and ended the game in a 30- victory.

All in all, as you read, our team in Sportmob tried to present accurate and top

facts about Pepe Reina

to help you know him more. Covering a wide range of data from taking a look at his childhood to a brief review of his career, we tried to make a comprehensive piece regarding the 38-year-old Spanish star. However, there might be some related info that we have missed, but they enhance it to a much more complete version. So, we appreciate it if you share your comments via the comment section.

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