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Top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger, the Fussballgott

Here is a look at the list of top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Bastian Schweinsteiger will be remembered as one of Germany's greatest players of all time. In October 2019, he announced his retirement as one of the outstanding midfielders of his generation, as well as a well-liked and admired person. Basti's career is one to be inspired by.

He was a fighter, commander, and savior for his sides. While the loss to Chelsea in 2012 was devastating, there were some advantages making him a more competitive player as it worked brilliantly in the near future to win everything possible.

The midfielder played as a playmaker and he usually handled the center of the field. However, he was a wide midfielder at the beginning of his career. He was vice-captain to Philipp Lahm, his long-time teammate, after July of 2014. A couple of months later he was appointed as captain of the National team after Lahm retired internationally. The best German player of 2013 was also called “midfield mastermind”.

Bayern’s honors and victories when Schweinsteiger was in the team contain seven German Cups, seven Bundesliga titles, a UEFA Champions League title, and two League Cups. He capped 121 times scoring 24 goals, from his international debut in 2004.

Schweinsteiger played in three championships and several FIFA World Cups, including the winning one in 2014. The 36-year-old player, Bastian, was called “one of the greatest players Germany ever produced” by German coach Joachim Low.

Top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger, the Fussballgott

He played 500 matches throughout 17 seasons and scored 68 goals for Bavarians. He left

Bayern Munich

to join Man United in 2015 and played for 18 months before leaving there to Chicago. Mr. Calm finished his career and announced his retirement in 2019.

The player was a national player for 12 years from 2004 to 2016 known as the 4th most capped-player of all time in Germany. He also had an important role in winning the FIFA World Cup of 2014 most notably performing masterfully against Lionel Messi and his team. His last match at the international level was on 31 August 2016 where he played as the captain of Germany against



Some fast facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger

Personal information

  • Birth Date

    : 1-8-1984

  • Nationality

    : German

  • Ethnicity

    : White

  • Religion

    : Roman Catholic

  • Product Endorsements

    : Adidas & Chevrolet

  • Estimated Net Worth

    : $80 million

  • Sexuality

    : Straight

  • Current girlfriend

    : Ana Ivanovic

  • Favorite color

    : black

  • Clothing style

    : casual

  • Family

    : Alfred Schweinsteiger (Father) - Monika Schweinsteiger (Mother) - Tobias Schweinsteiger (Brother)

Physical stats:

  • Hair color

    : Dark blond

  • Hair type

    : Straight

  • Hair Length

    : short hair

  • Hairstyle

    : comb over

  • Distinct feature

    : hair

  • Skin Type

    : Oily/Acne

  • Beard

    : Beardless

  • Eye Color

    : Grey

  • Height

    : 183 cm

  • Weight

    : 79 kilo

  • Feet size

    : N/A

Bastian Schweinsteiger Childhood and Early Life

On August 1, 1984, the future soccer player was born in the south of Bavaria. Schweini has been interested in sports since he was a kid, but he was not just a football player. Skiing was his first love.

The kid's family owned a ski shop and supported their son's interests. Tobias Schweinsteiger, Basti's younger brother, preferred soccer and had great success on the field, which drew the brother's attention to the game. Consequently, he managed to leave skiing and started attending soccer training.

It was challenging for him at first as he had to travel to Munich day in day out since the club was 70 kilometers away from his birthplace. However, they soon offered him accommodation near the training ground. Because of his abilities and commitment, Bastian was able to join Bayern Munich's B team at the age of sixteen.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Club Career

Schweinsteiger signed his contract with Bayern as a youth team player in July 1998. He also was a ski racer. So choosing between skiing and soccer was a dilemma for him.

Winning the German youth championship in July 2002 made him famous and won him a reputation for being a rebellious player on the field.

In his very first games, he played as a left-back. After training sessions with the first team, when he was 18, Ottmar Hitzfeld, gave him his first match as a substitute in a

UEFA Champions League

game in 2002 where he displayed his skills at the beginning of the match by creating a goal for Markus Feulner.

The next year he scored his first goal for Bayern in 2003. Over the next 3 seasons, he played 135 matches and netted 10 goals. In 2012 UCL he converted his penalty kick to win the match against

Real Madrid

however, they lost the final against Chelsea.

The next year along with Javi Martinez they won a historic treble and Basti was chosen as the best player of 2013 in Germany. He was also called the best midfielder in the world by Jupp Heynckes.

On 23 May 2015, on the 500th appearance for Bayern which was also his last game for the team, he scored a goal. After 17 years he left Bayern to join Manchester United. Bayern ultra fans called him Fussballgott (football god) and he was so popular among them.

One of the top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger is that he was the first German footballer who played as a regular player for Red Devils. At first, they gave him number 23, but then he switched to 31, which was his number at Bayern.

He scored his very first goal with a header for Man United against

Leicester City

. After Jose Mourinho, he was sent to train with the under-23 team. Former teammates criticized Mourinho’s decision as disrespect to such a player.

In January 2017, he started playing after a year against Wigan Athletic where he was voted “Man of the match” by Manchester United fans. After he left the club to join Chicago Fire Mourinho admitted that he “regretted” the way he behaved Schweinsteiger.

Chicago Fire

with him topped the MLS standings and Bastian got the chance to be voted into the MLS All-Star Fan XI.

Bastian Schweinsteiger International Career

Schweinsteiger debuted for Germany in a friendly match against Hungary in 2004 and went on to win 121 caps before retiring in 2016. From UEFA Euro 2004 to Euro 2016, he was a key member at every tournament. During Euro 2008 qualifiers, he scored 2 goals against San Marino but his usual post was taken by

Lukas Podolski

where Joachim Low preferred Podolski to him as a winger.

Basti came back in the quarter-final against Portugal and played an important role in Germany’s 3-2 win. Schweinsteiger scored another crucial goal in the 3-2 semifinal win against Turkey. In the 2010 World Cup qualifying, Schweinsteiger played in 9 games out of 10 and scored 3 goals.

As Michael Ballack got injured and was absent in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Basti played as a central midfielder and performed amazingly in the new position especially against


and Argentina, in the latter he was named as “Man of the Match”.

In the tournament, he provided three assists and due to his great performance, he was chosen as one of 10 candidates for the Golden Ball. Schweinsteiger started all five matches at the UEFA Euro 2012 finals and gave two assists. Two years later, he helped Germany to capture the 2014 FIFA World Cup with his exceptional displays and accurate passes.

The player lost the whole league games in 2016 due to injuries, but he got cured just on time to represent Germany in UEFA Euro 2016. He scored a goal in a 2-0 group stage win over Ukraine.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Personal Life

Bayern Munich fans usually called him “Schweini” or “Basti”. His older brother, Tobias, was also a soccer player and he also played for Bayern Munich. He was in a 7-year relationship with the model Sarah Brandner, who lived together in Munich, from 2007 to 2014.

In September 2014, he started dating Ana Ivanovic, a Serbian tennis player. They got married on 12 July 2016 and celebrated it in Venice. The result of this marriage was two sons named Luka, who was born on 17 March 2018, and Leon who was born on 30 August 2019. Schweinsteiger was great at skiing and he is a friend of Felix Neureuther's.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Position

One of the

top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger

is that he was not a central midfielder for years. He, in some of his first appearances for Bayern, played as a fullback. Later he was moved to left-midfield where he could attack freely.

However, that position was the ultimate one and he played also as a holding midfielder under the supervision of the manager Louis van Gaal where he flourished and turned into a master with the help of Arjen Robben and

Franck Ribery


Bastian Schweinsteiger as a Sport Fan

Considering the

top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger

it is worth mentioning that he was a great skier and wanted to make a career out of it, but he also was a great soccer player and finally he chose soccer, which Bayern Munich and also the German national team would respect his choice. However, he still goes to the mountains to ski.

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Basketball

In a video that has been released by the Bayern basketball team years ago, Basti tries to score a basketball goal and he does it in a very accurate form that impresses everyone. Basketball is another sport that Schweinsteiger loves.

One of the

top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger

is his lifelong friendship with German former NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks, and he was close to playing in Germany's second tier. “Imagine what would have happened if he had fallen badly or been injured in any other way,” said Dirk Bauermann, a former basketball coach.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Relationships

Since July 12, 2016, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic have been married for four years now. Schweinsteiger's wife is Serbian former tennis world number one Ana Ivanovic, who encouraged Bastian to have the Serbian term "duso" meaning sweetheart written on his boots during his playing times.

After dating Sarah Brandner from 2007 to 2014 Bastian began a new relationship with Ana in September 2014. The couple's first child Luka was born in March 2018. In 2019, she gave birth to their second son Leon.

Ana Ivanovic was once the world's best tennis player and held it for a total of twelve weeks. She is the winner of a grand slam in 2008. She was also a runner-up at the French Open in 2007 and the Australian Open in 2008. Ana Ivanovic is believed to have a net worth of $16 million. This is regardless of

Bastian Schweinsteiger's estimated net worth

of $80 million.

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Angela Merkel

For both club and country, Bastian Schweinsteiger is remembered as an icon. He capped 121 times for

Die Mannschaft

over his 12-year international career up until his retirement in 2016, making him the fourth-most-capped player in Germany's rich history.

Throughout the years, the player has established a close friendship with Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor. One of the top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger you probably didn't know is that Angela Merkel's favorite footballer has always been Basti, who sat next to her during a game in Euro 2008 following his suspension.

Angela and "Schweini," as dreamed by playwright Moritz Rinke, were featured in a collection of love letters published in Die Zeit: "Someday, Basti, they'll compare us like they used to compare Willy Brandt and Gunter Netzer," one of them said."

Bastian Schweinsteiger Tattoos

For a long period of time, Schweinsteiger was not photographed with a tattoo on his body yet later in his career, as he developed himself as a world-class footballer, he was photographed with a huge tattoo on his right arm.

Many people believe it was to make up for a surgery he had on his arm after a serious injury. Whatever it might be, Basti seems unconcerned, and as an athlete, he has the financial means to do whatever he desires.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Children

As we have mentioned earlier, Bastian Schweinsteiger has two sons. The first son was born on the 17th of March 2018 and was given the name Luka Schweinsteiger, while the second son was born on the 20th of August 2019 given the name Leon Schweinsteiger. The bulk of

Schweinsteiger's assets

are supposed to be left to his family, with his sons playing a significant part in everything.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Age

Bastian Schweinsteiger is 36 years old, having been born on August 1, 1984. He spent 17 of his 36 years of age with Bayern Munich, more than half of his lifetime. He was a faithful Bavarian servant.

Being born during that time frame also made him a member of Germany's golden generation of footballers, who were all groomed from the under 21s to lead the nation to the 2014 World Cup, and he played a key role in securing Germany's victory.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Net Worth and Salary

The talented footballer who won the bulk of his titles and honors for Bayern Munich is reported to have a net worth of $80 million. This is mostly made up of earnings from his time at FC Hollywood, where he turned into one of the team's most important footballers.

He was so valuable to the team that he performed in a number of roles for them, however, his primary role was to play as a central midfielder.

To clarify why Bastian Schweinsteiger has a net worth of $80 million, it's necessary to look at his career. For a player who spent 17 years at Bayern Munich and appeared in 500 games for the club, he had to be not only fine but exceptional where he demonstrated his ability to succeed.

His great displays made it simple for him to always guarantee his place in the XI, regardless of the boss. As a result, the club kept renewing his contracts, and each time, it was a better offer than the last, with higher profits, which boosted his net worth.

Schweini won many awards during his time with Bavarians, including seven Bundesliga championships, seven DFB-Pokal trophies, and the UEFA Champions League in 2013.

After he took the decision to transfer to

Manchester United

, his two years at Old Trafford were not the best of his career but considering his net worth, he was able to get a very decent offer before leaving, signing sponsorship deals, and appearing in many commercial advertisements for the club. 

He was able to secure a wage of $14 million per year. In the meantime, he had sponsorship contracts with Adidas, which brought in more revenue and increased his net worth.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Body Measurements

Bastian Schweinsteiger’s body measurements

are as follows:

  • Chest

    : 42 in or 107 cm

  • Arms / Biceps

    : 14 in or 35.5 cm

  • Waist

    : 31 in or 79 cm

Bastian Schweinsteiger Social Media

Bastian Schweinsteiger's fans will be pleased to learn that he is active on all social media sites, namely Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube.

This is regarded as one of the top facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger that he enjoys interacting with others and sharing his daily life with the followers.

When it comes to his social media, it's interesting to note that he has over 10.5 million followers on


, 4.9 million followers on


, and 8.6 million followers on



Bastian Schweinsteiger Cars

Schweinsteiger's car collection is unbelievably massive. He possesses the greatest luxury and supersport automobiles in the world. Audi, Range Rovers, Bentley, and other car brands are among Bastian Schweinsteiger's favorites. The finest of all is probably his Range Rover.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Retirement

On October 8, 2019, Bastian Schweinsteiger announced his retirement. The midfielder played his last game for Germany against Finland in 2016. He will be streaming live football games in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, according to the ARD.


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