Top facts about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer

Wed 31 March 2021 | 17:30

Pizzi is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Benfica and the Portuguese national team. Read the following article to learn more facts about Pizzi.

Luis Miguel Afonso Fernandes, mostly known as


, is an aspiring football player from Portugal. He is undoubtedly one of the great players in La Liga, winning ten domestic honors, including four Primeira Liga titles. He has always been so passionate about football. He used to dream about becoming a great player one day. Of course, his dream became a reality, but like so many outstanding achievements, his success didn't happen overnight.

Pizzi has been playing football ever since he can remember. He started his youth career when he was 10 years learning the tricks of the trade from great coaches and instructors. He can still remember the games that he watched when he was just a kid and how hard he tried to imitate the most excellent players' style. He had failed so many times before finding his own style and strength.

Read on the following article to learn more facts about Pizzi:

Not only is Pizzi a successful football player, but he is also a family man. He has always cared for his family deeply, but things changed a bit for him ever since he has become a father. Pizzi seems to look at everything from a father's point of view. This is an amazing

fact about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer

. Stay with us to learn more facts about this aspiring football player.

Pizzi early life

Luis Miguel Afonso Fernandes was born on 6 October 1989 in Braganca, Prrtugal. He is known mainly by his nickname Pizzi. He must not be confused with Juan Antonio Pizzi Torroja, who is also known by this nickname. Miguel was an energetic and kind child and wasn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone to learn complicated or challenging things for him, which is an incredible fact about Pizzi.

Pizzi's zodiac sign is Libra. People who have the same zodiac sign are well-balanced and live amazing lives. They are charming and seductive, with a hint of adventure in their young adventurous souls. Libras are obsessed with making things orderly and aesthetically beautiful. They are very generous, and you could safely consider giving as their best feature because they thrive on it, much like tasting a great wine on a Christmas Eve.

Libras are inspired to keep the peace, and they are not afraid to compromise to achieve it. Much like many people with this zodiac sign, Miguel is an understanding and passionate man who desires world peace and prosperity for everyone worldwide. He is excellent with his friends and teammates. Also, his family members always find him a reliable person, which is an awsome fact when we talk about

Pizzi personal life


His spirit drives him to be always fair and social understanding and analyzing people's intentions before judging or drawing a conclusion. Pizzi is very smart and witty. Starting conversations with people and even with those he doesn't know is never difficult for him. On a more cynical note, Pizzi could be a bit indecisive, finding himself many hours weighing pros and cons to make up his mind. Although he is genuinely a reliable person, he could be forgetful from time to time.

As mentioned before, Pizzi was an energetic and active boy when he was a kid. He found himself doing sports and playing for many hours tirelessly.

Pizzi childhood

revolved around football so much as the rest of his life. People always remember him with a ball. Pizzi spent many hours watching football matches with his father and family. His childhood's happiest memories were when he got to go to the stadium and watch the footballers do their magic. This is an exciting fact about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer.

Although not so much is known about

Pizzi parents

and early life, we could safely say that he sincerely cherishes the memories of that time and considers family one of the most precious things in his life. His parents have always been so supportive of him, cheering him on through every stage of his professional and personal life.


Pizzi age

, which is Nowadays, he strives to be a great father for his children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment away from the unpleasant things in life. Pizzi is the proud father of two beautiful boys and couldn't be happier. He wants nothing more than watching his boys grow up to become successful, happy, and skillful.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about his siblings, whether or not he has any. He just never wanted to share that information with the media. It seems that he prefers to keep a low profile and protect his family's privacy, which is understandable considering how hectic it could get if you are under media attention all the time.

Let's talk about his appearance. Pizzi is considered to be a handsome fellow with his cheekbones and black eyes. His complexion and his figure have attracted a lot of attention from his admirers over the years. As for

Pizzi body measurement

, he is 1.77cm tall and weighs around 66kg. one of his great features is his beautiful smile that he seems to have all the time. This is a heart-warming fact about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer.

Pizzi club career

Pizzi started to play in a replica


jersey when Juan Antonio Pizzi was the Spanish club's striker. That is how he obtained his nickname, Pizzi. His career started when he joined a hometown club named G.D Bragnaca in 2007. Later on, he decided to join Primeira Liga club

S.C Braga

. Pizzi spent most of his time on a loan. His first professional debut was with the Segunda Liga's SC Covilha in 2009, which is an interesting

fact about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer


Afterward, he joined topflight club FC Pacos de Ferreira. He managed to score seven league goals during the next season and only missed three league matches. He netted his first hat-trick on 8 May 2011 when he scored three goals and finished the game in a draw. It was a proud moment in

Pizzi professional life

. Pizzi was loaned on 30 August 2011 to Spanish team

Atletico Madrid

until the end of the year, after which the Colchoneros had an option to buy the player permanently for €13.5 million, which they did the following year.

On 18 September 2011, Pizzi made his La Liga debut as a substitute against Racing de Santander. On 20 November, he scored his only Atletico goal. Pizzi moved to Deportive de La Coruna for the 2012-13 campaign. He signed up for a six-year deal with SL Benfica on 26 July 2013. His fee was €6 million for half of his economic rights. It wasn't long after he joined the team that he was loaned to RCD Espanyol, also in Spain's top flight. He became one of the most reliable players there.

He previously played as a winger, but his position changed to a central midfielder when he joined


. His first debut was in a match against


in Primeira Liga in October 2014. Pizzi scored his first goal for Benfica from a penalty kick Against Arouca. His first goal in the league was against


on 28 February. During the 2016-17 season, he managed to score 12 times in 48 games.

During that season, Benfica won a domestic double. He was voted Player of the Month consecutively from October/ November to December due to his remarkable performance. Consequently, Pizzi was voted the Player of the Season at the LPFP Awards. His impressive stats, alongside his astonishing behavior, quickly made him one of the bests.

On 1 December 2017, something terrible happened to Pizzi. He was playing in a match against


when one of their supporters invaded the pitch and attacked Pizzi in the back. It was a horrifying and shameful moment for the Porto, who interestingly was only fined €2860 because of this accident. They also faced a maximum of two behind closed doors matches.

Pizzi managed to score another hat-trick against Vitoria de Guimaraes on 10 August 2018. In the same month, he was again voted Player of the Month. During the 2018-19 season, he appeared in 55 matches and managed to score 15 goals. He also contributed 23 assists, which is an incredible fact about Pizzi. His outstanding contribution to Benfica helped the team regain the league title, and consequently, he signed a new contract.

Pizzi transfer market and stats

As mentioned before, Pizzi is currently playing in SL Benfica. His leading position is attacking midfield, but he also plays in the right midfield and central midfield. He is in contract with Benfica until 30 June 2023. Based on

Pizzi stats

during the 2020-21 season, he has appeared in 22 matches and managed to score 3 goals. He also contributed 1 assist. Unfortunately, he has been given four yellow cards so far.

As for the

Pizzi transfer market

, although he is not at his highest market value right now, the number is still impressive. His current market value is €18 million, as was last updated on 28 January 2021. His highest market value was €27 million on 30 December 2019, which is an interesting fact about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer.

Pizzi net worth and salary

As of last estimated,

Pizzi salary

was around $700000, making him a wealthy man. Interestingly, Pizzi is not into partying and spending his money on car collections. He prefers to ensure his family has a safe and comfortable environment. This is an incredible fact about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer.

Pizzi net worth

is estimated to be something close to $19 million, which is impressive. It is common for footballers to drive fancy cars. Pizzi has only two cars. Of course, one of the cars belongs to his wife, suitable enough to take the children out for a ride. He owns a beautiful house where his family lives together.

Pizzi social media

Everybody knows the importance of social media platforms in enhancing the social image. In this day and age, being active in these platforms could help one in various ways.

Pizzi social media

, like many other aspiring footballers, is active. His Instagram has 526k followers, among which you can notice some impressive celebrities. Pizzi usually posts about his professional life sharing special moments.

He also shares his family moments with his followers. It is absolutely heart-warming to see his beautiful sons grow up, which is an astounding fact about Pizzi. If you are interested to see his posts and get to know the news first-hand, you better follow his account with


. He is also on Facebook, which you can easily find using his name. His Facebook account is also filled with his personal and professional aspects of life.

Pizzi wife, Maria Luis Barros

According to some sources, Pizzi was still very young when he met the love of his life, Maria Luis Barros. They fell in love with each other soon after they started dating. They both had a feeling that this relationship will last forever because of the friendship, trust, and intimacy that had been reverberating in their relationship. This is one of the most amazing

facts about Pizzi, the Portuguese footballer

. Unfortunately, there isn't much information on Maria. 

After a decade of dating, Pizzi was sure that Maria is his Mrs. Right. That is why he decided to pop the question and ask her to marry him. Marry the woman she loved was a great deal for him because not only she has captures his heart, but also she is his biggest supporter in life. Luckily, she said yes, and the couple got married in a beautiful ceremony on 4 June 2017. He sometimes shares some pictures of the wedding, which are so lovely and romantic. Pizzi is very loyal and committed to his wife and family. For him, family always comes first, which is an incredible fact about Pizzi.

The couple celebrated their love with two beautiful children.

Pizzi children

are two beautiful boys. On 26 April 2016, their first son was born. They named him Afonso after Pizzi's grandfather. He is very cute and has a voice of an angel. In March 2019, they became the proud parents of their second son, Francisco. They were thrilled. Nowadays, they try to spend as much time as they can with their family.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, many things changed. Families and people are reinforced to stay outside and follow the protocols. It has been a little difficult for our charming couples to keep the kids inside. after all, all kids love to play outside and in the playground. Pizzi and Maria tried their best to keep their sons safe and have advised many to stay at home and follow the protocols. Every time that we see a picture of their beautiful family, our heart just melts.

Pizzi tattoos

Although Pizzi has a nice figure, he is not very muscular. He has a few small tattoos on his body, such as the little one on his left arm, which seems to be a word. It is unlikely for Pizzi to have a big tattoo, but maybe in the future, he acquires one. Acquiring tattoos are common among football players, and some of them have impressive ones.

Although many people find their tattoos cool, some people believe football must remain conservative. As mentioned before, Pizzi has always been a nice fellow. He has never been involved with a scandal or caught while smoking. Of course, everybody enjoys an occasional drink, but Pizzi is not the kind of guy who gets out of control.




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