Greatest Romario quotes, a complete collection

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A look back at the Greatest Romario quotes including his comments on the biggest players of the world to his famous quotes about his amazing career.

Former Brazilian superstar, Romario was among the greatest and most influential football players of all time. Born on January 29, 1966, Romario broke into the scenes with his impressive performances for PSV Eindhoven before becoming a world star at FC Barcelona. He also had a very successful career at Flamingo, where he scored around 200 goals in as many games.

Romario was a lethal finisher. He is the 6th best goal scorer in the history of the game and the third best goal scorer in the history of the Brazilian top division. Romario spent the best years of his career at

FC Barcelona

where he scored 39 goals in 65 matches. He also had moderate success back at his Brazil, where he spent the last years of his career. He also had a memorable career with

Brazil national team

and guided his country to the 1994 World Cup title.

Romario was considered as one of the most enigmatic personalities of the history of football. His blunt attitude and controversial comments further added to his status. Romario retired at after scoring a total of 690 goals in 893 games during his career. He is indeed one of the most legendary players in the history of football. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of the

greatest Romario quotes


A complete collection of the greatest Romario quotes

A complete collection of the greatest Romario quotes including his comments on football, his controversial life-style as well as his comments on the most famous football stars.

Greatest Romario quotes on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In this generation the debate is mostly between

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

fans. Romario has praised both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi many times during the past decade. However, he has said that he believes the Argentinian is an all-together better player. The followings are the

greatest Romario quotes

about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Messi has all the conditions to be the best.

I love Messi, he's great, but it must also be said Cristiano Ronaldo is among the five best players in history, if I had to choose one to play with, I would stay with Messi. He's more technically gifted, I'd rather see Leo than Cristiano.

Ronaldo is a very focused guy with undeniable talent, It's necessary to celebrate him, he works to be the best. I think his evolution is a direct result of that work.

In terms of goals, I will beat them both. I scored more than double what they will score.

They definitely have different characteristics that I don't have and today they are the best in the world.

Most memorable Romario quotes about his life-style

Romario is a very self-expressive character. His Fans loved him for his self-confidence and blunt comments about himself and others. He always had a self-confessed never-ending obsession with sex. Like many other Brazilians, Romario was a party lover. Even at his prime, he used to stay awake and party all night. In this part we will have a look at the

most memorable Romario


about his life-style.

There's nothing I like more than football ...except for sex.

The night has always been my friend. When I go out I feel good, then I always score goals.

In my private life I do what I like. The night is my friend. If I don't go out, I don't score.

I pay my own bills. I feel my own pain.

We Brazilians, happily or unhappily, leave a lot to the last minute.

I'm like any Brazilian: I like to go out and enjoy myself.

If that’s the reason I was out of the World Cup, then I lost twice: I didn’t get to go to the World Cup, and I didn’t screw the flight attendant, who was very hot.

When things are really good, really easy it's not cool for me.

I like to say it like it is.

There's nothing I like more than football ...except for sex.

The reason I like night time is simple. At night you see what you want. During the day, you are forced to see everything.

I’m like money, at the end of the day everybody quite likes me.

Because I come from the favela, I know about misery and what it means to make sacrifices. I was also poor and suffered hardships. In my day, unfortunately, nobody reached out a hand, which is why I'm happy to help now.

Wherever my name appears it's linked to a scandal. Trouble follows me around, but that's ok. I'm like an Indian; I only hit out when I've been attacked first.

Image? Why are you asking me a question about my image? The only thing that needs a good image is a television.

I can speak Spanish, English, Italian , Portuguese, and Dutch. But I can also speak the language of the women, by far the best.

My dad always gave me great advice. Don't steal, don't drink, don't smoke, don't use drugs, and don't be gay.

I like the resort where the Brazilian national team is practicing for the World Cup, the only problem is women are not allowed in so we can’t have sex.

Greatest quotes from Romario about his career

Romario had one of the most prolific football careers in the history of the game and it is certainly interesting to know more about the g

reatest quotes from Romario

about his career.

I have scored against every team, every country, every defender in the world.

The coach should keep out of the way... He is an important figure, of course, but is more likely to lose a match than win it. Matches are won by players.

The goalscorer always deserves some credit but not this time. The way I hit that, even my mother would have saved it.

I don't see there being a successor. There was only one Pele, only one Maradona, and there'll only ever be one Romario. However, in the penalty area I consider myself the best there's been.

When I sleep too much I don't score. That's the reason I like to go out a lot.

Strikers are egotists, selfish. We have to be.

I'm genuine and people can believe what I say.

Will I become a coach in the future? No way. I'd never be able to put up with someone like me.

I have my way of doing things.

If someone criticizes me, I strike back.

I am not happy to play for Barcelona, but Barcelona should be happy that I play there.

Officially I'm not playing any more. I've stopped. My time is up. Everything has been a lot of fun.

I'll never forget my friends and where I came from.

I'm happy because I won't have to train again, or travel or sit in team hotels.

If there is a negative result, I’m at fault.

I weight 72kg, so what? Elephants are fat but when there’s a fire in the forrest, no one beats them.

Today, a boy from the slums goes down in history as a senator of the republic.

I had to be the one to score. If I had a 1% chance and the other guy, 99%, I would try (to score) because I knew I could it better.

But good forwards only score if they have sex the day before.

A good manager is the one that doesn’t get in the way.

Ronaldinho is the last of the romantics in football.

I have scored against every team, every country, every defender in the world.

"I'm not an athlete, I'm a centre foward. An athlete is someone that trains, sleeps well, eats well; not this bulls*** that I do. Maybe I would've been a better player if I were a true athlete, but I doubt that I would've been as happy as I am now.

Will I become a coach in the future? No way. I'd never be able to put up with someone like me.

My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.

I didn't kill Michael Jackson, bring swine flu to Rio de Janeiro or rob anybody, yet I'm being made out to be the villain of all Brazil. Well, I'm not.

If I were a coach , I wouldn't be able to handle a Romário. I would never be a coach anyway, since they wake up too early.

I've enjoyed myself very much but I just can't match the younger generation anymore. I've done everything I ever wanted to do in football.

How does it feel to have the world cup in my hands again? Cold, because the thing is freezing!"

There are a lot of kings here on the football pitch. One, two, three, four, five. But God. There is only one God. And now they know who that is.

If they had asked me if I would accept to start on the bench when I was younger , I would answer a resounding 'no' in a instant. Today , I'm 38 years old. I'm more mature, and I try to think more before answering. But I would still say 'no.

Romario quotes on Pele 

Romario had a never-ending battle of words with Pele, mostly about their goal scoring records. Romario famously claimed he has scored more than a thousand goals, a feat Pele achieved during his own career. Pele once said that Romario should retire from football and Romario reacted in the bluntest attitude possible. Here are Romario famous quotes on Pele.

God blessed the feet of this citizen, but forgot the rest, especially his mouth, because when he speaks, only shit comes out.

Pelé with his mouth shut is a poet. As a player, our King, our God, but he has to put a shoe in his mouth.

Pele is a poet and a bigot!

Some people say I lost control, but they don't realise Romario has emotions too. If Pele and (Brazilian basketball star) Oscar can show their emotions, why can't Romario?

Best quotes by Romario on God and life

We wrap up our article on the

best quotes by Romario

on the philosophy of Life and God.

God created me to delight people with my goals.

I'm inspired by challenges. My life was always like this.

I wish God had warned me not to say some of the stupid things I've come out with on occasion

When I was born, the man up there pointed to me and said: he’s the man.

So here was our article on

greatest Romario quotes

. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.

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