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Born in 18 August 1997, Renato Sanches is the 23-year-old professional footballer from Portugal. He used to play in Bayern Munich from 2016 up to 2019. Thereby, he became the first Portuguese player to join this German football club. In this article read some of the top facts about Renato Sanches.

Renato is a young footballer whose brilliant abilities has several times led him into winning numerous awards and titles as well as breaking records.

Speaking of potentials and abilities, he has been praised for his passing ability, physical strength and the way he has the whole situation under his control and is also able to focus only on the ball.

Sanches is known to be a flexible player, distinguished by his versatility in midfield. He can quickly switch position from defensive to attacking or central and is also confident in wide roles.

The following list includes some of the top facts about Renato Sanches:

Renato Sanches was born and raised in a poor condition, living with his mother and grandmother. He also has a younger brother called Jaylson Sanches.

Renato Sanches’ Childhood

Renato Sanches was born in 18 August 1997 in the Hospital Amadora-Sintra which is located in Lisbon, Portugal. His father is also called Renato Sanches and his mother’s name is Maria das Dores.

Renato lived a rather tough life as a child, growing up in the impoverished neighborhood of Musgueira. His parents got divorced only a few months after he was born and subsequently, his father decided to move to France so as to find himself a steady job and work there.

The first

fact about Renato Sanches

that might come as a surprise is that his birth had not been registered for five years after he was born.

Actually the family waited until his father returned from France and then Renato was finally both registered and baptized.

Renato’s first steps towards the infinite world of football took place with Aguias da Musgueira. Back then he was only eight years old. As a matter of fact, he joined the academy in 2005 but only stayed there for a few while until 2006 when he left for Benfica.

He joined Benfica’s youth system with the team paying him €750. His senior career also began with the same club.

Renato Sanches’ Club Career

Renato started his career at senior level with

Benfica B

in 2014. He had his debut in the 2014-2015 Segunda Liga in a match against


. The fixture which actually took place on 5 October 2014 ended with a 2-2 draw.

One more fact about Renato Sanches is that in the second half of the same season, he was sent off twice with red cards in two different games: the first one on 11 January 2015 in a 3-2 home win versus Porto B, and the second one on 7 March in a 1-1 draw over Santa Clara.

Renato scored his first goal for the team in the next season, or more specifically on 30 August 2015. But the match finished with a 2-1 loss over Varzim anyway. Only seventeen days later, he scored two penalty kicks in a game versus Desportivo das Aves that resulted in a 3-2 loss.

He also managed to score a goal in an 11-1 win at Galatasaray in the UEFA Youth League. However, only nine days later he made his first appearance for the first team in a 4–0 win against Tondela.


In November 2015, with a release clause set at €45 million, Sanches signed his contract with


which was meant to last until 2021. In the same season, he made his first appearance for the UEFA Champions League group stage in a 2-2 away draw against



Shortly after the fixture over Astana, Renato took part in a game versus


for the Primeira Liga, which Benfica won at last. Later his stunning performance was praised by the media. It was a busy and quite successive season for Sanches as he also scored his first goal for the team on 4 December. It was a match against


which ended with a 3-0 victory for Benfica.

After scoring his first goal, Renato Sanches became Benfica’s youngest player who has ever scored a goal in 21st century, it was also announced as the Goal of the Month.

On 24 April the same season, Renato was subject to racism. After a game that Benfica had against

Rio Ave

, while Sanches was leaving the stadium, a few of the Rio Ave fans start to make monkey noises and therefore, mocked him. But the only reaction that Sanches showed was to surprisingly move his arms so as to mimic a monkey.

However, Renato Sanches couldn’t participate in the last league match of Benfica because only one game earlier he had received two yellow cards and therefore, had been sent off.

Bayern Munich

Despite the

fact about Renato Sanches

that he had signed a contract with Benfica until 2021, he left the club for the German team,

Bayern Munich

in 2016. In the last match he played for Befica against Maritimo, his team won the 2016 Taca da Liga Cup.

Renato joined Bayern Munich on 10 May 2016 on a five-year deal with the club. With an €80 million transfer fee, Renato Sanches became the most expensive Portuguese player who has ever left the domestic league. He was also announced as the first Portuguese player to join Bayern Munich.

Another fact about Renato Sanches which is quite noteworthy is that his initial transfer fee was also the fourth highest one in the Bayern Munich history of all time.

Reportedly before joining Bayern, the English team

Manchester United

had an eye on Renato Sanches. In point of fact, the Portuguese player Nani later stated that Manchester United would be regretful if they don’t sign a contract with Sanches. But it never happened anyway.

Reanto couldn’t make his debut right away due to suffering a thigh injury; therefore, he played for the first time for his new team on 9 September in a match against

Schalke 04

that ended with a 2-0 win for Bayern Munich.

During the same game he made a few mistakes that made the captain of the team, Phillip Lahm as well as the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to give reassurance by saying “He's a very, very good player, otherwise he wouldn't be here. He's a European champion and will definitely be an asset to us in the future.”

As a result on 24 October, Renato Sanches won the Golden Boy award for the best European player under the age of 21 and also became the first Portuguese player who has even won the award.

But the next season didn’t follow the same satisfying pattern and as a matter of fact, Renato was struggling to maintain his spot on the team. There were so many factors involved in making the situation even worse, for instance the manager of the club, Carlo Ancelotti wasn’t used to relying on the young players which wasn’t really effective in motivating him.

It kept going until Sanches was named as one of the three worst players of the season. But in spite of the fact about Renato Sanches that even he himself admitted his performance was disappointing, the manager later publicly said that Renato will remain in the team.

Swansea City

For the next season, Renato Sanches joined the Premier League club,

Swansea City

on a one-year loan. It was said that he had moved to Swansea City as a matter of practice so as to play in a strong team regularly.

He made his debut on 10 September over

Newcastle United

. The game resulted in a 0-1 loss for Swansea City anyway. However, in January 2018 he suffered hamstring injuries after playing in two consecutive FA Cup matches. As a result, he was sent home to recover in a warmer weather.

Sanches couldn’t make appearance until the end of the season. Later Swansea City’s manager, Carlos Carvalhal stated “Renato knows he has had a very bad season. He is not at the level he was and when he had the injury in January, it finished him. Renato has a big talent, but he has much to learn. He stopped learning when he left Benfica and went to one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Return to Bayern Munich

Renato Sanches returned to Bayern Munich on the first day of July 2018. The new manager unlike the previous one, welcomed him and also told the media that Renato needs to feel good about being in the team, he has outstanding potentials and that’s why the club choose him for the first time.

And apparently his return resulted in an absolutely better performance to start the season with. In point of fact, he scored a goal on 19 September playing against his previous club, Benfica in a 2-0 victory for the Champions League.

A few days later he was named as Bayern Munich's best player of the month. He also scored his first Bundesliga goal two months later, on 18 May. It occurred in a 5-0 win over

Eintracht Frankfurt

on the last day of the league campaign. Renato even won his first DFB-Pokal Cup after his team won the finals against

RB Leipzig


In the next season after playing in a 2–2 draw over

Hertha Berlin

, Sanches publicly said that he wants to leave the club. Afterwards, he didn’t attend the post-game training and decided to go home instead. However, he was fined €10,000 for the decision he had made and the Bayern’s manager later reacted by saying that it wasn’t an appropriate move.

Lille OSC

Renato Sanches finally left Bayern Munich for the French club,


on 23 August 2019. He signed a four-year contract with the team on a €25 million transfer fee which made him the most expensive signing in the history of Lille.

Renato Sanches’ Intenational Career

Renato Sanches used to represent Portugal national team at various youth levels, including U15, U16, U17, U19 and also U21. As a matter of fact, he had made 40 appearances and scored 8 goals at this level. He also took part in the 2014 UEFA European Under-17 Championship.

But Renato’s career at senior level officially started on 18 March 2016 when he was called up to play in friendly matches over




. His debut took place in the fixture against Bulgaria, in which he came as a substitute for William Carvalho in the last minutes of the game.

Sanches was also called up to play in the UEFA Euro 2016, which happened to make him the youngest Portuguese footballer being selected for the international contest. The previous player who was holding this record for 12 years was Cristiano Ronaldo.

He later on 25 June, scored the only goal in the match against


that ended in 1-0. After this goal, he was named as ‘the man of the match’. People were really satisfied with his performance and actually Antonio Sousa after watching the game said, "When he's on the ball you don't notice how young he is. Physically and mentally, he is more than ready."

A few days later in the quarter-finals over


, Renato Sanches became the youngest player to score in a knockout game at a UEFA European Championship. He also scored a penalty shootout which once more made him ‘the man of the match’. As a consequence of all of these victories he made, Renato won the Young Player of the Tournament award.

Nonetheless, Sanches participated in neither the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup nor the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Instead, he was called up to play at the 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

Renato Sanches’ Social Media

Good news for Renato Sanches’ fans, he is active on all the social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Actually one more fact about Renato Sanches is that he loves communicating with people and sharing iconic moments of his personal life. Apparently, Instagram is Renato’s favorite website as he regularly posts either selfies or pictures of himself playing on the field, deeply focused on the ball.

Speaking of

Renato Sanches’ social media

, it is worth mentioning that on his Instagram account (


) he has more than 2.4 m followers, on Twitter (


) he shares his thoughts and other contents with over 97.6K followers and also his Facebook account (


) is accessible for the fans to keep in touch with their idol.

More Facts about Renato Sanches

And now let’s read some more

facts about Renato Sanches

that you might have never heard before.

  • Full name:

    Renato Júnior Luz Sanches

  • Birth date:

    18 August 1997

  • Birth place:

    Amadora, Portugal

  • Nickname:


  • Height:

    1.76 m

  • Weight:

    70 kg

Another fact about Renato Sanches is that as a kid, he used to spend a lot of time with his grandmother after his dad moved to France. She actually gave Renato the nickname ‘Bulo’.

Speaking of family, it is noteworthy to say that Renato has three cousins Claudio, Miguel and Jair Tavares that all of them are professional footballers as well.

Sanches has been compared to some other footballers several times, including Clarence Seedorf and also Edgar Davids mostly because of his hair style.

Something that might actually surprise you about the young player is that up until now he has been accused of lying about his age several times. For a few while, people would think that Renato is in fact older than he claims. But later the hospital that Sanches was born in, released his documents which finally proved that he wasn’t lying about the birth date.

Also it needs to be mentioned that by all accounts, the Portuguese footballer is single at the moment. Apparently, he used to be in a relationship for a while but no name has been revealed yet.

Renato Sanches’ Net Worth and Salary

As stated before, Renato on an €80 million deal with Bayern Munich was announced as the most expensive player leaving a domestic league. Thereby, it is crystal clear that joining the German side boosted his net worth in the blink of an eye.

He also signed a €25 million deal with his current club, Lille that was the most expensive transfer fee in the entire history of this team.

It all means that

Renato Sanches’ salary

is the estimated number of €2.7 million per year, which actually indicates that he earns €7,514 per day and €313 per hour! It also has been stated that

Renato Sanches’ net worth

is approximately €10 million.

Speaking of personal properties, allegedly Renato Sanches own a Mercedes Benz G Wagon and has a beautiful mansion located in Lille, France. Apparently he bought the house when he first joined the French team, Lille.

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