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Top Facts about Tom Davies

Sat 08 May 2021 | 19:29

All the interesting top facts about Tom Davies and his personal life and career.

Our Tom Davies top facts includes information on his boyhood, early life, parents, family, girlfriend/future wife, cars, net worth, lifestyle, and personal life.

In a summary, this is the story of an English professional footballer, from his childhood to his rise to fame.

Yes, everybody knows Davies is one of England's most interesting central midfielders.

Just a few people, however, are aware of our version of Tom Davies' life story, which is quite fascinating.

Top Facts about Tom Davies you need to know

I'm gonna give you some general information about him so that you would get to know him a little better, before we get into any details

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Thomas Davies

  • Nicknames:

     Ketwig Kaiser

  • Date of Birth:

     30 June 1998

  • Place of Birth:

     Liverpool, England

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)

  • Weight:

     70 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend:


  • Net Worth: 

    8.1 Million Euro

  • Position:

     Central midfielder

  • Current Team:


  • Jersey Number:


Tom Davies Childhood Story and Family Background

To begin, "Thomas" Davies is his full name. Tom Davies was born in the city of Liverpool on June 30, 1998, to his mother Daine Davies (a hairdresser), and father Tony Davies (a civil servant).

The homegrown star grew up in West Derby with his older brother Liam, and their parents raised them together.

In case you don't know, West Derby is an affluent suburb of Liverpool, England, located to the east of the city.

Tom Davies' family is from the Liverpool ethnic community, which is English-speaking and native to England.

Liverpool, the popular UK maritime city in northwest England, is where the Merseyside-born central midfielder originally comes from.

It is a city with one of Europe's most outstanding museum collections.

It was also the first to own a passenger railway line in the globe.

Tom Davies was raised in a middle-class household, with the majority of his relatives residing in the Liverpool suburb of West Derby.

The fact that Tom Davies' mother ran a hair salon and his father was a middle-class earner suggests that both of his parents were well-off.

Tom Davies Early Life

Tom Davies' parents registered him in a local Merseyside school when he was a child, one that allowed students to engage in competitive school football.

According to the Telegraph, little Tom was a brilliant student who excelled in math and science in particular, one of the

Top Facts about Tom Davies.

Tom Davies' parents were of the opinion that their son's education should not be jeopardized by football.

Daine and Tony both wished for Tom to be able to attend university.

Unfortunately, things did not work out the way they had hoped, due to fate.

Despite the fact that education was valued highly, Tom's passion for football prevailed thanks to the inspiration from one man.

That man is none other than "Alan, his Uncle." Via his famous uncle, Alan Whittle, football genes also run in Tom Davies' family.

Alan, who has a facial resemblance to Tom, played for Everton and

Crystal Palace

in the 1970s.

Alan Whittle aided Tom Davies in his development as a Merseyside schoolboy football star.

Outside of training, Davies took control of his destiny by honing his skills on the nearby football fields of West Derby.

Tom Davies Early Career

Davies' football ability was discovered during a time of tension between football academies and Merseyside school football systems.

Merseyside school systems at the time prevented their rising stars from enrolling in football academies.

This was due to their frequent feelings of exclusion and alienation.

Little Davies was affected because he had wanted to attend an academy and play school football at the same time.

He had only one choice: either attend an academy or continue playing high school football, one of the Top Facts about Tom Davies.

Tom Davies' parents finally agreed to him dropping out of school football to join the Tranmere Rovers academy in Liverpool.

Tom Davies Road to Fame

Tom Davies' family members, especially his uncle, recognized Tom's desire to play football for a living and did all they could to help him.

Tom grew into a precocious whiz kid while at Tranmere Rovers. Everton football academy, one of the two big English clubs from Liverpool, was drawn to his style of play.

Tom had already won his place on the Toffees' academy roster at the age of 11 after a productive trial with the club.

It was a pure joyous moment for him and his mates, as seen in the photo above.

The reality is that getting into Everton's academy was not an overnight success.

Davies was well regarded because of his maturity and leadership skills.

In 2013, his character and style of play earned him a call-up to the England U16 national team.

Davies advanced through the national ranks as planned, ultimately becoming England's youth captain, one of the Top Facts about Tom Davies.

Davies has played for England up to

under-21 level


Following his progression with the under-17 team, he was invited to practice with the senior squad by England manager Roy Hodgson on October 7, 2015.

He was elected captain of England's under-17 squad for the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile just seven days later.

The following year, he represented England at the Toulon Tournament, where he played an important role as the country won its third consecutive title.

Tom Davies Rise to Fame

Davies' development had been steady since he captained England's youth team, and he hoped to break through under Roberto Martinez, who took over from David Moyes.

He was promoted to Everton's under-21 team during the 2014–15 season.

He signed his first professional contract at the end of the season, which brought joy to his uncle, parents, and other family members.

Manager Roberto Martinez rewarded Tom Davies' outstanding form with Everton's U21 team by giving him his

Premier League


The wiry teenager quickly established himself, thanks to his street smarts and rough edges from schoolboy football.

Davies made his first appearance of the 2016–17 Premier League season on January 2, 2017, and produced his first assist for Everton in a 3–0 victory over Southampton.

The 15th of January 2017 is an important date in Tom Davies' life that he will never forget.

It was the day he fulfilled a childhood dream by producing his first professional goal against Manchester City for Everton, one of the Top Facts about Tom Davies.

Davies kept his cool after deftly chipping the ball over the onrushing Claudio Bravo for his first senior goal.

His efforts in January won him the PFA Fans' Player of the Month award as well as the Young Player of the Season award.

In a 4–2 victory over reigning champions Leicester City on April 9, he scored the season's joint-fastest goal after just 30 seconds.

The month after that. Davies was named Everton's Young Player of the Year at the club's end-of-season awards dinner, as well as receiving Goal of the Season and Performance of the Season for his role in the win over Manchester City.

We may honestly say that his life has changed by the time we write Tom Davies top facts.

He's not your usual footballer, and he's grown used to being a sought-after young man.


lost six of their first twelve matches the following season under manager Ronald Koeman, during which Davies was often used as a substitute and struggled to find form.

Following the appointment of Sam Allardyce, he regained form and was ranked the world's seventh-most promising footballer under the age of 20 by the CIES Football Observatory in February 2018.

In a 1–0 loss to Watford later that month, he made his 50th Premier League appearance for the club.

Davies captained Everton for the first time in a 3–1 EFL Cup win over Rotherham on August 29, 2018, under new manager Marco Silva.

At the age of 20 years and 60 days, he became the club's youngest captain, surpassing Steve McMahon's record set in 1983, another one of the Top Facts about Tom Davies.

He was one of 20 players nominated for the Golden Boy award later that year, but he struggled during the season after attempting to define his place in Silva's squad, making just 16 league appearances.

Without a question, we are on the verge of watching yet another midfield maestro blossom into a world-class marvel right in front of our eyes.

Tom Davies is undoubtedly one of the best among England's never-ending supply of midfielders.

Tom Davies Girlfriend

With his rise to fame and trendy personality, it's safe to assume that some Everton and England fans have speculated about Tom Davies' girlfriend.

Or if he is married and has children. To be honest, Tom's extremely attractive appearance makes him an A-Lister for potential girlfriend and wife material, definitely one of the Top Facts about Tom Davies.

We discovered that Tom Davies is possibly single after conducting many internet searches (as at the time of writing).

Tom Davies Personal Life

Other footballers, such as David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and Andrea Pirlo, lack real mojo (no offense, Danny Drinkwater!).

Tom Davies is one of those people who proves that you don't have to be a major star to be cool.

Tom's personality on the field is preserved amid his Skateboards, long hair, retro clothing, and strange looks.

Tom Davies is an alternative to society's over-generalized assumption (Stereotype) about football players' off-the-field appearance and leadership potential.

Despite his odd appearance, our very own Tom rose to the top of the pitch on many occasions.

Finally, when it comes to Tom Davies' personal life, the central midfielder is one of those people who feel very comfortable in their own style, one of the

Top Facts about Tom Davies.

He dislikes being affected by others' views.

Tom insists that what he has to do is be good at what he does, rather than doing what others want him to do (for example, those who want him to wear longer stocks and shave his hair).

Tom Davies Net Worth and Lifestyle

Knowing Tom Davies' lifestyle will give you a full picture of his standards of living.

To begin with, you'll agree with us that he is the coolest footballer on the planet.

Davies does not live a lavish lifestyle as of the time of writing, as shown by flashy cars, large houses (mansions), and so on.

Despite his net worth and market value, Tom still chooses to drive a customized bicycle as his ride, one of the interesting Top Facts about Tom Davies.

This is a reflection of his modest lifestyle.

Even as an Everton player, Tom is honest about his support for

FC Barcelona


He likes playing PlayStation games, which he does with Dominic Calvert-Lewin (his best friend).

The central midfielder signed a deal with Everton in April 2019 that earned him 1.5 million Euros (9.9 million pounds) per year.

According to our calculations, he receives €4,098 (£3,534) a day and €171 (£147) per hour!

After signing his new contract extension, the defender's net worth is reported to be €8.1 million (£7 million).

He came up through Everton's youth ranks before signing his first professional contract with the team.

The market value of the teen is estimated to be around €15 million (£12.9 million).

Tom Davies Family Life

When anyone from Liverpool succeeds, the whole city rejoices, so Tom Davies' accomplishments are celebrated by all of Liverpool.

When people of Liverpool see one of their own succeeding, they become emotional. John Lundstram and Chris Wilder are two recent examples who are gaining steam in English football.

In this part, we'll delve deeper into Tom Davies' family life, beginning with his mother.

Tom Davies’ Mom

Daine Davies is a well-known Liverpool hairdresser and Tom Davies' super mom.

Daine is the kind of mother who clings to her child.

Davies told the Daily Mail that his mother is willing to close her hair salon so that she can drive him to Finch Farm from his academy (Everton FC training ground).

Even though he was a senior player, he had not yet passed his driving test when this occurred.

Davies once said about his mother in an interview:

“My mum brings me in every morning and drops me off,” said Davies, with a big grin across his face.

When asked if he was mocked by his Toffees teammates for it, he replied:

“Yeah, but I don’t see anything wrong with it!“

Tom Davies Dad

Tom's dad, Tony Davies, is a pretty cool guy. He's the kind of father who loves getting his son Davies around and watching his games together.

Davies once told the Telegraph that after scoring his first senior career goal, he went to his family's house to watch the game with his awesome father (Tony).

Both father and son have established a wonderful friendship that is sure to last a lifetime.

Tom Davies Brother Liam

Tom Davies was not the only child of his parents. Liam Davies, the rising English footballer's older brother, is also a soccer player.

Tom Davies' brother, like him, pursued a career in sports.

Liam is a semi-professional footballer who plays for Curzon Ashton, according to Wikipedia.

According to another source, Liam is also a capable chef who prepares a variety of dishes, his favorite being pesto pasta with parmesan cheese.

Tom Davies Uncle

Tom's uncle, Alan Whittle, is the man who, as we previously said, was responsible for igniting Davies' career and encouraging him to grow as a player.

Tom Davies is the nephew of the former Everton player, who played 74 times for the club between 1967 and 1972.

Tom Davies Untold Facts

In this part of Tom Davies top facts, we'll give you some behind-the-scenes information on the Liverpool-born and West Derby-bred footballer.

Tom Davies Hair

His long blonde hair, without a doubt, makes him immediately identifiable on the field.

The fact that Tom Davies' family approves of his hair once provided his youth coach with plenty of ammunition to slag it.

This is due to his belief that the hair came from Daine, his mother, and the hairdresser.

Davies' hair used to get a lot of stick from David Unsworth [Everton Under-23s coach], who would always tell him to get it cut off.

Tom once said, when asked about his hair:


The premier league footballer said that while acknowledging the irony that his mother, Diane, is a hairdresser.

Wearing Short Stocks

Tom Davies captures the image of a free-spirited footballer from his hair to his un-shaved chin to his short stockings. 

Tom's old-school, well-worn socks bring up memories of his uncle, Alan Whittle.

Yes, he does so in honor of his uncle Alan Whittle, who used to play for Everton and wore short stocks, one of the

Top Facts about Tom Davies


Many people perceive Tom, as well as other footballers like Jack Grealish, to be anomalies because of their insistence on stuffing socks into shin pads.

Tom Davies FIFA Ratings

Davies, at 22 in March 2021, has the capacity to be one of the best English midfielders in FIFA.

The central midfielder has a FIFA potential rating of 82, making him a no-brainer for FIFA career mode fans.

Tom Davies Tattoos

One of the Top Facts about Tom Davies is that Tom does not believe in the Tattoo culture, which is very common in today's sporting world, at the time of writing.

The midfielder does not need inks on his upper and lower body to depict his religion, things he enjoys, or family members.

Tom Davies Religion

Tom Davies' given name is "Thomas," which is a Biblical name. Tom Davies' parents are almost definitely Christians, based on his name.

There is no evidence that Tom is religious at the time of writing.

However, we'll keep you updated as soon as photo proof of his Christian religious practice becomes available.

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