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Top Facts about Dean Henderson

Thu 06 May 2021 | 18:00

Top Facts about Dean Henderson provides details on his upbringing, early adulthood, parents, family, girlfriend/future wife, lifestyle, net worth, and personal life.

In a nutshell, this is Deano's life story as an English goalkeeper. Sportmob starts when he was a young boy and ends when he became famous.

Yes, everyone is aware of his meteoric rise since the start of the 2019/2020 season, a performance that has elevated him to the top contender for Jordan Pickford's England spot.

More importantly, he is a serious contender for David de Gea's Manchester United goalkeeping spot.

However, only a small percentage of football fans have read Dean Henderson's life story, which we prepared and found to be very interesting. Let's get started now, without further ado.

Top Facts about Dean Henderson You Need to Know

First, Let's take a quick look at some general info on Dean

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Dean Bradley Henderson

  • Nicknames:


  • Date of Birth:

     12 March 1997

  • Place of Birth:

     Whitehaven, England

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

  • Weight:

     85 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend:


  • Net Worth:

    5.5 Million Euro

  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     Manchester United

  • Jersey Number:


Dean Henderson Childhood Story

To begin with, his full name is "Dean Bradley Henderson." Dean Henderson was born in the town of Whitehaven, United Kingdom, on March 12, 1997.

The rising England goalkeeper was born to his parents as the second son and child.

Dean Henderson grew up with two brothers: an older brother named Calum and a younger brother named Kyle Henderson.

Above is a sweet shot of the Dean Henderson brothers when they were younger.

Dean Henderson Family Background and Origin

Unlike current and former footballers with wealthy parents, such as Frank Lampard,

Gerard Pique

, Mario Balotelli, and Hugo Lloris, Henderson was not born into a wealthy family.

One of the

Top Facts about Dean Henderson

is that Dean Henderson's parents were like most people in Whitehaven, who worked, lived ordinary lives, and never suffered financially.

Dean Henderson's ancestors come from Whitehaven.

This is a port town on Cumbria's west coast, near the Lake District National Park in the northwest of England.

Whitehaven is the largest port, and it has a good reputation in the rum trade in the United Kingdom.

Whitehaven has ties to George Washington, the first president of the United States.

Yes, indeed! Mildred Gale (1671–1701), his paternal grandmother, lived in the port town and was buried in the town's St Nicholas Church.

Dean Henderson Education and Career Buildup

Dean started his basic education in Whitehaven when he was five years old.

He first fell in love with sports as a schoolboy, specifically cricket, but not football, one of the

Top Facts about Dean Henderson.

 Dean Henderson excelled in cricket, being a child batsman as well as a wicket-keeper.

Dean started engaging in football events because he had a deep desire to learn more.

In the end, his passion for football won out over his admiration for cricket.

Dean Henderson was introduced to Manchester United by his friends, who were supporters of the club.

He wore United shirts every day back then because of his passion for the club.

Dean Henderson Early Career

Dean was well aware that he had talent and that he could make a career out of football.

The future England goalkeeper has worked his entire life, dreaming of playing in the

Premier League

, since he was three years old when he began supporting United.

He put his dream into action right away.

Dean was invited to Carlisle United's academy trials when he was eight years old in 2005, and he graduated with flying colors.

Dean Henderson's parents chose the club because it was the best club nearest to their home (approximately 55 minutes).

One of the Top Facts about Dean Henderson is that the little Henderson (pictured above) began his football career as an outfielder, but before reaching his adolescence, he turned to goalkeeping.

As he entered his mid-teenage years, he realized he needed to have trials at larger academies.

As Dean Henderson (age 14) passed Manchester United academy trials, his parents and family members were overjoyed.

Dean Henderson Road to Fame

Henderson wanted to travel 135 miles to Manchester after six years at Carlisle United, where he started a new life at

United's academy


Dean Henderson's commitment and drive are his most important assets at United.

When he grew older, he saw himself settling into life at the Academy and moving pretty comfortably through United's age groups.

Dean Henderson was nominated for the Jimmy Murphy 2014–15 Young Player of the Year award, but Axel Tuanzebe, a powerful central defender, won the award.

Henderson signed his first professional deal with the club in August 2015.

One of the Top Facts about Dean Henderson is that he faced tough competition as a senior goalkeeper.

David De Gea, Joel Pereira, Sam Johnstone, Sergio Romero, and the legendary Victor Valdes were among United's senior goalkeepers at the time.

Dean found it difficult to easily outrank them. He wanted to find new pastures on loan in order to advance.

Dean Henderson Rise to Fame

Instead of cracking while on loan, the young English goalkeeper grew stronger as he worked his way through Stockport County, Grimsby Town, and Shrewsbury Town.

Dean became a crowd favorite at Shrewsbury Town after helping them win several games.

Dean Henderson observed David De Gea being at the height of his powers while still on the lookout for a job with United.

He preferred to extend his loan while remaining loyal to United.

Despite agreeing to a two-year contract extension with United, the loyal United servant chose to join Sheffield United on loan.

Dean Henderson felt his Premier League destiny calling him while at

Sheffield United

under Chris Wilder.

He didn't just assist Sheffield in regaining Premier League status for the first time since 2007.

Dean went on to win the club's Young Player of the Year Award as well as the Golden Glove in the Championship.

Dean Henderson's top facts was written at a time when the young goalkeeper was the Premier League's most in-form goalkeeper, thanks to a string of outstanding results.

He's being touted as the long-term replacement for David de Gea, whom United is considering selling in order to make him the first pick, one of the Top Facts about Dean Henderson.

Henderson's form cannot go ignored, as he is likely to replace Jordan Pickford as England's No 1 in the near future.

Without a doubt, Henderson has a good chance of quickly surpassing De Gea and Pickford as a goalkeeper. And like they say, the rest is history.

Dean Henderson’s Girlfriend

With his rise to prominence and success in the Premier League, it's understandable that some fans will be curious as to who Dean Henderson's girlfriend is.

It's even more important to know whether the dashing goalkeeper is married, which implies having a wife.

True, there is a beautiful girlfriend behind the successful and attractive goalkeeper, whose identity is revealed in the picture above.

Dean Henderson and his girlfriend started an intimate relationship on stable ground, away from the prying eyes of the media.

The couple, who have no out-of-wedlock children, made their relationship public in November of 2019.

One of the

Top Facts about Dean Henderson

is that the Spanish island and waters of Ibiza, among other stunning European seaside resorts, are one of the couple's favorite summer getaways, as seen above. 

Dean's stunning girlfriend or WAG is as pictured, tattoo-free.

The Spanish island and waters of Ibiza, among other stunning European seaside resorts, are one of the couple's favorite summer getaways, as seen above. 

Dean's stunning girlfriend or WAG is as pictured, tattoo-free.

Loved up Dean Henderson as he posted this photo of himself with his girlfriend stated publicly in his words;


According to the way both lovebirds are approaching their relationship, a marriage proposal and wedding are the most likely next formal steps.

Dean Henderson Personal Life

Knowing the English goalkeeper's personality will give a more accurate picture of his personality off the field.

Dean Henderson, who is he? To begin with, he is a person who is intuitive and often dreamy about his aspirations.

Dean is motivated by the need to pursue his dreams no matter what.

He is willing to push boundaries in order to be recognized as the best version of himself.

Dean Henderson Net Worth and Lifestyle

The goalkeeper signed a deal with Manchester United in August 2020, which pays him a massive 5.5 million Euro (4.9 million Pound) per year.

According to our calculations, he receives €15,068 (£13,499) a day and €628 (£562) per hour, one of the several Top Facts about Dean Henderson.

Despite all that, Dean Henderson lives a well-organized life in Sheffield, one free of excessive expenditure.

The reality is that Dean Henderson is the kind of footballer who holds on to low-cost necessities.

There is no such thing as displaying exotic vehicles, large mansions, or other easily identifiable items by footballers who live flashy lifestyles at the time of writing.

Dean Henderson would rather spend his money on his girlfriend away from the pitch.

Dean Henderson Family Life

“Family” and “Love” are the most important things in life.

When Dean Henderson's family is by his side, they believe they have everything they need.

They're seen here in the picture above having a great time as a family at Zest Harbourside, a renowned Modern British spot in Whitehaven, United Kingdom.

We'll tell you all about Dean Henderson's parents and the rest of his family members in this lovely segment.

Dean Henderson’s Dad

Without the support of his super father, his journey to stardom would not have been as pleasant.

The England goalkeeper never fails to remember his father, whom he considers to be his number one fan.

Dean Henderson‘s Mum

First and foremost, she is almost 53 years old at the time of writing (2021).

Dean Henderson's mother is responsible for her son's strong values on and off the field, an achievement that has shaped his perspective on life.

Dean Henderson's parents' names are undisclosed as of this writing.

Dean Henderson‘s Brothers

Calum, the older brother, and Kyle, the younger brother, are the only siblings of the rising English goalkeeper.

Kyle Henderson, unlike Calum, leads a very private life.

One of the Top Facts about Dean Henderson is that his brother, Calum is significantly taller than Dean, who stands at 6′ 2′′(inches).

Calum Henderson's Instagram account reveals that he is married and that his hobbies are most likely golfing and skating.

Dean Henderson‘s Relatives

His uncles, aunts, and grandparents (if still alive) would undoubtedly benefit from having one of their own at the helm of English football affairs.

As of this writing, there is no information about them on the internet.

We'll definitely keep you updated if we find anything.

Dean Henderson Untold Facts

We'll reveal some previously unknown facts in the final section of Dean Henderson's top facts.

He holds a World Record

One of the Top Facts about Dean Henderson is that Dean is the holder of a Guinness World Record.

What if I told you... He holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to dress as a goalkeeper, which he accomplished in 49.51 seconds.

It doesn't end there, though. Dean also holds the Guinness World Record for making the most football (soccer) headed passes in a minute.

Dean Henderson's top facts is heavily reliant on these records.

Dean Henderson Religion

The name "Dean" is a Christian boy name with various meanings that originated in England.

To this point, it is reasonable to assume that Dean Henderson's parents raised him in accordance with Christian religious values.

Henderson's religious knowledge is limited, even though our chances of him being a Christian are quite high.

A United Record

Manchester United hasn't been able to develop a reliable goalkeeper from their youth system in over 40 years.

After Garry Bailey in 1978, Dean Henderson now holds the record for being the first and most famous home-grown goalkeeper, one of the Top Facts about Dean Henderson.

Manchester United will not have to go to the transfer market in search of goalkeepers for the first time in 40 years, as they have in the past.

For FIFA game fans, he is their favorite choice

If you enjoy FIFA Career mode, you should consider purchasing Dean Henderson.

Together with Gianluigi Donnarumma, he has the potential to become one of FIFA's best goalkeepers.

Dean Henderson and Jordan Henderson

Following Dean Henderson's rise to prominence in the Premier League, some fans have wondered if he is linked to Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

Even though they have the same surname, Dean and Jordan Henderson are not related in any way.

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