Top Facts About Alessandro Florenzi, PSG's Versatile Fullback

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Alessandro Florenzi is an Italian right-back who plays for Paris Saint-Germain and Italy national team. In this article we are going to cover some top facts about Alessandro Florenzi personal life, Alessandro Florenzi net worth and salary, Alessandro Florenzi career and stats.

Alessandro Florenzi was born on March 11, 1991, in Roma, the capital of Italy. Alessandro is a versatile football player who can play in different positions on the pitch. He started his career as a right-winger but now he is considered as a right-fullback in Paris Saint-Germain and a right-midfielder in Italy national team (Azurri).

Alessandro Florenzi is known for his passion for playing the game and scoring spectacular goals. Like the most Roman kids,

Alessandro Florenzi childhood

idol was

AS Roma

legend, Francesco Totti. Later Alessandro found the chance to play for AS Roma and even received the Captain’s armband. But things didn’t go as expected and Alessandro had to leave Roma for Paris.

Top Facts About Alessandro Florenzi Personal Life and Career

In the following article we will talk about some top facts about

Alessandro Florenzi children

and wife, Alessandro Florenzi parents, his salary and net worth and much more. At the end we are going to have a look at some top facts about Alessandro Florenzi transfermarket stats and career stats. So let’s get started and dive into everything about Alessandro Florenzi!

Top Facts About Alessandro Florenzi Parents and Family

Alessandro was the youngest in a four-person family.

Alessandro Florenzi Parents

name are Luigi Florenzi and Luciana Florenzi. Alessandro has an elder brother named Emiliano who also used to play football and made it to play for Cassino football club in Serie D but didn’t manage to go any further. Another top facts about Alessandro Florenzi parents is that his father Luigi used to play football when he was a young boy too. Luigi Florenzi did manage to play in Promozione league which is Italy’s sixth tier.

Alessandro is very close to his family and relatives. An evidence of that is when he scored a goal for AS Roma against


in a Serie A match and left the football pitch to go to the stands and share the celebration with his nanny! They hugged each other and everyone in the stadium was enjoying this beautiful scene. Well, everyone except the referee since he handed a yellow card to Alessandro because of leaving the pitch during the game. But today when you look at the pictures, you could say it totally worth it.

Top Facts About Alessandro Florenzi Childhood

Football is one of the very first things that Alessandro Florenzi could recall from his childhood. He started to watch the games on TV when he was about four years old. With a little help from his dad, Alessandro began to realize what football was all about. He started to learn the rules and how things work on a football pitch and since his dad was a Romanista, Alessandro started to cheer up every time he saw the Giallorossi (Yellow and Reds) on TV screen. When he was about six years old, Alessandro’s father take him to the well-known Olimpico Stadium to watch a Roma match from the stands.

So which such a passionate dad, Alessandro didn’t have much of a chance to choose another team to support except for Roma. But this was the case until Alessandro stepped in school and found some new friends there. One of the

top facts about Alessandro Florenzi

childhood is that one of his close friends in school, who was also called Alessandro, was a


fan. The sky blue side of the city which are the biggest rivals of AS Roma.

Although thanks to his father Alessandro was a passionate Roma fan, spending most of the day with his Lazio fan friend was tempting him to betray Roma and become a Laziale! But the young Alessandro Florenzi had no intention of betraying Roma and stayed a die-hard Roma fan up to this day, even though he is playing for Paris Saint-Germain at the moment. In 2001, Roma won the Scudetto and became the champions of Italy

Serie A

. Alessandro Florenzi age at that point was 10 and as a Roma fan, he was idolizing Francesco Totti and wanted to be like him as a football player.

So in 2002, Alessandro joined the Roma youth academy and started to play for his boyhood club. Alessandro worked his way through the ranks and in 2011, when he was 20 years old he won the Primavera (Italian football youth competition) title with Roma Primavera squad. The team was managed by Alberto De Rossi, the father of another Roma legend Daniele De Rossi, and Alessandro Florenzi was the Captain of the team. Now it was just about time for Alessandro Florenzi to take his part in Roma’s senior squad and make his dreams real.

Alessandro Florenzi Early Career

In May 22, 2011, Alessandro Florenzi made his debut for AS Roma in a Serie A match against Sampdoria. One of the

top facts about Alessandro Florenzi

early career is that he made his debut on senior level by coming on as a substitute to replace his childhood idol, Francesco Totti. It couldn’t get any better than that. As a young prospect, there was not much of a chance for Alessandro to play in Serie A for Roma. So the club decided to loan him out to


which was playing on Serie B.

Alessandro Florenzi had a good season in Crotone shirt and showed that he is ready to come back to Roma and become a key part of the team. In 2012, Alessandro made his return to his hometown club and scored his first ever goal for Roma in his first match as a starter. As a Roman homegrown talent, fans started to fall in love with him, and day by day Alessandro was growing in every Roma fan heart.

But the unfortunate twist of fate was when Alessandro Florenzi suffered a terrible ACL injury. It put a stop in his development and made him to stay out of the football pitch for about six months. After a surgery Alessandro fought hard to overcome this knee injury and recover well enough to came back stronger than ever and continue where he left off. Later when you look at his career, you could say that it was always the case with Alessandro to face set-backs and then bounce back from them stronger than before.

Top Facts About Alessandro Wife and Children

Alessandro Florenzi got married in 2015 with Ilenia Atzori and the happy couple has two children at the moment.

Alessandro Florenzi wife

was born on 1991, therefore Alessandro Florenzi age is the same as his wife. At the time of writing this article, Alessandro and Ilenia are both 30 years old. Another top facts about Alessandro Florenzi is that he cares a lot about his privacy and doesn’t want the media to sneak around his family.

 In 2016 when Alessandro was in Italy national team base in France to get ready for EURO 2016, he had to leave the base and come back to Roma since his wife was having their first child. When the news got out and the media found out he is having his first child, Alessandro got really mad and even tweeted about it that he doesn’t want the media to know about his child birth date. Because of that, the media doesn’t know much about

Alessandro Florenzi personal life

and he is going to keep it that way.

So there are not much

top facts about Alessandro Florenzi

children. But we know that they are both girls and the elder daughter is named Penelope Florenzi. A fun fact about Alessandro Florenzi wife is that Alessandro met her in the crowd stance of Stadio Olimpico. Both of them attended to the stadium as Roma supporters and had never met each other before that day. Actually the reason Alessandro always wears the number 24 shirt is that he met his wife Ilenia on a 24th day of the month so Alessandro consider 24 as his lucky number.

Alessandro Florenzi is an active football player on social media. He has an Instagram account with 1.2M followers and a Twitter account with 704K followers. Also Alessandro has a verified Facebook account with about 1.5M followers. You can follow

Alessandro Florenzi social media accounts

by clicking on

Alessandro Florenzi Instagram account


Alessandro Florenzi Facebook account


Alessandro Florenzi Twitter account

. Also Alessandro Florenzi wife, Ilenia Atzori has a public Instagram account that you can follow by clicking on

this link


Alessandro Florenzi Net Worth and Salary

Alessandro Florenzi salary

at the moment is about €3M a year in Paris Saint-Germain. Before that when he was playing in Roma, he was earning about €4M a year but things didn’t work out for Flo so he had to accept lower wages in order to join the French giant club.

Having a relatively a successful football career,

Alessandro Florenzi net worth

is estimated to be about €20M. Aside from playing football and earning wages, Alessandro Florenzi has some paid partnerships which help him to make more money. For instance Alessandro had a contract with Telethon which is a televised fundraising event that lasts many hours or even days, the purpose of which is to raise money for a charitable, political or other purportedly worthy cause.

Top Facts About Alessandro Florenzi Transfermarket Stats

Currently Alessandro Florenzi is playing for

Paris Saint-Germain

on loan from Roma, which means he is still a Roma player and it is possible for him to make his return to Roma on the summer of 2021. But there is an optional buy clause in his loan contract that gives PSG the opportunity to sign him permanently before the next summer transfer window arrives. The buying option for PSG is about €10M and considering how good Alessandro performed this season, it is totally possible that the Parisians use this clause and keep Alessandro at the club for coming years.

Some other top facts about

Alessandro Florenzi transfermarker stats

are that he has Alessandro Lucci as his agent. Lucci is a well-known football agent in Italy and has famous clients like

Edin Dzeko

, Leonardo Bonucci, Juan Cuadrado, Luis Muriel and a lot of other players who are mainly playing in Serie A. As mentioned earlier, Alessandro Florenzi started his career at Roma since he was just a teenager. Therefore when you look at Alessandro Florenzi transfermarket stats, you’ll see that he was and still is a Roma player since 2011 except for some short loan spells at Crotone and recently at Valencia and PSG in the past couple of years.

The reason that Roma let the homegrown Captain leave the club is quite controversial. After his second disastrous knee injury in 2017, Alessandro had to recover for about six months. After coming back from this injury, Alessandro struggled to find his before-injury form and he was far away from his good days. After Daniele De Rossi’s retirement, Alessandro Florenzi became Roma’s first Captain. The Captain armbands didn’t help much and put extra pressure on Alessandro. At the beginning of 2019-20 season with the arrival of the new couch, Paulo Fonseca, there were some rumors that Alessandro Florenzi is about to leave the club.

But the Roman Captain wanted to try his luck with the new manager so he stayed in Roma. Unfortunately things didn’t go so well and just after six months, Roma loaned out Alessandro to the Spanish club


. Leaving Roma like that broke so many hearts in the Roma fan base but apparently it was the best solution for everyone since Alessandro was completely out of form in the Giallorossi shirt. In the summer of 2020, Alessandro got back to Roma but didn’t stay around for too long. This time he was loaned out to PSG with an option to buy which was mentioned above.

Alessandro Florenzi Stats and Play Style

Alessandro Florenzi started his youth career at Atletico Acilia in Roma on 1995. After five years Alessandro joined the Lodigiani football club and spent two years at the club before he joined AS Roma in 2002. Alessandro in Roma’s youth system for almost a decade and then he played his first ever senior level game in 2010-11 season against


. But that was his only match in senior level on that season. In the 2011-12 season, Alessandro was playing at Crotone in Serie B.

Alessandro Florenzi stats

in Crotone was quite good for a winger: 11 goals and 2 assists in 35 matches.

In the summer of 2012 Alessandro Florenzi got back to Roma and never left the club for the next 8 years. Alessandro managed to play 280 games for Roma and scored 28 goals and produced 32 assists in those games. Although Roma had some decent seasons in that era, Alessandro wasn’t lucky enough to lift any trophy with his beloved club. Roma became the runner-up in Serie A on several occasions and their best season was in 2017-18 when they reached

Uefa Champions League

semi-finals after beating Barcelona in a dramatic match.

Alessandro Florenzi is the kind of player that every coach would love having in his squad. He is a hardworking player who can adopt himself in almost every position. One of the

top facts about Alessandro Florenzi

play style is that he has played in more than 4 different positions on the pitch. He started his career in right wing, and then he also experienced playing on left wing too. After a while he moved back a little and became a right midfielder. With the Roma injury crisis, French manager Rudy Garcia was forced to use Alessandro Florenzi in the right back position and surprisingly, Alessandro performed well enough even in such a defensive position. In addition to these, in 2016 when Antonio Conte was coaching Italy national team, he used Alessandro Florenzi skills in the Central midfield position and he was one of the key parts in the Azurri squad.

Obviously as a player who started his career with playing in the winger position, Alessandro Florenzi has some decent attacking skills like high pace, producing key passes and taking long range shots. Alessandro Florenzi is known for his ability to score fabulous goals. He bagged some goals with bicycle kicks and shots from outside of the box and even some spectacular volleys. But his masterpiece was against


in the UCL group stage on 2015 when he scored from nearly the halfway line of the pitch. Because of that goal, Alessandro was nominated as one of the 3 best goals of the year in the FIFA Puskas award.

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