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We are going to find all untold stories in our quest to find the top facts about Gonzalo Higuain.

Of course, when you think about fame and money all you think about, is the benefits they can provide! But being famous means less privacy and more gossip around you. Gonzalo Higuain is one of those football players who try to keep their privacy wall taller than ever. But did Sportmob let those walls stop you from getting all info you want? Of course not! We are going to break all those walls for you in our article, top facts about Gonzalo Higuain! So, put your helmets on, and let’s go…

Shall we start our quest on top facts about Gonzalo Higuain?

Before we start our quest, let's get to know the basic info about Gonzalo Higuain through our bullet facts!

  • Full name:

    Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain

  • Nickname:

    El Pipita

  • Date of Birth:

    December 10, 1987

  • Occupation:

    Professional Footballer

  • Birthplace:

    Brest, France

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:

    French, Argentinean

  • Eye Color:

    Dark Brown

  • Hair Color:

    Dark Brown

  • Mother:

    Nancy Zacarias (Painter)

  • Father:

    Jorge Higuain (Former Footballer)

  • Spouse Name:


  • Siblings:

    Lautaro Higuain (Younger Brother), Nicolas Higuain, and Federico Higuain (Older Brothers)

  • Height:

    6.1 feet, 186 cm

  • Weight:

    89 kg, 196 pounds

  • Waist Size:

    32 inches

  • Chest Size:

    40 inches

  • Arms Size:

    15 inches

  • Shoe Size:


Thanks to the bullet facts, now we know the basic info we needed for our quest. Although this information is available everywhere, reading them helps us to understand Gonzalo Higuain better than before. Now let’s start our quest on

top facts about Gonzalo Higuain

 with his early life.

Gonzalo Higuain early life

Jorge Higuaín, the former footballer, and Nancy Zacarías, renowned painter, had Gonzalo on the 10th day of December 1987 in Brest, France. Gonzalo Higuain was Jorge and Nancy's third son.

A family with four sons means our star grew up in a household where men ruled! His dad was a famous football player on

River plate

; being a celebrity himself, all his fans wished one of his sons would follow Jorge’s footsteps. At that time, Gonzalo started to know football thanks to his famous dad.

Jorge would have taken his three sons to trophy celebrations, all wearing River Plate shirts.

Gonzalo and his older brother Fredrico started the same path their father took. So, two brothers in the Higuain family started their professional careers in River Plate.

Gonzalo Higuain family

Having a rich family, was the result of Gonzalo’s parents’ job. When it comes to their professional career, they are one the best. But this isn’t enough for those who came to Sportmob for learning the

top facts about Gonzalo Higuain

! So, let's get to know each member of the Higuain family in detail.

Gonzalo Higuain’s father

As we already said, Jorge Nicolas Higuain is a former footballer. Higuain the father, was born 8 June 1957 and has played for Argentine as a central defender. Before moving to Gimnasia in La Plata in 1981, he already had been in his career in Neuva Chicago.

Jorge Higuain moved abroad to Stade Brestois 29 in 1987, in the year he gave birth to his son, Gonzalo, after stinting with San Lorenzo and Boca Juniors. To this date, Gonzalo refers to his dad as “his greatest teacher”.

Gonzalo Higuain’s mother

Higuain's family’s one and the only woman, is Gonzalo’s mother, Nancy Zacarías. Nancy wasn’t that far from the sport; cause her brothers were also athletes; her older brother Alberto was a great man in the field. This is where we can say we have athlete genetics too! As we said earlier, Nancy is a professional painter and the joy of the family. Because of her kind and warm personality, she is the one who her sons and husband can lean on.

Gonzalo Higuain’s brothers

The Higuain family has four sons. The first son of Jorge and Nancy is Nicholas Higuain. The second son of theirs is

Federico Higuain

. Gonzalo is the third son of the family; he also has a little brother named Lautaro. As previously mentioned, their father's career was passed on to Federico and Gonzalo. The two Higuain brothers are two friends who share a good time.

  It's important to recognize the fact that Federico is also a respected footballer. not as famous and professional as Gonzalo but still respected. Federico plays for Columbus Crew SC as a midfielder and forward. Although the oldest brother, Nicholas isn’t a footballer; he plays the role of Gonzalo’s agent.

Gonzalo Higuain love life

Over the years, Gonzalo experienced so many relationships and we can say he is an expert in the industry! Of course, being handsome and famous made him a desirable pray for ladies out there; but we can say he never missed a huntress! thats why we suggest you to keep reading the top facts about Gonzalo Higuain.

Soledad Fandino

Gonzalo’s first relationship that the media became aware of, started with Soledad Fandino. An Argentine actress started dating Gonzalo after the 2010 World cup. Soledad was a successful actress at the time but she had some drama going on in 2010.

Finally, after a few months they broke up in the same year they started dating. By the way, Soledad married Rene Perez in 2013 and now is a mother.

Natalie Perez

When we said Gonzalo never missed a huntress; we meant it! In 2010 after breaking up with Soledad, Gonzalo started dating another Argentine actress and singer who is well-known for her role in the “consents”. But this relationship didn’t last longer than the first one.

Daniela Saurwald

2011 was the year we all understood Gonzalo has a type! He started dating Daniela Saurwald in 2011 who was a Journalist and TV producer. Sounds familiar; right? The relationship between Gonzalo and Daniela was extremely private. Even with that kind of privacy, Daniela’s father ended the relationship because he was afraid of everything going public.

Alien Bechara

Here we go again! In 2011 after breaking up with Daniela, Gonzalo started to date Alien Bechara a successful model and tv actress. The relationship with Alien lasted for two years and ended in 2013. 

Lara Wechsler

All of the huntresses we mentioned earlier, finally lost their pray; but Lara is the one who we call a keeper! No one knows the exact time that they started dating. But rumor has it; they’ve started dating when Gonzalo was playing for Real Madrid. Lara is five years younger than Gonzalo Higuain and it is said she has a good relationship with Gonzalo’s mother.

Gonzalo Higuain French origin!

I bet you didn’t know this one! But nothing goes unseen in Sportmob’s top facts about Gonzalo Higuain. Gonzalo left France when he was only 10 months and he didn’t return to his birthplace until 1998. This means he doesn’t know how to speak French. Considering the fact that Gonzalo is not that connected to France, he holds a French passport.

Gonzalo Higuain's Club Career

Higuain began his career in youth teams before making his River Plate debut on May 29, 2005, in a 2–1 loss to Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP). In a 3–1 win over Banfield on February 12, 2006, he scored his first league goal. Higuain scored five goals in 12 games in the 2005–06 season.

River Plate boss Daniel Passarella claimed Higuain had an "enormous future" and was "destined for superstardom" after his brace in the Superclásico derby against Boca Juniors on October 8, 2006. He scored 10 goals in 17 league games by the end of the season.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid purchased Higuain from River Plate for €12 million in December 2006. On January 11, 2007, he made his Copa del Rey debut in Seville against Real Betis in the second round. Three days later, on 14 January 2007, he played his first league game at home, against Real Zaragoza.

Higuain was involved in the development of several scoring opportunities as well as the assist for the game-winning goal. His first goal for Real came in a Madrid derby versus

Atlético Madrid

on February 24, 2007 an equalizer (1–1) at the Vicente Calderón Stadium.

Higuain's success during his first season at the Bernabéu, however, was criticized due to his general lack of goals. Higuain became Real's top goalscorer in the 2009–10 season, scoring 27 league goals in total and also becoming La Liga's second-highest goalscorer, behind only Lionel Messi and surpassing Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovi, as well as his Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

He scored his first two goals in the UEFA Champions League and his second hat-trick for the club this season.

Higuain, who scored the opening goal in the team's final match of the season, a 4–2 home victory over


, announced on 1 June 2013 that he will be leaving Real Madrid at the end of the season, after seven years.


Higuain's availability in the summer of 2013 piqued the interest of many high-profile clubs, including Arsenal and Napoli.

Higuain was the subject of much transfer gossip, with several newspapers linking him with a move to Premier League side Arsenal, until Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis announced that Higuain, along with Liverpool goalkeeper

Pepe Reina

, had passed their medicals and that the Argentine had signed a five-year contract with the Italian club, with Higuain signing for €40 million.

Napoli announced Higuain's signing on July 27, and the Argentine was given the number 9 jersey.

Higuain scored his 200th goal for the club in a win over


on November 8, 2015; it was his ninth league goal and his seventh straight home game with a goal. Higuain scored the 200th goal of his club career in a win over Udinese on November 8, 2015; it was his ninth goal of the league season and his seventh straight home game with a goal.

Higuain scored a hat-trick in a 4–0 home victory over Frosinone in the final match of the season on 14 May 2016, equaling Gino Rossetti's record of 36 total goals set in 1928–29. No other player in the league scored more than 20 goals this season, with Paulo Dybala coming in second with 19.


After a month of speculation, Higuain joined


for €90 million in two installments on July 26, 2016, making him the most expensive South American footballer of all time (until Neymar's move to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017).

His transfer fee was the largest ever paid by an Italian club (until Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus in 2018) and also the highest of any domestic league player (until Kylian Mbappé's transfer to Paris Saint-Germain in 2018). Higuain claimed three days after his transfer that he came to Juventus because of his friendship with Napoli chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Loan to Milan


signed Higuain on a season-long loan contract on August 2, 2018. According to Juventus' official announcement, Milan will pay a €18 million loan fee to Juventus in the 2018–19 season, with the option to purchase Higuain outright for €36 million the following season.

Loan to Chelsea

Higuain was signed on a loan deal by English club Chelsea on January 23, 2019, for the rest of the 2018–19 season, reuniting him with manager Maurizio Sarri, who he previously worked with at Napoli during the 2015–16 season.

He made his debut against Sheffield Wednesday in the fourth round of the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge five days later. In a 4–0 away defeat to Bournemouth on January 30, he made his league debut. He made his Chelsea debut on February 2nd, scoring a brace in a 5–0 home win over Huddersfield Town.

Return to Juventus

Higuain returned to Juventus on July 1, 2019, after Chelsea refused to renew his loan; he was reunited with manager Maurizio Sarri, who had just joined the club. He formerly wore the number 9 jersey for Juventus, but for the 2019–20 season, he was given the number 21 shirt.

On August 31, he scored his first goal of the season in a 4–3 Serie A home victory over his former team Napoli.

He mutually ended his deal with Juventus on September 17, 2020.

Inter Miami

Higuain signed with Major League Soccer Team Inter Miami on September 18, 2020. Higuain made his debut in a 0–3 loss to the Philadelphia Union, missing a penalty and then starting a battle. Higuain scored his first goal for Miami on October 7th, a late free kick in a 2–1 victory over the New York Red Bulls.

Gonzalo Higuain’s nickname

We already mentioned rarliar in top facts about Gonzalo Higuain that Gonzalo’s father, Jorge Higuain was a footballer. Jorge’s nickname during that time was “el pipa” and this nickname was the origin of Gonzalo’s nickname “el pipata”. This nickname was given to Gonzalo due to his personality which he inherited from his father.

Gonzalo is a Tennis lover!

Gonzalo is a footballer but that doesn’t mean he can’t love other sports! There are reports that the only sport he loves to do other than football is Tennis.  People and magazines always asked him if he would like to pursue tennis professionally and he answered “I love tennis and would be a good idea to practice given the level that it is in the circuit.

It would be great to exchange blows with Rafael Nadal, which I love his delivery, Roger Federer, as well as my fellow compatriots, David Nabaldián and Martin Del Potro. So, yes! I would have liked to be a tennis player, but my dream was to be a footballer and I got it.

Gonzalo Higuain’s lifestyle

Gonzalo is a man of fun if you take a look at his hobbies. He loves traveling, playing video games, listening to music, and spending time with his family. The value of family and friends is beyond consideration for Gonzalo.

He even once said “For me, family and lifelong friends are the most important thing you have. When I’m with them I forget everything, and I hope to have them always at my side, that’s my dream. It’s something I can’t quit. To the family, because it is my blood because true friends are treasures to be carefully watched since they are going to be with you through thick and thin”

Gonzalo Higuain tattoos

Tattoos are an interesting way to say things you don’t like to open your mouth for! Gonzalo isn’t covered with tattoos but he got some. He has a tattoo on his spine written “Hasta la victoria siempre” which is in honor of Gonzalo’s idol Che Guevara and means “until victory, always!”.

There is another tattoo on Gonzalo’s arm which says “juntos somos invencibles” and means “together we are invincible.

Gonzalo Higuain’s social media

Gonzalo had like 9 million followers on his Instagram page. Why we used past tense? Because he shot down his page on Instagram! Why? We don’t know exactly but sadly you can’t find him on Instagram anymore. There are like hundred fan pages though; and you can find some info about Gonzalo on them.

As for Gonzalo’s twitter account, it’s still available and you can find it by this ID: @G_Higuain. Gonzalo has 6.6 million followers on twitter but he is not twitting that much.

Gonzalo Higuain’s net worth and salary

We are talking about a professional footballer. So, you already guessed something about Gonzalo’s salary and net worth. Gonzalo Higuain’s net worth is something around $16 million! That’s a lot but wait to hear how much salary he gets. Gonzalo’s salary is $5.5 Million Per Year.

Gonzalo Higuain; Style of play




Gonzalo is one of the best strikers without any doubt. He is known for his strong physics and goal scoring abilities in penalties. His technical skills are so good and he is one of the best when it comes to teamwork. He will become dangerous sometimes; specially in counter – attacks.

He either will surpass everyone and score a goal, or he will make enough space for his teammates to score one.

Gonzalo Higuain Retirement!

An interview with Fox Sports Argentina was Gonzalo’s choice to reveal he is retirement from international football. He answered the interviewer "My era with the Selecc[í]on is over, now I will be watching the team from the outside, which I'm sure will make many people happy.

I spoke to (Coach Lionel) Scaloni and told him my point of view. This is my decision and I think it will do me good. I want to enjoy more time with my family and I see they suffer when I am so roundly criticized. I am happy with the decision I have made.".

His final appearance in international football was in 26 June 2018 in a game against Nigeria.

We finally finished reading

top facts about Gonzalo Higuain

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