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A detailed look at Ellen White biography including her general information, life story, style of play and career statistics.

Ellen White is a professional English player who is currently playing as a forward for Manchester City football club and England national team.

Over the past few seasons, White has proven to be among the best in her position. A graduate of Arsenal youth academy, White made a name for herself by her brilliant performances for Chelsea and Manchester City. White also had a very successful career spell with


, where she played a total of 61 games and won a 7 trophies in 3 seasons.

Her most notable accomplishments, however, have been achieved with England national team. She represented her country in three World Cups. She was selected as England's women's player of the year after the 2011 World Cup and won the bronze medal of the competition in 2015. She was also a key member for the three Lions in the 2019 World Cup, which England finished fourth.

As of March 2021, Ellen White has scored 81 goals in 141 matches during his professional career. She has played 20 games for Manchester City in the 2020-21 season, registering 8 goals to her name. Stay tuned to read more about

Ellen White biography

and professional life.

All You Need to Know about Ellen White Biography

In the following article, we will have a look at Ellen White biography which includes her career and personal life. We will go deep into every aspect of her personal and professional life to see why she is considered as one of the best forwards in women football.

Ellen White Information

We will start our article on Ellen White biography with some of her general information including her bio, physical stats, personal info and footballing information. Stay tuned to read more about Ellen White bio.

Ellen White Bio

  • Full Name:

    Ellen Toni White

  • Nickname:


  • Profession:

    Professional Footballer

Ellen White Physical Stats

  • Weight:


  • Height:

    1. 70m (5 ft.8 in)

  • Eye Color:


  • Hair Color:

    light Brown

Ellen White Football Information

  • Position:


  • Jersey Number:

    19 at Manchester City and England National team

  • Professional Debut:


Ellen White Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

    9 May 1989

  • Birth Place:

    Aylesbury, England

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


Ellen White Early Life

In this section of our article about Ellen White biography we will present you with the most interesting facts about Ellen White childhood as well as her family background to see where she took her first steps as an amateur footballer.

Ellen White date of birth is at the 9th day of May 1989. It is interesting that she shares her birthday with the Spanish famous footballer, Kevin Gameiro who is also born on the 9th of May.

Ellen White nationality

is English. She was born into a football-loving family from Aylesbury, England. Ellen White's parents were both football fans and supported their daughter on the early stages of her career. According to her interviews, her whole family supported

West ham


"My family support West Ham and my dad always takes out this massive West Ham England Flag which is special. He’s never told my mum how much that cost. My brother and sister are great in supporting me as well."

White started her footballing journey at her father's academy, Mini Dux, which concentrated on talents up to 8 years old.

“When I was about five, my dad and one of his friends created a football center called ‘Mini Dux’. I was the only girl, it was all boys, but we had so much fun.”

Ellen White childhood was all about football. According to her own interviews she showed a strong personality from her early childhood.

“My family is soccer mad. I was always kicking a ball around the house or in our back garden. When my brother, Marcus, went off to train, I went with him. Playing with the boys, I wasn’t afraid to get stuck in, even though they were bigger and stronger than me.”

White impressed right from the start of his footballing journey. Her passion for football and clear talent, persuaded her parents to sign her up for a trial at Arsenal youth academy when she was 8 years old. She passed the trial with ease and impressed her coaches. She stayed at the academy till she was 16 years old.

In 2006, White decided to join


, which marked the start of her professional career at the age of 17. She was also a member of England youth team during his teenage years and shone in the U23 side.

Ellen White Profile

In This part of the article, we will concentrate on Ellen White profile which includes her style of play, goal celebration and the reception she has received from media, fans and his colleagues.

Starting her professional career at Chelsea

Ellen White started her professional career in 2005 at Chelsea, where she stayed for three seasons and was the club's best goal scorer in each of them.

Joining Leeds United

Next stop for white was Leeds United as she joined the club in 2008. However, she could not replicate her form at Chelsea and suffered from a serious injury which kept her out of the majority of the season. She still managed to guide her team to the FA Women's Premier League Cup.

Breakthrough at Arsenal

Ellen White's career breakthrough came in 2010 when she joined Arsenal, where she stayed for three seasons and won a total of seven trophies in 3 seasons. Her best season with the Gunners was the 2013-14 season in which she scored 14 goals in 22 matches.

Overall, Ellen White played 61 games and scored 34 goals for Arsenal before moving to Chelsea in 2014. 

Unsuccessful spells with Birmingham and Notts County

White joined Birmingham in 2014 and stayed at the club for three seasons. Her time at Birmingham was not successful as she suffered from another two long-term injuries.

She then joined Notts County and was able to find back her form. White had the best season of her career on the goal scoring scale in 2017 when she scored 15 goals in 14 matches for the club.

Moving to Manchester City

White left Notts County in 2019 and joined Premier League giants,

Manchester City

. In her first season, White scored 9 goals in 18 matches.

White scored her first goal for the Citizens against her former club Birmingham City in the League Cup. In November of 2020 White became the second player in WSL history to reach fifty goals after she scored two goals in Manchester City's 8-1 win against Bristol City. In February 2021 White reached another historic milestone as she became the all-time record goal scorer in the WSL, having scored 55 times to Vivianne Miedema's 54.

As of 13th of March, she has scored 8 goals in 20 matches in the 20-21 season. In total, White has scored 81 goals in 143 games during her club career.

With England youth and senior national teams

On the international level, Ellen White was a member of England U17, U19, U21 and U23 youth teams. She debuted for England senior team in a 3-0 win against Austria and scored the final goal. She revealed her feelings about scoring her first goal later in an interview:

“The goal felt like slow motion. It was an unbelievable pass by Lianne Sanderson and my family say it felt like 10 minutes waiting for it to go in. I did a big Klinsmann dive - it was crazy.

White was excellent for England in her three FIFA World Cups (2011, 2015 and 2019) with

England national team

. In her first World Cup, she scored a super goal against Japan.  In the 2015 Edition, White guided England to the third place and won the Bronze boot. White was against instrumental for England in the 2019 World Cup and scored 5 goals as England finished fourth.

Ellen White's most memorable goal was the disallowed goal she scored against USA in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup. The goal was ruled out by VAR because her toe was adjudged to have been in an offside position.

The goal would have given her the tournament’s golden boot. Instead, she finished third behind


stars, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, who had more assists.

'I had sleepless nights over moment my toe cost England shot at a World Cup final. I do sit at home at night and say: ‘Ahhh, I just can’t stand VAR.’ my husband will say the same thing. It’s frustrating,”

Her excellent performances for the national team have won her two best English female footballer of the year awards in 2011 and 2018. White has recently talked about her memories of the three World Cups she played at:

The experiences at that World Cup are things I’ll never forget and winning a bronze at a World Cup is incredible. I have that medal hanging on my door as motivation. I can see it when I’m in bed because I look at it and think “I want a gold one”. It really does drive you and push you. I really want that gold medal.

White's other notable achievements with the National team was winning the country's first ever title at the She Believes Cup in 2019. As of March 2021, Ellen White has played 93 games for England and has scored 39 goals.

Style of Play

Ellen White is known the most for her goal scoring instincts as well as his team play and passing qualities. She has been one of the World best female footballers in the past decade. She is cool under pressure and can perform at the highest level. These qualities have given her the leadership skills she is famous for.

White was compared to Harry Kane after her amazing performances for England in the 2019 World Cup.


Ellen White received praise from many footballing figures for his amazing performances in the 2015 and the 2019 World Cups. She has won many awards during her career and is considered as a role models in women's football. Her accomplishments inspired many young girls, especially in England to pursue a career in football.

Goal Celebration

Ellen White is famous for her 'goggles' celebration, which went viral. It has gone very popular with fans and amateur female footballers. She revealed later that it is a nod to her love of the famous German striker

Anthony Modeste


Ellen White outside football

Ellen White has a normal life outside of football. Her favorite hobbies are going on stag-dos and making homemade pasta. She is also active regularly on social media. Ellen White Instagram account (


) has around 64k followers. Her twitter account (@ellsbells89) has around 10k followers.

Ellen While is one of the few footballers with a background in college as she studied sports science at Loughborough College.

Ellen White is very passionate about cars. Her favorite brand is Vauxhall. Her first ever car was a Ford Ka which she bought in 2006. She bought her second car, a mini Hatch a year later. In 2012, Arsenal's sponsors gave every one of the team's players a Vauxhall and that when she fell in love with the car. She has bought three Vauxhall's in the past 8 years.

Ellen White enjoys playing video games. Her FIFA 21 rating is 81. She has the sixth highest rating among England national team female footballers in FIFA 21. 

Ellen White's dream job after retirement is firefighting as she considers it as an active and yet positive occupation where one can do many good things for the people and the society.

Ellen White Personal Life

One of the most interesting part of SportMob's article on

Ellen White biography

is about her personal life. In this section we will have a look at Ellen White immediate family, love life and children. We will also present you with some information about her humanitarian activities and legal issues.

Family, Children and Relationships

Ellen White was born at 9th day of May 1989 into a middle-class football-loving family from Aylesbury district in England.

Ellen White family members have continued to support her since her childhood years to this day. They usually attend Ellen's games and were in the stands as she made history with England national team in the 2015 and the 2019 FIFA World Cup.

"They are really supportive. My Mum, Dad and husband travel everywhere to watch me play. It would be great to see them in the crowd in France and I’ve potentially got a lot of family coming out to France to support us and it’s lovely. It’s always nice to look into the stands and see their support."

Ellen White is married to Callum Convery, a Sports Development Officer for the Football Association. The couple started dating in 2009 when Ellen was a 20 years old player at Leeds United and they both were studying Sports Science at the same college.

The couple decided to marry in 2016. According to Callum, he had to chase Ellen up the stairs in their house and get down on one knee to propose, which Ellen agreed to.

"We went for a meal after she had been away, playing for England. When we got home, we watched some TV. I had the ring in my pocket the whole night. Then she decided she was tired and going to bed. I had to chase her up the stairs and get down on one knee in the bedroom. And then, I got the wrong hand!" Callum recalled the night he proposed in the interview with Pressreader.

Despite his wife's successful career, Callum never looked for a career as a football player. Ellen described this in an interview lately:

“My husband used to like playing soccer. Now, if we have a knock around together, he usually ends up in goal”

The couple have had a solid relationship in the past six years and have supported each other in their careers. When Ellen joined Manchester City in 2019, Callum had to leave his job and move with her to Manchester, but he has said that he had no problem supporting his lovely and successful wife.

Despite being together for more than a decade, the couple has said that they have not decided yet to have a child, since Ellen want to concentrate on her footballing career. Any new information about Ellen White love life will be published here at




It is really interesting to know if Ellen White has had any background in humanitarian work and philanthropy.

Ellen White religion

is Christianity. There are no information on Ellen White's involvement in any big charity event. However, she has given some of her jerseys to charity websites.

Legal Issues

While some footballers have certainly gotten into legal disputes with various people and organizations,

Ellen White

has had no legal disputes throughout her life. Her only notable law suit was In 2007, when White fell victim to a “crash for cash” accident. According to herself, the driver in front of her deliberately slammed on the brakes, causing her to drive into the back of his car. It took two years to sort out with the insurance companies, but it turned out to be a professional scam in the end.

Ellen White Career Statistics

In this section, we want to take a look at Ellen White career statistics both on the club and international level.


Overall, Ellen White has played 190 games for 6 clubs (Chelsea, Leeds, Arsenal, Notts County,

Birmingham City

and Manchester City) during his career. He has registered 95 goals in her club career.

Ellen White best season individually was the 2017-18 Season in which he scored 15 goals in 14 games for Notts County across all competitions.


On the international level Ellen White career stats shows that she has scored 36 goal in his 92 games for England, 10 behind the record goalscorer Kelly Smith and is fifth overall in England’s goal scoring charts. Ellen White was also a member of England's U17, U19, U21 and U23 teams.

Ellen White Honors

We rap up our article on

Ellen White biography

with a look at her honors and achievements.

Ellen White celebrated his first major trophy in the 2010 season when he won the FA Women's Premier League Cup title with Leeds United. While his first individual award was the England Women's Player of the Year award in 2011.

Ellen White's last collective achievement was winning the Women's FA Cup in 2020, while her last individual award was winning the FIFA Women's World Cup Bronze Boot in 2019.

Below is the complete list of Ellen White's honors:

With Leeds:

FA Women's Premier League Cup: 2010

With Arsenal:

FA WSL: 2011 & 2012/ FA Women's Cup: 2011 & 2013/ FA WSL Cup: 2011, 2012 & 2013

With Manchester City:

Women's FA Cup: 2019–20

With England youth and senior national teams:

UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship runner-up: 2007/ Cyprus Cup: 2013/ FIFA Women's World Cup third place: 2015/ SheBelieves Cup: 2019

Individual awards and records:

England Women's Player of the Year: 2011, 2018/ WSL 1 Player of the Month: March 2018/ WSL 1 Golden Boot: 2017–18/ FIFA Women's World Cup Bronze Boot: 2019

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