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Stars are always in the sky, but what do you say if I tell you we are going to find a star in our top facts about Billy Gilmour?

We all see stars falling! But did you see one rising? Today in our


fact-finding journey, we are going to find the top facts about Billy Gilmour, a rising star in football!

Billy’s full name is Billy Clifford Gilmour and he was born on 11 June 2001 in Scotland. So, we are talking about a 19-year-old Scottish professional footballer who these days plays as a midfielder for Premier League club



But fame and money at a young age isn’t that fun! Actually, it may cause problems. we all heard those stories about young people who became rich and ended up as a total disaster.

But is our rising star a trouble maker? Let’s find out in top facts about Billy Gilmour.

Here you go; with top facts about Billy Gilmour

Slow down, adventurer! before we start the real deal, we better get to know Billy better. So, let’s start with common info! Below you can find a quick overview of our Scottish footballer.

  • Date of birth

    : 11 June 2001

  • Age

    : 19

  • Height

    : 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

  • Position

    : Midfielder

  • Current Club

    : Chelsea

  • Number

    : 23

  • Weight

    : 65 kg

  • Shoe size

    : 8.5 US

  • Religion

    : N/A

  • Marital status

    : Single


Full name

: Billy Clifford Gilmour


Place of birth

: Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland

Now that we know the basic info about Billy Gilmour, let's start our journey, to find the top facts about Billy Gilmour!

Billy Gilmour Zodiac sign

Billy born on 11 June 2001, so his zodiac sign is Gemini! There are times when we wish to have a copy of ourselves to make our life easier; that’s the gist of Gemini people's personality. As the symbol of twins suggests, there is a duality within Geminis. They are also playful and curious as our star Billy is!

Billy Gilmour early life

Billy Gilmour was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 11th June 2001. Our Scottish boy is the first child of the family and is of white ethnicity. There are some rumors about the family’s roots having a connection with the royal family.

Billy was raised in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland. Growing up, our little star found football the most interesting activity he could’ve had. Billy often played with his mother in the backyard or would go to the park with his grandad.

Billy Gilmour education

As Billy grew with the love of football in his heart, he had his basic education in Stanley Primary school in his hometown. For his secondary school, he attended Grange Academy in Kilmarnock.

For later education, Billy went to Scotland’s Football Association (SFA) performance school, which was designed to make sure that football prodigies are under good development aside from academics and social skills.

Billy Gilmour a rising star

Billy’s ambition to become the best player in the team and club when he was in rangers, made him compete with men 5 years older than him! But this wasn’t enough for Billy Gilmour cause his dream is to become the best player in the world.

It was in this situation when Chelsea came with its cannon to shoot our young star to the fame sky!

At first, Chelsea wrote a contract with Billy in July 2017 and started to test his technical abilities with the

under-18 Premier League


After the good performance Billy Gilmour showed off in that team, Chelsea offered him a professional contract in July 2018.

This was the time people started following Gilmour on social media to see if our young star would find its place in the sky or this fame and money will change his fate as it did to so many football players.

Billy Gilmour love life

We all know that a good-looking man who has a promising future won’t stay single! They are either in a relationship or married but sometimes Cupids get lazy. that’s the case with Billy Gilmour. But besides Cupid’s laziness, Billy has devoted his life to football for now and wants to be the best footballer ever.

He thinks being in a relationship may have an impact on his performance. But let’s not judge the situation cause he is still so young and relationships can wait for him.

Billy Gilmour Family

You know what they say! Behind every successful man, there is a family who encourages him. So, let’s find the

top facts about Billy Gilmour’s family


Billy Gilmour’s mother

Billy’s mother, Carrie Gilmour isn’t just a mother to Billy. She is his best friend and first companion in football. In fact, Carrie was the reason behind Billy’s early passion for football. Unfortunately, we have no more information about Carrie Gilmour! But we are sure she is very proud of Billy’s achievement at such a young age.

Billy Gilmour’s father

Billy’s dad, is Billy Gilmour Sr. he was part of the Royal Navy during our young star’s early life. He also played for Ardrossan Winton Rovers during that time which meant so much to Billy Jr. Billy Jr was often invited to the team’s dressing room and made him get familiar with footballers even more.

Billy Gilmour’s brother

Billy has a little brother named Harvey. He is a football lover too, and in the tie of writing this article, he is building his own road to the fame sky! Harvey studies at Grange Academy SFA.

Billy Gilmour’s personal life

Billy is a humble person and is known for his focus and emotional intelligence. Our star doesn’t like to share everything about his personal life. That’s the reason there are no rumors about him at this time. Billy Gilmour loves photography, listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with his family.

Billy Gilmour tattoos

Billy doesn’t have tattoos yet and we think he’ll never have one! Why? Because his idol Frank Lampard doesn’t have any tattoo. But this is just a prediction; he is still at his young age and everything is possible for him.

Bet you are getting tired. So, before we start to find about Billy’s club career and other stuff; let's read two interesting fast facts about our young star!

  • Billy Gilmour has done modeling for Burberry! He featured in one of their photographs back in 2017.

  • Billy knows Mandarin! Billy didn’t go for usual language courses like Spanish and French; he decided to challenge himself with Mandarin instead.

Billy Gilmour club career

Finally, in our

top facts about Billy Gilmour

; we are on the club career part!



academy was the place Billy developed his career. His fast progress in the academy made him play for the under-20 development team in December 2016 when he was only 15 years old. In the following month, Billy was invited by Warburton to exercise with the first-team squad.

He got his squad number when Warburton was still in the club. Following Warburton's removal, Billy involved twice in the provisional squad for Scottish Cup matches by Graeme Murty, Ranger’s caretaker manager.

Pedro Caixinha, the next manager of Rangers told the media Gilmour has a bright future. He even tried to negotiate with Billy’s family so he could stay with the club. But the cards turned! In May 2017, Rangers reviled that this club has come to an agreement for Gilmour to join Chelsea.

There are some reports showing Chelsea would pay £500,000 and even more depend on Billy’s progress. Malky Mackay advised the Gilmour family to keep Billy in Rangers because he could gain more experience there. Mackay said, "I really hope he goes out on loan quickly to someone and keeps progressing".


Billy signed an official contract with Chelsea in July 2017 after his 16th birthday. Gilmour joined Chelsea’s under-18 squad and made a wonderful appearance in his first three games. In September 2017 Billy scored a goal in the under-18 Premier League against Arsenal.

His fascinating performance leads to a professional contract with Chelsea in July 2018 after Billy became 17 years old.

Chelsea’s new manager at that time was Frank Lampard, one of Gilmour’s idols. He gave Billy his senior debut on 10 July 2019, in a pre-season friendly against Bohemians in Dublin. Although he sat on the bench, Billy’s first appearance for the first team, was in UEFA Super Cup 2019 when their rival was Liverpool.

On 31 August Billy made his first appearance in Premier League, coming on in the 84th minute for Tammy Abraham when their opponent was

Sheffield United

. His full debut though was in EFL Cup against Grimsby Town. He played for 90 minutes and the game resulted in a 7-1 win against Grimsby Town.

His development in such a short time, made Chelsea add him to the club’s first-team squad on a permanent basis in February 2020. His performance against Liverpool in an FA Cup which resulted in a 2-0 win against Liverpool attract so much attention to him.

After this game, Billy didn’t play for six months due to the Covid-19 breakdown and his knee injury. To sum up, Billy appeared in 11 games for Chelsea’s first team in the 2019-20 season. September 2021, Billy Gilmour got the 23-squad number for the 2020-21 season. Billy returned to the Chelsea starting lineup on 8 December 2020 and made his first Champions League appearance in a 1–1 draw with



Billy Gilmour International Career

Billy played in the Scotland under-16 squad for the 2016 Victory Shield tournament. He played his first game for Scotland under-17 in the game against Italy. The next day, he scored his first international goal in a 2-1 defeat against England. He played his first under-21 game in the 2018 tournament, in a 1-0 against France.

Billy Gilmour Net worth and Salary

Billy’s contract with Chelsea which was signed in February 2020 nets him an extraordinary salary of €450,000 per year. This means he earns €37,500 per month. This means he earned almost €20 when you finish reading this article!

Gilmour’s Net Worth is 4.5 Million euros at the time of writing this article and his market value is something about 5.4 million euros. Our Scottish star is really shining! Isn’t he?!

Billy Gilmour Social Media

Earlier in our top facts about Billy Gilmour, it was said that Billy doesn’t like to share his personal life. If you take a look at his Instagram page, you’ll see all the pictures show him playing football. He also has a highlighted story advertising Adidas products with his handsome look.

The same thing about Billy’s Instagram account goes for his Twitter and other social media accounts. You can barely find any picture of him with his family. This shows how much he loves privacy! You can find Billy Gilmour, by @billgilmourrr on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

our journey on finding top facts about Billy Gilmour ends here. But your journey with Sportmob won’t. because our team is here to keep you updated with all facts and news. so, what are you waiting for? Start another journey before it’s too late.

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