Top facts about Katrin Kekhofs, Dries Mertens' gorgeous wife

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Dries Mertens is a Belgian professional player who plays as a striker for Italian club Napoli and the Belgium national team. Dries and Katrin Kerkhofs met each other in 2012. Read the following article to learn more facts about Katrin Kerkhofs.

Dries Mertens

was born on 6 May 1987 in Leuven, Belgian. He is considered to be


’s top goal scorer. He started his career at a very young age and has been a shining star ever since. He is famous for his good techniques and agility. Dries is a very skilled player and a very reliable person both in his professional and personal life.

Interestingly, his wife, Katrin Kerkhofs, is a successful show host. Born in the same city as Dries, Katrin aspired to become an influential figure in show business in her homeland.

Katrin Kerkhofs personal life

is a big question mark since she doesn’t share many things about it. A lot of people think that her success is because of his famous husband, but we strongly believe that it is not fair to associate a woman’s success with her husband’s fame.

Read on to learn more facts about Katrin Kerkhofs:

Although a great dancer, Katrin is not into partying away her life. Of course, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, dancing, and partying with them. It seems that her life is well-balanced and is away from scandals. This is an amazing

fact about Katrin Kerkhofs

. We have tried to gather as much information as we could on her. So stay with us and enjoy.

Katrin Kerkhofs biography

Katrin Kerkhofs was born on 12 September 1988 in Leuven, Belgian. She is known by her friends and family with the nickname Kat. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. People who are born with this zodiac sign are logical, systematic in their view of life. They could easily turn into workaholics. People with the Virgo zodiac sign love to help other people and they are very sociable. On a negative note, they could be very talkative and a little timid in their social affairs.

Katrin like many people who have the same zodiac sign is very passionate and goal-driven. She loves spending time with her family and she is great among people. It is not difficult to become her friend due to her down-to-earth attitude. She believes in hard work and feels strongly that it is only when you go out of your length, you can achieve greatness. This is an incredible

fact about Katrin Kerkhofs, Dries Mertens' gorgeous wife


As a kid, she loved playing games and having tea parties at her house. Kat was an energetic happy child with a big smile on her face all the time. Unfortunately, there is not much known about

Katrin Kerkhofs childhood

. Music has always been her solace and joy. She was always dancing and singing around the house and while playing. Later on, she used music as the inspiration for her work.

Katrin Kerkhoff parents

have been always there for Kat in her childhood and youth wishing her that her hard work pays off so she can enjoy the fruits of her labor.  Kat is very close with her mom and feels like she can tell her everything. Katrin and her sister grew up to become each other’s best friends and aspiring young women whom their parents are very proud of.  

She is a beautiful blonde with straight hair and dark green eyes. She is tall and has a charming complexion. Kat seems to be as tall as her husband, Dries Merten. There is no public record of

Katrin Kerkhofs body measurement

. She has a stunning figure due to regular workouts and a healthy diet. Dressing fashionably is also one of her nice features.

Katrin has always been a brilliant person and a great student at school. After finishing high school, she decided to continue her education in an academic curriculum. She has a Master’s in Management from the Katholieke University of Leuven. One of the astonishing facts about Katrin Kerkhofs is that she can speak many languages including Dutch, English, French, and German.

Katrin Kerkhofs professional life

Katrin Kerkhofs works as a TV host and she has appeared in many programs throughout her career, which is an interesting fact Katrin Kerkhofs. Katrin worked as a production assistant in Marktrack for nine years. She made reports and interviews for Studio Brussel in Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In 2016, she appeared in FOUR her Devil’s Women, which was a broadcast and a production of De Chinezzen.

She was in charge of interviewing partners of Red Devils football players in their own environment in the months leading up to the 2016 European football championship. Katrin has started working for Zelfstandige in media since January 2014. She participated in a research project at a production house named Hotel Hungaria for six months. This is an incredible fact about Katrin Kerkhofs, Dries Mertens' wife.


Katrin Kerkhofs age

, which is 33, her resume is pretty impressive. The program Tipsy was broadcast on VIJF in the autumn of 2018. Katrin and her sister were supposed to drink alcohol every day to investigate the effects and influence of drink on our bodies. The program was a success and led to her next project.

In the fall of the same year, she participated in dancing with the stars and became the runner-up after James Cooke. Katrin appeared regularly in Control Pedro on FOUR from February 2019. She was a member of the Jury in De Silmste Mens ter Werald. These are incredible facts about Katrin Kerkhofs, Dries Mertens' gorgeous wife. Interestingly, she has a great reputation in the workplace and is considered to be a reliable person.

In 2020, due to the quarantine caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Katrin has started a Youtube series. She interviews different celebrities including many famous footballers including Jan Vertonghen and Mousa Dembele. As mentioned before, music is one of her number one passions in life. That is why she has worked as a DJ from time to time, which is an amazing fact about Katrin Kekhofs, Dries Mertens' gorgeous wife.

Katrin Kerkhofs net worth and salary

Kat is currently active as a TV host. Although not prolific, her performance has always been satisfactory. There is no public record of

Katrin Kerkhofs salary

. An average TV show host earns something between $15000 and $312000. We are guessing that Katrin’s salary should be somewhere around these numbers. Of course, she is young and talented, so we could expect to see her in more programs.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence of

Katrin Kerkhofs net worth

. Kat’s husband, Dries Merten, has a net worth of €18 million, which indicates his ability to live a luxurious life. The couple takes several trips every year to stunning places. It seems that they also own a few cars, which is not unlikely when it comes to football players and WAGs. A Ford Fairlane and an Opel Astra are among the cars they own, which is an interesting fact about Katrin Kerkhofs.

Katrin Kerkhofs social media

Katrin Kerkhofs social media

is very active, especially her Instagram. She is very popular and has a devoted fan base. Katrin is very popular and has 300k followers. She usually posts pictures of her daily life and romantic life. Advertisement is essential when it comes to show business. It is not a surprise to see her advertise for her profession and the programs that she creates.

Understanding how social media platforms work is the number one necessity of a TV show host and so far things have been satisfactory with Katrin. She usually receives positive feedback about her work and learns from her mistake. Kat has always tried to keep an open mind to constructive criticism, which she can differentiate from those hateful ones.

If you are interested to follow her Instagram account, you can find it with


. Kat is also on Facebook, which you can find easily using her full name. Katrin joined Twitter in August 2011. So far, she has around one thousand followers and usually tweets about her professional life and husband’s. She is very active there and tweets regularly. You can find her account with



Katrin Kerkhofs husband, Dries Mertens

Dries Mertens was born on 6 May 1987 in Leuven, Belgian. He is a Belgian professional player who plays as a striker for Italian club Napoli and the Belgium national team. His zodiac sign is Taurus and like so many people born this month, Dries is very loyal and reliable. His friendly attitude and sociability make it very easy for everyone to connect and work with him.

Dries’ parents were among a few people who have always had great vision and hope for him. His mother is Marijke Mertens and his father is Herman Mertens. They always encouraged him to try his best and learn how to appreciate little moments in life. He has learned to be ethical and humble from them, which indicates how successful his parents are in raising him to become the incredible man he is today.

At school, he was a great student praised by his teachers. Dried developed an early interest in football and spent as much time as he found on playing football. Gradually, he became quite skilled so his football coach advised his parents to invest in his future as a professional football player. Obviously, it was a smart suggestion considering how successful he is today.

Dries Mertens' early career

Dries started his career started at the now-dissolved local club Stade Leuven. Anderlecht scouts discovered him there and later on, he was offered a chance to join the club’s youth academy in 1998, which he spent three years there. His coaches there at Anderlecht thought that he was too short and physically incapable of competing at a professional level.

Afterward, Mertens joined Belgian Pro League side, Gent. After spending two seasons at the youth academy, Dries was loaned to Eendracht Aalst for the 2005-06 season. His performance was so remarkable that gained him the title of the player of the year. Although he did a great job, the coaching staff at Gent was doubtful about him. Therefore, they loaned him again the following season to AGOVV Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.

Dries Mertens club career

Dries sign up with AGOVV Apeldoorn in the Netherlands on 1 July 2006. Soon enough he became a favorite player for the fans. During the 2008-09

Eerste Divisie

season, he became the captain of the team. His remarkable performance led him to win the Golden Bull award for the most talented player in the Eerste Divisie. The same season he won this particular award was his last season with the club. During his three-season there, he appeared in 110 matches and managed to score 31 goals.

At the end of that season, he agreed to join Eredivisie side


, which he later signed with for a €600000 transfer fee. During his time there he appeared in a total of 68 matches and managed to score 21 goals. Later on, he joined



PSV Eindhoven

as a replacement for the departing Balazs Dzsudzsak in a dual transfer with Utrecht teammate

Kevin Strootman

for a combined fee of €13 million.

Throughout the two seasons that he spent at Eindhoven, he appeared in 88 matches and scored 45 goals making him one of the best goal scorers of all time. On 1 July 2013, Dries joined the SSC Napoli and he will be in contract with them until 30 June 2020. He plays as the center-forwards, sometimes as a left-winger and second striker.

Currently, his market value is $16.5 million as was last updated on 29 December 2020. His highest market value was $35.2 million on 29 December 2017. During the season 2020-21, he appeared in 16 matches and managed to score five goals. He also contributed six assists.

Katrin Kekhofs and Dries Mertens' relationship

The amazing couple has started dating in 2012. As Dries stated once, Katrin is the kind of person that is difficult not to notice. She is so strong and captivating that can impress anyone easily. Her kindness and support have accompanied Dries through his career. He believes that she is her biggest supporter and a great source of inspiration.

Their love for each other through all these years is incredible and one of the astonishing

facts about Katrin Kerkhofs, Dries Mertens' gorgeous wife

. Eventually, the couple has become very close to each other, until Dried decided to pop the question and ask her to marry him. That’s why he took Kat out on a romantic evening, bent down on one knee, and proposed. Luckily, Kat said yes. Their family and friends were extremely happy to hear this great news.

The couple tied the knots in 2015 in a beautiful ceremony attended by their family and close friends. The couple is very close with the

Manchester City


Kevin de Bruyne

, and his wife, Michele Lacroix. As for

Katrin Kerkhofs children

, she doesn’t have any, but no one knows the future. Maybe they become proud parents very soon. Considering how talented both of them are, we can only expect success in their future.




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