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In this article, we want to talk about Rodrigo Moreno Biography. A talented player who is playing for Leeds United.

Rodrigo Moreno Machado was born in 6 March 1991. He is a professional football player who plays for Premier League club Leeds United and Spain national team as a winger.

Rodrigo started his football career by joining

Real Madrid

in 2009 when he was 18. And soon after arriving, he started playing as a senior player and was promoted to " Real Madrid Castilla”. But before that, he was playing football in RC Celta de Vigo.

During the 2013-2014 season, He won four titles after he signed a five-year contract with Benfica in 2010, He won " The Domestic Treble" as the most striking one. At that time, Real Madrid wanted to rebuy Rodrigo for a higher price but they agreed to cancel the buyback clause.

In October 2010, when Rodrigo was playing against Wigan Athletic in the league for Bolton he succeeded to score his only goal for the campaign.

In the 2011-12 seasons, in his first year, Rodrigo scored 16 goals by playing in 38 competitive matches. The most notable one is the opener in the Taça da Liga Final against

Gil Vicente

which they won for the fourth time in a row. In the fifth round, he was playing for Oscar Cardozo and scored 5 goals (6-0 home defeat) for C.D Aves.

Rodrigo's economic rights were sold to a private company owned by Peter Lim, by Benfica in 2014. He stood there until the end of the Campaign. Rodrigo also scored Benfica’s first goal in the league cup and he was voted " player of the match."

In total, he scored 18 goals in 43 matches. he won the treble of Permeira Liga, Taça de Portugal and League cup. As we mentioned before, his economic rights were owned by Lim, Rodrigo agreed with a one-season loan to Valencia after he moved back to Spain in 2014.

On August 24th, Rodrigo made a debut for " Che", played a full 90 minutes (1-1 away draw) against Sevilla. In September that year, he won over


CF by a Penalty. He got banned for 3 games by Royal Spanish Football and got dismissed for striking Rayo Vallecano's Toño.

In 2015 Rodrigo signed a 4-year contract until 2019 after Benfica and Valencia agreed on Rodrigo's festival rights. Rodrigo scored a Career-best 16 goals in 2017-18, after his three seasons at the Mastella stadium, he qualified for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Rodrigo scored a second-half hat trick and two goals in the quarterfinals of the Copa Del Rey while he was injured, in January 2019. Later that year, he scored a 2-1 defeat of Barcelona.

In the first Champions League group stage fixture (2019), Rodrigo scored the first and only goal of the match, playing against


(providing Valencia’s first win!) In the club history. In 2020, Rodrigo signed another 4-year loan with Leeds United, Meaning he's going to play for them till 2024.

Again, he got another honor for that team too, he made his first Premier League debut for Leeds United at his first match of the season.

A few days later, he made his first start in a 1-1 draw with League One side

Hull City

. October 3, 2020, he scored his first goal against Manchester City (in a 1-1) home game.

Rodrigo Moreno Nationality

is Brazilian Spanish, after his dad founded a football school, they moved to Spain at a young age, but he is of pure Brazilian descent.

Considering that he was born in Rio de Janeiro, as stats show that almost 75 percent of the people of this city are Christian and half of which are Catholic,

Rodrigo Moreno Religion

is Christianity, the same as his family.

As a surprising fact, Thiago Alcäntara and


are his second cousins!

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Rodrigo Moreno Date of birth


Everything you need to know about Rodrigo Moreno Biography

Here in this article, we intend to introduce you to further basic info regarding Rodrigo Moreno biography, after which we will dive into his professional career and talk more about what he has done or achieved.

Rodrigo Moreno Information

Here, you can find some information about

Rodrigo Moreno bio.

  • Full name

    : Rodrigo Moreno Machado

  • Date of Birth

    : 6 March 1991

  • Nickname

    : Rodrigo

  • Profession

    : Footballer

Physical Stats

  • Weight

    : 69kg (154lbs)

  • Height

    : 1.82cm (6 ft 0 in)

  • Eye color

    : dark brown

  • Hair color

    : black

Football Information

  • Position

    : Central Midfielder

  • Foot

    : Right

  • Shirt number

    : 9 (Spain), 20 (Leeds)

  • Current club

    : Leeds

International Debut

: 12 Oct 2014 vs


in Stade josy Barthel.

Personal Info

  • Date of birth

    : 6 March 1991

  • Place of birth

    : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Zodiac sign

    : Pisces

  • Nationality

    : Brazilian Spanish

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Rodrigo Moreno life story


Rodrigo Moreno Early Life

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo Moreno's date of birth is 8 March 1991, which means he's 30 years old (as of 2021). Here you can find more about this football genius's childhood and early life is known with the nickname “Rodri”.

Speaking of

Rodrigo Moreno Childhood

, he was born as the first child to his family, his family origin is from the South American country, and also everyone in his family belongs to the mixed-race Brazilian ethnicity. (with an afro Brazilian family roots skin color).

He grew up with his younger sibling " Mariana Moreno" and spent his early years in the seaside Brazilian City of Rio de Janeiro. The Spanish football journey started for Rodrigo by his father.

His father, Adalberto Machado (ex-footballer) used to play in 80s. In 1994, Adalberto became a football director by FIFA World Cup, after he won brother Mazinho (Mazinho acquired a soccer school in Vigo, Spain), Rodrigo’s parent had to immigrate to Spain to Manage a football business when Rodrigo was a little boy.

Rodrigo was studying in Barrel school un Barra da Tijuca, with his cousins, he started participating in Football when he was in 4th grade, following his dad's footsteps. Because of that, his parents enrolled him in soccer schools to get educated when he was only five.

Rodrigo Moreno Profile

In this section of 

Rodrigo Moreno biography

, we want to mention his games and performance this season (20/21). He has made 25 appearances for Leeds United this season, receiving one yellow card and not a red card.

Rodrigo has made 1 assist in the Premier League 20/21 and scored 5 goals. He has played in 46% of games from the beginning and shows that he does not have a very stable position in the team and He has mostly played as a substitute player for Leeds United.

He was also present in 42% of possible minutes and was effective in 9% of Leeds United's goals. These are the statistics related to him in Premier League 20/21. He has played 2 games in

Premier League 2

20/21 and scored 2 goals and no assists have been recorded in his name. Also, he played 1 game in EFL Cup 20/21 and didn’t score a goal and the same 1 appearance in FA Cup 20/21.

In total, at the moment of writing, he has played 25 games for Leeds United, scoring 5 goals and 1 assist. He has been able to play in 1.314 minutes this season, which shows that he is having a great season.

In the following, we want to talk more about Rodrigo Moreno's profile.

At a very young age, he played several champions and was the star of the Escolinha do Flamengo Juniors team. As Rodrigo said himself, his purpose of playing soccer was to follow his dad and uncle's footsteps and continue from where his dad has left off, following his family dreams, because it was hard for them to cope with retirement.

Rodrigo moved to Spain all by himself when he was a teenager to settle in the community of Galicia. His cousins were looked after by Rodrigo’s father and they were playing at their father's football academy in 1996.

In the year 2003, he moved back with his family in Spain and left


after playing futsal for Flamengo. He continued to play with Ureca cause he had an excellent impression on his career, and his great career allowed him to apply for Celta Vigo. And soon after, in 2005 he joined the Celta Vigo's youth ranks.

A few months later, no one was surprised when different clubs asked for him in their team for his great talent in playing football. After being with Galicians for 4 years, Rodrigo got a marvelous offer from Real Madrid!

At the time that the Real Madrid transfer came, Rodrigo was 18 years old, his dad helped him with the (300,000 euros) transfer. Rodrigo then successfully joined Real Madrid in 2009. Sadly, things didn’t work out for him that well, he had to leave the club, cause Real Madrid's manager (Manuel Pellegrini) didn't put him in his plans and he was only into big players.

Soon after, Jose Mourinho sold Rodrigo to Benfica, he had a bad appearance there too, he wasn’t able to unseat the legendary (Pablo Aimar, Javier Saviola, and Nuno Gomes), so Benfica negotiated a deal to send Rodrigo out on loan to



He lived alone in Bolton, he wasn't that successful in England, the reason was that the poor man found himself behind south Korean Footballer for his preferred right-wing slot. After having all those unsuccessful passages, Rodrigo retired back to Benfica.

But, soon after, he began making name for himself in returning to Portugal. Rodrigo began showing off his qualities to great effect and developed beautifully at Benfica and this was a general overview of Rodrigo Moreno's life story.

Style of play

As mentioned before, Rodrigo plays as a center midfielder most of the time however in a few cases he played as an attacking midfielder and also a striker as well. He can also play in left and right midfielder positions. His style of play usually includes him doing layoffs and he likes to play long balls and off the ground. However, ironically his aerial duels are his weakness.

On the other hand of his strengths we can name through balls, key passes, long shots, holding on to the ball, and not giving into tackles, however, his tackling is considered one of his main weaknesses.


In his current appearances, he received 2 yellow cards and 0 red cards in total which means he’s in a really good state, his average ratings were (6.55) and it’s a good state considering his appearances. Rodrigo has a good speed for running across the field as well.

Thanks to his skill he scored a lot of goals for every team he played for.

Goal Celebration

Although Rodrigo has scored many goals for the teams he has played for, it looks like he doesn’t have any specific goal celebration as he shares his joy with his teammates and the fans, it appears that the player doesn’t care for such things and only concentrates on playing well.

In this next part, you can learn more about

Rodrigo Moreno Biography

and his personal life.

Rodrigo Moreno Outside Football

Rodrigo is known as a very tough and hardworking person. As his style of play shows this as well, he always tries his hardest to overcome difficulties and bring him success no matter what and where he’s doing. As his family and friends describe him, he is a giving and kind person, the kind that won’t get carried away with fame, success, or money.

Rodrigo Moreno Personal Life

Getting a high salary, helped Rodrigo to become a millionaire footballer. Even though he has a lot of money, he knows how to manage them and how to maintain a balance in spending them. Unlike many other successful players, He owns an average car and lives in a nice household.

Oh and If you didn’t know here’s a fun fact: He has a dragon tattoo on his arm, wrapping around the Club of Valencia logo which represents himself guiding the club as he is the team captain, scoring goals and destroying the opponent teams for the Club of Valencia.

Family, children, and relationships

Rodrigo Moreno was born on 8 March 1991, to his mother (Andréia Moreno Machado) and father (Adalberto Moreno) in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He's the first child of the family and has a younger sibling, a sister.

There is no denying fact that Rodrigo's handsome face and cute style wouldn't place him at the top of every potential Girlfriend or Wife list.

Rodrigo published his relationship with a beautiful young lady name (Mariana Martinez) on the 12th of October 2018 via his Instagram account. she has a strong and lovely relationship with Rodrigo's family members. one year later, they welcomed their first and to this day only child.


Even though we don’t have much information about his charity works, his family describes him as a generous and giving person. His charity works may be undercover and he doesn't want them to become public.

Legal Issues 

From what we found, and according to official records, Rodrigo has never been arrested or done anything illegal, which means for that matter he has a clear record.

Rodrigo Moreno Career Statistics

In this part of

Rodrigo Moreno Biography

, you can read about his career stats, at club and international level:


Rodrigo moved to Spain in his early teens year and played as a senior with the level C team. He made his debut with Latter in 2009. One year later he signed a five year contract with Benfica and made his official debut in a League Cup.

It’s been viewed that he played 38 games and scored 16 goals. After he was sold to a company by Benfica, he scored Benfica's first goal. After that, he joined Valencia on his way back to Spain in 2014.

He made his debut for (Che) in 2014 and started playing there. In 2019, Rodrigo scored the only goal of the first

Champions League

group stages. In 2020, he joined Leeds United and signed a Four year contract.


Rodrigo started competing for Spain with the Under-19s team. He netted two goals and helped the team to the second position 2010 UEFA European championship. He also appeared in the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup and helped the national team to the quarterfinals with three goals that he scored.

He made his debut for the Spanish Under-21 side in 2011. He scored his 13th goal in a match against


. (5-2 victories in Toledo) He was included in Spain Squad in the 2012 Summer Olympics. And appeared in two games. He happened to be one of the 23 players chosen but Vicente Del Bosque.

In 2017, three years after his first Cap, he marked his second debut by scoring a goal (3-0 home defeat).

Rodrigo Moreno Honors


  • Primeira Liga

    : 2013–14

  • Taça de Portugal

    : 2013–14

  • Taça da Liga

    : 2011–12,[12] 2013–14

  • UEFA Europa League runner-up

    : 2012–13, 2013–14


  • Copa del Rey

    : 2018–19

Spain U19

  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship runner-up

    : 2010

Spain U21

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship

    : 2013


  • UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season

    : 2013–14

  • La Liga Player of the Month

    : March 2018

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