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Papu Gomez Biography

Playing for several clubs and the Argentina national team have earned a rich career history for the 33-year-old Argentinian player, which have presented all related facts in the following article, Papu Gomez biography. To know him more, stay with us till the end of the piece.


Papu Gomez date of birth

shows, he was born 33 years ago on 15 February 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gomez, full name Alejandro Dario Gomez, is a professional football player who has appeared in several positions as a winger, forward or attacking midfielder successfully. 

Based on the data in Papu Gomez biography, the starting point of his career refers to his home country, which he joined Arsenal de Sarandi. Having played for the club, he moved to San Lorenzo in 2009, but it did not last so long because the next year, he signed a contract with the Italian club, Catania.

After playing for four years for the club, Gomez moved to Metakist Kharkiv, the Ukrainian side, but stayed there only for one season. The next team that Gomez played for was Atlanta, which his playing there lasted for about six years till 2021. Since 26 January 2021, which he signed a four-year running contract with Sevilla, the Spanish club, he has played for the club. 

Though Papu Gomez nationality refers to Argentina, he is a citizen of Italy, too. His marriage with an Italian woman, Linda Raff, has led him to become a dual citizen of his home country and Linda's. The not-so-tall player appeared on his first senior international match in 2017, a friendly competition against Singapore, in which Gomez could score his first international goal.  

All You Need to Know about Papu Gomez

Though many prominent football players are tall and Gomez is not among them, he is a successful footballer, which has earned a wide range of honors during his career. Covering data, such as Papu Gomez religion, career statistics, and personal life, we mentioned many topics.

Having started the piece with a short review of Papu Gomez childhood, we have presented data about his not only professional but his personal life. If you are looking for a perfect summary of Papu Gomez biography, it is the right article to read. 

Papu Gomez Information

Almost always, prominent, popular, and successful players, who are heroes for their fans, have turned him to be an attractive topic for supporters. So, both on and off-pitch lives have mostly been amongst the hot topics in the football world. As a player with an excellent play style, we have prepared

Papu Gomez biography

to help you know him more. Stay with us within the piece to get about his profile, achievements, and many other related facts. 

Papu Gomez Bio

  • Full Name:

    Alejandro Dario Gomez

  • Nickname:

    El Papu

  • Foot:


Papu Gomez Physical Stats

  • Weight:

    68 kg

  • Height:

    1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)

  • Skin Color:


  • Hair Color:


Papu Gomez Football Information

  • Position:

    Forward, Winger, Attacking midfielder

  • Jersey Number:

    24 (42 in UEFA Champions League)

  • Professional Debut:


Papu Gomez Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

    15 February 1988

  • Birth Place:

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


Having taken a look at the first part of Papu Gomez biography, a review of his general and basic info, including his physical stats, personal and professional information, it is time to go through the other related facts regarding the 33-years-old Argentine player.

Papu Gomez Early Life

This section of Papu Gomez biography is about his early life and some facts about his family background. Bearing the nickname "El Papu," Gomez was born on 15 February 1988. Though his parents chose Alejandro Dario Gomez as his name, he later became famous as Papu Gomez.

There are not many facts regarding his parents, but based on his appearance, Gomez looks like them. Borning in Buenos Aries, he comes from a family with South American origins.

Based on the published facts about his family and relatives, Monica was the only

Papu Gomez childhood

playmate. Their house at Gomez young age was near the stadiums of local clubs Independiente and Racing, which led him to go there on his bicycle. Gomez's uncle and father, as one part of the Independiente team, had an efficient role in his joining football. 

Papu Gomez Profile

Since reviewing each player's career profile leads you to know him more, we have allocated the following part of

Papu Gomez biography

to his professional history. 

The first point of Gomez's profile comes back to Reading, which he joined there as his boyhood club.

The club gave him the opportunity of taking early steps in the competitive football world. Gomez earned many skills, which later led him to the South American continent in few years. 

Arsenal de Sarandi

Beginning his playing in the

Arsenal de Sarandi

youth squad when he was 14, Gomez made his first appearance for the club in 2003. Gomez's talent and style of play caused him to enter the first team two years later, though he was not a regular player till 2006, which Gomez could appear 15 times in the matches for the club and score two goals.

On 30 November 2007, in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana Final, two other Gomez's goals led the team to victory. One month later, on 5 December of the same year, though Arsenal lost the match in the return leg, they achieved their premier championship based on the away goals rule. 

San Lorenzo

Following Gomez's moving to

San Lorenzo

for a 2-million-dollar transfer fee, he displayed his impressive style through the 48 appearances he made and his eight goals, which attracted several high-profile scouts' attention. The cases paved the way for him to transfer to Italian Serie A Catania in July 2010 for €3 million.


On 21 July 2010, Gomez joined


when he was 22 years old and made his debut for the club in a friendly match against Iraklis, which ended in his club victory. Having contributed in scoring four goals and assisting in 5 five ones during his first two seasons in the club, Gomez displayed his breakthrough campaign in the 2012-13 season. Gomez's offensive prowess had an efficient role in propelling the club to home and overall winnings. 

Metalist Kharkiv

Gomez's brilliant performance earned offers from several big clubs, such as

Atletico Madrid



, and Inter Milan. Contrary to what all expected, he asked his transfer to Metalist Kharkiv, a little-known team in the Ukrainian Premier League.

Though Gomez had chosen the club by himself, he refused to stay there for the following season because their politics were violent and volatile. Apart from Gomez, three of his teammates and six champions of the Shakhtar Donetsk Champion League left the club for the same reason. 


By Giacomo Bonaventura's departure from


to Milan, the club signed a 3-year contract with Gomez. His performance in the club earned a good position for it and attracted several big clubs' interests.

Gomez continued his excellent playing, and after Cristian Raimondi's departure and retirement, he became the club's captain. Finally, Gomez stated his unsolvable problems with Gasperini, the club's president, and made his last appearance against


on 16 December. Despite the club's agreement with Gomez's request, they announced that they would not let him transfer to a Serie A rival. 


Since 26 January 2021, Gomez has joined


, the La Liga club, which his debut refers to on 2 February. The competition was between Sevilla and Almeria in the Copa del Rey, which ended on 1-0 Sevilla's winning. 

International Career

Gomez's taking part in international competitions comes back to 2007, which he joined the Argentina Under-20 team. However, his dual citizenship provided the opportunity of playing for the senior Italian national team. 

On 19 May 2017, Jorge Sampaoli, the Argentina national team coach, called Gomez up for a friendly match against


and Singapore. Like other times he had successful playings, he took part in international competitions triumphantly. 

Style of Play

Being described as a talented and diminutive player, who has quick feet with a low center of gravity, Papu Gomez is famous for his creativity in his playing and his technically gifted. As a dynamic football player, Gomez has some features, which have helped him be one of the prominent players, including his pace, dribbling skills, and high work-rate.

Since he owns the ability of good movement and a powerful and accurate long-range shot with both feet, he is capable of providing opportunities for his teammates to score goals. However, Gomez has smart eyes for scoring goals from midfield.

Playing in several offensive positions, Gomez has played as the principal striker occasionally. However, he usually plays in competitions as a second striker and an attacking midfielder in a playmaking role.


The versatile attacker plays as a winger on the left flank, which leads him to be capable of doing a wide range of techniques. Amongst them, Gomez has used some of them more, including taking on defenders in one-on-one situations, passing his competitors, and cutting into the center onto his right foot.

All of the mentioned items enable Gomez to endeavor a curling shot at the goal. In recent years, he has focused his play on operating in a free attack's role in the center behind one of the strikers. The strategy leads him to link-up with his other teammates and change positions with other forwards.

They caused Gomez to find space in the box and complete the last part of chances, and Gomez calls the role a "false second striker." Having some leadership features, Papu Gomez once served as Atlanta's captain.


Gomez's excellent performance has earned him a wide range of admiration and praises regarding his playing and character. Since going through them need a lot of time, we have presented only a few of them to show his position in the mind of managers, coaches, players, and other staff in the football world.

Gomez's performance has aroused Lopetegui's praises. He said Sevilla was happy after Papu's debut during the Copa del Rey and admitted he had not hesitated to throw flowers at his new participant. Additionally, he called hard and constructive Gomez playings, which though he skilled only for a month, he confronted a quarter-final in an essential competition. 

Goal Celebration

Though players almost show their happiness through the ways they celebrate their goals, most of the time, they try to send messages to their fans or even their opponent fans via them.

If you are a big football fan, you know some of the most famous ones, which the stars such as Thierry Henry,

Cristiano Ronaldo


Gareth Bale


Lionel Messi

, and Pele made them immortalized.

Reviewing goal celebrations shows that some players, such as Gabriel Batistuta, displayed their happiness by running to the corner flag while standing with one of his hands, holding the flagpole, and screaming.

One of the other famous celebrations is diving onto the grass with outstretched arms and legs, which Jurgen Klinsmann did for the first time after joining

Tottenham Hotspur

Papu Gomez Outside Football

Having covered the professional life of the 33-year-old footballer, we have allotted the following part of

Papu Gomez bio

to his life outside football. The facts regarding how he spends his free time and what he does as his hobbies are amongst the topics that are interesting for football fans.

Though he loves football, he does a wide range of activities other than football which are his hobbies, including watching movies, swimming, playing tennis and video games, and cooking.

Additionally, he spends a large amount of his time with his family and friends. Despite the mentioned items, Gomez does something, which probably comes from his high-level net worth and luxurious lifestyles, such as boarding private jets when he goes to deluxe vacation sites. Furthermore, he has a collection of expensive cars in the rich garages of his apartments and house. Smoking and drinking are two other things Gomez enjoys, though no one has seen him doing them. 

Papu Gomez Personal Life

Like professional life, personal life has always been a hot topic for football fans. In this part, we have presented related facts to Papu Gomez life story, including his family, relationship, and so on. 

Family, Children, and Relationship

Going through

Papu Gomez life story

and relationship will uncover he has a lovely life with his wife, who was once his girlfriend. The life of Papu and his wife, Linda, has been out of any premarital or extramarital controversies, which shows a lovely relationship between them. In addition to being his spouse, Linda is one of Papu's number one fans. The couple has three children, his son Bautista, his daughter Constantina, and Milo. 


Unlike many other players, who share most related facts to their personal and professional life, Papu Gomez has not published them. As authentic websites show, there is no published data around the charity affairs Gomez has done. Though it might come from not taking part in any philanthropies, it may refer to his unwillingness to sharing any info.

Legal Issues

Though there are many published facts around Papu Gomez's career history and some data about his off-pitch life, no reliable websites have shared data regarding any legal matter he has gotten stuck in them. 

Papu Gomez Career Statistics

One significant part of each player's profession refers to his career statistics, which shows how much he has been successful during his professional history. Due to the importance, we have allocated the following part of

Papu Gomez biography

to his career statistics, both in clubs and international competitions.


Based on Gomez's career statistics, he appeared totally in 540 competitions for the clubs he played and scored 106 goals. 93 out of 540 appearances refer to his playing in Arsenal de Saranndi, which lasted for four consecutive seasons from 2005-06 to 2008-09, and he scored 15 times during the period.

Later, he made 58 appearances for San Lorenzo de Almagro and scored nine goals for the club. Playing for three seasons, from 2010-11 to 2012-13, Gomez took part in 111 matches and scored 18 times.

Before joining Atlanta, Gomez played for only one season, 2013-14, for Metalist Kharkiv, which during his 24 appearances, he scored four goals for the club. During seven seasons from 2014-15 to 2020-21, Gomez played 252 times for Atlanta and scored 59 goals. Since joining Sevilla, Gomez's current team, he has appeared in 3 games and scored one goal. 


Referring to

Papu Gomez nationality

, he has been a player of Argentina's national team, in which in 2017 he made four appearances for the team and scored one goal. Later, in 2020, Gomez played in one competition for them but without scoring any goals. 

Papu Gomez Honors

This part of Papu Gomez biography is about the honors he has achieved during his career history. To go through his gains in-depth, we have divided the section into two parts, clubs and international, and individual.

Despite playing for several clubs, his related achievements come back to the period he played for Arsenal de Sarandi, which he won Copa Sudamericana in 2007 and Suruga Bank Championship in 2008. Additionally, Gomez won FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2007 and Superclasico de las Americas in 2017 from taking part in international competitions.

Throughout his career, he has won several other achievements which we grouped in the individual honors, including Serie A Top Assist Provider in two consecutive seasons in 2018-19 and 2019-20, Serie A MVP of the Month, Serie A Best Midfielder, and UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season. As the facts in Papu Gomez biography article described, he is a professional leader on the pitch who is talented in both technical and dynamic aspects.

Throughout the piece, we tried to cover a range of details from

Papu Gomez religion

to his career history, but there might be some facts we have missed to mention. So, let us know your idea via the comment section.

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