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Top facts about Lucas Digne

Lucas Digne is a French professional footballer who plays for Everton as their left-back. He also plays for the France national team. Keep on reading to find more facts about Lucas Digne.

Lucas Digne

is a professional football player, playing as a defender, currently for the

English Premier League



. He used to play for great clubs such as




, and

Paris Saint-Germain


Lucas Digne was born on 20 July 1993, which makes

Lucas Digne’s age

to be 28 as of 2021.

Digne who joined Paris Saint-Germain FC in 2013 and became a member of the

French national team

in 2014.

Lucas spent 5 years in the youth system of the cub until he got promoted to the first team. He went on to sign the contracts on 27 July 2010.

He casually told everyone that he would one day become a professional footballer. From 1999 to 2002 he went to Maeuil-sur-Ourcq.

He gained experience in competitive football and teamwork there. Scouts from Lille saw his great performance and impressive positioning skill and knew he would be a good fit for their club.

The 12-year-old was brought to the youth system of Lille where he practiced his skills.

Top facts about Lucas Digne:

Lucas Digne started his career in the youth academy Maeuil-Sur-Ourcq near his hometown in 1999 when he was only 6 years old.

Lucas Digne Early Life

Lucas Digne

was born on 20 July 1993 in Meaux commune, France to his mother, Karine Digne, and to his father, Philippe Digne. Regarding

Lucas Digne’s parents

, specifically his father, Philippe, we can say that he was very influential in his son’s football career.

There is little known about Philippe’s current job but during Lucas Digne’s early life he worked in a printing house at Lizy-Sur-Ourcq near Meaux. He also used to play for the first team of the club that Lucas started at, Maeuil-Sur-Ourcq.

It goes without saying that Philippe contributed a great deal in shaping his son’s rise in football and played a pivotal role in Lucas’ development until today.

Lucas Digne’s mother, Karine played an important role in his sons’ lives as their dad did. She once served as the secretary at the same club her husband and son played at.

He also has an older brother, Mathieu Digne. Lucas began playing football at a very tender age with his brother and friends before enrolling in a professional club.

When he turned 9 in 2002, his hobby became his obsession and he started going to the neighboring club Crepy-en-Valois. The soon-to-be professional athlete improved his basic skills which became his pass to his next club.

An interesting

fact about Lucas Digne

is that his older brother also played for Lille at the same time he did, but Mathieu didn’t make it his professional career and kept football merely as a hobby.

He went on to play for Barcelona from 2016 until 2018 when he joined Everton FC. He became teammates with

Karim Benzema

 on the French national team. He competed for the French U16 team from 2008 to 2009.

Stick around until the end of the article to find more facts about Lucas Digne’s club career and his time in Lille.

Lucas Digne Love Life

The key defender of Everton has a beautiful family including his two children and gorgeous wife, Tiziri Digne. Stay tuned to find more

facts about Lucas Digne

and his personal life.

Lucas Digne has been married to his wife since December 7, 2014, but their love life started when they were high school sweethearts. They met in high school and started dating at the age of 16. In 2012, the happy couple got engaged to be married two years later.

Tiziri Digne was born on July 1, 1993 in Lille, France. She has a younger sister, so that makes her the eldest child in her family. Tiziri got graduated with a bachelor's degree in law but ever since she was a teenager, she was in love with fashion. She admitted that she was passionate about dance too.

Whenever she was studying in college, she had a notepad by her side in which she designed the looks and practiced new fashion styles and outfits.

She has now a fashion blog in which she talks about her passion freely and with great joy. She even said: “I live fashion, I breathe fashion and I dream of fashion!”

But wait, the stylish gal is not just all about fashion, she also loves fitness and journalism. Based on her social media accounts, especially Instagram (@Tiziri_Digne), she work outs every day or at least regularly.

Even after giving birth to two beautiful healthy babies, she manages to keep her body slim and beach-ready. Ever since she became a mom, she devoted her life to her baby boy and baby girl.

Lucas Digne is now spending more time with his family than before and he even didn’t spend that much time with others before becoming a dad.

Lucas Digne Body Measurements

Not much information is available about

Lucas Digne’s body measurements

rather than his height and weight. He is 178 cm tall and he weighs 70 kilograms.

An interesting fact about Lucas Digne is that he lives a healthy life and doesn’t like to smoke or drink. However, he has lots of tattoos on his arms and body.

Regarding Lucas Digne’s tattoos, it is worth mentioning thattThere’s a sentence, “I’ll Never Walk Alone” on his chest which was once mistakenly said to be for his love for Liverpool but he later explained that it was a tribute for his parents.

There is a tattoo of the head of a tiger tattooed across Lucas’ chest with both of its sides cover each of his pecs.

There is a tattoo of an eye, peeping through a dark hole, on Lucas’ left bicep. There is a tattoo of Jesus Christ, on the backside of his left upper arm, just above his elbow. There is a diamond tattooed on his left elbow.

The upper side of his left forearm contains a large tattoo of a clock on it. There is a lipstick mark tattooed on the upper left wrist of the football in the shape of a kiss.

Lucas Digne Stats

Lucas Digne currently plays for the Premier League club Everton FC with the chosen number of 12. So far in the 20/21 season, he has made 22 appearances for 1.512 minutes. He doesn’t have any goals scored but he has 6 assists, one yellow and one red card.

In the Premier League, due to an ankle injury, he missed 7 games and due to suspension, he missed one game. The famous left-back has played as left midfielder 5 times and also 3 times in the Centre-Back.



Digne’s stats

in total, it is worth mentioning that he has played 292 times in the field for 24.191 minutes. He has a total number of 13 goals, 33 assists, 34 yellow cards, and 3 red cards.

Lucas Digne Social Media

The famous left-back is quite famous on his social media too. On his Instagram page (


) he has almost 2 million followers! Rather than pictures of matches and his training sessions, Lucas Digne shares pictures of his beautiful family too.

He recently welcomed his second child into the world. His wife is also on Instagram (


) and she is very active on there.

The 27-years-old left-back is also on Twitter (


) and Facebook (


). The talented footballer has other hobbies too.

He enjoys a quiet evening with his wife and kids as much as he keeps up with tennis and basketball games. Lucas Digne’s interests and hobbies also include sightseeing and listening to music.

Lucas Digne Club Career

The French left-back started his youth career from his hometown and progressed to bigger clubs from

Ligue 1

, La Liga, and the most recent club from Premier League. He is a product from 3 different youth clubs since 1999 up to 2010 when officially joining Lille for a three-year contract.


The first year of his contract he spent time playing for Lille B, making 36 appearances and scoring a goal. Then he got promoted to the senior team permanently and was assigned the number 3 jersey. Digne made his professional debut on 26 October 2011 in a 6-1 win against Sedan in the Coupe de la Ligue.

A year later in January 2012, he extended his contract until 2016.  Due to his great performance in Lille, Lucas Digne was receiving many offers from

AS Monaco

, Paris Saint-Germain, and


but the teenage defender insisted that he had no desire to leave


as his contract with the club is still running.

Michel Seydoux, Lille’s president, explained that there is no pressure to sell Digne and he will stay at the club for the season.

In an interview when asked if the deal was close, he said, “The transfer will not happen this weekend, but yes, there is a competition between Monaco and PSG, but nobody mentions the third solution and that is that he stays with us this season. This club is not bankrupt, so that is still a real possible alternative.”

On January 28, 2012, Digne made his Ligue 1 debut at the Stadium Nord Lille Metropole. He only played the last two minutes of the 3-0 win over Saint- Étienne. He made 16 league appearances as the defending champions came third.

In the 2012-13 season, Digne was a regular. On 23 February 2013, in a 3-1 win against


, Digne got suspended from the game for a foul on Matthieu Chalmé.

On 7 April, Digne finally scored his first goal for the club in a 5-0 home win over Lorient via a penalty. Two weeks later he scored his second goal in a 2-1 comeback victory against



Paris Saint-Germain

On 17 July 2013, Lucas Digne put a pen to a paper and signed a five-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain. The transfer fee was believed to be around €15 million.

After the transfer, Lucas Digne said, “Playing at Paris Saint-Germain with exceptional players is a childhood dream and a great joy. After becoming a world champion, I had a fantastic summer. I thank the club officials for their confidence.”

Paris Saint-Germain’s chairman was glad to have Digne on his team: “Lucas Digne, one of the great hopes of French football, recent winner of the World Cup and less than 20 years old, courted by leading clubs, chooses Paris Saint-Germain to assert himself on the European stage. We are particularly pleased to welcome a young French player to our team.”

Although he was a great addition to the club, he was an unused substitute when the club won the 2013 Trophée des Champions in Gabon with a 2–1 victory over



He wasn’t given the chance to make his debut until 13 September in a 2-0 win over the same team. Lucas Digne was then back-up to the Brazilian full-back Maxwell who was soon to be phased out.

2014 looked like a year that Digne could make the left-back position his own. It was at that time that the French coach Didier Deschamps chose Digne for his 2014 World Cup squad over the more experienced defender Gael Clichy.

After playing just one season, Lucas Digne showed so many capabilities that it was rumored that clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Roma are considering buying him. Naturally, Paris Saint-Germain stated that they wish to keep Digne longer and for the following seasons he might have more opportunities to replace Maxwell.

Even Digne himself declared that he is enjoying the Parisian way of life: “I've visited loads of places. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, and the Louvre as well. But it's also a special place for me because my family is from here. So it's a place which is close to my heart, and it's a romantic city as well,”

Even though he was serving as Maxwell’s understudy at the time, he was grateful for the opportunity: “On my first day of training when everyone was there, I saw all that quality and I thought 'this isn't bad at all!

I hang out with the French players. Sometimes it can be complicated with the others, but we try hard to understand each other. I also hang out with Lucas Moura, Marco Verratti - the ones who are the same age as me.”

In the 2014 Trophée des Champions, on 2 August, Digne played the whole game against Guingamp in Beijing which resulted in a 2-0 win for PSG. Digne was part of the squad when PSG won the 2014-15 season’s all four domestic honors but he remained unused in their Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue final victories.

Roma (loan)

On 26 August 2015, Digne signed the contracts for a loan to Roma from PSG on a season-long loan deal for €2.5 million. The Italian

Serie A

club had the option to make the move permanent at the end of the season if desired.

Digne made his debut on 31 August in a 2-1 victory against


where he played the whole game. He seemed to be settling down quite perfectly as he blew a sarcastic kiss towards his opponent, Roberto Pereyra, at the end of the game and then pointing to the scoreboard reminding him of the results.

The same gesture was first acted by Roma captain Francesco Totti to Igor Tudor of the same opponent in a 4-0 victory in February 2004.

Digne’s first goal was scored on 26 September in a 5-1 home victory against Carpi with a closed-range header. On January 29, 2016, Digne suffered from a biceps femoris muscle injury that lasted for 7 days and kept him away from matches until then.

On February 12, he returned from injury to score an incredible strike from 30 meters in a 3-1 win which did not leave any chance for the opposing goalkeeper.

A month later on 17 April 2016, Digne opened the game in a 3-3 draw against


. AT the end of the season Roma became third in Serie A, and the 22-year-old left-back, Lucas Digne, hoped that he could stay at the club, “PSG and Roma are discussing it and afterward we'll see what will happen, but yes, I'd like to continue the adventure with Roma.”

“I want to stay at Roma, regardless of the manner. If I can continue to develop myself, to get game time, to enjoy myself on the pitch -- that's all that I'm asking for.”

He said that he would be okay with either a permanent move or another loan.

“The fact I went to Roma has helped me a lot," Digne said. “It allowed me to get game time and to get my confidence back... the repetition of matches, the fact I changed leagues, it's positive. I learned a new culture, in life as well in terms of football. I think I've developed a good bit, especially defensively.”

Although Digne spent a very good season at Roma, there was also a chance that he could win back a spot in PSG after Maxwell’s end of the contract but Digne said that he isn’t concentrating on PSG and he feels good about Roma, “I haven't yet discussed it with PSG.

I'm concentrating for the moment on the Euros. We'll see about it later. I've had a very good season with Roma. I feel very good at this club.” After all the rumors Digne joined the Spanish

La Liga

side Barcelona on 13 July 2016.


Lucas Digne signed the contracts to join the Spanish club on a five-year deal for a fee believed to be €16.5 million, in addition to the possible increase to be €20.5 million due to individual and team results.

An interesting fact about Lucas Digne is that after the transfer to Barcelona he received many good reactions from fans that shocked him: “I'm very touched by the great reception that I've gotten from Barça's fans. I am very happy to be a Barca player.

It was a dream since childhood. It is a huge pride to play for this club. The time I will play my first game at Camp Nou [for Barca], surely, I will get chills. I am delighted to arrive at the best club in the world. It is a great day for me.”

Before signing the contracts, he had to undergo a medical: “I had two nose fractures last season, and so I needed an operation to start with the club in the best way possible.”

Lucas Digne got surgeries on both his nose and ears. His ears are now pinned back.

He talked about his plans at the club: “Maybe at first, I'll be closer to Umtiti because I've known him for years. I hope to learn the language fast and get close to others.”

When asked about his favorable positions to play in he stated: “I like attacking a lot, a modern fullback has to do that in addition to defending.

I've improved this last area a lot. Every player has his style and has to enhance his qualities. I'm looking for stability and the project of Barça is an enormous one. I want to improve and work every day to do my best.”

Being in a top tier club with great players who are all one of the best at their own position, Digne explained how this helps him improve: “I feel very motivated by the idea of training with Barça's players, they're the best in the world that will help me improve a lot.

I'm more mature now than when I joined PSG and I come here after a very good season at Roma. I think Barça's style is perfect for me. I found out about Barça's interest at the start of the Euro and I knew that I had to come here. I'll train the best I can and when the coach calls me, I'll be available to prove myself.”

“I talked to Mathieu about Barça's interest and with [Samuel] Umtiti during the Euro. And I've talked to Robert during the last weeks. I spoke with Jeremy [Mathieu] when the interest was still not firm, I wanted to know how things worked at Barça. Then I spoke with Samuel [Umtiti] and with Robert [Fernandez]. I felt the club's interest and it's difficult to say no to Barça.”

When asked about his desired jersey number he said: “I don't care what number I'll have, I only wanted to wear this shirt.” He was later assigned with number 19.

“I don't have good memories of my two games against Barça last season. I've watched a lot of Barça games and of course I've studied Alba a lot because he's a modern fullback. Starting or being on the bench depends on the coach. I'll give the best I have every day. We all want to play.”

Lucas Digne made his first appearance in a 0-2 win over Sevilla in the 2016 Supercopa de España as a substitute for compatriot Jeremy Mathieu.

On 21 December 2016, he scored his first goal in a 7-0 win over Segunda División B club Hércules in the last 32 of the Copa del Rey. He played 26 total games in his first season at Camp Nou.

Digne made 20 appearances in the 2017—18 season as Barcelona won the league and cup double with Ernesto Valverde as manager. On 18 October 2017, Digne scored a goal with Lionel Messi’s assist in a 3-1 home victory over Olympiacos in the Champions League group stage.


On 1 August 2018, Lucas Digne joined the English club, Everton. The transfer was done for a five-year deal for a fee of £18 million. Digne made his debut ten days on 11 August in a 2-2 draw at Wolverhampton Wanderers, replacing double scorer Richarlison for the last four minutes. On 29 August, he assisted a goal from Dominic Calvert-Lewin, in a 3-1 EFL Cup win against

Rotherham United


His first Premier League game was four days later in a 1-1 home draw against Huddersfield Town in which he assisted Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s equalizer.

In October, Digne was already Everton’s first-choice left-back. His first goal was scored on 10 December, in the sixth minute of stoppage time at the end of the match against


. The game ended in a 2-2 draw with Digne’s amazing curling free-kick.

On 26 December, Digne scored a double, which are his last club goals so far, in a 5-1 win at


. Due to his very impressive performance during his first season at Everton, Lucas Digne was named Club’s Player of the Season and Players' Player of the Season alongside midfielder Idrissa Gana Gueye.

Lucas Digne International Career

Digne is an international star in the field. He has represented France at almost all levels. From U16 to senior squad. At the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Turkey. His first international senior squad was on March 5, in a friendly match against the


. He made his debut for France in a 2-0 win at the Stade de France.

In June, he was named as one of the 23 members of the French squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He was assigned with jersey number 17 for the games. His one appearance was against


. In the game, Antonio Valencia did a foul on Digne which earned him a straight red card.

An interesting

fact about Lucas Digne

is that he was again chosen for the French squad at UEFA Euro 2016, but he didn’t play. He was put on standby to be used for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Six years ago, it was stated on the fourfourtwo website that Digne is one of the best defenders that the French team could ever have, “France has an exciting future defensively with the likes of Raphael Varane, Eliaquim Mangala, Kurt Zouma, and Layvin Kurzawa all under 23. Digne, however, is arguably the brightest of them all.”

Lucas Digne Achievements

Lucas Digne is probably the best thing that could happen to any club that he has been in. Since he joined those clubs, they have won many titles and trophies.

When he was playing for Paris Saint-Germain the club won Ligue 1 title two seasons in a row in 2013 and 2014. Other titles are listed below:

  • Coupe de France: 2014–15

  • Coupe de la Ligue: 2013–14, 2014–15

  • Trophée des Champions: 2013, 2014, 2015


  • La Liga: 2017–18

  • Copa del Rey: 2016–17, 2017–18

  • Supercopa de España: 2016

France U20

  • FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2013

Lucas Digne Market Value

Regarding Lucas Digne’s market value, it is worth mentioning that since he joined Everton his market value increased steeply but just before the pandemic. After the pandemic until December 17, 2020, his market value hasn’t still reached its peak which was on December 10, 2019.

His current market value is estimated to be €33.00 million. His highest value was €35.00 million.

One of the amazing facts about Lucas Digne is that even though his market value has decreased, his rank worldwide and in Everton is pretty impressive. His rank worldwide is 197, 78 in Premier League, 4 in Everton, and 27 among all players from France.

Lucas Digne Style of Play

The young left-back is always calm and composed o the ball. Digne is equally an expert at attacking as he is at defending. That’s why he is suitable for multiple tactical situations based on opponents. He is flexible towards the game-play needed in each match, as he can also play as a left-sided midfielder.

Digne holds a good pace during games and has an incredible bias towards the crossing. He is not a loner in the game and attempts on passes and assists. According to the FBREF website, Digne holds 98 percentiles for assists. He acts good on-air and has won 97 percentiles of the aerial duels.

His amazing ability to shoot from a far distance on free kicks is what makes him very special. The left-back performs accurate tackles with wonderful pressures on the game. However, he has weaknesses too.

One of his major weaknesses is the lack of good dribbling ability. The dribbles that he managed to complete are at 22 surprisingly low percentile. He also has a problem with pass completion.

Lucas Digne Net Worth

Concerning Lucas Digne’s net worth, it is worth mentioning that he has a shocking salary of €5.3 million. This means that a regular working person in the UK needs to work at least 10.8 years to earn the same as Digne does in one month!

In 2018, the left back signed a contract with Everton that netted him a whopping salary of 5.3 Million Euro (4.6 Million Pound) per year. This means that he earned €26,274 (£22,815) per day and €1,095 (£951) per hour.

There’s not much information about the cars he drives or houses that he owns but what is obvious is that

Lucas Digne net worth

is €42.6 million. Based on the Instagram location of his house, the Frenchman now lives in a house in Manchester, in the United Kingdom with his family.

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