Top facts about Lauren Sesselmann, the stunning soccer player

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Here you will read the full account of top facts about Lauren Sesselmann, the stunning soccer player.

There are only a few decades that women have started playing soccer professionally and now that the years have passed, they have raised great woman soccer players who can play as well as men or even better than a team in the men league. 

One of these successful players in the international women's league is Lauren Sesselmann. She is an American-born player of Canada national team.

She was raised in GreenBay, Wisconsin, with her American mother and Canadian father. She also has two siblings.

Top facts about Lauren Sesselmann, the stunning soccer player

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top facts about Lauren Sesselmann

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Lauren Sesselmann Information

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top facts about Lauren Sesselmann


Full name:

 Lauren Marie Sesselmann


 Sess – Sessy


 August 14, 1983



Day of Birth:


Birth Sign:


Birth Flower: 


Opposite Sign: 


Birth Sign Duality: 


Birth Sign Modality and Element: 

Fixed fire

Birth Place: 

Marshfield, Wisconsin




 5’8” (1.73cm)



Hair Color:

 Currently Blonde

Eye Color: 

Greenish grey

Shoe Size:


Net worth:

 $100000 - $1 million

Lauren Sesselmann Early Life

She was raised in Green Bay and she displayed her interest in sports when she was young. She was great at soccer and basketball.


went to Notre Dame Academy and in 2001 and won the Wisconsin state championship in girls' basketball.

In her college-era, she played for Purdue University from 2001 to 2005.


could make six records for the university team in goals, points, assists, game-winning goals, multiple-goal games, and shots on goal registered. Their team was named First Team All-Big Ten for two years once in 2003 and once in 2005.

Lauren Sesselmann Career

Here are some

 top facts about Lauren Sesselmann

's career. After Purdue, she started playing for Indiana F.C in Greater Lafayette.


played in the Women’s Premier Soccer League in 2007 and also for W-league in 2008. In fourteen games, she scored nine goals and created 4 goal assists, as they were the second team in W-league.

On January 16, 2009, she was chosen by Chicago Red Stars, but it did not last more than 3 months and


signed a contract with Sky Blue F.C in May 2009.


went to a training camp with Saint Louis Athletica, but she decided to quit there. After that, she made a contract with Atlanta Beat, where her position in the field changed from an offensive role to a defensive one. She played her first match against Philadelphia Independence on 11 April of 2010.


joined FC Kansas City in 2013 in the new

National Woman’s Soccer League

. In 2014, the Houston Dash team told that they have decided Lauren Sesselmann can play in their team as their 3rd choice in the 2014 NWSL Expansion Draft. However, her agent stating “in her best interest to explore options as a free agent” announced that her role with the Dash has been put into question.

After two years of not playing for any team, in 2017, Sesselmann went to Santa Clarita Blue Heat.

Lauren Sesselmann International Career

In 2010, Lauren Sesselmann became a Canadian citizen through her father who is from Newfoundland and Labrador, and was invited to the Canada National Team. Previous events for Lauren caused two friendly matches against the US in September 2011. She got her first win against the US in her first cap on September 17, 2017, and played 90 minutes for Canada National Team. The second match was on September 23, 2011.

She was one of the 18 players who had been chosen for the 2011 Pan American Games at Guadalajara.


played as left-back in the first four games and the fifth game came as a substitute and helped Canada to win the Gold Medal.

In the 2012 Olympics, Sesselmann played in all six games for

Canada National Team

. She played four of them at the center-back and two of them at the left-back and they could get the Bronze medal.

She has played for the team in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, but in the quarter-final, she lost her concentration and fell and this, became a goal opportunity for


and they used the chance and scored a goal.

In June 2017, Canada soccer appreciated her along with other Olympic Bronze Medalists like Jonelle Filigno, Robyn Gayle, Kaylyn Kyle, and Josée Bélanger.

Lauren Sesselmann Filmography

She has had activities in the cinema world as well.


started her movie career in 2014. She has played in six movies since 2014 and started it with the movie Dark Awakening in 2014 and she has been acted in a movie every year after that till 2019.

She was in 2 series, one in Terrible HR, in 2015, and one in Soccer and Drinks which has been released in 2016. There is also a short movie named Love Afterlife which she has played in it as a Religious Girl. She has written the script for this short movie and she was part of the Continuity Department.

In 2019,


has done her last job in the movie named The Creatress.


also was the Location Manager of this movie.

She has produced a video named Fit as a Pro which contains five ten-minute full-body workouts.

Lauren Sesselmann Social Media

As it is shown on her Twitter account, she has been using Twitter since March 2009. Her official account on Twitter is 



Also, it has displayed information about her current location which says she lives in Green Bay. Her activity on Twitter is all about sports. People who are followed by her are mostly sportspeople. She is followed by 25K people. 

Lauren Sesselmann 

is active on Twitter and writes tweets at least once a week.

Astonishingly beautiful lady, Lauren Sesselmann, is also active on Instagram. One of the top facts about

Lauren Sesselmann is that s

he has been on Instagram since March 2012. Her account on Instagram is 



There is some information in her Instagram bio which says she is an Olympic Medalist, trainer, sports host, and mental health advocate. There is also another Instagram ID which seems that it is being controlled by her and it relates to sport.

She is following 7200 people whereas she is being followed by 114K people. She has posted 1543 pictures there up until this point. Her activity on Instagram is mostly about sport, but you can see pictures with her family and friends and also activities she does in her routine life.

Lauren Sesselmann Relationships

Like all celebrities, she tries to keep her private life secret even for her fans, and in this case, she was successful till now and her relationship status is unknown for everyone.

Although she is hot and beautiful, it seems that she is single. She has not spoken about her sexuality, but she is not gay at all.

Some claims say she was at least in one relationship, but there is not enough, or better say any information about that lucky man who had the chance to hang out with such a beautiful girl.

But we all know that for her, a stunning celebrity, finding a soul mate is not hard at all and she will find the one who makes her life more beautiful safe, and sound.

Lauren Sesselmann Family

As you know, she lives in Green Bay with her family.


is the daughter of Debbie Sesselmann and Ernie Sesselmann. She has two younger brothers. Aaron Sesselmann and EJ Sesselmann are both married. They care so much about their family and on social media, they have posted lots of pictures with each other in different places.

Lauren Sesselmann Style of Play

In the field, she is a powerful defender, header, and also she has great defending abilities. She runs so fast that several times, with help of her, the team she was playing for won the match.


is a solid block for opponents and passing her would be a very difficult issue.

Lauren Sesselmann Salary

Famous people, besides their careers, usually earn money from their social media by advertising new products and brands. They also have some sponsors who pay their bills in return for advertising their brands. No one knows about her exact income, but one of the 

top facts about Lauren Sesselmann's salary is an

 estimation to be something around $100000 to $1 million a year.

Lauren Sesselmann Honors


  • From 2001 to 2005, played as a forward for the University women’s soccer team and has made several school records like goals, goal assists, game-winning goals, multiple-goal games, and shots on goal registered.

  • Regular player as the left-back of the Canadian National team.

  • Lauren Sesselmann 

    had the chance to win a Gold medal when she was in Canada in Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico and she has a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

  • She played for FC Indiana in the women’s premier soccer in 2007 and the next year, 2008, she played in the W-League.

  • She was named First-team all-big Ten Conference for two years. Once in 2003 and once in2005.

In her first National game, in a friendly match, on September 17 of 2011, 

Lauren Sesselmann 

won her first cap against the United States at Sporting Park in Kansas City

She won 4 trophies in both soccer and basketball when she was at Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Lauren Sesselmann 

also participated in the girls’ basketball team and helped the team to pass a season with no defeats and got the Wisconsin state championship in 2001.

In 2009, 

Lauren Sesselmann 

played for Sky Blue FC in women’s national soccer, and next two years, 2010 and 2011, she played for Atlanta Beat.

In 2013, in the National Women’s Soccer League 

Lauren Sesselmann 

played for FC Kansas City.

One of the top facts about Lauren Sesselmann is that i

n 2006, 


has received a bachelor of art in marketing and communications from Purdue University.




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