Top facts about Diogo Dalot

Mon 19 April 2021 | 4:30

You would go through an engaging ride through top facts about Diogo Dalot considering his life story as well as his professional career.

Diogo Dalot is a well-known professional footballer who has got recognition for his excellent performance in the ground of UFFA European under-17 championship, 2016.

As he was playing in premier league club Manchester United, he has featured a historic Champions League comeback victory over Paris Saint-Germain, helping win the injury-time penalty Marcus Rashford eventually converted.

Even though he admits the long-range effort which hit the arm of

Presnel Kimpembe

was, most likely, not heading towards goal, he’s still grateful he made the decision which eventually helped complete one of the most amazing continental nights in Reds’ history.

Even Mourinho once stated that Diogo is an extremely talented young defender with all the qualities to shortly become a great player for this club. As he possesses all the attributes that a full-back needs: physicality, tactical intelligence and technical quality, along with a Porto Academy mentality that equips players for the maturity they require at the professional level.

We have come with some of the most fascinating

top facts about Diogo Dalot

, so if you are curious to know more about him, you are landed on the right path. Make sure to stick around until the end.

Top facts about Diogo Dalot that you might want to know

You would go through an engaging ride through top facts about Diogo Dalot considering his life story as well as his professional career. He is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a full-back and sometimes as a winger for


, on loan from Premier League club Manchester United.

Diogo Dalot facts in brief


  • Fullname

    : José Diogo Dalot Teixeira

  • Nickname

    : DaLotty

General information

  • Date of Birth

    : March 18, 1999

  • Age

    : 22 years

  • Horoscope

    : Pisces

  • Birth Place

    : Braga

  • Nationality

    : Portuguese

  • Religion

    : Christian 

  • Ethnicity

    : White

Personal information

  • Father

    : Mr. Dalot Teixeira

  • Mother

    : Mrs. Dalot Teixeira

  • Sibling

    : Mariana

  • Net Worth

    :  $150,000 - $350,000

  • Martial Status

    : Dating

  • Girlfriend

    : Mariana

Physical status

  • Height

    : 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Weight

    : 153 lbs (75 kilos)

  • Hair Color

    : Regular brown

  • Eye Color

    : Blue

Football information

  • Profession

    : Football Player

  • Current Club

    : AC Milan(loan)

  • Position

    : Right back

  • Traits

    : Attacking Defender

Diogo Dalot childhood

Diogo Dalot childhood

was spent in a devoted Christian music family. His parents are true music lovers and fell in love with each other in the church while singing in the choir. The sweet family are extremely supportive as most of the times they wear Diogo's jersey and participate in his matches.

His father is also a passionate football lover and he wanted to be a player but he didn’t, since Diogo's grandma made him go study and no football because, back then, it was difficult to be a football player. So he instead made a vision for his son in the future. He knew those names [Diogo Dalot] would be catchier.


Diogo Dalot life story

when he was even a toddler, his talent was very much observable for all to see as soon as he started kicking the ball. Diogo Dalot’s passion for football saw him being enrolled in a local youth team, Fintas academy who gave him the opportunity to exhibit his talents.

Ever since joining Fintas academy in his hometown of Braga at the age of 6, Dalot seemed to be destined for greatness and fame which he got at that little age. And that was most certainly a result of his ability to handle the ball.

His popularity got to a stage that Fintas coaches had to allow him to train with children three years older than him, which is definitely tremendous for that age group. Surprisingly, when he was 8, both


and Porto showed interest to sign him. His parents eventually ended up choosing FC Porto due to distance.

Dalot made fast progress and became globally recognized as one of the top prospects at Porto’s academy. Shockingly, by the age of 16, he was already training with the first squad. This feat attracted the eyes of Mourinho who acquired him for United on the 6th of June 2018. 

Diogo Dalot sister

Diogo Dalot has been raised with her lovely sister, Mariana whom he regards as his best friend right from his childhood days. Not surprisingly, she was the first person in the Dalot family who inherited the singing gene from her mum and dad as she is a professional musician.

In light of her dream of revenge in music, Mariana Dalot moved to her Majesty's land to study and try her luck beyond the classroom. And once, when her younger brother, moved to

Manchester United

, she gave a concert in a London bar that she hoped to be "just the beginning".

In the audience of The Half Moon Putney, the young artist was attended by her parents, friends and, most importantly, the brother who proudly shared several videos on Instagram. "Pride" or "the singeris there", were some of the comments of our professional player.

The gifted artist has interpreted some various themes, in English and Portuguese in her musical performance. And while Diogo is establishing himself in lawns, she is proving herself with her musical talent on the stage. She is also immensely supportive as most of the times she has accompanied his brother in the games along with their parents.

But ironically Diogo is not as much supportive as her, in as much as he is an extremely committed professional player, who once missed an important concert organized by Mariana so as to sleep well and prepare for a match. 

Diogo Dalot professional career

Diogo Dalot joined the youth academy of FC Porto in 2008 when he was just nine years old back then. After playing some games in the B-team of FC Porto in the second league, he made his debut in the first team of FC Porto on October 13th, 2017.

He was in the first eleven in the 6-0 victory over

Lusitano GC

for the Taça de Portugal. Several months later he debuted in the Premeira Liga against Rio Ave FC (5-0) win. After only six games for their first team, he got contracted with Manchester United in June of 2018 for a five-year deal with a19 million fees paid for him.

He debuted in the Champions League stage game against

Young Boys

in September 2018. Dalot, who joined Manchester United under Jose Mourinho in 2018, had not made the influence that was expected of him, joining as a world-class youth international with high potential.

A long list of injuries has occurred, causing the former Porto player to miss a fair chunk of his development and a failure to adapt properly to English football with numerous games.

As Dalot had three years remaining on his deal at United, on 4 October 2020, he joined Italian Serie A club Milan on loan until 30 June 2021. Reportedly AC Milan could try to secure the services of Manchester United's Diogo Dalot permanently this summer.

Yet some argued that he has mainly struggled to make an impact in Serie A, starting just four top-flight matches. Still, Dalot has played an important role for Milan in the Europa League and Coppa Italia this season, and so far he appeared 13 times for the club, scoring one goal for them he is presumably hopeful of staying in Milan beyond the end of the season.

Diogo Dalot potentials


top facts about Diogo Dalot

, it is pertinent to note that he still has a bright future ahead of him, as he can play both at the left and the right side. He is not an attacking winger like Dani Alves or

Alex Sandro

, instead, he plays a bit safer. In this case, the good point is, he rarely makes a mistake in a defensive position.

Yet, at the same time, he possesses a lot of quality and power in attacking situations. He plays tactfully, which is a bit bizarre for a youngster of his age. He positions himself rightly in both attacking build-up, ball possession on the midfield and defensive transitions.

He is a technically talented right-back and is also very agile, skilled in pushing, fastball and chain and capable of providing assists to teammates. Armoured with a good shot, he is particularly competent in the push phase, but his structured physique makes him very qualified in the defensive one as well, where he stands out in the aerial game and the diagonals. 

Diogo Dalot personal life


 the top facts about Diogo Dalot,

one can point out to the notion that just like many other celebrities he prefers to keep his personal life private except that Dalot always uploads photos of his intimacy with his girlfriend Claudia on Instagram.

As he has kept his personal life on the very down low or even maybe because he has just recently started dating, it was a herculean task finding much information about his love story and girlfriend while it was indicated in many sources that he is just single.

But it seems that he is having an affair with Claudia Pinto Lopes. Considering 

Diogo Dalot girlfriend

one can suggest that her profession is not yet revealed, while she has amassed more than ten thousand followers on her


Instagram account.

Claudia always pays attention to fashion by looking fashionable, she tends to share images posturing on beaches and it looks like her appearance has always succeeded in getting attention. Hopefully, Claudia and Dalot continue to be in harmony and apparently, her charm never fails to captivate our footballer.

Diogo Dalot social media

In regard to top facts about Diogo Dalot, it is interesting to indicate he manages his own social media accounts. While players usually have professionals to manage their accounts for them, Dalot looks after his own as he makes himself navigate the often tricky world of social media.

In line with this he once stated in the following terms “Everything I post, it’s from myself, my point of view. Of course, you have advice from other, older people and more experienced people. Even if you’re 30 years old, you’re still growing up.

The older guys from the team, this technology is newer for them than the younger lads. They’re not more used to that but they need to get used to it, because that’s the world now."

He has gathered more than one million followers on Instagram, while he is also active on Twitter sharing posts regarding his professional career and personal life.

Diogo Dalot body measurement

If we take

Diogo Dalot body measurement

into account the indication of the fact that, he owns an athletic body and oval face might be captivating. Not to mention his Portuguese ancestry with nicely trimmed hair, blue eyes, and charming disposition that has made him irresistible among fans.

Diogo Dalot has a tall height of 6 feet 2 inches and considerable body weight to match. Diogo, being an active athlete and fitness lover has kept his body toned and fat-free. Between the groomed appearance, athletically built, and boyish good looks, he is sure to make fans swoon.

Currently, this clean-shaven handsome heartthrob lives an active and healthy lifestyle. In between eating hygiene, doing regular exercises, posting and documenting his daily chorus on social media, to enjoying, exploring and visiting new places with his close one's, he has depicted himself as an eye candy adventurous man.

Diogo Dalot net worth

To delve a bit further into top facts about Diogo Dalot, considering his recent activities, his net worth in 2021 is estimated to be around $150,000 - $350,000, while it was approximately $100,000 - $250,000 in 2020 and $50,000 - $100,000 in 2019.

Diogo Dalot is always ranked on the list of the most affluent Association Football Player in Portugal and he has steadily built such amount of wealth over the years.

He became even more popular when he signed a five-year contract for £ 17.4 million with the famous club which has wide popularity throughout the world named Manchester United that netted him a whopping salary of 2.8 Million Euro (2.4 Million Pound) per year.

Diogo Dalot injuries

One of the most heart-wrenching top facts about Diogo Dalot is that when he was playing for United he had undergone some injuries but he tried as much as he can to not let melancholy descend on him as he asserted once that injuries have only made him stronger.

After moving to United, his debut was delayed due to a knee injury. He has also missed large parts of that campaign, with hip and groin problems, but he insisted the whole experience of playing for United and overcoming his fitness issues have only intensified his resolve to establish himself at the club.

His own sayings in this regard might be much more inspiring, we hope it finds you well: “I think when you're not playing regularly when things are difficult, the easiest way is to run away from them, but, for me, I don't like that.

It's been a really tough challenge for me, but I’m willing to fight for it because I think that I can play here for many years, play as much as I can. I just need that chance, that time. Sometimes you just need that click, to have the opportunities, and to grab that.

Some people might think that's been terrifying for me or terrible for my career but it's been fantastic in terms of knowledge, in terms of growing up, in terms of playing as well, but I didn't change this for another thing. I don't regret any of the decisions that I made to come here.

I’m very proud to be a Man United player and I just want to make part of the history of the club as well. I think I have everything to do that but I just need the opportunity and the time for that.”


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