Top facts about Daniela Basso, Raul Jimenez’s girlfriend

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Raul Jimenez is a professional football player who plays as a forward for the premier league club Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Mexico national team. His girlfriend, Daniela Basso, is a Mexican soap opera actress. Read the following article to learn more facts about Daniela Basso.

Raul Jimenez

was born on 5 May 1991. He is currently dating Daniela Basso, an actress from Mexico. They started dating in 2017. Although the couple is not officially married, they are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Daniella has appeared in many Mexican soap operas and is remembered mainly in her homeland because of her performance of Yolanda in 2015.

Unlike many WAGs, there is not much information known about Daniella Basso. However, we have gathered as much as we could in this article. Being Raul Jimenez’s biggest supporter, Daniella has continued her own career and gained an impressive fan base on social media. It is incredible to have a stable professional and personal life.

Read on to learn more facts about Daniela Basso:

As a professional football player, Raul meets many difficulties throughout his career. However, he has the companionship of a charming woman who is understanding and passionate. Daniela enjoys Jazz and Ballet, which is an interesting

fact about Daniela Basso, Raul Jimenez’s girlfriend

. In the following article, there are anecdotes about her that you may not know. So stay with us and we promise to tell you interesting stories.

Daniela Basso biography

Daniela Basso was born on 23 June 1989 in Mexico. Daniela’s zodiac sign is Cancer. People who are born with this zodiac sign are highly intuitive and great at working with people. They are out-going and friendly, but they could be very moody and sensitive. They belong to the dreamer’s tribe and they have interesting philosophy toward everything in life.

Daniella is very passionate and kind. She loves to be among her friends and family. No matter how hard the situations may get, she always creates a solution utilizing her creativity. Just like people with the cancer zodiac sign, Daniela is very intuitive and energetic. Her positive energy is contagious and it is impossible to be around her and not feel optimistic about the world. This is a fantastic

fact about Daniela Basso


Daniela Basso childhood

was spent in Mexico, her favorite place in the world. She was a creative kid as a child always creating games way too complicated for others to understand. Her intelligence and sweetness had always impressed those around her. Daniella never felt left out because she was always the one leading the games.

She has always been interested in reading, so books have always been her closest friends. She has also a great friend with who she can share her moments and laugh at stuff for many hours. This is an incredible aspect of

Daniela Basso personal life

. Her good friends were also the reason for her meeting the love of her life. Being reliable and passionate are her great traits when it comes to her social affairs. Her positive energy connects her with everyone very easily.

Unfortunately, not much is known about

Daniela Basso parents

and siblings. The only thing that we know that her parents were always supportive and proud of her. They were ecstatic when she welcomed her daughter Arya to the world. Family is an amazing thing and something that really matters to Daniela. This is an impressive fact about Daniela Basso.  

Daniela was always interested in movies and soap operas. Soon enough she realized that show business is something that she wants to pursue. She followed many celebrities' work over the years and tried her best to learn from their actings. She has participated in many plays at school and she managed to impress a lot of people. It was obvious that she was talented. That is why she was advised many times to stand by her dream and do her best to make it as an actress. This is a very impressive fact about Daniela Basso, Raul Jimenez’s girlfriend.

Daniela Basso body measurement and hobbies

Daniela Basso is a charming brunette with big beautiful brown eyes. Her beauty is the first thing that strikes you when you first meet her, which is an incredible fact about Daniela Basso, Raul Jimenez’s girlfriend. Although we don’t have

Daniela basso body measurement

, it is not difficult to notice her stunning figure, which is the product of regular workouts and a healthy diet.

Daniela enjoys spending time on the beach and with animals. Her favorite pet animal is a dog, which she has two at home. That’s an interesting fact about Daniela Basso, Raul Jimenez’s girlfriend. She is a sports fan especially football of course. Also, she enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and Yoga. Daniela posts many pictures of her working out, which are very inspiring.

She is very interested in jazz, ballet, and singing. Her amazing photoshoots have always amazed and impressed her fans mostly on Instagram where she shares them. She loves to dress up in costumes and pose for the camera. Daniela loves traveling as well, and she has traveled to many amazing places during her lifetime, such as Russia, Bangkok, Cambodia, and Rome.

Daniela Basso Professional life

As mentioned before, Daniela Basso is an aspiring soap opera actress. She is very famous in her homeland. During her professional life, she has appeared in various soap operas, plays, and, musicals. Interestingly, Daniela has done a few modeling jobs, which is perfectly suited for her considering her astonishing figure. These are some amazing

facts about Daniela Basso



Daniela Basso age

, which is 32, she has done pretty impressive works so far. She has appeared in series such as Wild at Heart, La Rosa de Guadalupe, Ask God for Forgiveness, Unforgivable, Simply Maria, The Three Side of Ana, Como Dice el Dicho, and the Waiter. She has started her career in 2013 and is remembered for her memorable performance of Yolanda on the 2015 series of Simply Maria.

Daniela Basso net worth and salary

As we said before, Daniela is an aspiring actress and her filmography shows her successful career. Sadly, we don’t know

Daniela Basso salary

for sure. The young actress has a baby at home, so it is only natural that she doesn’t want to work at the moment. However, she is a talented person, so it won’t be long until we see her in new programs.

One of the amazing facts about Daniela Basso is her net worth. It is excellent to see strong and goal-oriented women who take the road of independence and claim their place in the world.

Daniela Basso net worth

is estimated to be around $7 million. Her boyfriend, Raul Jimenez has a net worth of $17 million, which enables him to have a luxurious life.

Daniela Basso social media

Daniela Basso social media

is very active and contains impressive followers. Her Instagram has 300k followers, which is an astonishing fact about Daniela Basso, Raul Jimenez’s girlfriend. She loves to post pictures about her daily life, travels, and workouts. Her life is very inspiring to her followers and they love to see the family pictures that she shares.

If you are interested to follow her posts on Instagram, you can find her account with


. Daniela also has a Twitter account, which she joined in October 2011. She has 20.2k followers on this social media platform and usually tweets about her personal and professional life. You can find her account with



Daniela Basso boyfriend, Raul Jimenez

Raul Alonso Jimenez Rodriguez is a professional football player who plays as a forward for the

Premier League


Wolverhampton Wanderers

and the Mexico national team. Raul Jimenez was born on 5 May 1991 in Mexico. Raul’s zodiac sign is Taurus. Like many people who are born with this zodiac sign, he is hardworking and stubborn. He doesn’t take no for an answer and shows great resilience in life.

Raul Jimenez is a great listener and a family man. His friends and family know for sure that they can rely on him through thick and thin. He is a great man and loved by everyone. His mother is Martha Rodriguez and his father is Raul Jimenez Vega. His birthplace is Tepeji in Mexico, a wonderfully beautiful place known for its lake Requena.

Raul and his siblings grew up in this beautiful place. He has one sister named Miranda and two brothers. One of his brothers is called Raul Andre. As a kid, Raul was very happy and energetic with a beautiful smile on his face. He is very close with his parents and siblings, always caring and protective. He grew up with a great many beautiful memories of his childhood and family.

As a kid, he showed great interest in football. Raul and his brothers spent many hours cheering for their favorite teams growing up. Raul first joined local clubs around his house to play football. His God-given talent astonished many and eventually, he enrolled into the youth academy roster of Club America. Raul polished his skill there and managed to showcase his capabilities.

His performance and agility were the reason behind his potential. It was obvious that he was going to become a marvelous striker. In 2008, he started his professional career at the Club America youth system. He was one of the most trusted and talented players. In October 2011, he started playing professionally under the leadership of Alfredo Tena.

Raul Jimenez club career

Raul Jimenez made his professional debut on 9 October 2011 against Monarcas Morelia in a tournament. In his first tournament, he appeared in six games and managed to score one goal. He participated in the Summer Olympics with Mexico and the sale of Vicente Matias Vuoso. Later on, during the next season, he managed to win a spot in club America as a major striker playing in the shirt number nine.

In August 2014, Raul Jimenez joined Atletico Madrid on a six-year deal. The contract fee was estimated somewhere around €11 million. On 16 August, he made his first debut against


starting the match as a substitute. During that season, he managed to score one goal, but his performance was satisfactory for the team.

Raul failed to show up for his medical report because he missed his flight to London on 9 August 2015. That is why his loan to Premier League side

West Ham

could not be completed. Later on, on 13 Auf\gust 2013, Raul signed up with Portuguese Champions


on a five-year contract. His contract fee was €10 million.

During the next season, it was announced that Benfica had purchased the rest of Raul’s economic rights for €12 million, which made his total transfer value to around €22 million. Because of this, he became the most expensive player in Portuguese football history and the most expensive Mexican player. In June 2018, he was loaned to Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers on a season-long loan for a fee of €2 million, with a buyout clause of €38 million.

Later that month, it was reported that he had extended his contract with Benfica until June 2021 before being loaned out. On 4 April 2019, it was announced that Wolverhampton had exercised their €38 million option to sign Jimenez on a four-year deal. His performance made him one of the key players and his teammates eventually became dependent on him.

In November 2019, he was voted as the Wolves’ best player of the season by both his fans and his teammates. On 29 November 2020, in a match against


at the Emirates Stadium, Raul was knocked unconscious after a clash of heads with

David Luiz

. Raul was immediately stretched off and taken to the hospital for severe trauma.

The following morning, he went through surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was a success and soon enough he started his recovery time. During his recovery time, many people including famous players showed their affection to him and his family wishing him to get better soon. During the 2020-21 season, he has appeared in ten matches and managed to score 3 goals.

Currently, he is in contract with Wolverhampton Wanderers and his contract stays until 30 July 2024. His current market value is €44 million as was last updated on 13 October 2020. His highest market value was €55 million on 9 March 2020. He mainly plays as the center-forward and sometimes as the second striker.

Daniela Basso and Raul Jimenez’s relationship

Their love story started when a mutual friend of theirs introduced them to each other in 2017. They clicked quickly, so they started dating. The couple has been together ever since and seen together in many events and parties. Daniela always shows up for Raul’s important matches to show her love and support. This is an amazing fact about Daniela Basso.

Daniela and Raul have been living together for many years. They have traveled to exotic and amazing places together and shared their heart-warming pictures on social media platforms. They are very good-looking together and their chemistry is electrifying. It is always wonderful to see love as great as theirs in real life.

The couple happily announced a piece of great news with their fan in late 2019. Daniela was expecting her first child. Their daughter was born on 21 July 2020 and they named her Arya. Arya has been their joy ever since she was born and they are extremely happy to have her in their lives. Considering

Daniela Basso children

, we should state that she only has Arya so far.

Although Daniela and Raul are not married, they are a power-couple always supporting and rooting for each other. Raul is certainly very close with his girlfriend especially now that they newly became parents. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if Raul pops the questions and ask Daniela to be his wife. They are both still young and with their potentials, we expect nothing short of greatness in the future.




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