Top facts about Kaylee Ramman, Nathan Ake’s girlfriend

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The professional Dutch football player Nathan Ake plays for Premier League club Manchester City and the Netherlands national team. Nathan is engaged to be married to Kaylee Ramman, his long-term girlfriend. Read the following article to learn more facts about Kaylee Raman.

Some people think that love stories can only be found in books and movies, but we respectfully disagree. Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake are good examples of a great love story. They met when they were very young, grew up together, and now they are engaged to be married. It is always wonderful to have someone that you can share your life with, especially if that person is your best friend.

Nathan Ake

is born on 18 February 1995 in the Netherlands. He plays at the left-back in

Manchester City

and is known for his versatility, professionalism, and gifted technique. Kaylee has always supported him and accompanied him to matches and various cities to show him her love and support, which is an incredible

fact about Kaylee Ramman, Nathan Ake’s girlfriend


Read on to learn more facts about Kaylee Ramman:

Kaylee Ramman is an aspiring businesswoman trying to make the world a better place while gaining money. She is currently a blogger, traveler, and designer. She has also appeared as a model for several brands. Unfortunately, there is not much known about Kaylee Ramman, but we have done our best to gather as much information as we can. So stay with us and enjoy!

Kaylee Ramman biography

Kaylee Ramman was born on 27 December 1994 in Hague, Netherlands. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and like so many people with this zodiac sign, she is goal-oriented and energetic. Kaylee is a hard worker but also very sensitive. She tries her best not to let little things get into her. Kaylee is very organized and practical, finding a purpose for every little thing that she finds useful.

Nature is one of her primary passions in life. That is why she spends a lot of time traveling to places filled with water and trees every year. Beaches are her favorite place to relax while listening to some soft music. Kaylee has always been a curious person wanting to know more about the world and its wonders. This is an amazing

fact about Kaylee Ramman


Kaylee Ramman parents

have always known that Kaylee was special. Ever since she was a child, she helped her friends and family, always wished for everyone to be happy, and was also very respectful. They have always been proud of her and hoped to see their daughter on the happiest day of her life. Fortunately, that day is not far away from happening since Kaylee and Nathan are engaged to be married.

Unfortunately, not many things are known about Kaylee Ramman parents and siblings. We do know that she was an interesting friend, always telling others imaginative stories as a child. This actively demonstrates Kaylee Ramman childhood as an adventurous one. She believed that her imagination would even take her to places impossible to reach. This is an exciting fact about Kaylee Ramman.

As she grew older, she became really interested in art and hands-on projects. Kaylee was an excellent student at school, and she had many friends. She was well-known for her kindness and passion, which made it impossible not to be her friend. This is genuinely one of the best things about

Kaylee Ramman personal life

. She went to a high school in the Netherlands, her birthplace.

Kaylee is very charming. She has a beautiful complexion with hazel eyes and brown hair. She is a vegan and works our regularly. This actively supports her stunning figure.

Kaylee Ramman Body measurement

is 34-26-36. She is 105cm tall and weighs 56 kg. Kaylee enjoys cooking and is crazy about Mexican food. A perfect evening for her includes eating her favorite meals while watching her favorite show, friends. These are some of the interesting facts about Kaylee Ramman, Nathan Ake’s girlfriend.

 Kaylee Ramman Professional life

Kaylee met Nathan ten years ago when she was seventeen and still at high school. Up to that point, she had all her education in her homeland in the Netherlands. Later on, she migrated to be with Nathan. Kaylee is very smart and cares deeply about the environment. That is why when she decided to create her line of designs, she thought about using sustainable materials in her products. This is an exciting fact about Kaylee Ramman.

She is now in charge of the brand JUA June, which produces trendy, fashionable swimwear. Kaylee has put her experience in traveling and fashion into creating clothing that is sustainable and eco-friendly. She strives to combine style and sustainability together to create something budget-friendly and awesome.

The manufacturing process includes using recovered plastic to design and create a line of swimwear that does not harm the environment and is affordable for all. This is a great approach and an astonishing

fact about Kaylee Ramman

. The manufacturing process is done locally in London, where she is based currently. In addition, the material used in the labels, swing tags, and wrapping papers is also eco-friendly.

Besides being an independent businesswoman running JUA June, she is also in charge of a jewelry business called “Status medal,” a line in charge of making personalized accessories and bespoke corporate gifts. Considering

Kaylee Ramman age

, we can genuinely appreciate her success and independence. The purpose of this line of work is to combine luxury with symbolic meaning. Kaylee is also a travel and life blogger and gets most of her inspiration from her long-lived passion for nature.

Kaylee Ramman net worth and salary

As mentioned before, Kaylee is now running a swimwear brand called JUA June and a jewelry brand named Status medal. She is very successful, and her products are quite popular. Unfortunately, we don’t know

Kaylee Ramman salary

specifically, but we can guess that she is wealthy. Being in charge of your life and successfully managing your business is among the best fact about Kaylee Ramman, Nathan Ake’s girlfriend.

Although we don’t know the exact number of

Kaylee Ramman net worth

, it is estimated at around €500k, which is impressive. Kaylee Ramman’s boyfriend, soon-to-be husband, Nathan Ake, has a net worth of €11 million. The couple always takes fancy trips together to exotic places and luxurious hotels. We don’t know how many cars they own precisely, but Nathan has been spotted several times driving a Range Rover.

Kaylee Ramman social media

Kaylee Ramman social media

is very active, which is necessary when you are running a business. Using social media platforms effectively is one of the primary facts in marketing. Her main active social media platform is her Instagram. Kaylee Ramman social media has 17.4k followers. This is truly impressive. She usually posts pictures of herself, her personal and professional life.

She loves to blog about her travels, daily life, and tips on eating and life healthily. What is interesting about both Kaylee and Nathan’s Instagram is that both of them enjoy sharing their personal and romantic photos with their fans. Many celebrities avoid this because they want to stay away from the media’s attention as much as possible. However, the couple seems to enjoy sharing their special moments with the world.

If you are interested to see Kaylee’s Instagram, you can follow her account with


. We couldn’t find her Twitter account. It seems to us that she doesn’t have one. Kaylee has established a website for JUA June in which you can find with


. The website has different sections, and through its sections, you can learn about the kind of products they create and sell, a short history, and the shop.

Kaylee Raman boyfriend, Nathan Ake

Nathan Ake was born on 18 February 1995 in Hague, the Netherlands. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. People with this zodiac sign are rebels at heart. They don’t like to be told what to do, and they certainly don’t like rules. These people can be quite eccentric. That is why sometimes it is easy to spot them in the crowd. They could have unusual habits or nonconformist attitudes.

Like many people with Aquarius zodiac sign, Nathan is a capable man who can take care of many responsibilities simultaneously. He is very assertive and excellent at critical thinking. His friends and family know that they can rely on him because he is a highly reliable character. However, he could be a little hot-tempered sometimes, which will cool off eventually as he grows older.

Nathan is a son of an Immigrant because his father is originally from Ivory Coast. His father is Moise Ake, and his mother is Ineke Telder. They have always wanted the best for their children, which is one reason for their immigration. As a child, Nathan was shy and reserved. He spent many times with his brother Cedric, who now works at Chelsea FC Mega Store. Interestingly, as a kid, he was exposed to football from a young age because of his parents’ occupations.

His father was a youth academy manager and VV Wilhelmus football academy, while his mum helps with food for the same academy. His father wanted Nathan to play with the other kids, so he brought him to the practices and matches. After a while, Nathan was hooked and wanted to be a part of them. That was when Nathan joined the Wilhelmus football academy. His love for football grew day by day as his height.

Nathan Learned so many things in the youth academy and showed great potential. While playing there, youth scouts from Ado Den Haag, a big rivalry club to


and Feyenoord, spotted him and took him on trial. His impressive performance soon made him one of the best players on the team. After staying at Ado Den Haag for five years, he joined the


youth club at the age of 12. Nathan stayed there till the age of 16.

Nathan Ake club career

When he was 16, he decided that he wanted to play with a different club. That is why Nathan moved to London to join the


youth. He is a hardworking player, and although he has faced various difficulties, he has always tried his best to succeed. Nathan Ake made his

Premier League

debut on 26 December 2012 against

Norwich City

as a substitute for

Juan Mata


His performance was genuinely remarkable, and he was voted Chelsea’s young player of the year on 16 May 2012. The managers were excited to have him on board, so they offered him a five-year contract. Nathan signed the contract on 8 August 2013. In March 2015, he went to Championship club Reading for one month, making his first five appearances against

Cardiff City

. Chelsea recalled Nathan in 2017.

Nathan Ake signed a contract with Premier League club


in June 2017. His transfer fee was stated to be £20 million. The contract was supposed to be permanent, but in July, his former club Chelsea has inserted a buy-back clause for his transfer contract. That is how Chelsea got him back for another three years.

Nathan Ake joined Manchester City in August 2020 on a five-year contract. His contract was said to be £41 million. His versatility is one of his outstanding features in the green mat. His prominent position on the pitch is center-back, but he is fully capable of paying at the left-back or defensive midfield. Nathan’s current market value is €40 million, as was last updated on 13 October 2020, which is his highest market value ever. His contract with Manchester City stays till 30 June 2025.

Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake’s relationship

Kaylee and Nathan had met each other when they were very young. Interestingly, they both have a great sense of what they were going to do with their lives. Nathan was sure that he belonged to the football world, and Kaylee wanted to become a designer. They have been together ever since they were teenagers, which is an excellent fact about Kaylee Ramman, Nathan Ake’s girlfriend.

One of the fantastic things about meeting your boyfriend at a young age and growing up together is that he becomes your best friend eventually. To have such a romance is truly great and heart-warming. Kaylee has always been so supportive of Nathan’s career, and Nathan has always believed that Kaylee can make her dream work.

After many years of dating, Nathan realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his best friend. That is why he decided to pop the question. Therefore, he took Kaylee on a romantic trip in August 2020, and he bent down on one knee when they were on a boat. Luckily, Kaylee said yes, and they became engaged. The exact date of the wedding is not stated yet.

As for

Kaylee Ramman children

, she does not have one. The two are still young, and maybe soon, they decide to celebrate their love with a baby. The two of them always attend awards and events together. The way they look at each other is so inspiring. We certainly wish happy years to come in the journey before them.




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