Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe

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All the amazing and Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe you want to know.

Emile Smith Rowe's top facts includes details about his childhood, early life, parents, family, girlfriend/wife-to-be, lifestyle, net worth, and personal life.

In a summary, we have the story of an English football starlet who was inspired by Arsenal.

We observe him from his early years as a child to his rise to prominence with the Gunners.

Yes, he has a striking resemblance to Kevin De Bruyne in terms of appearance and ability.

As a result, GOAL refers to him as Arsenal's Croydon De Bruyne, a kid who can fit into even the smallest of spaces.

Despite his acclaim, we find that only a small percentage of his fans are familiar with his personal life.

We've got it all ready for you, as well as for the love of the game. Let's get started now, without further ado.

Top facts about Emile Smith Rowe you need to know

Let's take a look at some short facts about Emile before we get into the specifics

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Emile Smith Rowe

  • Nicknames:


  • Date of Birth:

     28 July 2000

  • Place of Birth:

     Croydon, London, England

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     6 ft 0 in (1.82 m)

  • Weight:

     79 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend:


  • Position:

     Attacking midfielder

  • Current Team:


  • Jersey Number:


Emile Smith Rowe Childhood Story

For starters, he goes by the nickname Emzinho. Emile Smith Rowe was born on July 28, 2000, in Croydon, a large town in south London, England, to his mother, Fiona Rowe, and father, Leslie Rowe.

The English professional footballer is the second son out of two boys – the result of his parents’ marriage, which are most likely in their forties. 

at an annual Christmas event where Emile was also present, the youngster signed autographs and posed for photos with some of the special people with whom his father served. This reflects his modest origins.

There are several advantages of spending childhood years with an older brother.

Emile's life became sweeter as a result of it.

Both siblings grew up in Thornton Heath, a well-known town in south London.

ESR admired Frank Lampard as a child, one of the Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Emile Smith Rowe Family Background and Origin

Less and Fiona, the footballer's parents, were once middle-class earners.

Both Mum and Dad loved their jobs as social workers in London's north end.

Less and Fiona made it a priority from the start to create a home that values hard work and respect.

That is something they instilled in their sons.

Thornton Heath, where the English footballer was born, reveals a lot about his ability to satisfy football fans.

The reality is that Emile's London origins make him a hard worker.

In conclusion, they understand what it takes to be successful in life.

Take, for example, the life of Wilfried Zaha.

He is, without a doubt, the epitome of a Thornton Heath native.

Emile Smith Rowe Education and Career Buildup

Emzinho had the ability to foresee his future when he was a young child.

His dreams of becoming a professional football player were not just a pipe dream.

Elme's parents (Fiona and Les) understood their son's urge to play soccer professionally and enrolled him in a nearby football academy.

Emile, a hardworking student, continued to play football after school hours to keep his skills sharp.

He also took part in a lot of community soccer games. Emile Smith Rowe's parents found it easy to find jobs for their son since they both worked in North London.

Elime had a trial with


in 2009 before joining Arsenal, one of the

Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Finally, at the age of ten, the youngster was admitted by the Gunners, much to the delight of his family.

Emile Smith Rowe Untold Football Story

The family faced a challenge after Emile being admitted into

Arsenal's educational house


It was tough for Les and Fiona to drive two hours every day (to and from) to drop Emile off at Hale End, where Arsenal's academy is located.

Emile, his brother, and his parents decided to move from South to North London to make life easier.

As a result, long-distance travel was no longer necessary.

Having moved, it was easier for his dad to keep a close eye on the baby in his house.

Les and Fiona started watching almost every game their son played at this stage, one of the Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Emily rose rapidly through the ranks of the Gunners.

He was the kind of person who rose to the occasion no matter what was thrown at him.

As he progressed through the academy, he gained more strength.

We may confidently assert that Emile has had the most success among the lads pictured in Emile Smith Rowe Education and Career Buildup section – back in 2010.

Smith Rowe found himself growing into a precocious whiz kid as he advanced through the youth ranks.

He was a teenage boy who was gifted with tenacious power and a talent for attacking midfield that he used to drift past opponents with glee.

Emile Smith Rowe Road to Fame

As he approached his fifteenth birthday, there were discussions among top talent scouts about the youngster's potential for England.

Emile Smith Rowe's family was surprised when the family's baby received an England call-up – for the under-16 team.

Emile received another call of destiny a year later, while still advancing through Arsenal's academy.

This time, he was called to play in the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2017.

Smith Rowe's bright blond hair made him easy to recognize on the field.

Our boy, along with Rhian Brewster, helped England win the trophy thanks to his wonder goals.

The accumulation of hours spent honing his craft as well as his national honor saw the major clubs running after him for signature.

Tottenham Hotspur and


were among these, one of the Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Emily, to be honest, supported Arsenal even though it was against his will.

He pledged his allegiance to the Gunners out of humility and trust, while opposing Spurs and Barca.

In July 2018, at the age of 17, he joined the senior team for their pre-season tour of Singapore.

In the Foreign Champions Cup, he scored a goal in a 1–1 draw with

Atletico Madrid


On his 18th birthday, July 28, he also assisted a goal in a 5–1 victory over PSG in the same game.

On July 31, 2018, Arsenal signed Smith Rowe to a new long-term professional contract, with head coach Unai Emery describing him as having "a lot of potential."

Arsenal did not reveal the duration of the contract, but it was said to be a five-year deal.

Smith Rowe debuted for Arsenal in a competitive match against Vorskla Poltava in the UEFA Europa League on September 20, 2018, coming on as a second-half substitute for Alex Iwobi.

His appearance marked the first time an Arsenal player born in the 2000s made his professional debut, another one of the

Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

He scored in Arsenal's 3–0 Europa League victory over Qarabag, becoming the club's youngest goalscorer in a competitive match since Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in 2011, and the first player born after 2000 to score for the London club.

In the Fourth Round of the EFL Cup, he netted his first goal at the Emirates, a 2–1 win over Blackpool.

Emile Smith Success Story

He went on loan at the age of 18 like many other teenagers.

Huddersfield Town

came in second and RB Leipzig came in first.

The youngster returned to Arsenal after paying his dues, under the tutelage of Freddie Ljungberg.

Emile began to make an impression at the time, while patiently waiting for a chance in the Arsenal first team.

Arsenal's performance began to deteriorate in the middle of the 2020/2021 season.

The club's multi-million-pound stars were flopping at the time.

Mikel Arteta, who was worried, was looking for anything that could give him hope.

Emile Rowe-Smith was an obscure name that popped up when he dug deep into his reserve, one of the Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

The 6ft-tall attacking midfielder, alongside notables (such as Kieran Tierney), became one of the standout stars who helped his club have a positive end to 2020 and a bright start to 2021.

Arsenal fans were stunned – with one thing on their minds – when Emile Smith Rowe caused a joyous upset against Chelsea after nutmegging N'Golo Kante in January 2021.

They no longer require Mikel Arteta's services in order to sign Isco as a replacement for Ozil. Here's the new Mesut, also known as Emzinho.

The last-born child of Fiona and Les is one of Arsenal's most thrilling prospects at the time of writing this article.

We believe Smith Rowe will become an Arsenal regular in no time after forming a powerful partnership with Bukayo Saka (another Arsenal Loyalist). The rest, as we call it, is history.

Emile Smith Rowe Girlfriend

With his rise to fame and success with the Gunners, it's understandable that Arsenal fans would be curious about his personal life. Questions such as whether Emzinho has a girlfriend. Or maybe he has a wife and child like his age-mate Phil Foden.

So, here's what we've come up with. We believe the soccer star already has a woman in his life and is just waiting for the right opportunity to show her off.

Not only her, but future children born to him, because Emile Smith Rowe strikes us as a father and a good husband.

Emile Smith Personal Life

When Emile Smith Rowe is away from football, what is he like? We'll tell you a short story to get to know him better.

A journalist once asked the youngster where he was born. Emile replied in the words... "Croydon" to make the interviewer's life as simple as possible. The Arsenal youngster never mentioned Thornton Heath, his birthplace and current residence.

So, what does all of this mean?

… It means Smith Rowe has won numerous battles about which we are unaware – except when he mentions his ancestors.

He instills the importance of mental toughness and works ethics.

Discipline, in our opinion, is the gift that keeps the young Gunner going.

The shining star, like Hector Bellerin, is a seasoned gamer when it comes to his hobbies, another one of the

Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Finally, we notice that he enjoys shopping alone, without a girlfriend – at least for the time being.

Emile Smith Rowe Networth and Lifestyle

What does Emzinho do with his weekly salary of 20,000 pounds?

First and foremost, he spends well on clothing and footwear.

ESR enjoys changing his appearance to reflect a side of his personality that his fans are unfamiliar with.

Emile's character has a cheeky sense of humor, which is a reflection of his humble upbringing.

The Croydon native has a knack for teasing people without being mean in the process, one of the Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Emile Smith Rowe's net worth is currently estimated to be around £700,000 (2020 figures), but it is expected to skyrocket as a mega Arsenal deal approaches.

Emile Smith Rowe Family Life

They resemble tree branches. It's a family that has grown in different directions, but their roots have chosen to stay together.

We'll learn more about his mother, father, brother, and other relatives in this section.

Emile Smith Rowe Parents

look into his father's eyes. What do you think you're seeing? For us, we see a proud father's pure love.

Both parents have finished their homework, inspired by his occupation (the act of social care).

Les, the Super Dad, is a source of self-control, while his wife Fiona is the family's source of kindness and humility.

Both parents now work in the city's education sector, and they live in North London.

They still manage to make it to every game their son participates in.

Emile Smith Rowe’s Brother

As far as we know, the Footballer and his older brother have been inseparable since childhood.

However, as the years passed, they were both forced to confront their fates.

We don't know if Emile's older brother played football.

It'll only be a matter of time before our investigators learn more about him and his relatives, one of whom he inherited his 6-foot height from.

Emile Smith Rowe Untold Facts

We'll use this final section to tell you some things you might not know about Emzinho, as we wrap it all up.

He once fell asleep – missing a football match

It happened in his under 23 days – the time he was coached by Freddie Ljungberg.

Fans waited for Arsenal's young

Mesut Ozil

to save them from defeat on that fateful day.

Unfortunately, Emile discovered his happy hour.

He overslept in his best position, in an unknown location, and as a result, he missed the match, one of the interesting Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

Because of that, his friends gave him a temporary nickname, 'Sleeping Bro.'

Became a Tennis Player at Arsenal

This occurred while he was still a learner at the Gunner's Academy.

Emile has a lot in common with Robin van Persie, a former Arsenal hero.

According to reports, Smith Rowe earned a reputation as the best tennis player at Arsenal's academy during his time there.

Relationship with Kevin De Bruyne

Seeing Emile Smith Rowe reminds football fans of KDB, right? You could easily mistake them for brothers based on their resemblance, another one of the Top Facts about Emile Smith Rowe.

It's not surprising that strange questions about the Man City star will start to surface.

People wonder if Rowe is an albino, just as they do about Kevin De Bruyne.

FIFA Stats

The football simulation video games did a good job of predicting the youngster's bright future.

Emile, on the other hand, has a low overall rating – though not as low as Liverpool's Rhys Williams. We're confident that both lads will see their ratings rise.

Why he wears Small Stockings

Because of his legs, he was easy to spot on the pitch when he first became popular.

These days, we know Emile to follow Jack Grealish as they both wear short shin guards and stockings. According to research, it's his own football ritual.

Final Thoughts

After Kevin de Bruyne's meteoric rise to fame in 2020, Arsenal fans may have their very own Kevin de Bruyne.

Emile Smith Rowe's top facts teach us that if we don't seize the moment of opportunity, we won't be able to advance in our careers.

As previously stated, ESR took advantage of a window of opportunity near the end of 2020.

Sportmob owes it to his parents to thank them for their sacrifices, especially after learning about their son's desire to play football for a living.

Les and Fiona Smith Rowe left their family home in Thornton Heath to settle in North London during Emile Smith Rowe's childhood.

All in the name of ensuring a smooth ride for their son into Arsenal's academy.

Aside from his resemblance to Kevin De Bruyne, the young Gunner is also capable of creating opportunities and scoring goals We can definitively say he is a mix of Brune and Dennis Beckamp, as he can play as an attacking midfielder or a central midfielder.

Fans would be pleased to know that Emile Smith Rowe continues to shine in 2021 as Arsenal attempts to reclaim their tarnished reputation.

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