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Some of the most interesting information and Top Facts about Kieran Tierney.

Our Kieran Tierney Childhood Story and Untold Facts will give you a detailed account of significant events in his life from childhood to the present.

His early childhood, family history, education/career growth, early career life, the road to fame story, rise to fame story, relationship, personal life, and lifestyle, among other things, are all explored.

Yes, he is a world-class left-back who has made Arsenal and other top Premier League clubs beg on their knees for his signature.

Just a few people, however, consider Kieran Tierney's fascinating story. Let's get started now, without further ado.

Top facts about Kieran Tierney you need to know

We have gathered some general information about Kieran for you to get to know him better

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Kieran Tierney

  • Nicknames:

     Mr. Consistent

  • Date of Birth:

     5 June 1997

  • Place of Birth:

     Douglas, Isle of Man

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

  • Weight:

     70 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend:

     Amy Hale

  • Position:

     Left-back, centre-back

  • Current Team:


  • Jersey Number:


Kieran Tierney Family Background and Early Life

Kieran Tierney was born in the Irish Sea, specifically Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, on June 5, 1997, to his mother Gail Tierney, and father Michael Tierney.

Kieran Tierney's ancestors come from the Isle of Man, an island with a rugged coastline and ancient castles, rather than England, Ireland, or central Scotland.

Still, on the subject of Kieran Tierney's ancestors, it's likely that they were among those who perished at the hands of Viking raiders.

These were Norse raiders who raided Britain from the late eighth to late eleventh centuries.

One of the

Top Facts about Kieran Tierney

is that Douglas, Kieran Tierney's hometown, was the first location in Great Britain to be raided by Vikings around AD 793, according to history.

The English footballer with Scottish ancestors was one of two children born to his lovely mother Gail and father Michael, both in their 50s at the time of writing.

Kieran grew up in Muirhouse, a suburban housing estate in the north of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, with his older sister and parents.

Apart from leading a normal life as a boy, reports say that as the youngest child, Kieran was pampered at first before being grounded by his parents.

Kieran Tierney grew up a


supporter. Michael, as the head of his family (his father), made sure that everyone in his family was a Celtic season ticket holder.

His entire family was a die-hard Celtic fan, with the club's football flowing through their veins.

Tierney used to ask his mother for a Celtic jersey every Christmas when he was a child.

One of his earliest memories is of Celtic winning the Scottish Premier League and the League Cup in the same season, a feat that inspired him to pursue a career in football.

Kieran Tierney Education and Career Buildup

Kieran Tierney was educated at one of Motherwell's best primary schools, St Brendan's RC Primary.

Tierney later transferred to Our Lady's High School, also in Motherwell. What if I told you... Since his mother, Gail Tierney, was a dinner lady at his school, he enjoyed his childhood education.

The School Quiz that led to his drive to become professional:

Giving an account of his childhood days at school, Kieran once said;

“When I was at school, we were told to pick our subjects and put down what we wanted to do as a job when we grow up. I always picked football but my teacher told me I shouldn’t do that. Instead, I should write down ‘Joiner’ or anything related“.

A "Joiner" is an individual who builds wooden components of a house, such as stairs, doors, and window frames, in case you didn't know.

Tierney flatly refused his teacher's suggestion that he pursue a career as a Joiner.

Since that day, he has vowed to prove his teacher wrong by pursuing his dream of becoming a professional footballer with tenacity.

His desire to participate in competitive soccer at school led him to St Ninian's High School.

The Celtic football club had a youth football development partnership with this Kirkintilloch academy.

Kieran Tierney's enthusiasm for football, combined with his hard work on the field, not only made him mentally stronger but also got him noticed by the Celtic academy, which invited him to tryouts, one of the Top Facts about Kieran Tierney.

Kieran Tierney Early Career Life

Kieran Tierney's love for the game led to him completing his trials with flying colors and entering the Celtic academy at the age of seven.

\It was exciting when Tierney first joined, but he had to make a lot of sacrifices.

He skipped birthday parties and other events that he was looking forward to at his family's house.

On the other hand, he was playing football, which he had always enjoyed.

Giving the account of how his parents supported him in his early career, Kieran once said of his dad:

“My dad gave up & sacrificed so much for me. He would always accompany me to the pitch even on Sunday. My dad was more hyper than me and I was so grateful for it.”

Kieran Tierney began his career as a left-winger, not a left-back. Martin Miller, his Celtic academy coach at the time, maintained that he would still be a winger.

He juggled several priorities while at Celtic because of his Celtic mentality. One of them was to work as a ball boy, definitely one of the

Top Facts about Kieran Tierney.

Kierney was one of the ball boys on Celtic's historic Champions League night in November 2012, when the club stunned the world by defeating

FC Barcelona


Kieran Tierney Road to Fame

Kieran saw himself fitting well into life at the Academy as he grew older.

He struggled for every ounce of success he could get, even if it meant missing out on a spot on the national team.

Kieran, on the other hand, started to struggle for games in the middle of his career.

In his words:

“There was a time when I wasn’t getting a game. At 14 or 15, I never got picked for Scotland and this was a time when I wasn’t in the Scotland squad, and not really playing club football either.”

Those were undoubtedly difficult times, particularly when he learned about his teammates doing better and signing new contracts.

At that point, the worst happened as well. Kieran Tierney fractured his leg at a time when he was just 24 hours away from making the Celtic first team, one of the

Top Facts about Kieran Tierney.

In his sad words:

“I went from the highest I’d ever been to the lowest the next day, but that made me a better player and hungrier,…” said Tierney.

In December of 2014, he was involved in a bizarre accident that set him back.

It became a significant challenge for the young lad to tackle.

It was his Celtic mindset that helped him cope with the worst time for a young footballer to break a leg, according to him.

“Breaking my leg was a reality check for me. It can happen to anyone at any time” Kieran said.

Kieran Tierney Rise to Fame

Even though he was sick, Kieran was ecstatic to get a taste of first-team football. Since he recovered from his injury, he developed the habit of taking nothing for granted.

While his youth football experience was not without its challenges, he found success in senior football, which began in March 2016.

Getting into senior football required him to work harder than he had ever worked before, gaining him the role of assistant captain in the process.

Tierney went on to win four Scottish Premiership titles, including a treble as a 20-year-old, to round off his success with his side.

Tierney also received a lot of praise on the European stage. 

One of these occurred when he declined to give in to PSG's £160 million man Kylian Mbappe, Bayern Munich legend Arjen Robben, and, most notably,

Raheem Sterling


Celtic's most engrossing match of the 2018/2019 season was against Manchester City, where they performed admirably and scored a superb Champions League goal.

Man City and other Premier League clubs were begging on their knees for his signature as a result of this.

The full-back chose to follow in the footsteps of Virgil van Dijk and Victor Wanyama, as many Premier League fans had hoped.

He preferred a move to the

Premier League

, and he joined Arsenal during the summer transfer deadline window of 2019.

One of the Top Facts about Kieran Tierney is that leaving a club he adored was the most difficult decision he had ever made.

Tierney joined Premier League club


for a record £25 million fee on August 8, 2019.

Tierney missed the first half of the 2019–20 season after undergoing surgery for a double hernia in May.

On September 24, he made his first-team debut for Arsenal in a 5–0 victory over Nottingham Forest in the EFL Cup.

Tierney assisted on Gabriel Martinelli's first goal in a 4–0 home victory over Standard Liege a week later.

On the 27th of October, he made his Premier League debut in a 2–2 draw with Crystal Palace.

His season was further jeopardized when he dislocated his shoulder against West Ham United.

Tierney was named Arsenal's Player of the Month for June after his outstanding results for them following the resumption of the Premier League following the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the final day of the 2019–20 Premier League season, he netted his first goal for Arsenal in a 3–2 victory over Watford.

Tierney was chosen to start the FA Cup Final against


on August 1, 2020, as Arsenal won their 14th FA Cup.

Tierney was in the starting 11 for Arsenal in the 2020 FA Community Shield, in which Arsenal won 5–4 in a penalty shootout over Liverpool after the match was 1–1 after 90 minutes.

Tierney produced the opening goal in a 4–0 away league win over West Bromwich Albion on January 2, 2021, and later assisted Alexandre Lacazette on the game's final goal.

On the Arsenal official website, his dazzling strike was voted the January Goal of the Month.

He became the first Scotsman to score for Arsenal in European competition since Willie Young in March 1980 when he scored in a 3–2 victory over Benfica in the Europa League round of 32 on February 25.

Tierney represented


at both the U18 and U19 levels. When the ConIFA World Cup was held, he also thought about playing for the Ellan Vannin team, which represents the Isle of Man.

Tierney was called up to the senior Scotland squad for the first time on March 10, 2016, for a friendly against Denmark.

Tierney played for the first half of the game, which Scotland won 1-0 at Hampden Park; he was substituted at the break by his Celtic teammate Charlie Mulgrew.

Tierney was used at right-back in Scotland's matches against Slovenia, Lithuania, and Slovakia, and on the left of a three-man defense in the match against


at home during World Cup qualifiers in 2017.

Tierney was named captain for Scotland's friendly match against the Netherlands in November 2017, in which he played as a central defender in a 1–0 loss.

Tierney scored a key own goal in a 2-1 defeat to Israel in the UEFA League in October 2018.

After the game, Robertson said that he and Tierney were both playing out of place in Alex McLeish's 3–5–2 system, which was designed to fit both teams.

Tierney was forced to withdraw from Scotland's UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers against Cyprus and Kazakhstan in November 2019 due to an ongoing hip injury.

One of the Top Facts about Kieran Tierney is that after being in close touch with Stuart Armstrong, who had tested positive for COVID-19, he was forced to withdraw from the Scotland squad for a Euro 2020 play-off semi-final against Israel in October 2020.

Kieran Tierney Relationship Life

With his rise to fame and arrival at the Premier League, many fans must have wondered, "Who is Kieran Tierney's Girlfriend?" … ”Does Kieran Tierney have a wife?” … "If that's the case, who is Kieran Tierney's wife?"

There's no arguing that his cute looks and adorable smile, combined with the fact that he's wealthy, make him a darling to his female admirers.

However, there is a beautiful girlfriend named Amy Hale who stands behind the famous Scottish footballer.

Amy Hale, an Irish dancer from Kirkintilloch, a small town in Scottland, is pictured above.

Kieran Tierney, who is 23 years old at the time of writing, is three years older than his girlfriend Amy Hale, who is 19 years old.

One of the Top Facts about Kieran Tierney is that her girlfriend Amy is said to be one of Ireland's greatest dancers in addition to being a WAG.

The Scottish Sun had just published an article about her qualifying for the World Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin at the time of publishing.

Aside from dancing, Amy Hale is said to be a university student.

As of this article, she is about to start studying "Primary Teaching" at the University of Strathclyde.

Boyfriend and girlfriend both enjoy traveling to amazing, unknown locations.

Given that the two lovers have been dating for some time, a wedding or marriage may be the next formal step for both.

Kieran Tierney Personal Life

Learning more about the real Kieran Tierney will help you form a more full image of him.

To begin, Kieran Tierney's amazing down-to-earth and mentally tough nature is the first thing that everyone notices about him.

He, like Ngolo Kante, belongs to a group of footballers who have a positive outlook and understand how the real world works.

Kieran is someone who feels he is capable of dealing with a variety of circumstances.

One thing he excels at is forming bonds with fans from all walks of life, another one of the Top Facts about Kieran Tierney.

Kieran Tierney Family Life

Kieran Tierney and his entire family are now living their dreams. His mother, father, brothers, sisters, and the whole family are now reaping the rewards of seeing one of their own make it to the highest level of British football.

Kieren has a positive impact on his family, especially his mother and father.

Tierney purchased a house in Motherwell for both his mother and father when he signed his contract.

Despite being paid a lot of money, Kieran still enjoys the perks of living with his parents in the house he purchased just before his transfer to the Premier League. In his words;

“Living with my parents keeps me grounded in some ways. My mum and dad are still in charge. I don’t plan on moving out and staying alone for a good few years yet.”

Tierney enjoys seeing both his mother and sister taking care of his dirty laundry and leaving it in his room as one of the rewards of his decision to live with his parents. Again in his words…

“My parents do everything for me and never stress me. They do all they can to help me on the pitch, and have done so since I was seven.”

Kieran Tierney Networth and LifeStyle

Kieran Tierney's net worth as of the time of writing is €12.50 million.

This implies that he is a multimillionaire footballer, one of the Top Facts about Kieran Tierney.

Having such a high net worth can lead to a glamorous lifestyle.

Kieran Tierney drives a flashy car, but there are no fancy wristwatches, diamonds, or stud earrings on his body.

Kieran Tierney spends his money on his family and personal friends, whom he assists in keeping their household budget in order.

His dedication to ensuring the financial well-being of his parents, family, and close friends is comparable to his dedication on the field.

Kieran Tierney Untold Facts

Kieran Tierney once reached a new height at Arsenal, even though he didn't make his debut.

Despite being injured, he breaks Aubameyang's standing jump record, which shocked one of Arsenal's medical staff.

Tierney's first effort at a jump landed him at half a meter.

Arsenal's medical staff then advised him to try again, and this time he smashed the record.

Tierney amazingly broke Aubamyang's previous record by 1cm by reaching 55cm.

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