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Lorenzo Insigne Biography

In the following article, we will take a look at Lorenzo Insigne biography as one of the best and most talented footballers of his generation.

Lorenzo Insigne currently plays as a winger for Napoli, one of Italy's most popular Serie A teams. After years of experience in various teams, he started his career in his hometown team in late 2012, and in a short time, he managed to both establish his position and be selected as the team captain. Let's move forward to have an in-depth look at the personal and professional life of Lorenzo Insigne.

All You Need to Know About Lorenzo Insigne Biography

The 29-year-old Italian footballer started his football career at the age of 17 in one of the local teams in his country. Rising through the ranks, he developed the skills he had learned on the streets of southern Italy, and finally he managed to enter the professional world of football four years after his debut in youth teams. He started his professional football career at Napoli in Italy in 2010 and despite playing on loan for almost three years, he is arguably one of the few players whose performance was acceptable, even during his loan contracts. Keep reading to learn more about

Lorenzo Insigne life story.

Lorenzo Insigne information

In the following part of

Lorenzo Insigne Biography

, you can find some general information about him listed down here.

Lorenzo Insigne Bio

  • Full Name

    : Lorenzo Insigne

  • Nickname

    : Lorenzo Il Magnifico

  • Profession

    : Professional Football Player

Lorenzo Insigne Physical Stats

  • Weight

    : 64 Kilograms

  • Height

    : 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)

  • Eye Color

    : Dark Brown

  • Hair Color

    : Dark Brown 

Lorenzo Insigne  Football Information

  • Position

    : Winger

  • Jersey Number

    : 24

  • Professional Debut

    : 2010

Lorenzo Insigne Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 4 June 1991 

  • Birth Place

    : Frattamaggiore, Naples, Italy

  • Zodiac Sig

    n: Gemini

  • Lorenzo Insigne Nationalit

    y: Spanish

  • Lorenzo Insigne Religion

    : Christian

Lorenzo Insigne Early Life

In this section of

Lorenzo Insigne Biography, we will have a glance at his early life. As a teenager, Lorenzo had to work to help his parents due to financial problems. He gradually managed to enter the world of football with his own source of income, which brought him one step closer to his childhood dream. He could join Olimpia Sant'Arpino in 2006. What bothered him in those early days was his short stature, it was so disturbing to him that he might have given up his dream of becoming a footballer. He was even said that: In Italy, scouts are very honest, they would always say" we like him but he's a shorty. 

I got frustrated over time, nursed plans of quitting, and would wake up every morning hoping I'd grown up overnight." But gradually he tried to make up for his small stature with his football talent and abilities. He managed to overcome his short-height with the significant goals he scored in his first team, Olimpia Sant'Arpino. It did not take long for him to succeed in attracting the attention of the Napoli team with his short stature, so the coach invited his team to the youth team.

Lorenzo Insigne Profile

In this division of

Lorenzo Insigne biography

, we will review his professional career from his early days until now that he is indeed one of the greatest wingers in football history. Lorenzo continued his youth career in 2006 with his hometown club,


, as he left Olimpia Sant'Arpino by a €1,500 contract. Two years after his deal, he could make his debut for the Primavera team and in the following year, he could end the 2009-10 season with 15 goals.

In 2009, Roberto Donadoni, the then manager of Napoli's first team, invited Insigne to join the first team. In the beginning, he played in some friendly matches in the summer of 2009, and later on, he could play officially with the main team coached by Walter Mazzarri. On 24 January 2010, he made his Serie A debut for Napoli in a 2–0 win match against


.  But things turned out unfortunate and he could not continue his appearances for the main team as the club sent him on loan to


in Lega Pro Prima Divisione in 2010.

In the 2010-11 season, following the end of his loan contract with Caves, he once again joined


in Lega Pro Prima Divisione. Lorenzo Insigne could score his first professional goal with Foggia, in the Coppa Italia Lega Pro match against L'Aquila on 14 August. In a week after his first pro goal, he managed to score his first league goal in a 2–3 home defeat match against


on 29 August. During his loan in Foggia,  Zdeněk Zeman was the head coach who strongly admired Insigne. Zeman considered him as the best Italian player, he stated that: "Lorenzo is the last symbol of the club for me.

He is the best Italian footballer, one of the few who can make a difference on the pitch. He is a Neapolitan who feels like one. I hope that he will stay in his city, as Totti did. Another question is that the presence of Francesco at Roma has never been disputed".  For the following season, 2011-12, he left Foggia to join 


in Serie B, which was managed by Zeman, his former head coach. He signed his loan contract on 8 July 2011 and he made his debut in the Italian second division on 26 August in an opening match against

Hellas Verona


His debut Pescara goal came on a month after his debut match in a game against


. Insigne's loan spell ended at the end of 2011-12 the season while he became the second top-scorer of the season behind teammate Ciro Immobile and 14 assists, he also awarded the "Best Player" of the Serie B season, along with teammates Immobile and Marco Verratti. After all of the ups and downs, finally, at the end of the 2011-12 season, he returned to his ever-home, Napoli, and started playing with jersey number 24. Later on, he could score his debut goal for Napoli on 16 September in a Serie A match against Parma.

He could end his first season in Napoli almost successfully. The club finished second place in Serie A that season and Insigne managed to make 43 appearances, scoring five goals and providing seven assists despite the existing competition between him and  Edinson Cavani, Goran Pandev, Eduardo Vargas, and Omar El Kaddouri. Notwithstanding fierce competition between the team's players, he managed to become the captain in 2019, after Marek Hamšík departed the club in February.

Now, Napoli is said to be confident of extending the deal with captain Lorenzo Insigne, who wants to finish his career with. The Azzurri striker's current contract expires in June 2022, and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, his agent and the club started discussing an extension with the club.  Stay tuned to read more about Lorenzo Insigne Biography and get to know him better.

Style of Play

He is a talented, skilled, right-footed player who is usually positioned on the left in a 4–3–3 form or in a 4–2–3–1 team's arrangement. In this position, he could cut inside and curl shots on goal with his more powerful foot, though he favored playing in the left flank. Lorenzo , blessed with an eye for goals and the ability to play on both wings, is widely known as a hard-working, tactically intelligent, and versatile forward. Besides his main position on the ground, he can also be deployed in any offensive position on either side of the pitch, or even through the center. He can show his real talents by playing behind strikers. Besides all of his remarkable characteristics as a prolific winger, it should be mentioned that his finishing still needs to be worked on, though his ability to overcome the defenders, commit them to a series of feints before breaking them into the center of the ground, is quite impressive. 


It may seem strange, but this young Italian footballer, who has only played in Italian clubs during his entire football career, is known as the Italian Messi. Goran Pandev, a Macedonian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Italian club Genoa, believes that his former Napoli teammate is indeed the Italian Messi despite the sad fact that his name is still not big as Messi's. Delio Rossi, Italian football manager, and the former footballer, also admire Lorenzo Insigne for his turn of pace and cleverness. 

The point that can set this player apart from the rest of the players is that, he proudly went on loan to different clubs and stayed away from his hometown team, Napoli, to gain enough experience to be a top player. He has always dreamed of playing in Napoli. For a long time, it seemed that this dream would never come true, the young man's hopes of representing his hometown club were dashed amid some severe conditions. In 2013 as he could finally return to his club, he said: “I've always said that my dream is to continue playing in Napoli for as long as possible and one day become the captain of the team, This is my dream and I hope I'll have the support of the club, which has always trusted me.”

Goal Celebration

Lorenzo Il Magnifico, so far doesn't show any specific goal celebration as his signature. But in the past year, as the legendary Maradona passed away on 25 November 2020, Lorenzo scored a fine free-kick and then pulled out and kissed a Diego Maradona shirt in an emotional tribute to the Argentine legend who was an iconic player in Napoli. 

Lorenzo Insigne Outside Football

Most footballers, mainly the most famous ones, are connected with a sponsorship, both to guarantee their financial lives and at the same time to introduce the sponsor's products. Lorenzo Insigne also has signed a sponsorship deal with German sportswear giant Adidas. According to Sportpromedia, the agreement was formalized by the attacking midfielder's parent club, Napoli, in what has been hailed as a ground-breaking move for the Serie A outfit.

Having signed this contract, Adidas becomes the first technical sponsor to sign an agreement with Napoli.  Stay tuned as we take a look at Lorenzo Insigne biography to have a better view of his personal life.

Lorenzo Insigne Personal Life

He was born on 4 June 1991 in Frattamaggiore, Naples, Italy to Patrizia and Carmin Insigne. He was the second child of the couple as he has three brothers, Marco, Antonio, and Roberto. All the brothers are footballers which is not surprising as the region they have been brought up in, Frattamaggiore, is famous for its famous footballers such as Arturo Lupoli and Francesco Lodi. Among Lorenzo's brothers, the youngest is the most famous one. He is currently playing in Benevento as a forward, he also represented the Italy U-18, U-19, and U-21 sides. 

Lorenzo Insigne childhood

wasn't an easy period as his parents had difficulties raising him and his three brothers in a cramped home that could barely support a family the size of Lorenzo's.

Things got worse when Carmen Insigne left his job. So the situation got critical and this not-welcomed change made Lorenzo's grandparents work hard to raise their grandchildren. Despite the challenges he encountered as a child, Lorenzo, who had an inner interest in football, never gave up his childhood enthusiasm. For Lorenzo, the interest in playing football was as natural as enjoying food, a fact that Lorenzo's mother remembered as follows: 'As a kid, Lorenzo ate between mouthful and always had a ball at his feet while he was at it. " Lorenzo began his career at a market stall selling clothes to back the struggles of his grandparents. It did not take long for him to gain enough to buy the Ronaldo R9 shirt, as his childhood football idol was the Brazilian Ronaldo.

Family, Children, and Relationships

Lorenzo Insigne and Genoveffa Darone tied knot on 31 December 2012. The couple met each other in Naples while Lorenzo was playing in Pescara on loan. After their marriage, Insigne stated that from the moment he saw her, he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Many believed that Lorenzo owes his current position and success to his wife, who has had a profound impact on his life. Lorenzo and Genoveffa now have two children: Carmine, born on 4 April 2013, and Christian, born on 13 March 2015 


Lorenzo Insigne, like many footballers, uses his fame and popularity to pursue charitable goals. He has signed his boot in 2018 for an auction planned by Ford Italia at the Centro Commerciale Campania Shopping Mall. His signed boot was sold out 670$ which was given to Autism AMid which is a non-profit association whose sole purpose is to pursue social solidarity by defending the rights and equal opportunities of people suffering from ASD.

Furthermore, in 2020 he once again signed his shirt to be sold in an auction. His shirt was sold for 782 $ which was directly donated to the Mobile Center of prevention and support against bullying and cyberbullying, a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly frequent and serious in Italy. This organization aims to tackle this socially negative issue through concrete activities involving education, prevention, and support, which aim to wipe out this phenomenon, which can destroy the lives of  children. 

Early in 2020, he has also signed another Jersey, featuring a Keep Racism Out patch, to be sold in the SSC Napoli Charity Project auction. Lorenzo has worn that jersey in a match against Parma. The benefits of the auction were given to Uria which involves the opening of support centers where people in need can get food, clothing, and other necessities. Uria also runs LOVE CHALLENGE, which sees the association go into schools to run sessions for pupils and teachers alike around the issues of bullying, sexting, and social media.

Legal Issues

This good-natured Italian player has never faced any particular problems in his entire career. From the beginning of his football career until today, he has received a total of 23 yellow cards and two red cards. However, concerning the events surrounding his football career, we can mention the events after the draw match between Napoli and Genoa in 2019. Between  23 May 2018  and 10 December 2019  Carlo Ancelotti was the head coach of Napoli and unfortunately he was not that match successful. Following Carlo Ancelotti's disappointing results, Napoli's fans who are one of the most passionate and fanatical ones, rosed protesting severely that frightened the players. The situation worsened when two of Napoli's players, Piotr Zielinski, and Allan faced vandalism and a house rubbery, so Insigne asked his wife to run away from Napoli. These incidents ended with the intervention and novelty of the club's managers regarding the fines of the players.

Lorenzo Insigne Career Statistics

Following Lorenzo Insigne biography, in this part, we would have a rundown of his Career Statistics. 


As mentioned above he had started his football in 2010 with Napoli and since now he is still playing in Napoli. During this decade he went on loan to some other clubs. As he joined Cavese in the 2009-10 season he could play in 10 matches but he was not successful in goal scoring. In the following season, he was moved to Foggia, and after 40 appearances and 26 goals, he once again went on loan to Pescara that currently plays in Serie B. He finished his loan contract with Pescara with 38 appearances and 20 goals. Since then, he plays in Napoli in Serie A and so far he could make 381 appearances and 100 goals.


In 2010, he was invited to represent the under-20 Italy national team. In a year and after five appearances and one goal, in 2011 he could break into the

Italy under-21

squad and then made his debut on 6 October 2011 in a European qualifying game against Liechtenstein during which he could score two goals and also provide two assists in a 7–2 win match. As a winger in Italy Under-21 national team, Lorenzo Insigne was given the chance to play in the 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship under manager Devis Mangia during which he could perform better than before and made a good influence on the team. In his debut match in the aforesaid tournament, on 5 June 2013, he played against England and could score a free-kick goal which was the only goal of the play.

In 2012, the 21-year old Insigne was invited to represent Italy national team for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches against Bulgaria and Malta, by the then-coach, Cesare Prandelli. So he made his senior debut, as Alessandro Diamanti's substitution, in the World Cup qualifier match on 11 September 2012 against Malta. In that international tournament, he could not score his first senior goal but later in August 2013 he finally could score his debut goal in a friendly match against Argentina, which ended in a 2–1 loss at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Following his perfect performances in the previous matches, Cesare Prandelli put Insigne's name on his list for the 2014 World Cup. Once his participation in the U-23 team was finalized and after all the training sessions, on 20 June he made his World Cup debut as Antonio Candreva's substitution in the second half of


's second group match, against Costa Rica. Unfortunately, it was his only match in that competition as Italy was defeated in the group stage. Two years after the 2014 FIF world cup, on 31 May 2016, the new manager of the Italy U-23 team, Antonio Conte invited Insigne to play for Italy in UEFA Euro 2016, and on 22 June he made his debut match once again as a substitution in a match against the Republic of Ireland that Italy lost the game 0-1.

Lorenzo Insigne Honors

The 29-year old Italian winger so far could achieve some honors in each club that he has played in. He won the Serie B title in 2011–12 in Pescara. Later on with Napoli, he won the Coppa Italia in 2013–14, and 2019–20 and Supercoppa Italiana in 2014.  He could also win some titles with Italy national team. He won the UEFA European Under-21 Championship runner-up in 2013. This prolific professional player also gained individual honors as the Serie B Footballer of the Year in 2012 and Coppa Italia Top Goal-scorer in 2013–14.

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