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Ivan Perisic Biography

Ivan Perisic is a Croatian footballer who currently plays for Inter Milan in Serie A and for the Croatia national team. He is most often used as a winger, but he can also act as an attacking midfielder or a second striker. Let's start to read more about Ivan Perisic Biography.

Perii, a graduate of the Hajduk Split and Sochaux youth academies, made a name for himself while playing for

Club Brugge

, where he was elected Belgian Footballer of the Year in 2011 and was the top goalscorer in the Belgian Pro League.

This secured him a move to Borussia Dortmund, where he won the Bundesliga in 2011–12, before joining VfL Wolfsburg in 2013 for €8 million.

He stayed for two and a half seasons with them, winning the DFB-Pokal Final in 2015, before joining Inter Milan for €16 million. In 2019, he was loaned to Bayern Munich, where he won the treble.

Perisic made his Croatian debut in 2011 and went on to play in the Euro 2012 and 2016 tournaments, as well as the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, where he reached the final of the latter. Perii was a key member of


's second "golden generation," scoring the most goals in major tournaments and being the first Croatian player to score in a World Cup final. And now it's time to learn more about

Ivan Perisic Biography


Everything You Need to Know About Ivan Perisic Biography

Ivan Perisic Life Story

and Untold Biography Facts provides you with a comprehensive account of significant events from his childhood to the present.

Yes, his sparkling displays as a winger or second striker are well-known. Just a few people, though, look at Ivan Perisic's bio. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Ivan Perisic Information

Ivan Perisic bio

  • Full name:

    Ivan Perisic

  • Nickname:

    Hen, Koka

Ivan Perisic personal information

  • Ivan Perisic date of birth:

    2 February 1989

  • Birth Place:

    Split, Croatia

  • Ivan Perisic Nationality:


  • zodiac sign:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Ivan Perisic religion:


  • age:

    32 Years

Physical Stats

  • Height:

    187 Centimeters

  • Weight

    : 80 kg

Family information

  • Father

    : Ante Perisic

  • Mother

    : Tihana Perisic

  • brother(s):


  • sister (S):

    Anita Perisic

  • Marital Status:


  • Wife/EX-Girlfriend:

    Josipa Perisic

  • Children:

    Leonardo Perisic, Manuela Perisic

Football Information

  • Profession

    : Association football player

  • Known For

    : Soccer Player

  • Salary:


  • Net Worth:

    40 Million Pound

  • Playing Position:


  • Current Club Team:

    Inter Milan

  • Current National Team

    : Croatia

  •  Jersey Number:


Body measurement

  • Hair Color:


  • Eye Color:


  • Body Type:


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Ivan Perisic Biography


Ivan Perisic Early Life

Now it’s time to know about

Ivan Perisic childhood


Ivan Perisic was born on February 2, 1989, in Split, Croatia, to his mother Tihana Perisic and father Ante Perisic. Ivan Perisic is descended from a farming family. Ivan grew up with his parents and his one and only child, Anita Perisic. His friends used to name him Koka when he was younger, which simply means "hen" in his native language.

Young Ivan was frequently seen helping out on his father's hen poultry farm just outside his hometown of Omis on the Croatian coast, earning him the nickname "Hen." Ante (Ivan's father) and his family made a living raising hen. Despite his nickname "Hen," Ivan was unconcerned because he was proud of his father's business.

Aside from supporting his parents on the poultry farm, Ivan was a natural football player from an early age. He spent his free time playing football, and his enthusiasm for the game led him to join a local team, Hajduk Split, which gave him the opportunity to show off his skills.

The Perisic family faced a financial dilemma as a result of Ivan's desire to take his job seriously and to the next level. His parents were unable to pay his academy fees.

His father had to sell his poultry farm stocks to meet his son's financial needs, which meant he had to make difficult sacrifices. Ante Perisic, Ivan's dad, is a man who believes in investing in his son even though it means selling everything he has.

Ante sold his poultry equipment to collect funds for his son to attend Croatia's finest football academy. Ante had to buy farm machinery on loan in order to keep his family up and running,

Which got him into trouble later (Explained below in Ivan Perisic Family Facts). Any step of the way, Antie Perisic was there for his son.

Ivan Perisic Profile

He wears the number 44 on his jersey when he practices. He made a name for himself when playing for Club Brugge, where he was voted Belgian Footballer of the Year in 2011 and was the top goalscorer in the Belgian Pro League. He made his Croatian debut in 2011 and went on to represent his country at Euro 2012, the 2014 World Cup, Euro 2016, and the 2018 World Cup, where he reached the final.

Style of Play

In an age where the bulk of wingers are being inverted, Perisic is a true left-winger. Perisic is more conservative, preferring to play a cross into the middle from his full-back on the left.

When the ball is on the opposite flank, the Croatian likes to make his way into the center to use his height and aerial strength in the box. Perisic's ability to play a dangerous cross into the box is one of his best qualities.

He is an orthodox winger who relies heavily on the flank crossing for results. Perisic's dribbling goes hand and hand with his crossing, with the Croatian often using the ball to gain space to cross, but his dribbling can also be used in the center, allowing him to link up with the other forwards and midfielders.

This illustration depicts Perisic's dribbles in the final third of season, with the bulk of them occurring in broader regions. He might come within, but dribbling on the flank is much riskier.

Perisic can drive right into the full-back with the ball while one-on-one with them, giving him the option of taking the ball on the inside or outside.

Despite the fact that he almost always takes the ball from the outside, his stepovers make it impossible for defenders to predict when he will accelerate, which he does exceptionally well.

Perisic enjoys staying deep and playing crosses into the box, but he finds the most fun when he is inside the penalty box. His aerial skill is one of his strongest strengths in these fields.

With a height of 187cm, the Croatian will often separate the fullback in the area and win headers to either set up his teammates or try to score himself.


During his playing career, IvanPerisic played for popular teams such as Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and


. These teams are among the most popular teams in the world, and he was able to find fans for himself.

Goal Celebration

He netted a number of goals throughout his playing career. And the excitement of multiple goals has manifested itself, but one of his unique goals celebrating is sprinting to the corner point and then dropping to his knees down the track. And now it's time to learn more about Ivan Perisic biography and his life.

Ivan Perisic Outside Football

Beach volleyball was, in several ways, Ivan Perisic's spare time sport. Perisic competed in the Pore Major tournament, a professional competition, as part of the 2017 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, partnering with Niksa Dellorco.

The pair's first match was against Alvaro Morais Filho and Saymon Barbosa, and they lost. we will look at Ivan Perisic's life story, including his career and personal life. And it will be nice to learn more about the Ivan Perisic biography.

Ivan Perisic Personal Life

In 2012, Ivan Perisic married Josipa Perisic, his long-term spouse. In 2012, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Leonardo Perisic, and two years later, Manuela Perisic.


Joseph, Ivan's partner, and Ivan met in high school. Aside from their partnership, the couple has not had any extramarital affairs, nor has there been any significant dispute between them that may lead to divorce. Perisic and his wife can be described as a happy couple because there isn't a single rumor or dispute to write about. 

Family, Children, Relationship

There is a beautiful wag, girlfriend, and wife for any good Croatian footballer. In high school, Ivan Perisic kissed his childhood sweetheart, Josipa. Both lovers were friends at the time, and they sat on the same school bench in class. Both began their relationship as best friends before becoming romantically involved.

During Ivan's time with Borussia Dortmund, he married Josipa in 2012. Since their engagement, they've become a happy couple. Both couples have a daughter named Manuela and a son named Leonardo, who is three years his sister's age. Leonardo Perisic was born in Wolfsburg and is said to have a close relationship with his father, who hopes his son will one day follow in his footsteps as a footballer.

During Ivan's time with Borussia Dortmund, he married Josipa in 2012. Since their engagement, they've become a happy couple. Both couples have a daughter named Manuela and a son named Leonardo, who is three years his sister's age.

Leonardo Perisic was born in Wolfsburg and is said to have a close relationship with his father, who hopes his son will one day follow in his footsteps as a footballer. Ivan Perisic's football earnings were beneficial to his family. He looked after his mother and sister and paid off his father's loans from the farming machinery he borrowed to support his family afloat.

According to one account, Antie's loaned farm machinery was not charged on time, resulting in court disputes that terrified the Perisic family. Ivan paid every single penny due, putting an end to their worries.


Charity work is one of the most admirable things an individual can do, and footballers are ahead of the pack in this regard. Philanthropy is a quality that everyone shares, but Ivan Perisic lacks it.

We still don't know what sort of charitable work he's done, so we'll have to wait to see if he can provide anymore.

Legal issues

Ivan Perisic never had any legal problems up until now that he is 32 years old. He did not have any disciplinary problems during his playing career, though we will have to watch to see if he does so again in the future. Given his age, he is unlikely to face legal problems in the immediate future.

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Ivan Perisic Biography


Ivan Perisic career statistics

Ivan has played for seven teams during his playing career, which we will discuss below during his playing time in different teams.


The first team that he played for was Club Brugge and now we want to read about it.

Club Brugge

Club Brugge, a Belgian club, signed Perii from Sochaux for €250,000 on a three-year contract on August 26, 2009. Perii had been linked with a move to German side Hertha BSC after going on trial there.

Perisic scored his first goal in a 1–1 draw against


in the season's first game, then scored his second in two games in a row and got assists in a 4–1 win over Westerlo.

Perisic scored nine goals in 33 league games, and he also scored four goals in eight appearances for Brugge in the UEFA Europa League. Perisic agreed with a three-year contract with Brugge at the end of the season, which will keep him there until 2015.

Borussia Dortmund

Perisic signed a five-year deal with German club Borussia Dortmund on May 23, 2011, for an aggregate transfer fee of €5 million. On 5 August, he made his debut for the club in a 3–1 home win over

Hamburger SV

, replacing Chris Lowe in the 75th minute.

He scored a late equalizer with a volley from 20 yards against Arsenal in a UEFA Champions League match on September 13, 2011, after coming on as a substitute in the 69th minute.

The player scored the opening goal in a 2–0 win over

Werder Bremen

on October 14, a match in which he was later sent off for a second bookable offense.

The Croatian scored the crucial 1–0 goal against Borussia Monchengladbach on April 21, 2012, to help Dortmund win their eighth national championship. The score was 2–0 at the end of the session (the second was scored by Shinji Kagawa).

VfL Wolfsburg

Perisic was confirmed to have sold to VfL Wolfsburg for €8 million on January 6, 2013. On the 10th of January, Perisic scored his first goal for Wolfsburg in a friendly match against Standard Liege.

On January 19, 2013, he made his professional debut for Wolfsburg against

VfB Stuttgart

. He was sidelined for the entire month of March and April in 2013 after suffering a left knee injury in March.

He made his comeback in May, coming on as a substitute and getting an assist in a match against Hamburger SV. He scored two goals against his former club Borussia Dortmund on May 11, 2013.

Perisic scored his first cup goal for Wolfsburg in a 3–1 victory over

Karlsruher SC

on August 3, 2013. Perisic scored his first goal of the 2013–14 season in a 3–0 victory over Werder Bremen on October 26, 2013, while also assisting on another goal.

He scored a brace in Wolfsburg's 4–1 victory over 1. FC Nurnberg at home. Perisic ended the season with ten league goals, second only to fellow Croatian Ivica Olic on the squad.

Inter Milan

Perisic signed a five-year deal with Italian Serie A club Internazionale on August 30, 2015, for a transfer fee of €16 million. He was introduced alongside Adem Ljaji on September 10th, and given squad number 44, saying that "Inter was too good a chance to pass up."

Arsenal tried to sign Perii in January of this year. He reached an agreement with the club, but Inter intervened. Wanda Nara, the agent of teammate Mauro Icardi, spoke out about Perii's motivations for leaving, speculating that they might be medical. Following the fallout over Nara's words, Icardi was stripped of his captaincy and dismissed from the squad ahead of a Europa League away match against Rapid Wien.

The player scored 8 goals in 34 Serie A matches, second only to Samir Handanovic and Matteo Politano, and was Inter's second-highest scorer after Mauro Icardi. He failed to blend into Antonio Conte's structure during pre-season after his promotion as boss.

Loan to Bayern Munich

Perii signed a season-long loan with Bayern Munich in Germany on August 13, 2019. In the summer of 2020, Bayern had the option of signing Perii on a permanent basis. In a 6–1 win over Mainz on August 31, 2020, he scored his first goal for Bayern and added an assist.

Following a tackle from teammate lvaro Odriozola during training ahead of a DFB-Pokal match against


on February 4, 2020, Perisic suffered a right ankle fracture.

On the same day, he had surgery. On May 17, 2020, he returned to the side, replacing Serge Gnabry in the 85th minute of the club's first game since the league's suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He scored the winning goal in a DFB-Pokal semi-final win over Eintracht Frankfurt on June 10th. On July 4, he assisted

Robert Lewandowski

in Bayern's 4–2 win over Bayer Leverkusen in the DFB-Pokal Final, completing the domestic double.

Perisic scored in the Champions League round of 16-second leg against Chelsea on August 8, 2020, as Bayern beat Chelsea 4–1 (7–1 on aggregate).

The Croatian scored in an 8–2 quarter-final win over Barcelona at Estádio da Luz six days later. He became the eleventh Croatian to win the Champions League when Bayern Munich beat Paris Saint-Germain 1–0 in the final on August 23, 2020.

He scored his first goal for Inter Milan in a 2–2 home draw against Parma on October 31, 2020. In a 2–3 loss to Real Madrid on November 3, he scored his first Champions League goal for Inter Milan.

International career

Perisic has represented Croatia at the under-17, under-19, and under-21 levels on the international teams. He scored two goals for Croatia in the 2011 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualification match.

Perisic made his senior national team debut against Georgia on March 26, 2011, at the age of 22. He was a part of Croatia's UEFA Euro 2012 squad, featuring as a substitute in the team's final match, a 1–0 defeat to Spain, after starting in the team's first two matches against the Republic of Ireland and Italy.

Perii made 12 appearances for Croatia during the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign, scoring his first international goal in a 1–1 draw with Belgium. Perisic was called to Croatia's 30-man preliminary World Cup squad on May 14th. In a World Cup warm-up match in Osijek on May 31, he scored a brace in a 2–1 victory over



On June 2, Perisic was named to Croatia's final World Cup roster of 23 players. Perisic started for Croatia in the 2014 World Cup opener, a controversial 3–1 loss to tournament hosts Brazil at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

He scored Croatia's second goal in a 4–0 win over


the following match. He scored a consolation goal in the team's final group match, a 3–1 loss to Mexico that eliminated them from the tournament, on June 23, 2014. Despite Croatia's early relegation, FIFA rated Perisic as the second-best performer in the group stage.

He captained the national team for the first time in a friendly 2–1 victory over Georgia on November 19, 2019, scoring the game's winning goal.He captained Croatia in a 4–2 Nations League loss to France at Stade de France on September 8, 2020. It'll be nice to read more about Ivan Perisic biography.

Ivan Perisic Honors

Throughout his career, Ivan Perisic has won multiple teams, national, and personal awards, which we will discuss below.


  • Borussia Dortmund:

    Bundesliga: 2011–12, DFB-Pokal: 2011–12

  • VfL Wolfsburg

    : DFB-Pokal: 2014–15, DFL-Supercup: 2015

  • Bayern Munich:

    Bundesliga: 2019–20, DFB-Pokal: 2019–20, UEFA Champions League: 2019–20

  • International:

    FIFA World Cup runner-up: 2018

  • Individual:

    Belgian Pro League top goalscorer: 2010–11, Belgian Professional Footballer of the Year: 2010–11

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