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Top facts about Erik Lamela, 2021 FIFA Puskas Award winner

Here you would go through some of the most impressive top facts about Erik Lamela, 2021 FIFA Puskás Award winner.

Erik Lamela is one of the most outstanding professional players in the world of football. He debuted for Argentina National Team in 2011. He is very popular with his dribbling ability and speed in his game. Besides he has the capability to net a goal from distance.

On 30 August 2013, Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur fulfilled the transfer of Lamela from


for a contract with the value of an initial £25.8 million, plus up to £4.2 million in bonus payments.

Back then the fee for Lamela turned him into the most expensive footballer in the club's history, that broke the two last records that had been set before in the transfer window, first for Paulinho and then

Roberto Soldado


Also in 2019, Erik Lamela featured at the final of the Champions League when Tottenham Hotspurs made to the final stage against Liverpool Fc, which the result of the game ended in favour of Liverpool.

Above all, Lamela who joined Sevilla over the summer, has been crowned the FIFA Puskás Award winner of 2021 for his most atheistically-pleasing goal scored for Spurs against Arsenal in a quite impressive fashion, while he had already won this award earlier in his career.

One of the 

top facts about Erik Lamela

is that he was fined after breaking the Covid-19 restrictions by participating in a Christmas party in January 2021, and was left off the team in several games.

In case you are interested to know more about such fascinating top facts about Erik Lamela, you have landed on the right path and make sure to stick around until the end, especially if you want to get more insight about his rabona goal that earned him the prestitious Puskas Award of 2021.

Top facts about Erik Lamela that you might want to know

Here you would go through some of the most intriguing top facts about Erik Lamela, 2021 FIFA Puskás Award winner. He is an Argentine professional footballer who plays for La Liga club Sevilla and the Argentina national team in the position of attacking midfielder or winger.

Erik Lamela facts in brief


  • FullName

    : Érik Manuel Lamela

  • NickName

    : Coco

General information

  • Birth Date

    : 4 March 1992

  • Nationality

    : Argentinan

  • Ethnicity

    : White

  • Religion

    : Christian

  • Residence

    : London, England, United Kingdom

  • Date of Birth

    : 1992, March 4

  • Age

    : 29 Years Old

  • Horoscope

    : Acer

  • Country

    : Argentina AR

  • Birth Place

    : Carapachay

Physical status

  • Height

    : 183 cm

  • Weight

    : 76 kilo

  • Clothing Style

    : Alternative

  • Favourite Colors

    : White

  • Hair Color

    : Dark brown

  • Hair Type

    : Straight

  • Hair Length

    : Near-shaved Hair

  • Hair Style

    : Alternative

  • Skin Type

    : Normal

  • Beard or Mustache

    : Beardless

  • Eye Color

    : Dark Brown

Personal information

  • Father

    : José Lamela

  • Mother

    : Miriam Lamela

  • Siblings

    : Alex and Brian

  • Net Worth

    : $10 million

  • Salary

    : € 4 million

  • Marital Status

    : Married

  • Wife

    : Sofia Herrero (2010–)

  • Children

    : Tobias and Thiago

  • Colleagues

    : Christian Eriksen

Football information

  • Profession

    : Footballer

  • Position

    : Winger, attacking midfielder

  • Current Team

    : Sevilla

  • Number

    : 17


  • Favourite Food

    : English foods recipes, Fast foods (Pizza etc), Italian foods

  • Favourite Drinks

    : Orange Juice

  • Favourite Superhero

    : Superman, Spiderman

  • Favourite Sports

    : Soccer, football

  • Favourite Musician or Music

    : Lalo Schifrin

  • Favourite Footballers

    : David Beckham, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Messi

  • Favourite Politician

    : Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

  • Favourite Actor

    : Jim Carrey

  • Favourite Actress

    : Emma Stone

  • Favourite Cellphone or Brand

    : Iphone/Apple

  • Favourite Colour

    : Purple

  • Favourite Flower

    : Rose

  • Favourite Time of Day

    : Evening, Morning

  • Favourite Sports Team

    : Tottenham Hotspur

  • Favorite Website

    : Twitter, Instagram

  • Favorite Animal

    : Leopard

  • Favourite Digit


  • Favourite Pet

    : Russian cat

Erik Lamela childhood

Erik Lamela was born on 4 March 1992 to Miriam and José Lamela in a northern suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was given the nickname "Coco" by his family.

Erik Lamela childhood

was coined with football as he started playing at the age of five.

While he had joined River Plate, Barcelona reportedly offered Lamela and his family £100,000 a year, along with a house and employment for his parents, to move to the city of Barcelona, just like the same deal to the one that saw Lionel Messi move to Spain as a youngster. But his parents rejected the offer.

In 2004, a Trans World Sport film crew travelled to Argentina to interview a 12-year-old Lamela who was already making headlines after netting 120 goals for River Plate's youth side the previous season. In the video, Lamela indicates his aspire to follow the footsteps of

Diego Maradona

and win a World Cup for Argentina.

At that time he actually was pledging his deal loyalty to River Plate where he joined in it at age of seven. But the real pressure though came from the fact that as a result of years of mismanagement and corruption, his club were on the verge of relegation for the first time in their 110-year history and the 19-year-old Lamela was the only man who was taking the onus to save them.

Regardless of his utmost efforts, the club eventually was unsuccessful to survive, losing a dramatic play-off, that instilled rioting from sections of their hysterical supporters. After all, a tree can't make a forest. Having won several trophies, Erik Lamela became immensely popular as a little god of football who played the games in mysterious ways.

In that period of

Erik Lamela life story

, regret descended on him when he had a tough start to his professional career with River Plate. He featured in 36 games and netted only 4 goals. His regret was intensified on his FC Barcelona reject. Then he forced his way to Europe by joining Roma.

Erik Lamela unlucky brother

Erik Lamela has an older brother, Brian Lamela who wasn't cut out for football right from his childhood time. He has also a younger brother (the right one in the picture) Alex Lamela who is now the subject of our interest.

The night before his home debut with


, Erik Lamela was shocked by the news of his younger brother being kidnapped by armed carjackers in his home city of Buenos Aires. Reportedly 18-year-old Axel Lamela was taken at gunpoint and held to ransom.

He was held for several hours before being released by the kidnappers late in exchange for a fee of around 50000 pesos, which is equal to about £5500 that he had with himself. While the targeting of footballers’ families by criminals is a common phenomenon, police believe that in this case it was coincidentally as a result of the flashy car the 18-year-old was driving.

Again, the same unlucky Alex Lamela banged his head in a swimming pool in their native Argentina. The damage was that much grave to be ended to paralysis him. For a few months, Alex couldn't move anything.

It took huge amounts of time before he got some movement back. He then began working day by day to come back to a normal life. At the time of the accident, Lamela was out with a hip problem.

Erik Lamela professional career

Erik Lamela started his career with the River Plate on 14 June 2009. He scored his first goal for River on 5 December 2010. He hit against Colon for the Apertura tournament. His second goal was against the Lanus.

With his amazing performance, his team won a match over the


. In 36 appearances, he scored 4 goals with River Plate. In 2011, he got contracted with the Roma. He played for Roma from 2011 to 2013. He netted 19 goals in 62 appearances with Roma.

On 30 August 2013, he was acquired by Tottenham Hotspur. He agreed to a deal with Tottenham Hotspur and became one of the most expensive players from his club.

Since then he has performed outstandingly in the club and in his most recent performance in the season of 2020–21, he was a starter in the Carabao Cup quarterfinal against


. He equalized with his first goal of the season, then netted his penalty in the 5–4 penalty shootout win after a 1–1 draw.

Afterwards, on 14 March, he came off the bench to score a rabona, helping his side take the lead in the North London derby. Yet unfortunately he was then sent off for a second yellow card while Spurs ended up to concede the game with the result of  2–1. Be that as it may, his goal was voted Goal of the Season by Match of the Day and it was later won the FIFA Puskas Award as well.

Morover on 26 July 2021, he joined Sevilla in a swap contract for Bryan Gil, while he managed to put away two goals on his La Liga debut in a 3–0 truimph over Rayo Vallecano, racking up 16 appearances, four goals and one asist for his La Liga side in this season until now.

On 25 May 2011, he debuted for Argentina national team. He played his first match against Paraguay. On 3 September, he managed to score his first goal against Germany. In November 2018, Lamela was recalled to the Argentina national team after he was absent from the team for two years.

Erik Lamela personal life

If we take a closer look at

top facts about Erik Lamela

and delve into his private life, you may take the hint that his personal life is as perfect as his career. He is a married man and he spends most of his time with Sofia Herrero whose dated many years before finally getting married to her in 2010.

Although Sofia is older than Erik, for years he is still attracted to her. Currently, they are living happily as a husband and a wife. Their son Tobias was born on 25 November 2017. His second son Thiago was born in August 2020. He has proven himself as a loyal and devoted husband and father.

The most interesting part for Sofia is that Erik is very proud of her as he always flaunts her on social media when he has the opportunity. Likewise, Erik accepted her and still shows her so much love, at least on social media, in the face of the fact that they have been dating long before he became an international superstar.

In addition, the Coronavirus pandemic has made football stars find the luxury of time to spend with their family especially their kids as Erik Lamela was seen in a recent picture having a nice time with his son, Tobias, in a bath tube as well as besides beach.

Erik Lamela body measurement 

Considering top facts about

Erik Lamela body measurement

, it is notable to suggest that he has a great physique and athletic body. He has an amazing height of 6 feet. His body weight is around 154lbs.

He is also involved in advertising and commercials. He has endorsed numerous popular brands like Nike. His favourite Car is Audi.

It does not seem like he is into social work, as he has not done much charity until now. He is the perfect player for football and is considered to be an epitome for the upcoming players. 

Erik Lamela tattoos 

In regard to top facts about

Erik Lamela tattoos

, one can note that he was spotted with a tattoo of a football on his left shin. This picture was made a while ago when he still did not have the Lion ink. He depicted some stars on both of his shoulders and a tribal on his left arm as well.

Erik Lamela injuries

One of the most heart-wrenching top facts about Erik Lamela is that he was miserably prone to some injuries because since October 2016, Erik was struggling with his injuries.

He first had surgery on the right side of his hip and months later, on the other side. This has hindered him from playing for Tottenham’s different matches for the rest of the 2016-2017 season and after that, it sparked a run of bad luck that has kept him out of manager

Mauricio Pochettino

’s side.

While he has been healing in a facility in Rome with the companionship of Federico Fazio, his former teammate, some argued that his absence was due to the fact that he was struggling to get over the death of his dog Simba as he continued his rehabilitation from a hip injury in Rome. 

It was indicated that Erik also had to cope with personal problems that involved the accident of one of his brothers. He had returned to Argentina when his brother got into an accident. However, unlike the reports, Erik denied the rumours that his absence is due to personal reasons.

But unfortunately after auspicious start for his newly joined club Sevilla, again he would be ruled out for up to four months in the cope of a shoulder injury he suffered in his recent training.

It seems that the injury required him to underwent an operation back in December of last year and it would probably keep him out until around March this year. This is a big blow for Sevilla, who are expected to challenge for the title and keep their Champions League campaign alive.


Erik Lamela net worth


top facts about Erik Lamela

, one can point out to his net worth that is estimated at around 20 million US dollar and his salary is nearly around $5. This comes from the combined amount of his earnings from his football career and his endorsements with brands like Nike.

In July 2018 the attacking midfielder signed a contract with Tottenham Hotspur that nets him a whopping salary of 4.8 Million Euro (4.2 Million Pound) per year.

Coco signed a renewed and improved contract in the summer of 2018. He has maintained a pretty amount of bank balance from his salary. In addition since he has recently joined


, his net worth has been not updated yet.

Erik Lamela social media

Regarding top facts about Erik Lamela, it is pertinent to note that he is active on social media specifically Instagram with around 1.5 million followers. He is known for displaying his ‘on the field’ highlights on his Instagram page at the end of every match-day.

Once in recent times as there was no action while all footballing activities had been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, the attacking midfielder decided to create his own action at the beach with his son to the delight of his fans.

Besides he usually tends to share images of his beloved ones, for instance he once posted an image of his mom (the left image above) congratulating her birthday, or there are pictures of his wife, sons and his father as well on his account too.

It seems that our footballer is very blessed and proud of having them in his life and is willing to flaunt their pictures to his mpre than one million Instagram followers.

Erik Lamela personality traits

If we delve a bit further into

Erik Lamela personality traits

, the indication of what he adores in his life would give us some clue. Erik Lamela takes a huge amount of comfort from being alone.

He likes sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming and spiritual themes. But he abhors those who claim they Know-it-all and those who are some sort of omniscient. Remembering some of his past memories for example rejecting FC


during his childhood time is a big anathema for him.

He is very compassionate and extremely dislikes any sort of cruelty. Erik Lamela is always eager to help others, without hoping to get anything in return. His life is characterised by empathy and expressed emotional capacity.

Erik Lamela 2021 Fifa Puskás Award

Lamela has been granted the

Puskas Award

for the best goal of 2021 at the gala The Best FIFA ocurring at its headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland). He picked up the honour to grab this award when he found the back of the net for Tottenham in their Premier League north London derby defeat to


at the Emirates back on March 14 last year, scoring an incredibly audacious 'Rabona' goal for them.

While he was announced the winner in Monday evening's FIFA ceremony, for claiming the award he beat off the two other finalists Patrik Schick and Mehdi Taremi that were nominated earlier this month, for Schick`s strike from the halfway line for the Czech Republic against Scotland in the Euro 2020 finals as well as Porto forward Taremi’s overhead kick in the Champions League against Chelsea.

With this award he made Tottenham Hotspur to be the first club who claimed the Puskas Award in consecutive  seasons following that Heung-Min Son grabbed the prestigious trophy in 2020 for his remarkable solo effort against Burnley back in December, 2019.

This is while, regardless of his rabona heroics against Arsenal, following starring eight years racking up 257 appearances at Spurs, at the end of the season he moved to Sevilla in an agreement  that led Bryan Gil coming the other way.

Besides, in his speaking at the ceremony he indicated as saying: "Thank you so much, I'm very happy. I didn't think how special the goal was, I just kicked the ball and started running around the pitch with my team-mates! I never practice this shot in training, it normally just comes in that second, finding the best way to shoot."

Having said that, it was not the first time he scored such a mindblowing Rabona, in as much as he had already scored another one from outside his own box for Tottenham in a Europa League match against Asteras Tripoli in 2014.


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