Top Facts About Sebastiano Esposito

Sat 06 March 2021 | 14:30

In this article, we take a look at some top facts about Sebastiano Esposito, Inter`s young starlet who has a bright future in front of him. We are going to check out some top facts about Sebastiano Esposito personal life, Sebastianno Esposito stats, Sebastiano Esposito girlfriend, and much more.

Sebastiano Esposito is a young football player who has been born and raised in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy. He was born on July 2, 2002. So 

Sebastiano Esposito Age

 at the time of writing this article is 19 years old. Sebastiano Esposito main position is Centre Forward and he is a right-footed player with 1.86 m height.  

Sebastiano Esposito started his early career at Inter Milan youth academy. He climbed up the ladder and made his way to the first team. Then he got the chance to play some games on Antonio Conte`s side and scored his first goal at Italian football top fight against


. At this moment he was considered as one of the impressive teenage talents in the world and the hype around him got bigger and bigger.

Top Facts About Sebastiano Esposito Personal Life

If you want to know some top facts about

 Sebastiano Esposito parents

, Sebastiano Esposito childhood, his girlfriend and even if you want to know if he has any children or not, then we recommend you to read this article. Also, all your questions about Sebastiano Esposito net worth and salary, Sebastiano Esposito transfermarket stats, and his stats at the youth level will be answered at this article. 

 Sebastiano Esposito Parents and Family

There is no reliable information about Sebastiano Esposito`s mother's name. But his father`s name is Agostino and he has had an important role to develop Sebastiano`s talents. When Sebastiano was a teenager, Agostino was some kind of agent for him and other club agents were in talk with him to persuade his son in signing a contract with them. One of the



facts about Sebastiano Esposito

 parents is that Sebastiano is not their only son that is a professional football player. They have an elder son named Salvatore Esposito who is currently playing at Spal in

Serie B

Salvatore is a midfielder and just like Sebastiano, he also played for Inter at the youth level. But unlike Sebastiano, Salvatore didn`t manage to play for Inter`s senior team and left the club to join Spal. Where he was loaned out to play for Ravenna and later Chievo Verona until 2020 when he came back to 


. Also, Sebastiano has a younger brother named Pio who is following the footsteps of his elder brothers and is playing for Inter youth team. So there are three brothers at the Esposito family whom all have a dream of becoming a top-level football player. Among these three brothers, Sebastiano is the most popular and apparently has a better opportunity to make his dreams real.

Although there are not many 


facts about Sebastiano Esposito 

mother, there is a wonderful moment in Sebastiano`s football career in which his mom was involved. When Sebastiano scored his debut goal for Inter first team against Genoa, he shared the celebration with his mom who was watching him on the sidelines of the pitch. The mother and son hugged each other and the tears of joy on Sebastiano and his mother`s faces made an incredible scene that will be remembered for years to come.

Sebastiano Esposito Childhood

Sebastiano Esposito childhood has been spent on Castellammare di Stabia, a small town in Naples, south of Italy. Like every other kid in Italy, Sebastiano used to play football in school and the streets. Sebastiano and his elder brother Salvatore are just two years apart. So it`s fair to say that they were like twins growing up and spent a lot of time together.

There are some top facts about Sebastiano Esposito and his brother Salvatore's football career. Both of them joined the Brescia youth team in 2011 and again both of them together left


in 2014 and joined Inter. So just when Sebastiano became a teenager, he had to left his hometown to join professional football academies. Therefore 

Sebastiano Esposito childhood

 in Castellammare di Stabia became to an end sooner than expected.  

Sebastiano Esposito Girlfriend and Sebastiano Esposito Children

Up to this day, there are no signs of a girlfriend in Sebastiano Esposito personal life. It seems like he is focused on his football career and wants to prove himself as a high potential prospect. So he does not intend to have a serious relationship for now and we could say that 

Sebastiano Esposito girlfriend

 status is single.

Obviously with his very young age and not having any girlfriend, it`s too soon to talk about

 Sebastiano Esposito children

. So Agostino and his wife should have to wait much longer to see their grandchildren. Now that we are talking about grandchildren in the Esposito family, it worth mentioning Sebastiano`s elder brother, Salvatore, has a girlfriend named Martina Zoletti and Sebastiano Esposito may become an uncle before a dad!

Sebastiano Esposito Social Media Accounts and Personal Life

Sebastiano has active social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. He has about 12k followers on Facebook and about 468k followers on Instagram. You can follow

 Sebastiano Esposito social media accounts 





. Until now there is not any verified Twitter account for Sebastiano Esposito.

As we mentioned above, Sebastiano is focused on his football career and there are not many rumors and talks about 

Sebastiano Esposito personal life

. He is currently playing for


on loan from Inter and is living in the beautiful city of Venice in northern Italy. It is believed that Sebastiano is living alone since he has a 16 years old brother in Milan and his parents need to stay with their youngest son.

Sebastiano doesn`t own any car currently and is living a simple life as a young prospect. He has a tattoo on his arm that goes like this: “Ama il tuo sogno anche se ti tormenta" which means “Love your dream even if it torments you “. Remember that he had to leave his hometown when he was just 13 years old to play professional football. So it`s fair to say this tattoo is referring to what he went through to become the player he is today. 

Although Sebastiano hasn`t got the time to show his full potential at the senior level, he already managed to earn a nickname from Inter fans! The fans are calling him Niño Maravilla which means “wonder kid” and with his young age and the talent that he is showing, it is a well-deserved nickname. Also his father Agostino, refers to his son as “Seba” in interviews. So if you find it hard to say his full name, you can just call him Seba. One of the fun

top facts about Sebastiano Esposito 

is that his teammates on the youth level used to call him “Seba Goal” because of the high amount of goals that he was scoring for the team.

Sebastiano Esposito Net Worth and Sebastiano Esposito Salary

After joining Inter youth team in 2014, Esposito showed how capable he was and proved his worth. So Antonio Conte, the coach of the Inter first team in 2018 helped Sebastiano to experience playing in Serie A. With the quality and passion that Sebastiano Esposito was showing, Conte decided to use Sebastiano on three

UEFA Champions League matches


At this moment everyone at Inter club was convinced that Sebastiano Esposito is a wonderful talent and deserves a new contract that ensures he is not leaving the club anytime soon. Especially after the loss of Nicolo Zaniolo, another Inter youth talent who was sold to

AS Roma

for just €4M a few years before, Inter couldn`t manage to lose another starlet for a minimum fee. So in July 2019, 

Sebastiano Esposito salary 

was raised to €200k per year with a new contract that will keep him an Inter player until 2025.

Before that, Sebastiano Esposito salary average was about €13k per year between the ages of 13 – 17. With these numbers, it`s estimated that

Sebastiano Esposito net worth

is about €20k which is impressive for a 20 years old kid. Keep in mind that he is still considered a prospect and has a long way to go. He can earn much more from what he is earning right now and with some paid partnerships and other financial activities, Sebastiano Esposito net worth can expand by a lot.

Sebastiano Esposito Transfermarket stats

According to the German well-known website Transfrmarkt, Sebastiano Esposito`s current market value is about €5M. He is considered as the 3rd most valuable player in Italy Serie B. Sebastiano Esposito highest market value until now was in December 2019, which it was estimated that his value was about €10M.

Some other top facts about 

Sebastiano Esposito Transfermarket stats 

include that he has P&P SPORT MANAGEMENT S.A.M. as his agent. This sports management agency has a lot of well-known football players as their clients. Players such as

Romelu Lukaku

, Andrej Kramaric,

Francesco Acerbi

, and many others. Inter loaned out Sebastiano to Spal in the summer of 2020. Then after six months, he got back to Inter and this time he moved to Venezia on loan which he is currently playing at.

When we are talking about 


facts about Sebastiano Esposito 

transfermarket stats, it worth mentioning that in his early career days, there were some interests to sign him from other big clubs in Italy and abroad. As his father Agostino Esposito mentioned in an interview lately, before Sebastiano signs a new contract with Inter, agents of some big clubs in Italy and also some people from French giant

Paris Saint-Germain

were inquiring about Sebastiano Esposito. But as Agostino said, they wanted to continue with


project and showed no intention of leaving the club.

Sebastiano Esposito Stats

As a young talent who is starting his career, it`s normal that 

Sebastiano Esposito stats

 on the senior level are not that impressive yet. But let`s take a look at Sebastiano Esposito stats at Inter U17 team. In the season of 2017-18, Sebastiano scored 10 goals in 22 matches which is an acceptable stats for a striker. A season after that, he recorded impressive stats with scoring a total of 31 goals in 38 matches at some U17 and Primavera tournaments.

Then on the 2019-20 season, it was his time to make his way in Inter`s first team. Sebastiano Esposito scored his first-ever senior level goal on December 21st, 2019 in a 4-0 win against Genoa in

Serie A

. He also came on as a sub in three UCL Group Stage games against Bor. Dortmond, Slavia Prague and FC Barcelona. In the current season of 2020-21, Sebastiano Esposito has played 22 games and produced 2 goals and 2 assists for Spal and Venezia combined.

Short Facts and Quotes About Sebastiano Espostio

Now let`s take a look at some short


facts about Sebastiano Esposito

personal life and football carer:

  • Like most of Italian people, Sebastiano Esposito has born and raised in a Catholic family and he is a Catholic Christian

  • Sebastiano Esposito first experience on national team was when he was called up for Itlay U16 team in 2017-18 and scored 8 goals in 12 games.

  • Since 2017, Sebastiano Esposito played 38 games for Italy national teams on different age groups as he grew. He has scored a total of 25 goals in those 38 games.

  • Sebastiano wore number 30 on his first season in Inter seniro team and then in his second season, he picked up the number 70 shirt which he is currently playing with in Venezia too. On the national team, Sebastiano got different shirt numbers to wear. Such as the popular number 10 and 20.

Sebastiano Esposito has had some achievements on U17 level. These achievements include:

  • 2019 UEFA European Under-17 Championship runner-up with Italy.

  • Italian Championship U-17 2018/2019 winner with Inter.

  • Italian Championship U-17 2018/2019 top scorer.

  • Italian Super Cup U-17 2018/2019 winner with Inter.

  • Sebastiano Esposito is the first player born in 2002 who takes part in a Champions League or Europa League game. He is also the Inter`s youngest player ever who played in a European competition for the club.

Sebastiano Esposito debut game in the senior level was in March 14, 2019 in the second leg of

Europa League

Round of 16 matches against Eintracht Frankfurt. He was substituted with Borja Valero and played the last 17 minutes of the match.

As mentioned above in the article, Sebastiano and his elder brother Salvatore are so close to each other. Here is a quote from Salvatore Esposito that shows how much he is happy with his little brother performance. This quote is frome the night Sebastino played his first-ever UCL game for Inter on a match against Dortmond:

 “I was at the stadium yesterday, I sweated more than him. At that moment I felt like I was on the field with him. It was really exciting to see him debut in the Champions League. Now, however, he must continue to work hard and keep his head down,”

Salvatore Esposito said: “It is the dream of our whole family and also that of mine and of Sebastiano to play for Inter together but I must take one step at a time.”

And here is a quote from Sebastiano Esposito himself after his debut game for Inter that show how determined he is to reach his full potential:

 “It’s important that you always give your best, 110 per cent in every drill. The Coach asks a lot from us and expects a lot but we’re happy to work hard. I’m used to it and it’s important that you can make sacrifices for the good of the team. My next personal goal? I dream of making my Sere A debut, I know that I‘ll have to work hard and the road is still long but I hope that it can come true.”

Sebastiano Esposito play style

Sebastiano is a versatile attacking footballer that can play in different positions in upfront of the pitch. He is known as a CF (Centre Forward) but he is able to play at the left and right wings too. Also, Sebastiano Esposito has enough quality to play as a second striker behind the main striker. A position that they call it “trequartista” in Italian football terms. Sebastiano Esposito has some decent skillset for an attacker with 1.86 heights. In addition to that, he knows how to use his physics to beat the defenders or shield the ball and make an assist for a running teammate. Also, he has good pace and explosive runs that make it hard for defenders to cope with him.

Sebastiano Esposito showed that he can play as a back to goal striker who is a target man in the attacking front. It means that he is totally capable of take a part in build-up play and midfielders can lend the ball to him to keep it on his foot and make space for other players. What makes Sebastiano Esposito a wonderful talent and a complete attacker is that beside his shooting and goal scoring skills, he is very comfortable with the ball and is aware of his team mates when he has the ball with him. Also, Sebastiano scored some goals from free-kicks in youth level so we could say that he has the talent to become a free-kicks specialist too.


source: SportMob