The 7 Richest Horse Races In The World

Wed 03 March 2021 | 7:00

There has always been a lot of money in horse racing as a sport.

One of the most hotly anticipated horse races in the UK

Cheltenham 2021

will be back soon, sadly did not make this list, but is truly a historical event. Back in the day it used to yield large rewards for the Kings and Queens. Now the sport of kings offers insanely large prize pots on an international level to those competing in the races. The prize pots for many racetracks in 2020 were astronomical and only seem to be going up year on year. But what just are the richest horse races in the world? We are going to take a look at the top 7!

Saudi Cup

Just when you thought horse racing couldn’t boast any bigger prize pots, the Saudi Cup has come along. The dirt track holds 14 of the best horses from around the world and competes across 9 furlongs. This race is made impressive by one thing and one thing only, its prize pot. Following an announcement by Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al Faisal, the Saudi Cup will have a $20 million prize pot, with the winner of the race taking home a huge $10 million. This cup will take place in Riyadh and shoe horns in-between the already busy horse racing schedule between the Pegasus World Cup and the Dubai World Cup.

Pegasus World Cup

The Pegasus World Cup was America's answer to the lavish Saudi Cup. Commencing in 2017, this luxurious event is similar to the Saudi Cup as it is run over 9 furlongs on a dirt track, the only difference is that it is American. Starting at a huge $12 million prize pot in 2017 and 2018, Pegasus was the richest race in the world. It has since fallen by the wayside when it comes to prize pots with the 2020 race only offering a $3million pot. Regardless, this race has brought about an extra slice of luxury in the American horse racing calendar and has offered some great entertainment value for fans and gamblers alike over the few years since its inauguration.

The Dubai World Cup

It would be surprising to have a ‘richest in the world list’ and not mention Dubai. The Dubai World Cup has been run at the Meydan racecourse since 1996 and has consistently offered a massive prize pot. The 2019 race gave the winner $7.2 home with $12 overall on offer. Godolphin, the stable owned by the Dubai Sheik, has consistently done well on home dirt races breaking some records and offering horses who consistently go on to win the race. It seems like Godolphin like racing on their home turf!

The Everest

The world's richest turf race is found in Australia

, and like many of its other rich counterparts, this race is a modern day competition. Founded in 2017, this race quickly went on to bypass all the historic turf races across the world and the Melbourne Cup in Australia to become the most valuable in the world. The Royal Randwick in Sydney plays host to this race which sees some of the world's top sprinters compete for a large sum. In 2020 this race saw it peak at a huge $14 million prize pot. Aptly named, this race would really make you feel on top of the world if you’re taking home that kind of prize pot.

The Breeders Cup Classic

With no permanent home the biggest prizes in American horse racing changes venue every year. The Breeders Cup is often cited as the unofficial fourth leg of

the Triple Crown

and often sets a precedent for the Horse of the Year decisions. With famous wins from American Pharoah and Authentic in recent years, this race boasts an over $3million winners prize, but offers more than just the money. The prestige of this race also brings in punters regularly and is the big finale of the American Flat race season with some of the best horses from around the world competing.

Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

Europe's premium race has been running at


for 150 years and boasts a rather large prize pot too. Despite not even nearly competing with some others on this list, the race which is run in Paris has historically been one of the biggest races in the world and continues to retain that title to this day. This Group 1 turf flat race has seen some of Europe's best horses ever come through its doors and win the race cementing this race’s heritage in horse racing worldwide. With a now large $5million prize pot, this race is showing no signs of letting up.

Japan Cup

Japan and horse racing have been hand in hand for years now. The popularity of the sport is through the roof on the island. This is reflected in the sheer quality of the jockeys and trainers who compete in Japan. Holding some of the best over 3 year olds, Tokyo Racecourse hosts the Japan Cup every November. This is an invitational event and brings together 18 of the world's best horses to compete for a £4.5 million prize pot. A nice reflection of how massive horse racing is and has become in Japan.

source: SportMob