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Top facts about Alex Telles

Alex Telles is a Brazilian professional footballer who was transferred to Manchester United in the summer transfer window of 2020 from FC Porto for a reported 15.4 million pounds fee. Read on to find out more facts about Alex Telles.

Alex Nicolao Telles

, known by his paternal surname Telles, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for

Manchester United

as a left-back. He also plays for the

Brazil national team

.  Read on to find out more facts about Alex Telles.

Alex Telles

is a professional footballer who currently plays in defending position (left) for Manchester United in the

English Premier League


Alex was born on 15 December 1992, meaning that

Alex Telles’ age

is 28 as of 2020.

Telles is a quick and talented player who was expected to replace fellow Brazilian Filipe Luis in 


back in 2015. His playing style along with a decent work ethic and an ability to constantly bombard forward to link midfield to attack while on the final third off the pitch is now widely known across Europe.

Telles established his game during his time at FC Porto and his career has always seen an upward growth since moving to Portugal.

Top facts about Alex Telles:

After playing on the streets of Brazil for quite a few years, Alex Telles gradually picked up the interest of football and when he turned 8, he was sure to make a career out of the game. Telles started his career at the youth academy of the Brazilian Serie D side Juventude in 2007 when he was only 15.

Alex Telles Early Life

Alex Telles was born on 15 December 1992 in Caxias do Sul in Brazil to his mother, Claudette Nicolao, and father Jose Telles.

There is not enough information available about

Alex Telles childhood

. He also has a stunning older sister, Hellen. The first fact to know about Alex Telles is that he may be born in Brazil but he also is of Italian descent.

Located in the hilly region, Serra Gaúcha, the city Caxias do Sul is known for its winemaking history and old Italian cultural history established in 1890. Born in this region, Alex Telles’ great grandparents were the Italians establishing the city.

The young boy showed some glimpses of his current game which is dominated by attacking down the lines, since those early days. His journey to becoming a professional footballer was not easy as he grew up in a middle class family.

His ability to attack the ball and to fall back at times to give crunching tackles made him an at alternative for a full back. Within a very short time, the Brazilian Giants Gremio spotted the young left back and signed him for a shot to play in the Brazil’s Top Division.

In his first full season with


, he played for 36 games, scoring once and completing a successful year in the back line.

His talent was noticed across Europe and Turkish club


were the ones who decided to sign him on a permanent deal in 2014 for 6 million euros. He played 2 full seasons for the Turkish Club, where he won one league title and three domestic cups.

Alex Telles love Life

Alex Telles wife

, Priscila Minuzzo was born on December 3, 1993, in Caxias do Sul, Brazil meaning that Priscila’s age is 27 as of 2020. The beauty of the young WAG is not only limited to her looks, she has a beautiful heart too as she likes to help those in need.

She is a co-owner of the Fluencia Hip Hop House, which is a foundation that supports and helps with social transformation and emancipation. The organization helps children, teenagers, and young adults who are from disadvantaged families to help them participate in society.

The ways that this help is available are through break dancing, graffiti, DJing, and MCing. So far reports show that over 70 people have been fortunate enough to benefit from this initiative.

The young couple tied the knot in 2018 after 6 years of dating. They met in 2012 when Alex was still playing for the Brazilian club,



The pair got married in Caxias do Sul, Brazil at the São Pelegrino Church. The wedding ceremony was like a fairy tale and everything was like a dream.  João Pedro Gregol, the internet-famous violinist, performed for their big day and even Alex Telles serenaded his wife in song.

Alex Telles Social Media


Alex Telles’ social media

accounts, it is worth mentioning that he is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On his Instagram account (


), he shares with his 1.6 million followers his photos on the football field and family quality time.

Alex adores his family and is quite the family guy. The pictures shared on his and his family members’ Instagram show they are a family of four and love spending time together.

The talented footballer also enjoys playing music and singing. He has shared multiple videos of himself singing with friends and playing instruments such as the piano, guitar, and ukulele. His other social media accounts are


on Facebook and


on Twitter.

Alex Telles Body Measurements


Alex Telles’ body measurements

, it is worth mentioning that he is 181 cm tall and his weight is 71.2 kilograms. Other measurements are not available.

Alex Telles tattoos

An interesting

fact about Alex Telles

is that he holds a very special bond with his sister and they even share a matching tattoo on their wrists. Continue reading to know more facts about Alex Telles’ sister, Hellen.

Hellen Telles started her studies in Health and Physical Education at the University of Caxias do Sul and graduated in 2014.

She then attended the University of Rio dos Sinos Valley where she gained tons of experience in the Club Management Field of Study Administration and Sports Management. She spent 7 years at the university for her degree.

She didn’t stop pursuing her after finishing her studies. She actually started working while studying at university. His first job was in 2005, as a Commercial Manager for a furniture company in Brazil, Zeus Salvage Trade.

In 2014, she moved on from her job to start on something bigger. The beautiful young Brazilian started her own company H13 Gestão Esportiva (H13- Sports Management) in 2017.

H13 specializes in Sports Management, Athletes Career, and Intermediation. Her company has been involved in many great opportunities, including the APAFUT, Association of Parents, and Friends of Football. She also got great experiences from Rio dos Silos Valley, Getulio Vargas Foundation, and CBF Academy.

When Alex Telles moved to Porto in 2016, Hellen became his agent and she has been in his transfer rumors since, but from reports, Pini Zahavi has been representing him lately.

Apart from sports managing, Hellen is also in a partnership with a women’s clothing store, Couros do Valleh Caxias which is situated in Caxias do Sul. Hellen has also modeled for some of their clothing items.

The bond that Hellen and Alex have is impeccable, the duo has been together through all hardships of life and they adore each other very much.

As mentioned before, an interesting fact about Alex Telles’ relationship with his sister is that they share a common tattoo on their wrists which is a hand symbol that means “I Love You”.

The symbol is a hand with its thumb, pinky, and index finger extended while the middle finger and ring finger are bent down. Under the symbol, Alex has the Italian word “Sorella” meaning sister, and Hellen has the Italian word “Fratello” meaning brother.

But Hellen is not the only gal in Alex’s life, the famous left-back is married to the gorgeous Brazilian Priscila Minuzzo.

Stick around until the end to find more

facts about Alex Telles

’ love life and his wife, Priscila Minuzzo.

Alex Telles Stats

Regarding Alex Telles Stats, it should be mentioned that he currently plays for Manchester United with the chosen number of 27.  Even though due to the epidemic most of the games were canceled, Alex Telles’ stats are only going up. So far in the 20/21 season, he has made 19 appearances for 1.505 minutes. He has scored 2 goals and has 5 assists and a yellow card.

Alex Telles has played both as a left-back and as a left midfield but he is not that famous as the latter. He has played as a left-back 325 times whilst he has only made 6 appearances as a left midfielder.

On FIFA 21, the professional left-back has an overall ranking of 84. His speed rating is 85 and his passing rate is 83 which is almost as good as a midfielder.

His curling free-kick, pinpoint crosses, and crossing skill on the pitch is ranked 89. He is very famous for playing long games and has an amazing 91 stamina rating. Alex Telles is surely one of the most underrated defenders in the world.

Alex Telles Club Career

The 28-year-old Brazilian left-back started his youth career in his hometown club Esporte Clube Juventude. When he was eight years old, he began playing with friends and neighbors but later in 2007, he was officially enrolled in the football club Juventude. He continued his professional career with the club in 2011.

Juventude and Grêmio

Early days in the year, on 24 January 2011, Alex Telles made his debut against São José-PA. A few months later in August, he scored his first official goal for the club in a 1-1 draw against


. He made 13 appearances for the club and scored two goals before being transferred to the club Grêmio.

In December, Alex Telles was brought to Grêmio after a partnership established with Juventude. After the transfer Grêmio's executive football director, Rui Costa said: “We have hired Alex Telles, he is a player with a future, who will be evaluated by the coach and will be an alternative for the professional squad.”

Telles made his debut on 3 February 2013 against Internacional. On 26 May, he started the 2-0 home win game against Náutico which was his Serie A debut.

He scored his first goal for the club only because of the inspiration that his father gave him, “Being a player is a dream. My dad didn’t realize I’m living for him/I'm happy to accomplish, that goal.”


On 22 January 2014, Telles was sold to the Turkish club Galatasaray for €6 million on a 4-year deal. Meaning that he was meant to stay there until 2018.

He made his debut in a 3-0 win against


for the campaign’s Turkish Cup on 5 February. Three days later on 8 February, he also made his Süper Lig debut in a 3-0 home victory against



His first assist was on 17 February during a match against


in a 2-2 away draw. More importantly, he scored his first official goal for the club on 8 March in a 6-1 home win against Akhisar Belediyespor. In August 2015, after Chelsea’s left-back, Filipe Luis got departed, there were rumors regarding Telles’ transfer to the club.

In response to the rumors, Hamza Hamzaoğlu the Galatasaray said that he would only consider the departure of Alex Telles if there’s an acceptable offer. At the end of the month, the club finally announced that they are going to let Telles join another club on loan.

Inter Milan

On 31 August 2015, Alex Telles joined Italian

Serie A



, also known as Inter Milan, on a one-year loan for a €1.3 million fee, in addition to €250,000 if Inter Milan qualifies for the group stage of the 2016–2017 UEFA Champions League. The deal also contained the option to purchase the player for €8.5 until 1 July 2016, if interested.

Inter Milan’s manager, Roberto Mancini, who used to coach Alex Telles back in Galatasaray reunited with him. Alex Telles made his debut for the club on 13 September in the 2015-2016 Serie A against A.C Milan. He played the whole match as Inter won 1-0. He made a total of 22 appearances for the club with no goals scored.


After the end date of Alex Telles’ loan with Inter, On 12 July 2016, Portuguese side

FC Porto

announced that they have bought him for a €6.5 million fee. Based on a press release, Galatasaray reserved an additional 10% of any added value in a future transfer deal.

The next day Alex Telles signed a five-year contract with the dragons and said, “I aim for titles; I aspire for a very beautiful story. I told my family not long ago that I don't want to come here in passing, I want to leave a legacy, a story and, who knows, have a picture of me thereafter being champion, which is my goal.” The 23-year-old left-back’s contract also came with a 40 million EUROS termination clause.

“For me, it is the realization of a dream to play for FC Porto, which is a club that I have followed since I was a child in Brazil. I am very happy to be here and I want to do my best, showing every day why they have signed me, assists, crosses, and dead balls.”

He stayed humble yet confident about his abilities: “I am young, I know I still have a lot to evolve, but I am a player who does not give in and I will give everything to help FC Porto. I am looking forward to training with them and tell them that I am here to do my best and help them with whatever they need.”

An interesting fact to know about Alex Telles’ devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is that the Catholic Brazilian footballer signed the contracts on the 13th, a number that has many meanings for him that he even has tattooed it, “the day of Our Lady of Fatima.

A very special day for me and my family, my parents' wedding day, the day in that I signed contracts ... So, we started on the right foot and I hope from this day on to build a beautiful story here.”

On 12 August, he made his league debut and his first competitive match against

Rio Ave

. Even though the game was a success and they won 3-1, Telles made a very poor performance. Due to two fouls, he received two yellow cards in 43 minutes and got dismissed from the pitch.

Despite Telles’ very unlucky start at his dream club, he brought many great features such as strength, technique, and speed to the left of the blue and white defense. He gradually proved himself and became part of the team’s starting eleven. He scored his first-ever goal for the club in a 3-1 home victory against


at Estádio do Dragão in Portugal.

Only missing one game due to his suspension, he was doing good. “I'm settling in well,” Porto’s new defender said.

“The club transmits a winning philosophy and you can see why they had so many great players here. I think we can [win the league], but to do that we've got to keep focused in every game right to the very end of the season.”

In his five seasons with the club, Alex Telles has played for Porto 129 times and has scored 21 goals with more than 50 assists.

Manchester United

On 5 October 2020, Manchester United agreed to sign a contract for a fee of £15.4 million. At first, The Red Devils offered an initial £13.6m with £1.8m in add-ons but the Portuguese champions rejected it because they were hoping to get a deal for £22.5m. After so many negotiations, Porto was convinced that this is the only offer they’re going to get.

On that day Manchester United officially stated on their website that Telles has signed a four-year contract. An interesting fact to know about Alex Telles’ transfer to Manchester United is that his contract has also an option to extend for a further year.

Alex Telles said with great pride: “To join a club with the prestige of Manchester United is a huge honor. You have to work hard to get to this moment in your career and now I am coming to this club, I can promise that I will give everything in my heart to be a success here.

“I won many trophies at FC Porto and I want to continue that at United. The manager has a clear plan and direction for this team and I can’t wait to pull on the famous shirt.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Norwegian manager of Manchester United said: “First and foremost, I welcome Alex to United. He is a player we have been tracking for some time and his performances over the past few years are exactly what we are looking for.

He is a fighter and a winner and will add real determination and competition to the squad. Alex has the qualities, both as a player and as a person, that we want here at Manchester United.”

The speedy left-back has made only 7 appearances for The Red Devils so far with no goals.

Having played only 45 minutes in 6 league matches, Telles told the club’s website that he is ready to play. “I'm very prepared to play. I'm also very happy with the performances of Luke and his hard work.

I came here to play. And both I and Luke really develop together, both in training and games. I've played and have put in some good performances as well.

“United benefit from this as well, United the club, because we win by having good players available. And if needed I'm here, ready, focused, and prepared to play. And once again I repeat that I'm really happy for Luke Shaw, his great performances and contributions.”

Luke Shaw also admitted that he has improved because of Telles’ important role. “We have a great relationship, he pushes me each day in training and we get on really well,” he said in an interview.

“It’s nice to have that competition, we pushed each other to get the best out of ourselves. It’s a positive way for both of us to look at it. I think I maybe started to understand how big the rivalry is when I came to Manchester United.”

“These are two really big clubs, both with a massive history. I think all the games between the two sides from the beginning right up until now have been competitive, and I saw in the previous game how great the rivalry was and I'm sure we will be very prepared for this match.

“I've played in a lot of derbies. Porto v


, Galatasaray v Fenerbahce, the Milan derby and I think that the greatest, or the biggest rivalry, for me is Porto v Benfica.

It's a game with a lot of history, it's a huge rivalry. Not just between the football clubs but also between the two cities. So, for me, I think it would be that one where the rivalry is the greatest.”

Alex Telles International Career

A fun fact, mentioned previously, about Alex Tells is that he also has an Italian passport since his great-grandparents were of Italian descent. Therefore, he could represent Italy national team as well as Brazil national team.

In October 2016, when he was still playing for Porto, he was hoping to catch Gian Piero Ventura’s eyes with his great performance at the Portuguese club.

“I may be Brazilian, but my great grandparents are Italian and I feel Italian. I just have to think about doing a good job at Porto and if I do well here, then maybe something will happen.”

In March 2019, he finally got called up to play for Brazil national team which wasn’t what he wished for but he definitely shined through his appearances. It was after his performance for the Brazilian that he got the opportunity to play for The Red Devils.

Alex Telles made his debut for Brazil on 23 March 2019 in a friendly match against Panama and later in 2020, he played 3 more times for the team.

Alex Telles Achievements


Alex Telles’ achievements

, it is worth mentioning that he has won many titles and trophies which proves how good he is.

When he got started in professional clubs and was not more than 19 years old, he was part of the team that won Copa FGF in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, he was named the best left-back for Bola de Prata annually given award which opened up many doors to Europe for him. After that, he got transferred to Turkey and won four Turkish titles and cups there.

Two years later in Porto, Alex Telles made excellent performance and won more than 18 other titles as follows:

  • Primeira Liga: 2017–18, 2019–20

  • Taça de Portugal: 2019–20

  • SJPF Primeira Liga Team of the Year: 2016, 2017

  • Primeira Liga Defender of the Month: August 2017, January 2018, February 2018, April 2018, August 2019, December 2019, February 2020

  • Primeira Liga Player of the Month: February 2020

  • Primeira Liga Team of the Year: 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20

  • Primeira Liga Goal of the Month: October/November 2019

  • FC Porto Player of the Year – Dragão de Ouro Award: 2018

Alex Telles Market Value

Concerning Alex Telles’ market value, it can be said that his value has been going up each day passing. Until its last update 17 December 2020, his market value was estimated to be €35.00 million.

An important

fact about Alex Telles

’ market value is that the number mentioned is not his highest market value recorder. At the time that he joined Manchester, he held a €40.00 million market value.

Alex Telles; ranks as of March 2021, is estimated to be 172 worldwide, 69 in Premier League, 9 in Manchester United, 17 in Brazil, and 8 among left-back players.

Alex Telles Style of Play

Ever since he was a small boy, he was a speedy one. His incredible pace at a young age was maybe coming from playing football in the streets for so long before officially enrolling in the youth academy.

His spectacular dribbling skill and short passes make him a wonderful offensive full-back. Alex Telles’ most famous characteristics and style of play is his tendency to play short passes and crossing. He is great with the ball at the end of his feet. He holds on to the ball for a long time and can bypass opposition defenders.

The 27-year-old left-back is surprisingly great at shooting from a distance; therefore, he is the one to take set-pieces most of the time. Although his strengths are so vital in a game, he has weaknesses too which can affect the game.

Although he is impressively good at aerial duels, in one-on-one situations he is not the best choice. His tackling is also worth practicing more since almost all his tackles end in fouls.

Alex Telles Net Worth

Joining Manchester United brought him a salary of 4 million euros per year. Regarding his assets, houses, and cars there are not many resources.

He quite loves the beach and visits the beach with family and friends quite often, therefore it is safe to say that he has spent enough money on travels and vacations. Based on his salary and market value,

Alex Telles net worth

is estimated to be 25 million euros. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as Soccer Player.

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