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One of the smartest managers in the history of football, a man who had been a bank employee for many years but suddenly decided to turn to football and pursue his dreams; so today we are going to talk and write about Maurizio Sarri's biography.

Thirty years ago, in 1990, Maurizio Sarri was a bank employee in Italy who had no reputation and, like any other ordinary people, lived his daily life, but his passion and motivation to achieve his personal dream led him to the headline of world football news in 2020. In 1990, 31-year-old Maurizio Sarri, who wanted to become a football coach, became the head coach of Stia; an eighth-tier Italian club while working at the bank.

10 years later, to pursue his coaching dream more seriously, Maurizio Sarri resigned from his job at the bank to focus entirely on coaching and football, while at the same time leading Tegoleto to the fifth division of Italian football. A season later, Maurizio Sarri led Sansovino to Serie D, the fourth tier of Italian football, in the 2000-01 season. In the 2003-04 season, Sarri led Sangiovannese to Serie C to move closer to coaching at a higher level. In 2012, Maurizio Sarri took charge of Empoli and managed to lead the team to Serie A in the 2013-14 season, to reach the highest level of Italian football after 24 years of coaching.

It was in Empoli that Maurizio Sarri was able to make a name for himself. Sarri with an attractive team consisting of Hysaj, Daniele Rugani, Mario Rui,

Piotr Zielinski

, Leandro Paredes, etc., introduced the style of Sarri-ball to the world of football and aroused the admiration of Italian football pundits. Sarri's excellent coaching skills at Empoli caught the attention of Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis, and Maurizio Sarri took charge of Napoli, his hometown team.

Sarri coached Napoli for three seasons and in the 2017-18 season and his last season at Napoli, he was on the verge of winning the Scudetto with 91 points, but Juventus once again became the champion of Serie A, and


in their best season could not win Serie A.

Maurizio Sarri nationality

is Italian and he is known as one of the smart managers in the football world.

Maurizio Sarri did not play football on a professional level but without a doubt, he is one of the great managers in football right now. Sure it is not all about Maurizio Sarri's life story as there is so much to say. Stay tuned as we take a look at Maurizio Sarri biography.

All You Need to Know About Maurizio Sarri Biography

Maurizio Sarri was born on January 10, 1959, in Naples, Italy, and is now 62 years old. Sarri started coaching in Tuscany in 1990 after an unsuccessful period as an amateur player. He was at the beginning of the road and almost immediately changed his club team, leading six local teams in a decade. The year 2000 could be called the beginning of Sarri's coaching career, when AC Sansovino offered a coaching role to Sarri.

In the same year, Sarri claimed that if he did not lead the team to the championship, he would say goodbye to the world of coaching, and the result at the end of the season was quite clear; Sansovino won the championship and promoted to the Italian Serie D. The coach's ambitions did not end here and he was able to take the club to the Italian C2, two years later. Although he left the team the following year, he was able to advance to C1 with another team.

Maurizio Sarri was not very successful in Pescara, but the sparks of fame were ignited the following year after taking charge of Arezzo in Serie B. In that season, Sarri was able to stop Juventus which was considered a great result. Although they were eliminated they also beat

AC Milan

1-0 in the return leg of the Copa Italia. After four unsuccessful years in the lower divisions, Empoli, who were on the verge of relegation to Serie C last season, finally chose Maurizio Sarri as their head coach for the 2012-13 season.

Sarri, which seemed more experienced than before, managed to bring the team to fourth place in his first season, although Empoli failed to advance to the top division after losing in the playoffs. However, the patience of the Empoli managers paid off very quickly, and Sarri, with the team in the 2013-14 season, was able to reach Serie A, the highest level of Italian football, by winning second place. The life story of Maurizio Sarri has changed since that year and he is now known as one of the best coaches in the world of football.

Maurizio Sarri Information

In this part of Maurizio Sarri biography, you could find some general information about Maurizio Sarri listed down here.

Maurizio Sarri Bio

Full Name: Maurizio Sarri

Nickname: “Mr 33”

Profession: Professional Football coach

Maurizio Sarri Physical Stats

Weight: 75 Kilograms

Height: 1.89 Meters

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Maurizio Sarri Football Information

Position: Defender

Jersey Number: _

Professional Debut: 2012

Maurizio Sarri Date of Birth and Personal Info

Date of Birth: 10 January, 1959

Birth Place: Naples, Italy

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: Italian

Maurizio Sarri Early Life

Maurizio Sarri was born on January 10, 1959 in Naples, Italy.

Maurizio Sarri childhood

was like all children born in the 60's. He wanted to be a footballer, to be effective for his national team, but not everyone achieves their goal.

Sarri was raised in Castro, and then in Faella, where he divided his time as an amateur footballer and banker for Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena in Tuscany. His work as a banker saw him travel Europe, working in London, Zurich and Luxembourg. A center back, He completed the Italian Liceo classico in Figline Valdarno, having David Ermini as his deskmate.

Sarri played only at an amateur level, in Figline's local team, having failed trials with




. At the age of 19, Montevarchi was close to signing Sarri but Figline asked for a compensation of 50 million lire, and the deal eventually collapsed. He later refused a move to Pontedera, and subsequently retired with Figline after struggling with injuries.

Sarri used to work in the bank in the morning, and trained and played in games in the afternoon and evening. In 1990, aged 30, he transitioned into coaching, following the same schedule he adhered to for his entire work life. After gaining employment with minor side Tegoleto, he decided to quit his job to devote himself exclusively to his coaching career.

Maurizio Sarri life story

is filled with memories of joyful memories and this probably makes him one of the unique coaches in the world of football.

Maurizio Sarri Profile

In this section of 

Maurizio Sarri biography

, we will take a look at his professional career from his early days until now. In this section of Maurizio Sarri biography, we will take a look at his professional career from his early days until now. The turning point in Maurizio Sarri’s career and even his life was resigning from his position in the bank and starting his journey in football.

In Maurizio Sarri's first adventure outside of Italy, he did a great job by winning his first trophy in 29 years. He led the London Blues to the Europa League title. Sarri's European success at Chelsea tempted


to appoint Sarri as their manager following the sacking of Massimiliano Allegri. Maurizio Sarri from the eighth division of Italy became the head coach of the most honorable team of Serie A.

Despite many difficulties, the three-month suspension of football due to Covid-19 and the rise of rivals such as


and Atalanta, Maurizio Sarri was able to make Bianconeri win the Serie A. Famous football coach Carlo Ancelotti believed that Maurizio Sarri would provide better performance for Juventus in the coming seasons by solving the problem of adapting the players to his style of play.

The concept of seeing an old and unreasonable man with slutty outfits and a smoking style that is always on his lips is a very rare one. But despite these characteristics, Maurizio Sarri is an honest and gentle person. Maurizio Sarri is very respectable in that he did not give up on his dreams, and worked for 30 years to realize his dreams so that he could become the Serie A champion from the eighth level of Italian football. 

The story of Sarri can be an inspiring and motivating story for many people. That even in the most difficult of circumstances, dreams are worth pursuing is something that Maurizio Sarri's story can teach us. If you are disappointed in life, you can think of the story of Sarri; He did not succeed in a day as there is a saying that goes Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Time is a problem that can solve problems, and having patience in critical and difficult times could be an effective solution to face problems. The fact that Sarri reached his first league title and the second title of his career at the age of 61 means that happiness does not come at the same time for all human beings, but if you have perseverance, expertise, and motivation, you will finally taste success.

Sarri could have progressed and progressed by continuing his job at the bank, but he valued his dreams and went through it all, despite the difficulty and length of the journey. Criticisms may be leveled at the style of Sarri-ball, but the man's courage in taking risks at a young age and changing the course of his life is not something that can be easily done and is admirable in this respect. Stay tuned to read more about Maurizio Sarri Biography and get to know him better.

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Style of Play

Regarding Maurizio Sarri’s style of play and management, from a tactical standpoint, Sarri is known for his intelligence, attention to detail, and precise approach as a manager when it comes to preparing matches during weekly training sessions. He often has his team prepare many different plays on set-pieces.

One of the main trademarks of his highly organized system is a four-man back-line; his teams usually play a high defensive line and adopt the offside trap and a zonal marking system, as he requires his defensive players to be synchronized in their movements, anticipates plays, and look at the ball as a point of reference, not their opponents.  Other key elements of Sarri's line-up are the presence of a deep-lying playmaker who dictates play in front of the back-line, such as


, and overlapping attacking full-backs, in order to provide width to his team.

On the ball, Sarri's teams are known for playing an attractive, exciting, and attacking-minded brand of football, based on retaining possession, movement off the ball, and many quick, short passes on the ground; this style has come to be known as "Sarri-ball" or "liquid football" in the media, while L'Équipe has described it as "vertical Tiki-taka". The Italian media instead coined the term "Sarrismo" to describe the offensive and spectacular style of football that Sarri's teams play.

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Maurizio Sarri is 62 years old football manager. Sarri started coaching in Tuscany in 1990 after an unsuccessful period as an amateur player. He was at the beginning of the road and almost immediately changed his club team, leading six local teams in a decade. The year 2000 could be called the beginning of Sarri's coaching career, when AC Sansovino offered a coaching role to Sarri.

The idea of seeing an old and stubborn man with slutty clothes and a cigarette filter that is always on his lips is not very attractive. But despite these qualities, Maurizio Sarri is a respectable and humble person. Maurizio Sarri is very respectable in that he did not give up on his dreams, and worked for 30 years to realize his dreams so that he could become the Serie A champion from the eighth level of Italian football.

Goal Celebration

Maurizio Sarri does not have any special goal celebration and usually puts his cigarette on his lips after his teams score and walks slowly on the ground. He is used to shouting at his players. Of course, many say that he is not able to communicate with his players, which is just a claim.

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Maurizio Sarri Outside Football

Maurizio Sarri voted in all respects to football only in 1999, leaving his job in the bank and dedicating himself full time to the role of coach: a choice that immediately rewarded and that has already given satisfaction with Sansovino, brought by Excellence to Serie C2 over three seasons.

This was the beginning of a climb that, observed in retrospect, is incredible and that undoubtedly feeds the media and that is exactly why he has a lot of respect among coaches and players, because changing jobs at such an age and succeeding at it requires a lot of intelligence and determination. Stay tuned to read more about

Maurizio Sarri biography

and get to know him better.

Maurizio Sarri Personal Life

Maurizio Sarri is happily married, and his wife is the woman who has been able to cope with the thousands of difficult moments of the coach. Her name is Marina Sarri, with whom the coach shares everything except the habit of smoking. As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, in fact, Sarri is an inveterate smoker, a well-known thing on the benches all over Italy. Later we will give you a singular curiosity about this aspect of his life.

On the private life of the Sarri family there is a great tight of confidentiality between the couple. The two are not used to the hype of gossip, and have always preferred to keep a low profile despite the physiological curiosity of the fans. The couple had a son, Nicole Sarri. Together with his mother, he has an office items company in Matassino.

We should also note that

Maurizio Sarri religion

is Christianity. In fact, Christianity and religion in general has always been an important part of the social and cultural life of Naples. It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Naples, and the Catholic faith is highly important to the people of Naples and there are hundreds of historic churches in the city.

Family, Children and Relationships

Maurizio met Marina, while he was still working in the Bank. As we mentioned, there is a lot of love and trust between Marina Sarri and Maurizio Sarri that has made this couple still have a good relationship.

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Maurizio Sarri has done charity works with charity stars; an organization that collects shirts and photos signed by celebrities and puts them up for auction and donates the money to homeless and abandoned children. This is a very saint act, and it's just one of the things that Sarri does.

Sarri also helps " Fondazione Milan”. Fondazione Milan was established in 2003 with the aim of offering social engagement from AC Milan to meet the needs of local communities in difficult and socially emarginated circumstances. The foundation intends to build a world that helps young people to grow through sport. No wonder, we said that Maurizio Sarri is an exceptional person. Keep reading to know more about Maurizio Sarri Biography and see if he has had any legal issues so far or not.

Legal Issues

What is to be said in this section has little to do with legal issues, but we want to see Maurizio Sarri's behavior on the other side as well. We have already said in a part of the article that Maurizio Sarri is not a controversial person couple of years ago, but Regarding Maurizio Sarri legal issues, it should be said that Maurizio Sarri is not controversial at all, but at one time he almost had a problem with Napoli over the termination of his contract.

In fact, Chelsea refused to pay Napoli's request, but eventually Maurizio Sarri reportedly decided not to wage a legal war on Napoli and tried to terminate his contract by mutual consent. After giving specific information about Maurizio Sarri's legal issues, we go to the next part, the Maurizio Sarri career statistics part.

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Maurizio Sarri Career Statistics

Maurizio Sarri statistics in terms of winning percentages are just fantastic. Many may criticize that Sari, like Pochettino, has not won many championships, but all the teams Sarri has managed, have been really great.


Maurizio Sarri's career has been professional since almost 2015, when he took over at Napoli. After four great seasons, he finally joined Chelsea and won the Europa League. He was successful at the London club but left the club after a season and joined Juventus. At Juventus, he won the Serie A title in his first season, but his character was at odds with that of the club's managers and he was eventually sacked. He does not coach a specific team now.


As he has spent his entire career at different clubs, there is nothing to mention about Sarri on the international level. Stay tuned to read more about

Maurizio Sarri biography

and find out what awards and titles he has won.

Maurizio Sarri Honors

Maurizio Sarri has coached 15 teams so far, of which only at Chelsea won the Europa League and won the Scudetto at Juventus. It is not yet clear which team Sarri will be coaching next.

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