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In this article, we want to talk about Roman Burki biography. Goalkeeper with many ups and downs, but talented and hard-working.

In this article, we want to answer some questions about the goalkeeper. Although he has a great performance for 


, but what is the reason for his popularity? Why is he so popular between Dortmund fans, especially on the Yellow Wall? Why is he called Spider-Man?

Perhaps we should take a closer look at his time at Dortmund. A man with a strong and hard-working mentality. Fans were looking forward to seeing a replacement for Weidenfeller. This happened in 2016 and he was none other than Roman Burki, but not like Weidenfeller. He said he wanted to be better than him. This is the mindset of an ambitious and ambitious myth. But did that happen? How did he take his first steps?

In the following, we want to look at his performance in the order of his years of presence and examine his performance. Once upon a time there was no more news of the great Roman Weidenfeller in the starting lineup, and now Burki had the opportunity to show himself. There was a lot of pressure on him.

He did not do very badly in his first season, but his biggest weakness was his strange exits, which he has not been able to overcome to this day. Burki Registered 19 clean sheets and conceded just 36 goals in 42 games for Dortmund (in 33


games). It was a good performance. As a goalkeeper, he was considered a young man and that is why Dortmund hoped for their goal. The skinny boy from Freiburg was now standing at the gates of Dortmund.

Burki, 25, had a good performance that season compared to 30-year-old Bundesliga goalkeepers Manuel Neuer and 27-year-old

Yann Sommer


Manuel Neuer left 21 clean sheets in 34 Bundesliga games. Burki had 12 clean sheets in the Bundesliga. 9 fewer clean sheets. There was a lot of difference, but he also averaged high saves. This motivated Burki. Despite Dortmund's not-so-confident defense, he failed to close the Dortmund's gate just 9 times less than Neuer. This led the media to name him as the future of Dortmund's goalie. He was recruited for 2 million euros and was doing his job well.

But his rival goalkeeper Yann Sommer in the Swiss national team, who has always had Burki on the bench, managed to record only 5 clean sheets in 32 Bundesliga games. Of course, the poor performance of Gladbach's defense had a huge impact on this issue, but this was not a good excuse for Yann Sommer's performance at all.

The reason for using Sommer and Neuer for comparison is that they have been the most stable in the last few years compared to other Bundesliga goalkeepers and have shown a higher quality, and naturally, Borussia Dortmund's goalkeeper is also expected to be close Show a similar function to them.

Burki had an acceptable season. Played 33 Bundesliga games. Although in big games like the game against


in the semi-finals of the Europa League, Weidenfeller was in goal, but the fans trusted him. He also wanted to make the most of this unparalleled trust.

In Westfalen, someone who is in the heart of a fan is very hard to get out. He was the one who finished the season with 19 clean sheets.

Maybe he was trusted a lot. Burki did not have a mental balance. He always showed anxiety. He was afraid of being booed by a wrong move. Instead, when he left a good reaction, he gained false self-confidence, which led to another mistake.

He was the first man at Dortmund. This was obvious, but he should also have given priority to defending Dortmund's goal. But he was more interested in winning the hearts of the fans.

He was not very successful in games, but he enchanted the Yellow Wall with a conference, an interview, and a post in cyberspace. Off the field was very professional. Reasonable interviews, He always said that the great Borussia Dortmund should not play like this. He said with all due respect to the dear spectators of the


team, but we were superior friends. We deserved to win. He fascinated both sides.

Burki did not have a good season. At least inside the ground. Of course, Dortmund's defensive conditions did not have a specific definition. He received 29 goals in 27 Bundesliga games and managed to keep a clean sheet in 3 games. 3 fewer games than last season.

In total, both European and domestic games had 13 clean sheets, but to compare him with Sommer and Manuel Neuer, we use domestic competition.

Despite his injuries, Neuer was able to record 14 clean sheets in 26 games. Burki played one more game than him, but he also had five clean sheets. If Neuer had not been injured, he would have increased his clean sheets and kept most of his gate closed.

Sommer has 10 clean sheets in 34 Bundesliga games. One more clean sheet than Roman Burki. It also with more play. In general, we can not consider this season a success for Burki. Expectations were high for him.

Burki and Dortmund's disastrous defense had a disastrous season, receiving 67 goals in 47 games in all competitions. Burki, meanwhile, managed to record 15 clean sheets, 12 of which were in the Bundesliga. He gave horrible whistles, but with one or two super saves, he won the hearts of the fans of the yellow wall again. He was very close to them. He could feel them behind his back.

Sometimes he drove them to the point of insanity with a dazzling reaction, and sometimes he made Sometimes with a dazzling reaction he drove them to madness, and sometimes he led them to despair. In any case, he was the goalkeeper of Dortmund and deserved support.

Burki recorded 12 clean sheets in 33 Bundesliga games. Neuer missed 90% of the season due to injury, so it was not a good time to compare.

But his regular rival in the Swiss national team, Sommer, recorded only 7 clean sheets in 30 Bundesliga games. Burki was taller than him, but he could not be considered the tallest because his strange mistakes raised many doubts about his selection as Dortmund's first goalkeeper. But in any case, he was trusted.

Of course, he was not too bad and was able to record the most saves in a Bundesliga game. He managed to leave 11 super saves in the game against

Borussia Mönchengladbach


Follow us to the end of the article and in his profile section, we will mention his time during Favre's coaching and his performance this season.

Everything you need to know about Roman Burki Biography

Here in this article, we intend to introduce you to further basic info regarding 

Roman Burki Biography

, after which we will dive into his professional career and talk more about what he has done or achieved.

Roman Burki Information

In this Part of  

Roman Burki biography

, we want to talk about 

Roman Burki religion

 and Personal Info.

Roman Burki Bio

  • Full Name

    : Roman Bürki

  • Profession

    : Professional Football Player

  • Nickname

    : Sexy

  • Current Team

    : Borussia Dortmund

Roman Burki bodily Stats

  • Height

    : 1.92 m (6 ft 4 in)

  • Weight

    : 85 kg

  • Hair Color

    : Dark Brown

  • Skin Colour

    : White

  • Hair Style

    : Short

  • Religion

    : Christianity

Roman Burki soccer Information

  • Position

    : Goalkeeper

  • Shirt Number

    : 1

  • Age

    : 30

Roman Burki Date of Birth and individual Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 14 November 1990

  • Birth Place

    : Münsingen, Switzerland

Roman Burki Nationality

: Swiss

Roman Burki Early Life

We want to take a look at

Roman Burki childhood

. The Swiss goalkeeper was born on November 14. His nickname is sexy. He was born to a mother named Karin Burki and a father named Martin Burki in Münzingen,



Roman was born as the first child in the family. He has a younger brother, Marco Burki, who grew up together. There are only 3 years old between them and they grew up together and spent their days together as two friends.

As a first child, he felt very responsible. From the beginning, he played the role of an older brother well.

Roman Burki Profile

It was a very special season with Favre. Favre's Dortmund played organized football. It had a dreamy beginning. But who would have thought that a little unlucky would bring about the most nightmarish ending possible? Just bad luck?

Burki was shaky at the time but still performed well. Swiss Lucien Favre trusted his compatriot and put him in the goal in most games. Burki sometimes responded to his trusts, but sometimes it was disastrous. He was lucky.

As usual. The offensive line masterpieces cover the catastrophes of the defensive line. But when you score 4 goals and conceded 3 goals, not just once but several times, you have to reach for your defense. This hand was never stretched. The only hand that was stretched was Burke's hand to collect the ball inside his goal.

The season started with a lot of hope and motivation, but the expectations were not met at all. Burki was not to blame, this time it was the fault of the head coach. No one was happy with the season.


of Flick did not lead the first half of the season but finished the second half of the season as champions.

Burki recorded 13 clean sheets in 31 Bundesliga games to make the most of his time at Dortmund. Neuer scored 15 clean sheets and Zomer scored 7 clean sheets.

In the following of

Roman Burki biography

, we want to mention his games and performance this season of Bundesliga. He has made 16 appearances for Borussia Dortmund this season, not receiving a yellow card and not a red card. He conceded 26 goals and 4 clean sheets.

He has played in 70% of games from the beginning and shows that he does have a very stable position in the team and has played more as a regular.

He was also present in 70% of possible minutes and wasn't effective in penalty saves in the Borussia Dortmund club. These are the statistics related to him in Bundesliga 20/21. He has played 4 games for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League and conceded 1goals and 3 clean sheets have been recorded in his name. He didn't play for Borussia Dortmund in the



In total, at the moment of writing, he has played 20 games for Borussia Dortmund, conceded 27 goals, and 7 clean sheets. He has been able to play in 1.800 minutes this season.

Style Of Play

Bürki is a goaltender who prefers to connect in the game, stands higher when his team has ownership, and nearly helps as an 11th outfield player, skilled in getting backpasses with two feet and finding a partner. His style is to unlock and accelerate the game – at times with long and exact throws-outs.


In this part, we want to examine why he was called Spider-Man. He conceded the first goal in the second half of the game against Mainz while the 2-0 ahead and with no faults he conceded a goal. The alarm went off. He stated: "Play physically damn. Believe in yourself. We are Borussia Dortmund."

The fans heard this. They were happy that the goalkeepers were so motivated. Dortmund was weak on free kicks. In the last minutes, the ball was sent to the goal.

In that scene, Burki was able to record 3 super saves on the line in 1.5 seconds, and at the same time, Roman Burki was named Spider-Man. Earlier, they also called him, but this time they uttered this title from the bottom of their hearts and with love.

Goal Celebration

As a goalkeeper, he is not expected to score. Of course, throughout history, there have been goalkeepers like Chilavert who have broken all football records.

Roman Burki Outside Of Football

Roman in addition to his career as a player,  also does advertising work and last month did the Bowl Package promotion. Of course, this is part of his propaganda, which can be said to be his last. Otherwise, he has promoted Pomade and other things in the past, and in a way, like many players, earns money in this way in addition to football.

Roman Burki Personal Life

Roman Burki is presently single, as reported. The Swiss footballer was born in Bern on November 14, 1990. Swiss goaltender great was familiar with being a part of the


team which beat FC Basel in the 2013 Swiss Cup final. He is besides familiar for his years as a part of teams like SC Freiburg and Borussia Dortmund.

As of 2021, Roman Burki is not in a relationship with anybody. Roman is 30 years old. as stated by CelebsCouples, Roman Burki had a minimum of 2 relations before. He has not been before bespoken.

Family, children, and relationships

As we mentioned in the previous section, he does not have a serious relationship. Of course, there are rumors about his relationship with Marlene. But it does not seem very serious. There is even talk of their marriage, but as we said before, it seems to be a rumor. Naturally, he has no children at the moment.

He is very handsome in his personal life and says that like everyone else, before going out, he must look at himself in the mirror and like to look attractive. He is also interested in animals and has expressed this interest many times.


There is no information about his philanthropic work, and perhaps he has preferred that, like many people, if he does something in the same direction, his news will not be public. In any case, benevolent deeds have always been and will always be good. Whether the player does it or a normal person.

Follow us to the end of the article to know more about 

Roman Burki life story


Legal Issues

we can be said that he had no legal problem in his life. Of course, this is not a strange thing. He has a very calm personality on and off the field. Of course, players at this level usually try to solve the problem in any way if they make a mistake or not and try to news is not published outside.

Roman Burki Career Statistics

The 30-year-old, who now plays for Borussia Dortmund at number 1 shirt, played for the

FC Munsingen

between 1999-2005. He also played for Young Boys between 2005-2009 and then decided to play for the Young Boys main team, where he played for about 4 years (between 2009-2013).

In the following Roman played 4 games for the FC Thun between 2009-2010 on loan. Then He was transferred to FC Schaffhausen on loan in the 2010 season, played 9 games for them.

Meanwhile, between 2011-2013, he played on loan for Grasshopper, who played in 76 games, and in 2013-2014, They decided to make his contract permanent and he played for main Grasshopper, which also played 34 games, and in 2014-2015 season he decided to play for SC Freiburg and he played 34 games for them.

Finally, in 2015, he was transferred to Borussia Dortmund, and so far, as of this writing, he has played 172 games and is an influential player for this team. All the statistics mentioned before are related to the games he has played in the league.


In this section, following the previous section, we want to mention his football career in detail.

Burki started his profession in 2007 with the reserve team of the BSC Young Boys. In 2009, he transferred to FC Thun, and half a year after to FC Schaffhausen. In the summer of 2010, he returned to BSC Young Boys, and come back half a year after he was moved to Grasshopper Club Zürich. initial, he was the back-up goaltender, after the initial goaltender.

He was on loan until 2013 when Grasshoppers purchased his rights.

On 24 May 2014, he signed a deal with SC Freiburg. For the 2014–15 Bundesliga season, he achieved Oliver Baumann as number one goaltender. He played in all 34 matches while being incapable to stop the team from being demoted to 2. Bundesliga.

On 14 June 2015, he signed for Borussia Dortmund. He made his official entry for the team on 15 August 2015, in a 4–0 victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach. He held 12 clean sheets for Dortmund in the league games, becoming 33 shows. In the 2016–17 season, he made 27 league shows, holding 9 clean sheets.

In the 2017–18 season, Burki made the initial goaltender hold 5 clean sheets in the initial 5 Bundesliga matches.


Roman Burki performed for Switzerland U-21 in the 2011 European Under-21 Championship. In 2014, he was initially named for Switzerland and was beside the team for the 2014

World Cup

 in Brazil. On 18 November 2014, he made his entry in a friendly game over Poland.

He was the member of the team for the 2016 European Championships but never created it to any game. eventually, his team left the competition losing against Poland on penalties 5-4.  He was incorporated in the Swiss 23 man team for the 2018 World Cup.

In 2018, Burki said that he did not want to be called to the Switzerland team to concentrate on the 2018–19 season at Dortmund.

Roman Burki Honors

Grasshopper Club Zürich

  • Swiss Cup

    : 2012–13

Borussia Dortmund

  • DFB-Pokal

    : 2016–17

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