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Top facts about Marcus Thuram

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Being a second-generation footballer has both positive and negative facets. Of course, the name opens doors, but it also means there's a cloud cast on you and you're equivalent to your parent frequently.

And there aren't many bigger shadows than the one Lilian Thuram casts.

The former Parma, Juventus, and Barcelona defender had a career to recall as a World Cup and European Championship winner, the most-capped player in the history of the French national team, and arguably one of the best right-backs of all time.

Owing to his dad, people took notice of Marcus Thuram. As a result, his contributions went unnoticed for a long time. Although Lilian had a helping hand in the choice of his son to join Sochaux, it was the talent of Marcus that contributed to his debut as a 17-year-old.

Top Facts About Marcus Thuram you need to know

Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien (born 6 August 1997) is a French professional footballer who currently plays for the Bundesliga team Borussia Monchengladbach as a forward or left-winger.

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top facts about Marcus Thuram

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Some Quick Top Facts About Marcus Thuram

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top facts about Marcus Thuram


Marcus Thuram bio

  • Full Name:

    Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien

  • Nickname:


  • Date of Birth:

    6 August 1997

  • Birth Place:

    Parma, Italy

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend:


  • Age:

    23 years old

  • Profession:


  • Nationality:


  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Height:

    1.92 m

  • Weight:

    79 Kg

  • Position: 

    Forward – Left winger

  • Clubs:

    Sochaux, Guingamp, Borussia Monchengladbach

Marcus Thuram Early Life

To start, he goes by the moniker "Tikus," and his full name is Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien. In the city of Parma, Italy, he was born on August 6, 1997, to his mother, Sandra Thuram, and father, Lilian Thuram. Marcus Thuram was born as the family's first son, and his parents named him after Jamaican activist "Marcus Garvey" upon his birth.

The second-generation footballer spent much of his youth with his younger brother, Khéphren Thuram, who is five years his age. Marcus and Khephren, pictured below, spent their early years in Parma, where their father played football for the city's team, Parma Calcio 1913.

Marcus, despite being born in Italy, represents his family's homeland of France. The reality is that his father played for Parma and


in Italy from 1996 to 2006. Such are the years in which he and his brother were both born.

Lilian Thuram did not want his children to fall in his footsteps and join the football team, so he urged them to learn judo and fencing instead. Marcus and his younger brother, on the other hand, did not listen to their father and are now both professional football players. Marcus has about everything a child desires as a result of growing up in a rich household.

His parents could afford the most up-to-date toys for him, and he was used to collecting soccer balls as presents. Marcus and his parents split when he was ten years old.

Marcus Thuram Career

Marcus's success saw him advance through a more important period of his career after four years with Olympique de Neuilly. His father arranged for him to be moved to AC Boulogne-Billancourt, a more prestigious academy that once boasted fellow Frenchman Allan Saint-Maximin as one of the top academy stars.

Marcus became a whiz-kid at his new school, acquiring a reputation for scoring goals rather than defending like his father. The youngster was instrumental in the club's numerous successes and academy awards.


Thuram began his professional career with Sochaux, where he was also a member of the club's Youth Academy. On March 20, 2015, he made his Ligue 2 debut for the club against Châteauroux, replacing Edouard Butin after 83 minutes. He featured in 43 games for


, scoring one goal in a 3–1 defeat to Tours on April 14, 2017.


Thuram joined Ligue 1 team


for an undisclosed fee on July 5, 2017. In August 2018, he made headlines by playing against Gianluigi Buffon of Paris Saint-Germain, a long-time teammate of his father's at Parma and Juventus.

Thuram scored an added-time penalty to knock holders PSG out of the Coupe de la Ligue quarter-finals on 9 January 2019, despite missing from the mark in the 2–1 victory at the Parc des Princes. He scored the equalizer in a 2–2 home draw with Monaco in the semi-finals twenty days later, and his penalty shootout attempt was stopped by Danijel Subai, but Guingamp was already advanced.

Borussia Monchengladbach

Thuram was signed to a four-year extension by Borussia Monchengladbach on July 22, 2019. Guingamp was allegedly paid €12 million in transfer payments. After Thorgan Hazard's transfer to Borussia Dortmund, he was given the number 10 jersey.

Thuram made his Gladbach debut on August 9th, scoring the game's only goal against 2. Bundesliga club SV Sandhausen in the first round of the DFB-Pokal.

On September 22, he scored his first


goals in his fifth start, scoring both goals in a 2–1 home victory over Fortuna Düsseldorf.

The player scored twice in a 4–1 victory over 1. FC Union Berlin on May 31, 2020. After scoring his first goal of the season, he took a knee and devoted the strike to the continuing demonstrations in the United States following the death of George Floyd.

Thuram scored twice in a 2–2 draw with Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League group stage on October 27, 2020. Thuram was sent off for spitting in the face of opponent Stefan Posch after Gladbach's 2–1 loss to Hoffenheim on December 19. He received a six-match suspension and a €40,000 (£36,370) fine for spitting at an opponent on December 21.

International career

Thuram was a part of the 2016 UEFA European Championship-winning


U19 squad. He was called up to the senior squad for the first time in November 2020, ahead of games against Finland, Portugal, and Sweden. He made his debut against the Finns in a friendly at the Stade de France on November 11th, a 2–0 defeat.

Marcus Thuram Family And Relationship

For the sake of clarification, the Italian-born footballer, whose father and mother are both French citizens, may not have immediate African ancestors. Marcus Thuram's father and mother are both Guadeloupe natives. This nation is an island in the Caribbean Sea's southern reaches.

Footballers like Anthony Martial and Kingsley Coman, as well as fellow French legend Thierry Henry, have Guadeloupe roots. Not to mention the fact that the country was home to the first African slaves who came in 1650.

Thuram is the older brother of professional footballer Khéphren Thuram and the son of former France international Lilian Thuram. He was named after Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey and was born in the Italian city of Parma when his father was a player for the club.

Marcus Thuram Grandparents

His paternal grandmother, Mariana Christiane Thuram, is the most well-known of all the grandmothers. Mariana raised her son (Lilian) in abject poverty and still finds it impossible to imagine he will attain such glory, far less win the 1998 World Cup and become a French hero.

Marcus Thuram Father

Marcus' super dad, as you might know, is a living French legend. Ruddy Lilian Thuram-full Ulien's name is Ruddy Lilian Thuram-Ulien, and he was born on January 1, 1972, in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe's largest city.

Marcus's girlfriend, Sandra, is a divorcee, which means Lilian is no longer married to her. He then started dating Karine Lemarchand, a journalist for a French television station. Unfortunately, both lovers called it quits in the year 2013.

Lilian, unlike his son Marcus, grew up in Guadeloupe, where he played football in the streets and on the beaches. His family moved to France when he was 11 years old, where he played football and later nationalized.

Before returning to his regular defensive role, Lilian Thuram was an attacking midfielder. He has various individual, club, and national honors to his credit, the most noteworthy of which is being a member of the FIFA World Cup-winning team in 1998. Lilian Thuram is generally regarded as one of the best defenders in the history of the game.

Marcus Thuram Mother

Sandra Thuram is one of those super mothers who has created wonderful husbands and sons. Lilian Thuram's ex-wife and mother of Marcus and Khephren is the only way to characterize her.

Marcus Thuram's mother was a childhood friend who met her ex-husband while they were both in grade school. Their wedding took place on June 3rd, 1995, and they divorced in 2007. Sandra will be remembered by football fans for her motherly role in parenting Marcus and his younger brother.

Marcus Thuram Brother

Marcus' younger brother, Khéphren Thuram, was born on March 26th, 2001. He is a professional footballer, but not as well-known as his older sibling. Like his legendary dad, Khephren started his senior career with



Marcus Thuram Girlfriend

Football supporters have lately become more interested in the son of the iconic footballer, in addition to watching him score goals on the field. As a consequence, they've pondered the big question. Marcus Thuram's Girlfriend: Who Is She?

To begin with, Marcus Thuram is a gorgeous footballer, capable of melting the hearts of female admirers who fancy themselves, future girlfriends and wives, with his sharp features.

Marcus Thuram seems to be single on social media, to be honest. It's likely, though, that the footballer has a girlfriend who has opted to keep their relationship secret. Marcus Thuram's parents, Peharbs, must have urged their son to concentrate on protecting the family's glory rather than making headlines for non-footballing matters.

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Marcus Thuram style of play

Marcus Thuram is marginally taller than Manchester United forward Anthony Martial and his compatriot. He's a bit taller than him, but he's just as risky. His sight when rushing toward the defensive line is enough to intimidate any defender. He is fast, precise, and has the upper body power to win duels against opponents.

Thuram, who stands at 1 meter 92 centimeters and bears his father's physical qualities as the most-capped French footballer of all time, has the physical attributes to be a defender. However, his talents dictated that he take a step forward. Marcus Thuram is a fantastic dribbler who, considering his athletic ability, has been among the best players in Europe's top 5 leagues in dribbling stats at times.

Marcus Thuram Honors

Marcus Thuram has a very interesting record as a left winger and striker with 38 goals in various clubs, especially in Borussia Monchengladbach, but unfortunately, he has not scored a goal in the national team for France.

France U19

  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship:



  • Bundesliga Rookie of the Month: 

    September 2019, October 2019, November 2019

Marcus Thuram Issues

Marcus Thuram humiliated himself during a Bundesliga match on December 19, 2020. He spits in the face of Hoffenheim's Stefan Posch, getting a red card and being sent off as a result. The game resulted in a 2-1 loss for Monchengladbach. Marcus Thuram was facing a six-match suspension and a €40,000 fine after vomiting on an opponent. His club has fined him the equivalent of a month's pay.

About his misbehavior, his father Lilian Thuram said, "It's realizing what's going on in the media." I was watching the match and was taken aback. I still doubted whether or not that was my son.

After that, I got his clarification, which was that he was enraged, so he threatened the rival, and without meaning to, saliva came out. But, Dad, I wouldn't like anyone to believe I'm guilty of spitting on anyone on purpose because it doesn't make sense. That's what he needs people to note.

Marcus Thuram Lifestyle

Reading about his way of life will help you form a more full image of him. First and foremost, Marcus Thuram is willing to spend money on superhero devices, especially those that are cybernetic or robotic.

Coming from a rich background, having annual wages of 3,200,000 Euros and a net worth of 7 Million Euros is more than enough to amass a range of brutal cars. Marcus Thuram's favorite color seems to be back, and he likes the Mercedes brand, according to the picture of his cars.

Apart from football, it seems that one of Marcus Thuram's Interests is flying. The striker would rather waste his money on trips to Dubai's Desert Safari. He feels that life is good and that it should still be that way.

Marcus Thuram Religion

It's possible that the forward would be agnostic. Marcus Thuram's parents did not raise him in compliance with Christian religious doctrines, according to the facts. His father, Lilian Thuram, has spent years defying religion in his effort to embrace same-sex marriage.

Even though we haven't seen Marcus in religious garb, there's a chance he's a Catholic thanks to his grandma. What if I told you that … Marcus Thuram's ancestral origins are in Guadeloupe, where 80 percent of the population is Roman Catholic.

Lionel Messi's Boots

He did, however, make the greatest blunder any young footballer could make: he threw away a pair of Lionel Messi's match-worn boots.

Thuram admitted to giving up a pair of the Argentine's boots when he was younger, when his father was in Barcelona, in an interview with AFP. He explained, "At the time, I was probably about ten years old, and he was twenty." I gave his boots to a friend because they were too short for me. They must be with him!

Every young footballer would give anything to be in Thuram's shoes, but he had no idea what he was giving up. I'm wondering if he ever gives them away today.

Some Short Top Facts About Marcus Thuram

  • Following a good previous league season, the French international has continued his climb to the top, scoring his first two goals in the UEFA Champions League in Borussia Monchengladbach’s 2-2 draw with Real Madrid.

  • The biggest shock came after the Germans' stunning success in their group match. The 23-year-old son of Lilian Thuram, the French World Cup winner in 1998 and European Champion in 2000, finding out he had already surpassed his father in terms of Champions League goals.

  • Even though his career seems to be taking off, the youngster is now one goal ahead of his famous father.

  • Marcus Thuram was taken aback by the fact that he had scored in the Champions League before.

  • Though the Thuram family may soon be debating the latest issue of Champions League goals, the former French international may soon find himself with a lot of work.

  • Several top European clubs are known to be holding a close watch on the young star's success. Premier League clubs are said to have named the Borussia striker to their "one-to-watch" list, according to sources.

  • Thuram junior, with his immense pace and brute ability, seems to be suitable for teams that play fast-attacking football.

  • With a speed of 35.6 km/h, the attacker is the sixth-best in the Bundesliga.

  • Along with his impressive record in man-on-man conditions, the 1.92-meter tall forward has the potential to finish incisive vertical throws.

  • Despite Thuram's contract expiring in 2023, Monchengladbach managing director Max Eberl is said to be looking for offers.

  • That is why he was signed. We were and remain persuaded that he is on his way to the top, according to Eberl, who added that any new offers will be turned down at least until next year.

  • One of football's most promising assets has captured the hearts of the supporters in Monchengladbach. Following ten goals and eight assists, the club's fans elected him MVP last season.

  • He became famous in the squad after a winning game because of his habit of often thanking one of his teammates by waving one of their shirts near the corner flag.

  • Since the squad underdog has done remarkably well in a group of favorites Real and Inter, there seems to be more to come from the forward's celebrations.

  • Monchengladbach also drew 1-1 in their away game in Italy.

  • He promised that the promising effects would not be the last term.

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