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Top Facts about Kevin Volland

Here we go with the top facts about Kevin Volland and every little detail you need to be aware of.

Kevin Volland's top facts involves data on his upbringing, early life, parents, family, wife (Katja Fitchl), child, lifestyle, net worth, and personal life.

In a nutshell, this is the tale of a Marktoberdorf-born German footballer. We start at the beginning of his career and work our way up to the point where he became well-known in the game.

Yeah, you and I trust his attacking versatility (at different positions) in the game. However, we noticed that only a few football fans had come across a detailed Kevin Volland Life Story.

Top Facts about Kevin Volland you need to know

First, we have gathered some quick information about Kevin so you would have a general idea of who he is and what’s he like

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Kevin Volland

  • Nicknames:


  • Date of Birth:

     July 30, 1992

  • Place of Birth:

     Marktoberdorf, Germany

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.79 m

  • Weight:

     85 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Wife:

     Katja Volland

  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     AS Monaco FC

  • Jersey Number:


Kevin Volland Childhood Story

He is known by the nickname Volley.

Kevin Volland

was born in the city of Marktoberdorf, Germany, on July 30, 1992, to his mother, Anita Volland, and father, Andreas Volland.

The German footballer was born as the first of three children to his parents – a father to whom he bears a striking resemblance and, of course, his lovely mother.

Kevin Volland grew up in the German town of Marktoberdorf, where he had a great childhood.

He grew up with two younger siblings, a brother named Robin and a sister named Jenny Volland.

One of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland is that he took on the responsibility of caring for his younger siblings as the firstborn of his parents: Robin and Jenny.

Between him and his two siblings, Kevin's childhood is basically a paradise.

The first few years of their lives were filled with nothing but happy memories, much of which he shared with his brother, Robin. Anita and Andreas's sons shared some unforgettable childhood memories.

Kevin Volland Family Background and Origin

First and foremost, one of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland is that the German footballer is a member of a sporting family.

What if I told you... Andreas Volland, Kevin's dad, was a professional hockey player in Germany.

While still in his prime, the proud father instilled in his children a love of sports while still giving them the right to choose.

Professional hockey in Germany, according to study, pays a lot of money.

The annual salary ranges from 40,000 to 200,000 Euros in this sport (Tax-Free). So, what does this mean? … It suggests that Kevin Volland's parents were likely to have raised a first-class family from the outset.

Volley, to put it another way, has a long and distinguished background, raised in a wealthy family, one of the

Top Facts about Kevin Volland.

The footballer is from Marktoberdorf, a German city and the seat of the Ostallgau district in Bavaria.

Kevin is, as far as we know, the most well-known citizen of his region.

Marktoberdorf, which has a population of 18,725, is known for computer science education.

The International Chamber Choir Competition, a well-known religious gathering, is held in the city.

Kevin Volland Education and Career Buildup

Anita and Andreas enrolled their sons at EV Fussen, which is about 30 kilometers from their home.

The parents wished that their children be introduced to sports education.

The inseparable Volland brothers attended the same school in this respect.

They just had soccer when they came home from school, which they played one-on-one in the garden of their family's basement.

Another one of the

Top Facts about Kevin Volland


Kevin and Robin began their ice hockey education with EV Fussen, following in their father's footsteps.

Even though Robin is two years younger than Kevin, his parents pressured him to join Kevin's team after receiving special permission from the school.

As a result, their mother (Anita) did not have to travel back and forth (four times by train) to pick up her sons after school.

Kevin Volland Football Story

When the brothers were not playing ice hockey for EV Fussen, they would practice their skills at FC Thalhofen, a sports complex in Marktoberdorf close to their home. Kevin was the first of the boys to become more involved in football.

He was also more ambitious than Robin, taking an interest in activities other than his father's trade.

Kevin and his brother decided to give up ice hockey and concentrate on football, one of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland.

The boys agreed to remain with FC Thalhofen as a result of this decision. Kevin started his professional career there for nearly ten years before joining FC Memmingen in Minich in 2005.

The brothers split up for the first time that year, with Robin remaining with Thalhofen.

Kevin Volland started his career with FC Memmingen's C-Youth team in the Bavarian League when he was 12 years old (amateur division).

Despite the fact that he was their best player, his team was relegated. Even so, he was targeted by larger teams in the higher division.

Kevin joined TSG Thannhausen shortly after

FC Memmingen

was relegated in 2006.

The youngster's determination to reach greater heights led to his transfer to 1860 Munich the following year (2007).

Kevin Volland's parents made sure their son remained at the club's hostel after his transfer.

This decision paid off because the youngster got an immediate gain.

Kevin Volland Road to Fame 

He converted his passion into a career while staying on the club's training grounds.

Scouts from the national team started assessing his success when he was 17 years old. Kevin Volland was called up to make his debut in German U17 colors, much to the delight of his fans.

Before joining

TSV 1860 Munich

as a senior player, he scored 13 goals for his country.

Kevin was an immediate success in Germany's second division as a player (2nd Bundesliga).

He gradually improved, scoring 20 goals in fewer games and ultimately becoming the club's captain and the most productive 1860 player, one of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland.

Volland signed a deal with


team TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in January 2011 as a result of his hard work.

He established himself as a regular in their squad during his first year there.

This time, the forward also boosted his goal count, scoring 33 goals in fewer appearances.

Kevin Volland Success Story

Our boy made headlines at 1899 Hoffenheim by equaling the Bundesliga record for the fastest goal (nine seconds) against Pep Guardiola's

Bayern Munich

, one of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland.

 In the same year, he won the Silver Boot at the UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

Volland's accomplishments didn't stop there; he was also named to the UEFA U21 team of the tournament.

The fast-rising footballer joined Bayer Leverkusen on May 20, 2016, a club that would turn him into a legend.

He established a strong partnership with the club's star-boy (Kai Havertz) while playing for the Die Werkself, scoring 44 goals in 115 games.

Volland decided it was time to leave his family in Germany during the summer transfer window of 2020/2021.

Kevin signed a deal with


until 2024 because he wanted to play football in a different country.

The German's partnership with Wissam Ben Yedder had created 10 goals and 6 assists (in just 19 matches) at the time of writing this article.

Kevin Volland, a former ice hockey player, will certainly be known by soccer fans as one of Germany's greatest gifts to the world. As they say, the rest is history.

Kevin Volland’s Wife

The forward (in his wisdom) began creating a safe, worthwhile relationship with the love of his life as early as his teenage years.

Katja Fitchl, the girl who stood by Kevin when he was a nobody.

Kevin started dating Katja Fitchl when they were both still in school, according to Perfect-Football-Wags.

Their romance began on the 5th of January 2009, in a cinema in Fussen,



Kevin was 17 at the time and had yet to progress to senior football.

Following their parents' approval, the lovebirds agreed to marry after being boyfriends and girlfriends for eight years, one of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland.

The civil wedding (court marriage) took place in Pfronten, a municipality in the district of Ostallgau, Bavaria, Germany, within their immediate family circle.

The church wedding took place in Niedersonthofen on Pentecost Sunday (4 June 2017), with the celebration taking place at Gauklerhof Allgau, a wedding venue in Waltenhofen, Germany.

Katja Fitchl made it clear in front of the church on their wedding day how much she loves her husband's career.

The latest wife in town engaged in a brief soccer duel with young footballers from her husband's hometown club, Thalhofena, whom they had invited to join them for the day.

Kevin Volland’s Children

Katja and Kevin welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Emilia Volland, on March 18, 2018.

Many things in their home changed (for the better) after they had a baby, including the bond that both lovers share as partners.

It's almost difficult to keep Kevin and his daughter apart these days.

Monaco forward and his wife (Katja) have the hearts to satisfy Emilia's desires for the little things.

Kevin Volland Personality

We'll tell you about Volley's personality away from football. Kevin has the attributes of a humble person who enjoys contentment and simplicity at first sight.

Not to mention that he is extremely attractive and difficult to resist.

Kevin Volland is the type of person who is always willing to support others (especially in the form of donations) without expecting anything in return.

Kevin Volland Lifestyle, Net worth, Cars,…

To begin with, he is among the top German celebrities who lead refreshingly modest lives. Vacations – to some of the world's most famous beaches – inspire Kevin Volland. Rather than a desert, the footballer likes to visit a region near the sea – coast tourism.

ISMG International Sports, based in Germany, manages the left-footed forward.

They've helped Kevin achieve a major increase in his fortunes since 2010 (when his senior career began).

With an annual salary of €5,208,000 in Monaco, his net worth is estimated to be about 15 million euros.

One of the

Top Facts about Kevin Volland

is that the German forward favors the Audi brand when it comes to cars.

The Audi R8, which costs between $195,900 and $208,100, is still his favorite car brand.

The Audi R8, which Kevin Volland drives, has a V-10 engine that it shares with the roaring Lamborghini Huracan.

He's one of those car-savvy famous footballers who owns some of the sexiest celebrity rides around.

He isn't cut out to show fans his mansions (big houses) and designer clothing, preferring to concentrate on his beloved car.

Kevin Volland Family Life

Fans' loyalty to his sporting family is unparalleled. Kevin isn't the sort to put his family second when it comes to football.

In this segment, we'll go through his parents, siblings, and relatives in greater depth.

Kevin Volland’s Father

Born on February 19, 1965 (55 years old and 11 months old), we call him the famous super-hockey dad. Andreas Volland started his professional ice hockey career with EV Pfronten in Pfronten, Germany.

One of the Top Facts about Kevin Volland is that his father, Andreas Volland represented Germany at the World Cup in 1993, a year after Kevin was born, producing three points in six games.

The German ice hockey legend finished his career with (EV Pfronten), the same club where he began his career in 2004. Andreas has been the most powerful figure in his son's life since hanging up his boots.

The amazing father of three is proud of his family's athletic achievements. Andreas and his first son form one of Germany's most prominent sporting families.

Kevin also finds time to play ice hockey with his super-dad despite his transition from ice hockey to football.

Kevin Volland Mother

One thing that all should agree on is that most first-born sons have a special bond with their mothers.

This is particularly true in the case of Anita and Kevin. The mother of three has a special bond with her firstborn, who inherited her smile but her father's good looks.

Back in the day, when her husband was preoccupied with his ice hockey career, Anita was in charge of her sons' early careers.

We appreciate her support for Andreas, as she used to drive her sons from training to their family home when they first started their careers.

About Robin Volland, Kevin Volland’s Brother

Kevin's brother, born in 1994, is two years younger than him. Robin started his professional career in ice hockey, following in his father's footsteps, before moving to football.

It's tough to climb above the ranks of amateur football. Kevin, Robin's celebrity brother, now casts a shadow over him.

Robin once told the media how some Kevin fans viewed him, despite the fact that he was never jealous of his brother.


It is relevant to note that Kevin Volland's brother had a different passion while growing up.

In fact, Robin was creative and loved drawing as a child. Back then, he went so far, scratching the hood of his dad's car, drawing a wolf.

Truth is, soccer was his hobby, but drawing became his call.

As a substitute for soccer, Robin attended ICT training at the Munich School.

Prior to his studies in graphic design and filmography, he studied network administration. Reflecting on one weakness, he struggled to become a professional soccer player, Robin once said;


Robin's favorite pastimes back then were eating and drinking.

He now spends his free time doing one of the following: (a) watching Netflix, (b) playing Playstation, or (c) going to see his older brother play live games.

About Jenny Volland, Kevin Volland’s sister

She is the family's youngest child, having been born in 1996. Kevin Volland's sister is three years younger than him and two years younger than Robin.

Jenny's social media accounts show her with a child, suggesting that she is married.

She, unlike Robin, has made a deliberate attempt to keep her identity out of the public eye.

About Kevin Volland’s Relatives

The relationship between the German footballer and his family reaches well beyond one household.

He adores his cousin, who seems to be on his way to becoming a professional footballer.

During Kevin's wedding, we also had the opportunity to meet Katja Volland's parents (Kevin's mother and father-in-law).

Kevin Volland Untold Facts

That’s not all! Digging deeper into Kevin’s life, we have brought you some of the less-known facts about him

What he Does at Home

He enjoys all forms of virtual challenges, despite his competitive nature. Kevin Volland's house isn't quite complete without the new must-have gaming accessory: the PlayStation console.

Kevin Volland’s Religion

The German footballer comes from a tightly knit Catholic family, and his Christian faith is still part of his life.

Wanna know something else? Kevin Volland once flew to see the Pope out of deep respect for his faith.

Kevin Volland FIFA Facts

The German joined a long list of footballers who have received poor ratings.

It is unfair for FIFA to consider Kevin Volland as someone having reached his peak (as of 2021).

The striker, who is 27 years old, has a high scoring record with AS Monaco. Simply put, Kevin is due for an increase in his overall and potential FIFA stats.

Kevin Volland, The Forgotten German Striker

The Volland family was pleasantly surprised on May 8, 2014, when one of their own (Kevin) was selected for the German national team for the first time.

Despite being in excellent form for his club side (1899 Hoffenheim), Joachim Low refused to include Kevin in his 2014 World Cup squad, much less as a backup to Mario Gomez.

The poor footballer was doing well with Bayer Leverkusen as well, but he was still not selected for the 2018 World Cup.

This happened when Timo Werner and Marco Reus became the only forward on Joachim Low's list.

At this point, we can safely conclude that the German national team has failed Kevin.

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