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Maybe you are one of those people who have never heard the name El Brody. The subject of our article is Jorge Campos Biography, one of the veteran football players in the world.

Jorge Campos was a Mexican footballer who played both as a goalkeeper and a striker. He was one of the best Mexican football players of the 1990s and played a total of 130 caps for the Mexican national football team. Despite his short height, he became one of the most famous goalkeepers in the history of world football. let's move forward to have an in-depth look at the personal and professional life of Jorge Campos. 

All You Need to Know About Jorge Campos Biography

Born in 1966, he started playing professional football in 1988 for the Mexican National Universiade. His main position was goalkeeper, but sometimes he also played in the attacking line in his teams. Sometimes, even in the middle of the game, the coach would send him to the offensive line and transfer someone else to the goal, which resulted in Campos scoring 34 goals during his playing career. However, he is best known for his ability as a goalkeeper and his colorful clothes. Keep reading to learn more about 

Jorge Campos life story.

Jorge Campos information

In the following part of

Jorge Campos Biography

, you can find some general information about him listed down here.

Jorge Campos Bio

  • Full Nam

    e: Jorge Campos Navarrete

  • Nickname

    : El Brody

  • Profession

    : Professional Football Player

Jorge Campos Physical Stats

  • Weight

    : 68 Kilograms

  • Height

    : 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)

  • Eye Color

    : Black

  • Hair Color

    : Black

Jorge Campos Football Information

  • Position

    : Goalkeeper

  • Jersey Number

    : 1

  • Professional Debut

    : 1988

Jorge Campos Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 15 October 1966 

  • Birth Place:

    Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Jorge Campos Nationality

    : Mexican

  • Jorge Campos Religion

    : not- specified

Jorge Campos Early Life

In this section of Jorge Campos Biography, we will have a glance at his early life.

Jorge Campos Childhood

spent with his football passion. He was a kid who loves playing football, and his dream of playing for the Mexican national team has come true. His talent was soon seen by the right people who made his national dream a reality. His serious career as a footballer started at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and gradually he could rise through the ranks. Stay tuned to read more about Jorge Campos Biography and get to know him better.

Jorge Campos Profile

Campos's professional football records can be followed back to 1988. When he was a 15-year old young boy, he joined the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM) as a striker. At that time the main goal-keeper of UNAM was Adolfo Rios, a professional Mexican goalkeeper, so as Jorge was so interested to be given the chance to play in the main team, it was decided that he would be playing as a striker.

Finally, after his first appearance on the team, he was able to play 205 games and score 28 goals. After seven years in his debut club, he took a bigger step and joined


in 1995. Campos only spent one season in Atlante but one move of him in the 1997 season, made him unforgettable. In that match, he was deployed as the goalkeeper, but as the forwards were not successful in goal scoring, the coach replaced a field player with another goalkeeper to send Campos to the attack and so he made a memorable Bicycle kick.

Later on, in 1996 he traveled to the United States of America to sign his new contract with an American football side, Los Angeles Galaxy. He spent only a year in Major League Soccer. At that time he became the first major foreign star to be signed by the league and despite the country of his origin, he was welcomed by the fans.  Jorge Campos professional football life spanned more than a decade. Throughout these 16 years, besides all the clubs mentioned above, he also played in

Cruz Azul


Chicago Fire

, UANL and


. The popular goalkeeper retired in 2004 after 16 years of career. Now, 17 years after his retirement, he is still popular in Mexico and around the world. He was also recognized by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics as the fourth goalkeeper of the century.

Style of Play

Jorge Campus not only had a special way of dressing and was known as one the worst-dressed football players, but he also had a special way of being a goalkeeper. He is respected for his style of play - acrobatic, expressive, risky, and at the same time very efficient. He was also great as a sweep-keeper. With 130 caps and two World Cups, FIFA entitled him as the third top goalkeeper in the world in 1994. Inspired by his hometown, he personally designed and commissioned goalkeeper kits. His colorful but sill bizarre cloth made him so much attractive on the ground. Surprisingly he could also be deployed as a striker and he acted beyond imagination. In the history of football, there aren't so many goalkeepers who can score goals. 

Undoubtedly, his goalkeeping style was original and was an easy target for humiliation and criticism, yet he worked hard to gain strength and consistency. From an untrained point of view, the campus was irregular and unpredictable. He was more than a colorful circus actor on the ground, those happy clothes confused his defenders. Anyway, thanks to the dazzling shirts and the crazy blur of movement, he became a talented goalkeeper.


Though he was a short-height goalkeeper, he tried hard to compensate for it with his agility. He was quick and performed very well in one-by-one situations. Campos was a bizarre player, known for his steady play outside the penalty area. His main powers as a goalkeeper were his ability to jump, athleticism, and speed when crossing the line, as well as his ability to organize his defense line, which allowed him to overcome his short stature. He was known as one of the best goalkeepers of his generation. He is widely acknowledged as one of the best Mexican footballers in soccer history. He got that famous and popular that along with other football icons such as Figo Cantona featured in a Nike commercial. 

Goal Celebration

As mentioned earlier, Jorge Campos was a goalkeeper but from time to time was deployed as a striker. However, even in the position of a striker, whenever he managed to score a goal, the joy after his goal was very interesting. Sometimes, after scoring a goal, he would lie down next to the opponent's goal and put his hand under his head. A move that was unique to him.

Jorge Campos Outside Football

Just like so many football icons, Jorge Campos also participated in some commercials and got involved with the Media. He once stared in ads for Nike, an American sportswear company. In those commercials knowns as the "Good vs Evil", he wore a black shirt (as opposed to the colorful shirts he wore in games). In that commercial which was filmed in a gladiatorial game set in a Roman amphitheatre, some famous former footballers from around the world, including Ronaldo, Paolo Maldini, Eric Cantona, Luis Figo, and Patrick Clevert, defend a "beautiful game" against a team of demonic knights, before it ends with Cantona hitting the ball and defeating the evil.

Furthermore, Campos is one of the regular icons in EA Sports' FIFA video game series, featuring in the Classic XI for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, FIFA 11, FIFA 12, FIFA 13, FIFA 15, and FIFA 16. Campos also works as a commentator in TV Azteca which is a Mexican multimedia conglomerate. This company recently officiated that they would release "Inmortal", a new documentary series concerning the life and records of former Mexican soccer player Jorge Campos. This documentary will be aired from August 5th in the form of seven episodes of eight episodes and will be available only through the TV Azteca Deportes website. As officially published by Azteca Deportes, the first episodes of "Inmortal" is involved with his childhood, the activities he enjoyed doing, and the people who were important in his first years of life. Besides, interviews with loved ones and people who have shared their time are shown in all seasons.

In the end, it worth mentioning that he has established his Jorge Campos Goalkeeper School of children in his hometown of Acapulco in Mexico and he has also famous restaurants that feature the famous ‘La Jorge Campos’ burger. Stay tuned as we take a look at

Jorge Campos biography

to have a better view of his personal life.

Jorge Campos Personal Life

Jorge Campos Navarte was born on October 15, 1966, in the town of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico to a family of seven children, and his parents were Navarrete and Álvaro Campos González. Jorge's life could be as normal as many footballers. But his father's abduction in 1999 changed many things, and he has since chosen to keep his life more private. In February 1999, six or eight armed men with their faces uncovered kidnapped Álvaro Campos at a sports field in Acapulco named for his son. After six days, the kidnappers released Álvaro along a highway outside of Acapulco. It was never revealed whether the Campos family paid any ransom or not. Following that sad accident, Jorge became a distrustful person. He stated that" “It’s sad, it’s unfortunate and you want no, I became completely different. I don’t like to talk about my private life, I’m hiding, not because I like it, I like to be isolated, to be more free, I live in the United States. I come a little (to Mexico), I come to work. Like it or not, you become different"

family, Children, and Relationships

Jorge Campos is one of the footballers who, apart from his talent in the world of football, is also known for his various romantic relationships. Before his marriage, he had relationships with different women such as Marcela Pezet, Daniela Castro, Fabiola Campomanes. Finally, he tied the knot in 2002 with his long-time girlfriend, Marcy Raston. Jorge Campos has a daughter named Andrea Campos who is as sportive as his father. But her field of interest is Volleyball though at first, she tried her best to become a footballer both as a goalkeeper and defender she preferred Volleyball over football. 


Undoubtedly, Jorge Campos is one of the greatest and popular Mexican footballers of all time. During his life, he has done different charity works but more recently he had a visit to Guatemala as a member of the FIFA Legends Programme, that according to FIFA official website is a program, not a title or a hall of fame, designed to bring together former top players and coaches from men’s and women’s football to promote and support football and its wider mission around the world. Its mission is to develop football, promote fair play, respect, equality, solidarity, and peace through sport, and Support FIFA’s social development projects. In April 2019, Jorge Campos with the FIFA Foundation visited some victims of the Fuego volcano tragedy that saddened the country. His missions in that visit were to inspect the affected area alongside the FIFA Foundation, Meet with the victims of the tragedy, Distribute sports equipment and sign autographs for the children and play football with them.

Following his visit, in an interview with FiFA.com, he said" Being part of an event like that with children is always amazing, but even more so when it’s those who had the misfortune to endure the volcano. You never think that your reach can extend to children. What really caught my attention is the difference a simple football can make. We took hundreds with us and it was so nice to see their reaction when you tell them that they’re gifts for them, and then see them playing and chasing after a ball. Seeing their faces before we gift them the equipment, and then the change afterwards… Those gifts are unforgettable for them. Everyone wants to play football! It's something global, right? It’s a very nice experience to have a gift like that. I mean not everyone thinks of having ex-players give footballs to children who have nothing. And a ball can change everything."

Also in connection with the humanitarian work of this popular footballer, it should be mentioned that he was one of the participants in a charity game on 31 July 2011, called "Messi and Friends" at Estadio Azul to benefit children with brain diseases. 

Legal Issues

Fortunately, this well-known Mexican player has not encountered any legal or judicial problems in all stages of his professional and personal life.

Jorge Campos Career Statistics


Jorge Campos biography

, in this part, we would have a rundown of his Career Statistics. 


During the professional lifespan of this Mexican goalkeeper- forward, he had played in seven clubs. In his debut professional club, Club Universidad Nacional, in seven years between 1988-1995 he made 205 appearances and surprisingly scored 28 goals. Later on, he signed with Atlante and in a year he could only play in 39 matches. His next destination was an American football side, Los Angeles Galaxy. There, he could make 43 appearances. After a year, he joined Cruz Azul and after just 2 matches moved to Chicago Fire in 1998. With Chicago, he played in 9 matches, and all over again he returned to his country to join his debut club, UNAM, and this time in a year he made 43 appearances and scored 6 goals. He continued his football in another Mexican football team, UANL. He spent one spell with Tigres UANL and after 17 matches he joined Atlante. between 2000–2001 he played in 33 games and again he rejoined UNAM. With another 26 appearances with UNAM, he joined his last football club, Puebla. In two years, between 2002-2004 he played in 28 matches.


Jorge Campos is widely known as one of the revolutionary footballers in the world of soccer. Jorge Campos was invited to represent his national county in 1991. Three years after his international debut, he was given the chance to participate in FIFA World Cup 1994 tournament. His second World Cup as a goalkeeper came in 1998. Campus retired from the national team after 130 games for the national team and reaching a position where he can be fully regarded as a legend. His effects on his country's national team were significant. He is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Mexico and is also recognized by FIFA as one of the best goalkeepers.  Even after his retirement, he was repeatedly called up to play with the rest of the world against clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan. His last game with his national team was in 2004 in a friendly match against Tecos.


Just like so many football legends, Jorge Campos also continued his football even after retirement. After being retired from clubs and national team, He worked with Ricardo La Welp as an assistant coach during his time as the head coach of the Mexican national team, as well as assistant national team manager who played in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.  Stay tuned to read more about Jorge Campos Biography and find out what awards and titles he has won.

Jorge Campos honors

This strange and popular football player achieved many successes during his football career. In his senior club, UNAM, he could win the Mexican Primera División in 1990–91 and the CONCACAF Champions' Cup in 1989. Later on, he won the Primera División Invierno in 1997 with another Mexican professional side, Cruz Azul.  In 1998 as he was moved to America and started playing in Chicago Fire he managed to win the MLS Cup in 1998 and Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 1998.

Furthermore, as a player in his country's national team, he won the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999 and CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1993, 1996. Jorge Campos also won individual honors. Four times, he won the Primera División de México Golden Glove in 1990–91, 1991–92, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1994–95, and also, he was awarded the Liga MX Trajectory in 2015–16.

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