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Chris Smalling is a British professional footballer who currently plays for the Italian team, Roma. He is mostly known for being a powerful header but is also fast when it comes to running. Check out the top facts about Chris Smalling and get to know him better.

Christopher Lloyd Smalling, mostly known as Chris Smalling, was born on 22 November 1989. This English footballer is the older son of his mother Theresa Smalling and his dad Lloyd Smalling.

The other child in Smalling family is called Jason Smalling, who is younger than Chris.

Chris began his career at the young age of 10. It all started with moving into a new city and changing his primary school. As a result, Chris who was a rather taciturn child, found confidence and his comfort zone while playing with the ball on the field.

Listening to his heart and chasing his enthusiasm for football, gradually he became a skilled player on the field.

The followings are top facts about Chris Smalling:

Between his family and in friendly gatherings, Chris is known as Mike. He is the type of guy who warms up the parties by his great sense of humor and the funny jokes he tells.

Chris Smalling’s Early Life

On 22 November 1989, Chris Smalling was born in a family with Jamaican descent. His hometown is the city of Greenwich in England.

Chris had a rather difficult childhood; he lost his father when he was only 5 years old. So his mother, Theresa Smalling had to take all the responsibilities, raise the Smalling brothers and work at the same time so as to provide the whole family.

As a little boy just like so many other kids, Chris was somehow shy and quiet. He was very well-behaved and modest in front of others and as a result, people really liked him.

A lesser known

fact about Chris Smalling

is that when he was a child, instead of going straight for football, he started showing interest in other sports. He began taking judo, basketball and rugby sessions and eventually, he developed some skills.

Actually he was really talented at judo and soon enough became a green belt and national age-group champion. He was also remarkable at playing basketball and rugby. But then by changing his school, a new chapter in Chris’s life began.

Actually there’s a fact about Chris Smalling’s parents that somehow lead to creating his passion for the world of football. Ever since his childhood, Chris’s family really insisted on him finishing his school and graduating afterwards.

After Chris' father died, he along with his family moved to Kent and attended the Chatham Grammar School for Boys. There he had the opportunity to learn more about football. Therefore, Chris started to realize playing football is what he actually wants to do for the rest of his life.

So at the beginning of the path he chose to take, Chris Smalling joined Waldersalde Boys youth football club when he was only nine years old. He also joined three other clubs, Lordswood, Millwall and Maidstone United between the years 2002 up to 2007.

Also another lesser known fact about Chris Smalling is that back then when he was just a teenager, he would sometimes miss his training sessions, and that’s because he didn’t have enough money and couldn’t afford getting on the bus.

Chris has always been an active and committed type of person; even as a teenager, beside practicing football and studying, he would work in a hotel as a waiter. He had to work because his mother’s income wasn’t that much to meet the whole family’s needs thoroughly.

As mentioned before, Chris’ family really insisted on him graduating from school. Therefore, he studied economics at AS-level, travel and tourism, media studies and business studies to A-level. Even as a student he was intelligent and would always achieve good grades.

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Chris Smalling’s Club Career

In 2007,

Chris Smalling’s senior career

started at

Maidstone United

football club. On 11 April 2007, he had his debut in a match against Tonbridge Angels during the Kent Senior Cup. The final result was a total loss of 4-1 for Maidstone United.

Smalling also made appearances in FA Trophy and Isthmian League Cup, which subsequently led to his league debut against

Harlow Town

in December 2007. Due to his impressive performance, he quickly became a crucial member in Maidstone’s back line.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep on playing in league games due to his international career as well as suffering an injury.

Chris Smalling’s last appearance for Maidstone United occurred on 24 March 2008. In that match which ended with a 4-2 win over

East Thurrock United

, Smalling scored his one and only goal for the club.

It took Chris only one month to join


football club on a two-year contract. Nevertheless, there’s a rather unexpected

fact about Chris Smalling

, he actually got his contract cancelled because he was feeling homesick!

However, he was back at the games again by June 2008 when he signed his contract with the Premier League club,


. Noticing his great potentials, the manager Billy McKinlay made Chris Smalling the caption of the Development Squad.

Chris had his Premier League debut for Fulham on 24 May 2009. As a matter of fact, Chris came as a substitute for Aaron Hughes nearly in the last minutes of the game. However, the result wasn’t satisfying and Fulham was defeated by


with a 2-0 loss.

Chris also played against CSKA Sofia on 17 September 2009 for the UEFA Europa League. He had his league debut for Fulham at Stamford Bridge in a match against


that finished with a 2-1 loss.

On the early days of 2010, Chris Smalling joined

Manchester United

and made his debut for the team in the 2010 FA Community Shield. He came as a second-half substitute to play against Chlsea and help his team to achieve a 3-1 victory.

On 15 September 2010, Chris came to play the full 90-minute in the UEFA Champions League, which ended with a 0-0 draw against


. Only 8 days later, Smalling scored his debut goal for Manchester United and then along with his teammates celebrated the 5-2 victory against

Scunthorpe United


Chris Smalling went further to score his first Champions League goal on 27 November 2013. It was a fixture against

Bayer Leverkusen

and the result turned out a brilliant 5-0 win for Manchester United.

However, in 2018-2019 season Chris appeared in a game over


and performed a stunning job as he scored an excellent goal that was later regarded as “one of the best goals of his career” by the Manchester Evening News. That match finished with an undisputed 2-1 win for United.

Smalling at the same time has the most caps and scored the most goals for Manchester United, which means 206 appearances and 12 goals.

On 30 August 2019, Chris signed his contract with the Italian football club,


. Allegedly, the transfer fee was worth €3 million.

3 months later in the same season, Chris Smalling was announced as the first player to score at least two goals in the same Serie A campaign. The former player who broke the record in this regard was David Beckham during 2008-2009 season.

Chris Smalling’s International Career

Chris Smalling began his international career in 2008. He presented


national team at various youth levels, including under-18, under-20 and under-21.

He was called up to play in a friendly match against


on 13 November 2010; however, he remained an unused substitute and the game finished with a 2-1 loss for England.

He also had his senior international debut on 2 September 2011. Smalling with his English team played against


in the UEFA Euro 2012 qualification. The final result was a 3-0 victory for England.

Chris Smalling was called up for the English squad to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He also played along with his country’s national team in the UEFA Euro 2016. In the same season, on 2 June 2016, Chris Smalling scored his first goal for England in a fixture against


, which lead to a 1-0 win for England.

But surprisingly, Smalling wasn’t included for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Actually in November 2017, Gareth Southgate, the England manager dropped Smalling because he believed that Chris wasn’t good enough for the team and there were so many other players better than him, including Eric Dier, John Stones and Harry Maguire.

But later Smalling himself in an interview claimed that he was "as good a defender as anyone."

Overall Chris Smalling made 31 appearances for England national team and scored only one goal.





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Chris Smalling’s Love Life

Chris Smalling’s affairs have never been discussed in public so openly. In point of fact, Chris hasn’t been seen out with anyone or even talked about any other girl in his life, except for the one and only Sam Cooke.

Chris Smalling and the stunning Sam Cooke have been in a relationship for several years, but finally in June 2017, they tied the knot. The location in which they got married is called Lake Como in Northern Italy.

Born on 19 November 1985, Sam Cooke is a glamour model and Page 3 girl from Manchester. She has featured several times in a number of British “lad’s magazines”, such as Maxim, FRONT, Loaded, FHM, Zoo and Nuts in the UK.

She has also appeared on various covers around the world as well as “the Hot Shots Calendar”.

In 2006, Cooke won the newspaper's annual Page 3 Idol competition.

There’s limited information in hand about Chris Smalling’s wife, Sam Cooke. Facts such as family, educational background, religion, body measurements and similar info stays off the record.

However, her height is recorded as 1.70 m and her weight is 50 kg. Another fact about Chris Smalling’s wife is that Sam Cooke has also announced that she is vegan and has cut red meat for several years now.

Sam believes by being vegan, she’s not only healthier but also supports animals more than ever. As a matter of fact, the Samlling family have adopted a cat named Ruben and a dog called Miley.

This lovely couple together have a 2-year-old son named Leo Asher. He was born in May 2019 and just like his mother, Leo has deep blue eyes as well.


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Chris Smalling’s Social Media

It is noteworthy to say that

Chris Smalling’s social media

is there for all the fans who want to contact their idol, ask him questions and also hear the latest news from himself.

Since he is a highly socialized person, who enjoys communicating with people, Chris is active on most of the social media platforms.

He has an Instagram page (


) with more than 2.3 m followers, shares what’s on his mind with more than 1.7 m people on his Twitter account (


) and is active on Facebook (


) with more than 2 m followers as well.

In addition to all the career based content he shares with his fans, there are also selfies with his family, cute pictures of his lovely son, Leo, and the vacations he often takes.

So if you want to know more about Chris Smalling, check out his social media accounts.


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Quick Facts about Chris Smalling

Now let’s look into some quick facts about Chris Smalling, all in a nutshell.

  • Full name:

     Christopher Lloyd Smalling

  • Zodiac sign: 


  • Birth date: 

    22 November, 1989

  • Birth place: 

    Greenwich, England

  • Nationality: 


  • Jersey number:


As mentioned before, Chris Smalling is of Jamaican descent. His mother is named Theresa Smalling and his father is Lloyd Smalling. He also has a younger brother called Jason Smalling.

Chris once posted a picture of himself beside his mother and brother, he wrote a touching caption and thanked his mom for all dedications and the things that she has done for the two of them in her entire life.

Just like any other individual, Chris Smalling has strengths as well as weaknesses. He can be really funny, he is somehow humble, generous and focuses on staying idealistic. But on the other hand, he doesn’t always acts the same way he talks, he can hasty and somehow his words could be unthoughtful.

A surprising 

fact about Chris Smalling

 is that he actually hates too much details and off the wall theories. So if you ever wanted to start a conversation with him, make sure to avoid giving too much information to bore him!

But overall, it’s not that much difficult to connect with him. Chris is a socialized person and somehow can be considered as an extroverted sort of guy. He is friendly, warm-hearted and loves to see the smile on people’s faces.

Another fact about Chris Smalling is that he really enjoys traveling; more specifically, Chris loves having fun in Barbados on a jet ski, hanging out with his family and friends. He also likes philosophic and deep conversations.

As mentioned before, Sam Cooke has introduced herself a vegan. Chris on the other hand, was inspired by her and became vegan as well. He cut the red near and thinks by doing so, he’s healthier and more in touch with animals and nature.

Chris Smalling’s body measurements

 are not available at the moment; the only information in hand about Chris’ physical traits is his weight (90 kg) and his height (1.94 m).


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Chris Smalling’s Net Worth and Salary

As previously stated, Smalling is currently playing for the Italian team, Roma. At first, his transfer fee was said to be around €3 million. But later when Chris expanded his contract with the club, the numbers rose up to €20 million.

Although Smalling stayed with Manchester United for ten years, his transfer fee was never disclosed by anyone.

Chris Smalling’s net worth

 is approximately €24 m.

Speaking of his net worth and properties, it should be mentioned that Chris owns a 2.5 million pound mansion located in Manchester, UK. He also has a black Bentley which is worth €150.000.

On the other hand, 

Chris Smalling’s salary 

is the estimated number of €4.6 m. Now if you crunch the numbers it means that he earns €12,568 per day and €524 per hour. So much more than what a regular worker in UK earns every year!




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