Top Facts About Claudio Marchisio, The Legend of Juventus

Sun 28 February 2021 | 12:30

Meet Claudio Marchisio the former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. This Italian footballer gained experience at the Juventus youth system and transformed into a remarkable midfielder. Find out all the top facts about Claudio Marchisio and his storyline in this article.

He is a product of the Juventus youth system and he spent most of his career playing for the club. The list of Marchisio awards and titles is long. Find out

Claudio Marchisio transfer market stats

, the clubs he played for, and stay tuned for untold facts about the football prodigy.

In addition to the details about his career in football, we will also fill you up with Claudio Marchisio personal life and his love life. We will start the story with Claudio Marchisio childhood then tell you the rest and how he set foot on the road of fame, so stay with us and don’t miss it.

Untold Top Facts About Claudio Marchisio, You Didn’t Know

You might not know that the Italian footballer is called “The Little Prince” because of the way he is dressed and how calm he is. The little prince is the winner of seven consecutive Serie A titles between 2012 and 2018 and four consecutive Coppa Italia titles between 2015 and 2018. So you can imagine how remarkable is the professional footballer.

Claudio Marchisio Childhood and Early Life

Let’s start with

Claudio Marchisio Childhood

. Claudio Marchisio was born on 19 January 1986, to Stephano Marchisio and Anna Zimmardi, in Turin, the capital city of Piedmont in northern Italy which is known to be the important business cultural center located in north Italy. The little prince is the youngest of three children and he grew up in the comuni of Chieri and Andezeno. Claudio Marchisio parents run a family business and continued to reside there. Ever since he was a little boy his family were


fans and attended every game.

As a child, Claudio was interested in various sports. At such a young age he joined the youth football team at Fiat's satellite sports club Sisport. Claudio Marchisio age was seven when he scouted by Juventus youth coaches. As we mentioned before he was interested in different sports and he was a talented middle-distance runner and skier. He pursued these sports after his mandatory schooling in case football didn’t work out.

Claudio Marchisio parents

supported him and encouraged their son to pursue sport. Eventually, football did work out for him and he turned out to be a remarkable player. Learn more top facts about Claudio Marchisio in the following.

Claudio Marchisio, the First Choice Midfielder

While the little prince was in the youth system, he played as a forward and offensive midfielder. In his early days, Claudio’s role model was Alessandro Del Piero.

Claudio Marchisio age

was 16 when he switched to midfield due to his slender physique. During the 2004–05 and 2005–06 seasons he was an unused substitute but later he was elected for being the captain of the Primavera side to their first Campionato Nazionale Primavera title in 12 years and a runner-up finish at the Viareggio Tournament in his final season with the Primavera team.

After the relegation of Juventus to Serie B due to the Calciopoli scandal Marchisio was included in the first team permanently. In September, he captained the Primavera team for the last time in a 5-1 victory against old rivals Internazionale. Back then he improved his performance and established himself well in the Didier Deschamps' side. By the end of the season he was the first-choice central midfielder. He secured the instant promotion to Serie A with an assist for Del Piero's match opener in the 5–1 win against


. Find out more

top facts about Claudio Marchisio

in the following.

Claudio Marchisio Loan to Empoli

On 25 July 2007, the little prince was loaned to Empoli for the 2007–08 season along with his good friend and fellow youth product Sebastian Giovinco to get more first-team experience and improve their abilities. He made his debut in a Serie A game against Fiorentina and his European debut after a month in the UEFA Cup over FC Zürich.

Despite the fact that he didn’t score any goals he made numerous assists. According to

Claudio Marchisio stats

he made 29 appearances for


. However, with the relegation of the team, he was recalled to Turin with the decision of the newly appointed manager, Claudio Ranieri. Stay tuned for facts about Claudio Marchisio transfer market stats.

Claudio Marchisio Big Break

According to Claudio Marchisio transfer market stats, after his great performance for Empoli, the Italian footballer made a comeback to Juventus for the 2008–09 campaign and he made his Champions League debut. He played the whole 90 minutes over Artmedia Petržalka in the Champions League third qualifying round, second leg. He proved himself worthy with such remarkable performance on the pitch. In November, former Milan and Fiorentina striker Stefano Borgonovo, wrote about the Italian footballer, on La Gazzetta Dello Sport, “Marchisio has everything needed to play at the highest level...[He] has personality, reminds me of the great Marco Tardelli.”

Claudio Marchisio, Juventus Player of the Month

Under Ranieri's supervision, he established himself as the first-choice due to injuries and bad performances of other football players. The little prince made a name for himself in a man-of-the-match game, over


in the pouring rain. Later the match made lots of headlines, and everyone admired his performance. He established himself well and quickly became the favorite among Bianconeri fans. They voted him as the Player of the Month for December on the Juventus website. Later he was nicknamed “Chicken” in many places of the UK such as Amherst Road in Manchester

Marchisio had a good relationship with his fellow teammate Sebastian Giovinco, and the duo was called “Chicken & Chips” referring to the fact that they paired up together and scored goals. Five days after Claudio Marchisio age turned 23. He aimed the net for his first Serie A goal, the match-winner against Fiorentina. After a week the Italian footballer was rewarded with the extension of his contract with the club for five years. In April he suffered from series of injures which prevented him from playing for a month. Later he recovered and came back with a strong performance.

He scored his goal and assisted captain Alessandro Del Piero's second goal of the match in a 0–3 victory. Marchisio showed such an amazing performance and by the end of the season, he was linked to various clubs. However, the Director of Sport Alessio Secco ended all the speculation by naming him one of the “untouchable” players of the club. His great performance and skills on the pitch were noticed by the

Italian national team

coach Marcello Lippi, and later he was included in the national team squad. Learn more

top facts about Claudio Marchisio

in the following.

Marchisio Scores the Goal of the Season

Starting the 2009–10 season, he showed such an amazing performance and won Man of the Match awards in four consecutive games. He was also voted Player of the Month for September by the registered members on the website of the club. On December 5, 2009, he aimed the net in a 2-1 home game against Internazionale in the Derby d'Italia and led the team to victory. In this game he showed such a remarkable performance by dragging the ball with both of his feet prior to dinking it over the stranded Júlio César.

Although the 2010 FIFA world cup campaign was a disappointment, the talented footballer started the season as the first choice under the supervision of the new manager Luigi Delneri. Based on Claudio Marchisio stats he made his 100th appearance wearing Juventus jersey and scored over


in a 4–0 victory. In April he started his first game as captain over


. On 17 May 2011, Juventus declared that the Italian footballer signed a five-year contract with the club. In January he scored a semi-bicycle kick goal against Udinese which was later voted Goal of the Season by fans on fansite vecchiasignora.com. Find out more

top facts about Claudio Marchisio

in the following.

Claudio Marchisio Retirement from Football

In September 2018, the Italian footballer signed a two-year contract with the Russian Premier League club Zenit Saint Petersburg. Marchisio made his debut for the team in a 2-1 against Orenburg, coming on as a substitute in the 71st minute. On 1 July 2019, the club declared that the footballer would leave with the termination of his contract by the consent of the two parties. On 3 October 2019, the talented footballer declared his retirement from football in a press conference at Juventus Stadium. Marchisio has a famous quote: “My heart and DNA bear and will always bear only two colors.”

This quote refers to the black and white stripes of Juventus jersey. In an Instagram post, the football prodigy wrote: “A thousand thoughts and a thousand images accompanied me throughout the night.” He further stated about a photo of his early days playing for Juventus: “I can’t stop looking at this photograph and those stripes on which I wrote my life story as a man and a player. I love this jersey to such a degree that, despite everything, I am convinced that what is best for the team always comes first.”

He added: “On a tough day like this, I cling tight to that principle. You are the most beautiful part of this marvelous story, so for that reason, in a few days we'll be able to say goodbye in a more special way. After all, 8 (his jersey number) is nothing but an infinity sign looking upwards.” According to Claudio Marchisio stats he made 433 appearances and scored 39 goals in his whole career. Find out facts about

Claudio Marchisio personal life

in the following.

Claudio Marchisio Wife and His Love Story

Now let’s get into the details of

Claudio Marchisio wife

and the romantic story of how the couple met. Despite the football legend’s busy life, he managed to find love and form a strong relationship which resulted in a happy family. Based on the facts about Claudio Marchisio personal life, he met his future bride Roberta Sinopoli, back in 2006 at a medical center while he was injured. Later Roberta stated in an interview that it was love from first sight. Their relationship went very well, and to the point that Marchisio couldn’t imagine his life without her.

Walked down the aisle and the couple exchanged their wedding vows in a ceremony among their family and friends. Claudio Marchisio wife is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player who supported Juve's crosstown rivals Torino and her father is a former player of the Torino youth teams in addition to various clubs in the Serie C2 and Serie D. Marchisio on a post in his Instagram congratulated his wife birthday and captioned: “And don’t stop there baby. I am blessed and in love. PS: when you come back from there, please turn off the lights.”

The footballer has tattooed his wife's birthday on the inside of his arm and sometimes he kisses it while celebrates a goal he has scored. As for

Claudio Marchisio children

, the couple welcomed their firstborn child, Davide in August 2009. Their second child Leonardo was born in March 2012. Looks like the pair remain discreet about the kids and there isn’t much information about Claudio Marchisio children.

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Why Do They Call Marchisio, Little Prince?

According to the top facts about Claudio Marchisio, during his career, the Italian footballer was called by two different princely titles. Let’s find out more details about these nicknames. He was first nicknamed by his teammates due to the way he was dressed and composed himself during his early days on the pitch. Later the nickname was popularized by Claudio Zuliani. Throughout his career and following his amazing performances he got popular and highly praised by the fans. However, the fans considered that “The Little Prince” nickname doesn’t fit the football prodigy, hence the Italian footballer became “The Prince.”

Marchisio, One of the Top Midfielder of His Generation

The Italian footballer is well known for his capability of playing in different positions of the midfield. Marchisio has played in both three- or four-man midfield and as a defensive midfielder but he is more effective in the central midfielder position. His physical strength, speed, energy, and his awareness of the pitch enabled him to become one of the top midfielders of his generation in the world. Over the years Marchisio improved his tactics and gained experience. The Italian footballer formed such a good attacking squad with his teammates including


and Chilean international

Arturo Vidal

in Juventus's three-man midfield and. 

A large proportion of Juventus’s victories in Italy that season was thanks to the three footballers ‘style of play. They were capable of quickly interchange between defensive and attacking positions. This brilliant style of play allowed the three footballers to score 19 league goals. One of Marchisio’s key strengths is his capability to interchange from defense to offense after he gained control on the ball. His vision, tactics, range of passing and Interpretation of the game are one of a kind. These features along with his agility, great dribbling skills, and close control in tight spaces have turned him into such a tough opponent to go up against.

Marchisio Resemblance to Marco Tardelli

Now that you got familiar with the Juventus legend’s style of play and his tactics you might find it interesting to know that he has garnered comparisons to Juventus legend and 1982 World Cup winner Marco Tardelli by the Italian press. Tardelli is one of the best "two-way" midfielders in the world. Marchisio’s skills and style of play caught the attention of many football experts.

As we mentioned before, Stefano Borgonovo the Italian former footballer admired his performance and stated that Marchisio reminds him of the football legend Marco Tardelli. However, Marchisio had a different opinion and in an interview, he stated about the subject: “No, I don’t want to become Tardelli. I just want to become a great player of Juventus, and I am committed to that.” Stay tuned for more top facts about Claudio Marchisio.

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Claudio Marchisio Net Worth and Salary

Now let’s get into the details of

Claudio Marchisio net worth

and salary. For a football legend who is considered, one of the greats, Claudio Marchisio salary, and net worth must be sky-high. Marchisio is a football legend who is very popular and praised among the fans. The famous footballer appeared on the Italian cover of EA Sports' FIFA 13, alongside global cover star

Lionel Messi

. He also appeared in the Netflix docu-series called First Team: Juventus during the 2017–18 season. Marchisio promoted Giorgio Armani perfume on his Instagram account. He posted a photoshoot of himself and captioned: “We are all someone unforgettable perfume.”

In addition to his football career and promoting various brands, the football prodigy also has another source of income. Just a few days ago Marchisio posted a photo along with Luca Boffa and Pietro Deideri and captioned: “Today is a special day: together with Luca Boffa and Pietro Deideri, we presented


, our center that deals with dermatological treatments. The idea was born out of a personal need because I’ve suffered from psoriasis in the past and had the opportunity to directly test the benefits of phototherapy. @Skinlabtorino will be able to help many other people with skin diseases and problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and vitiligo.”

Looks like the famous footballer has a good taste in cars. He owns a gorgeous red Ferrari F12 TDF. As for

Claudio Marchisio salary

, normally Juventus has the most expensive salaries in football which is more than $300 million and it is estimated that Claudio Marchisio salary was the aforementioned amount before he got retired. Currently, Claudio Marchisio net worth is the staggering amount of $14 Million.

Claudio Marchisio Social Media Accounts

Now let’s get into the details of

Claudio Marchisio Social Media Accounts

, the famous midfielder is widely followed on Instagram. He is available by the username of


and more than 4 million people follow him on this platform. As for other Claudio Marchisio social media accounts, his account on Facebook has less than 3 million followers and he is signed up by the username of


. You can also follow him on Twitter by the username of


. The Italian footballer has more than 2 million followers on Twitter. You can follow Claudio Marchisio on social media and get more updates on his daily routine.

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