Sergio Reguilon Biography

Sat 10 April 2021 | 10:30

In this article, we want to talk about the Sergio Reguilon biography, the stubborn, strong and fast defender.

Sergio Reguilon

Rodriguez, born on December 16th, 1996, is a young Spanish football player who is starting to make a name for himself in the vast world of soccer. Here you can read more about

Sergio Reguilon biography.

The left back who is considered to be one of the future stars and is currently playing at a professional level.

Reguilon joined Real Madrid’s youth team in 2005, at the time he was only 8 years old. Then 10 years later in 2015, he was loaned to UD Logrones, playing in Segunda Division B which is the third tier of the Spanish football league system. He played there only for a season.

The defender made his first senior appearance on 23rd August of that year, in a 3-0 home win against SD Compostela. Then in the following January, he returned to Los Blancos and was assigned the role of substitution in the third division as well.

In 2016 he returned to Logrones in a one-year loan contract. He scored 8 goals that following season including his great performance against 

Athletic Bilbao

with four goals for him and resulted in a 5-3 home win for his club.

After his loan contract expired he returned to Real Madrid. There, he was one of the first-choices of Santiago Solari’s, the coach of the team at that time. He renewed his contract in 2018 and soon after under manager Julien Lopetegui’s supervision was promoted to the main squad.

In 2019 he joined Sevilla on a loan contract and in August he made his first appearance for the time which resulted in 2-0 over RCD Espanyol, which he scored the first goal. He proved his capabilities by becoming one of the key factors in the team and won the UEFA Europe League.

Almost a year and a half later he signed a 5-year contract with a Є27.5M with Tottenham Hotspur. His first appearance for them was in September 2020, in a match against Chelsea in the fourth round of League Cup, in which he assisted his teammate 

Erik Lamela

 to score.

Sergio Reguilon nationality

is of course Spanish. In UEFA European Under 21 Championship qualifiers, he was selected by the manager to play for the team against Romania and Austria. And in October 2019 he was invited to play his first international games against Norway and Sweden.

However, his first senior debut for the Spanish team was in September 2020 in a match against 


 which resulted in a 4-0 win for the team in UEFA Nations League.

Everything you need to know about Sergio Reguilon biography

Here in this article, we intend to introduce you to further basic info regarding Sergio Reguilon biography, after which we will dive into his professional career and talk more about what he has done or achieved.

Sergio Reguilon Information

Down below, you can find some general information about 

Sergio Reguilon bio



  • Full name

    : Sergio Reguilón Rodríguez

  • Nickname

    : Regui

  • Profession

    : Professional football player

Physical Stats

  • Weight

    : 67 kg

  • Height

    : 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Eye color

    : Brown

  • Hair color

    : Brown

Football Information

  • Position

    : Defender (left), Midfielder (left)

  • Shirt Number

    : 3

  • Professional debut

    : 2015

Date of birth and Personal info

  • Date of birth

    : 16 December 1996

  • Place of birth

    : Madrid, Spain

  • Zodiac sign

    : Sagittarius

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Sergio Reguilon life story

 down below.

Sergio Reguilon Early Life

In this section of Sergio Reguilon biography we want to look at his life story. Born in Madrid, Spain,

Sergio Reguilon date of birth

is 16 December 1996, which makes him currently 24 years old. However, his parents are from Zamora, a city located in the province of Castile and Leon. He was the second child to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ildefonso and his brother, Diego.

As a child, Sergio had the nickname “Ardilla” which translates to squirrel, was because of his speed and small figure that used to love climbing anything like trees and streetlights. Being into a middle-class family

Sergio Reguilon childhood

was pretty normal, no different from anyone else’s.

As a kid born in Madrid he was a supporter of Real Madrid FC, enthusiastic about sports, and had dreams of becoming a professional footballer. By the time he was 5 years old, Sergio was already playing for a local football club named Collado Villalba FC. Soon enough he was making progress as a young talented football player, although with his small figure he had very good strength and technique which differentiated him from others.

By the end of the 2005-2006 season, Reguilon was known as one of the talented players of his age and that resulted in joining the

Real Madrid

academy, where he trained amongst the best.

Only after a few months from his 18-year-old birthday, he went to play for UD Logrones, looking for an opportunity to play more and have a permanent place in the squad, sadly he spent most of his time there sitting on the bench, so as a result, he returned to Real Madrid, the team that was his home.

There he played for Los Blancos reserves in the third tire for a while and then again returned UD Logrones once again. This time, he got more chances of playing, and very soon he became one of the main squad’s important and influential players. During the time he scored 8 goals and several assists for the team which is a very good record for a defender.

By the time he returned to Madrid, Santiago Solara, the team coach at the time gave him lots of opportunities to play for the B team, appearing over 30 matches in which 11 of them he was the team captain. His performance brought him the title of La Liga’s best Left Back. All this success made him a valuable player and many teams sought after the youngster.

Sergio Reguilon Profile

In this section of Sergio Reguilon biography, we want to mention his games and performance this season. He has made 19 appearances for the Spurs this season, receiving 3 yellow cards and not a red card. Sergio has made 3 assists this season and didn't score a goal. He has played in 76% of games from the beginning and shows that he does have a very stable position in the team and has played more like a regular player.

He was also present in 74% of possible minutes and was effective in 10% of Spurs' goals. These are the statistics related to him in 

Premier League

20/21. He has played 3 games for the Spurs in the Europa League 20/21 and not scored a goal and no assists have been recorded in his name. He also played 2 games for Spurs in the EFL Cup 20/21 and he has made 2 assists and received 1 yellow card.

He played For the Spurs in Europa League Qualifying 20/21 tournament in one game. In total, At the moment of writing, he has played 27 games for Spurs with 5 assists which shows that he is having a decent season with the Spurs.

Style of play

As mentioned before Sergio Reguilon plays mainly as a Left Back Defender, this means that often he commits fouls which is not necessarily a weakness but somewhat of an advantage for a defender.

Although his main role is a left defender he has also played as a defensive midfielder and left midfielder too. All these stats brought him the average rating of 6.89 which is a good number considering his age and his potential that looks promising.

As a defender, his style often includes running in from the sides and crossing the ball from defense to midfield or forwards. Sergio Reguilon has a good speed and a keen eye for finding teammates and delivering long balls and crosses in width and length. His style of play also includes dribbling too which he is pretty good at it.


Real Madrid showed no interest in retaining their Spanish full-back Reguilon in the 2020-2021 season, and it was Tottenham who eventually signed the player on a € 30 million, five-year deal. But El Chiringuito TV claimed that Zinedine Zidane regretted selling Reguilon and they would buy him again.

The Galacticos have included a clause in Reguilon's sale to Tottenham, under which they can re-sign the player for € 45 million. Reguilon has had a brilliant performance in the early months of his stay in London and has been named one of the key factors in Tottenham's lead and the team's brilliance in the Premier League.

Real Madrid hired Frenchman Ferland Mandy as Reguilon's replacement a year ago, and at least this season the Tottenham defender has performed better. Reguilon recently stated in an interview that he did not talk much to Zinedine Zidane during the separation and the club has not shown any interest in keeping him.

Many Real Madrid fans have reacted negatively in recent months to the sale of the club's Reguilon and Ashraf Hakimi, the club's full-backs.

Goal Celebration

As a defender, Sergio Reguilon doesn’t get too many opportunities to score goals so there haven’t been so many times that we get to see him celebrate a goal. However, in one match against Manchester City, when his teammate Giovani Lo Celso scored a goal and did his usual high five celebrations he didn’t seem to notice Reguilon behind him, mimicking him.

Sergio Reguilon Outside Of Football

Every time Sergio Reguilon isn’t training with the team or stopping strikers from scoring goals, he spends his time with his friends and family or playing video games. He is known as a humble and likable person and has made friends with his teammates and loves to spend time hanging out with them as any young adult his age does as well.

An interesting fact about him is that he is a pro gamer too; In 2019 he signed with the eSports squad team Heretics which is located in Spain. This team features prominent gamers.

Sergio Reguilon has signed a 5-year contract worth Є12.5 million with Tottenham Hotspur and an annual salary of Є2.5 million on average. This means that he makes the same amount of money monthly as a middle-class Spanish citizen does in 7 years. Down below, you can read more about

Sergio Reguilon Biography


Sergio Reguilon Personal Life

As mentioned before in

Sergio Reguilons biography

, he is not only a professional football player but also a gamer and enjoys watching movies as well. He also likes to go on vacations which wouldn’t be a problem for the young star since he makes a lot of money and gets to play football in the stadium all over the world.

As he has said himself he always thought of firefighters fondly since childhood and that if he hadn’t become a football player he would’ve probably become a firefighter because of his love and respect for them.

In 2014 he met

Gareth Bale

, the former welsh star of Real Madrid, and took a selfie with him, he posted his photo and described it as the happiest day of his life. He was a fan of the Real Madrid club since childhood and fortunately, he got to be a football player and got a chance to play for the team which was a dream come true for him.

He got to meet Gareth Bale again and took a selfie with him and you can see how much he has grown; physically and professionally.

Although there is no official document about

Sergio Reguilon religion

considering his birthplace being in Spain and his Zamoran roots, it’s not so wrong to say he is a Catholic Christian as well. However, he once went on a vacation to UAE, Dubai, and posted a photo of himself in front of a mosque.

Family, Children, and Relationship

From what we know from his Instagram posts, Sergio Reguilon is in a relationship with Marta Diaz; a young and beautiful YouTuber. Scrolling down on his Instagram posts you can see that he went on a vacation to Dubai with her in August.

It appears that they enjoy the time that they spend with each other and have a strong bond, so it wouldn’t be so surprising if they get married and become husband and wife.

Although he doesn’t have any children of his own to our knowledge, Sergio is still in touch with his family and had a good relationship with his parents and his older brother, Diego. His father has always supported the young star in his career and never meddled in any part of his son’s professional life.

His mother, like his father, has roots in Zamoran. Although there’s not much evidence of what kind of a person she is, we would imagine that she was a supporter of him in her way.


Although we don’t have much documentation of his charity work, Sergio Reguilon is a very kind and giving person as his friends and family describe him. From what we know and

Tottenham Hotspur

Banter announced that he called their official charity partner Noah’s ark Children’s Hospice as they urgently looked to recruit new nurses for seriously unwell children.

Legal issues

From what we know and according to officials, Sergio Reguilon has never been arrested or partaken in any illegal activities and has a clean record for that fact.

Sergio Reguilon Career Statistics

As it was mentioned earlier in

Sergio Reguilon Biography

, the youngster has played football since he was 5 years old, however, there is no official record of that time but what we know is that he has played for a few teams in Spain like Sevilla and outside in the premier league of UK in Tottenham Hotspur FC and has made a few appearances for the Spanish national football team.

Considering that the youngster is only 24 years old at the time, he has a bright and prominent future ahead of him in the years to come. Down here you can learn more about Sergio Reguilon Biography and his performance.


Sergio Reguilon spent his early years of life playing football in Real Madrid’s academy and played for Real Madrid Castilla in Segunda Division B, the third tier of the Spanish football league. He also played for UD Logrones as a loan player for two seasons from 2015 to 2017.

But you could say his real professional career started in the 2018 season when he played for the main Real Madrid team in La Liga and made a total appearance of 14 matches. Then He joined Sevilla FC on a loan contract for a year in which he made 31 appearances for the team and won the UEFA Europe League with his teammates.

After that, Sergio Reguilon was sold to Tottenham Hotspur for a fee of €30.00m. Since then he has appeared in 19 matches playing in Premier League and 27 in total.


As of matches played so far, Sergio Reguilon has played for the senior Spanish national team 5 times. He made his first international debut in September of 2020 in a match against Ukraine which resulted in a 4-0 win for the Spanish team in UEFA National League.

He has also played in two friendly matches Norway and Sweden. However, before that, he has selected for Spain under 21 teams first in 2019 in UEFA European under 21 Championship qualifiers against Romania and Austria.

Sergio Reguilon Honors

Talking of Sergio Reguilon honors, the most important one was probably the UEFA Europa League in 2019-2020 where Sevilla won the trophy and Reguilon had an undeniable role in it. However, that wasn’t the first time that Reguilon had won a trophy with his team, a year before that he won the

FIFA Club World Cup

in 2018 with Real Madrid.

Individually, because of his performance with Sevilla in the UEFA Europe League, he won the award of UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season.

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