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In this article, we want to talk about Marcos Llorente Biography. A talented player who belongs to the city of Madrid and has played in two rival football teams.

In the following we want to look at 

Marcos Llorente bio

. Marcos Llorente was born on Monday, the 30th day of January 1995 in Madrid. He was working at Real Madrid's academy since he was a teenager and grew up there, where he joined the Real Madrid first team.

He was able to convince the manager of Real Madrid and Zidane that he can play in the main team of the club with great brilliance in the second league competitions, so he was loaned out to


and returned to with a good performance.

Llorente is one of the stars in the world of football who is the product of Real Madrid's academy. They had opened a special expectation for this player so that they never wanted to sell him and he played on loan for Alaves.

However, because Real Madrid had so many midfielders and he could not play, especially in the defensive midfield where players like


and Valverde were present, he decided to leave Real Madrid. These two seasons he plays for Atletico Madrid, we have always seen him work hard and we can see the peak of his performance in the Champions League game against Liverpool in the 2019-2020 season.

In that game, Marcos had a great performance and single-handedly eliminated the defending champion. He came on in the second half to replace Diego Costa, who was very upset by his substitution and kept talking angrily. Once in the game, he got a great opportunity to score, but he was involved in the offside and the game was stopped.

In the next opportunity, when he got the ball, he found the back of the net with a shot from outside the penalty area and shouted and went to the corner of the field. Exactly that week, it was the final week of the competition as the next one was canceled because of Coronavirus, and many even consider that game to be the cause of Coronavirus outbreak in



The spectators watched the story closely. Then, in the next scene, he passed Jordan Henderson and

James Milner

 to score another goal. Furthermore, He gave an assist to Morata to complete the great night with 2 goals and 1 assist and record his unparalleled performance in the history of the Champions League. Marcos Llorente has been a useful player for Diego Simeone and his team with the statistics.

Marcos Llorente is currently having the best time of his football and has managed to set some interesting records in his name. According to Opta, Llorente has done everything for his team this season. He scores easily and provides assists. He is effective in his team's defense, and can be seen everywhere on the field. It can be said that Llorente has become the leader of Atletico Madrid these days.

Llorente has been very effective for his team this season, which has led Simeone to praise the midfielder at the end of the game against


. Llorente has scored eight of his 13 shots on target this season. This is the best statistics among midfielders who have had at least 25 shots on goal this season. Like a skilled sniper, he shoots the ball away from rival goalkeepers.

The former Real Madrid midfielder has scored two goals from outside the box and opponents feel a constant danger when he steps on the ball. Roque Blancos No. 14 player has also been one of the best in La Liga in terms of assists.

Llorente, like a knife that cuts the Butter, passes through the opponent's defenders and gives his teammates a chance to score. He has socred a total of 15 goals this season, far more than all the midfield lines of many La Liga teams.

He is reaching double digits both in terms of goals and assists. He has scored ten goals and provided nine assists this season, which no one has been able to achieve at Atletico Madrid since it founded the Opta site. All these statistics make Marcos Llorente one of the best midfielders in La Liga.

Of course, statistics cannot be considered a good criterion for comparing players, but Llorente does not end with statistics alone. The Atletico Madrid midfielder is currently the winner in any field compared to his fellow players. At the moment, if Llorente is not the best midfielder in La Liga, he is one of the best.

Everything you need to know about Marcos Llorente Biography

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Marcos Llorente biography

, after which we will dive into his professional career and talk more about what he has done or achieved.

Marcos Llorente Information

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Marcos Llorente biography

, we want to talk about 

Marcos Llorente religion

Marcos Llorente date of birth

 and his Personal Info.


  • Full Name

    : Marcos Llorente Moreno

  • Profession

    : Professional Football Player

  • Nickname

    : Marco

  • Current Team

    : Atlético Madrid

Bodily Stats

  • Height

    : 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Weight

    : 74kg

  • Hair Color

    : Brown

  • Hairstyle

    : Cropped

  • Skin Colour

    : white

  • Religion

    : Christianity

Soccer Information

  • Position

    : Midfielder, second striker

  • Shirt Number

    : 14

  • Age

    : 26

  • Preferred Foot

    : Right

Date of Birth and individual Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 30 January 1995

  • Birth Place

    : Madrid, Spain

Marcos Llorente Early Life

In the following we want to talk about

Marcos Llorente Nationality

and his childhood. Marcos Llorente Moreno was born in Madrid, Spain, on the 30th day of January 1995, to his mother, Maria Angela Moreno (who was a basketball player), and his father, Paco Llorente (who was a football player).


Marcos Llorente childhood

, much like several football players with a sturdy family record was just charming. He was raised to understand that the actions of his family were mainly inherited 'soccer genetics ' which ran in his streak as a small boy.

One of the strange things you might know is that the family members of Marcos Llorente, two motherly and fatherly, were all Real Madrid soccer performers. small Marcos was born and raised with the skill of his terrific uncles with the history of Real Madrid that is still to be broken.

Consequently, it was more than only operating on the father and child genetic, although his father was a football player. His father, Paco Llorente, retired when Marcos was 3 years old.

Paco never wished to be the only one in his family who would be the final to play football. Another interesting issue about Marcos Llorente is that in the wishes of bring up him to take on alive the family ambitiousness, the football player had a connection with his child Marcos.

Marcos Llorente Profile

In this section of

Marcos Llorente biography

, we want to mention his games and performance this season in 20/21 season. He has made 29 appearances for Atletico Madrid this season, receiving two yellow cards and not a red card.

Marcos has made 9 assist this season and scored 10 goals. He has played in 83% of games from the beginning and shows that he does have a very stable position in the team and He has mostly played as a regular player for Atletico Madrid.

He was also present in 83% of possible minutes and was effective in 33% of Atletico Madrid's goals. These are the statistics related to him in LaLiga 20/21. He has played 7 games for Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and scored one goal and provided one assist.

Because they were eliminated from the

Copa del Rey

this season and most of the team's key players were resting, the game has not been registered in his name.

In total, at the moment of writing, he has played 36 games for Atletico Madrid, scoring 10 goals and 9 assists. Every 255 minutes is his average scoring statistic and he has been able to play in 2.919 minutes this season, which shows that he is having a great season.

Style Of Play

In this part of Marcos Llorente biography, we want to talk about Marcos Llorente's style of play. His style of play is such that he forces the opposing players to dismiss. His dribbles and the whole kind of movement on the ground confirm this.

His style of play is such that he does not hit the ball aimlessly or, so to speak, he does not just repel the ball and play games. He usually uses fewer long passes and prefers to use short passes, which also reduces his error rate.

He also has a good physique and always has something to say in physical duels. Also, due to his position on the ground, he uses a lot of tackles and usually gets the ball without mistakes.

As we mentioned before, he likes to go through the defenders and use his innate ability, ie various dribbles, to put his team in a better position. Marcos likes to try long shots, and one of the features of his style of play is his long shots.

He was effective in 33% of Atletico's goals, which shows that his shots are targeted. Of course, there is a balance between goals and assists, but this number of goals is great for the midfielder at this stage of the season.


Marcos Llorente is the latest player to move between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, continuing his family tradition; Like his father, Paco Llorente, he wears a Roque Blanco shirt. "What is the difference between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid?" He answered in an interview with Spain's AS newspaper.

"One is the color of the shirts of the two teams, who wear white, and we wear white and red. All I can say is that I am happy at Atletico, we are a very united and hard-working family that we show, we all get along and have a positive atmosphere, I am really happy to come to Atletico Madrid and I do not regret my choice. "

The reporter then asked him about Diego Maradona, to which he replied: Diego Maradona?" We all know what he meant to football. His loss was a severe blow to sports fans, but it is not just Maradona, and we are saddened by all those we lost this year. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones. I hope we get through this stage as soon as possible and return to the normal life we ​​had.

Goal Celebration

If we want to talk about his celebration after his goals, He does not have a very special reaction and he expresses his feeling by squeezing his hands and shouting. Of course, Goal celebration may have different goals on special and sensitive occasions, but in general, His celebration after goals is no unique and special.

Marcos Llorente Outside of Football

It's been almost a year since the fascinating Liverpool-Atletico Madrid match with Marcos Llorente at Anfield. Llorente had a historic night in that game and was the first man in Diego Simeone's team.

The name Anfield is a reminder of happy memories for him and that is why the Atletico Madrid player named his dog "Anfield". Llorente posted a picture of his dog on his Instagram story: "Anfield" is watching the passage of life.

Marcos Llorente Personal Life

Football fans, just like the rest of us, love pets, and Marcos Llorente agrees with us. As we mentioned in the previous section, Marcos Llorente is a dog lover.

If we want to get out of the discussion of his dog, we can refer to his salary, which is about 12 million euros, and his value in the transfer market is more than 30 million euros, and of course, he is undoubtedly one of the millionaires. He may have a lot of cars, but we are not sure about his cars.

Family, children, and relationships

If we want to talk about their family generations, it is interesting to know that in total, his relatives have played more than 1100 games for Real Madrid and have left a mark in the history of this club.

In this section, we talk about

Marcos Llorentes life story

, his girlfriend, family, and his child. His father Paco was born on May 21 in Valladolid, Spain. He is a retired footballer who played mostly as a right player for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Llorente's mother Maria Angela used to play basketball. He has a girlfriend named Patricia Norb. He has a fitness group and has a high degree in this field. It also has a lot of beauty in appearance and has two degrees in law and business management. As mentioned, he specializes in fitness training offline and online.

He also has a fitness website. Also, one of the main reasons why Marcps did not transfer to Man United was that Marcos wanted his girlfriend to finish college. These two are also lovers and can be recognized from their photos and behaviors. For travel, they sometimes go to the islands of Spain and the waters of Ibiza.


This player has made a very special donation to a charity-sponsored by ACB. All proceeds from the auction will be used to fight the Coronavirus, and Llorente was pleased to do so in good faith.

The shirt was also part of the history of Atletico Madrid, which the Spanish midfielder wore under the heavy rain of Anfield. The shirt meant a lot to Llorente, but he sold it for a higher purpose to help fight the Coronavirus in Spain.

Legal Issues

Fortunately, it can be said that he had no legal problem in his life. Of course, this is not a strange thing. He has a very calm personality on and off the field. Of course, players at this level usually try to solve the problem in any way.

Marcos Llorente Career Statistics

The 26-year-old, who now plays for Atletico Madrid at number 14 shirt, played for the Las Rozas between 2002-2006. He also played for Nueva Roceña between 2006-2007 and then decided to play for the Rayo Majadahonda club, where he played for 1 year (between 2007-2008), and then he decided to play for the Real Madrid youth team between 2008-2014 seasons. All of the above is related to his adolescence.

In the following Marcos played 58 games for the Real Madrid B team between 2014-2016  and scored 3 goals. Then He was transferred to Real Madrid's first team in the 2015-2016 season, played 4 years for them and playing 22 games for them, and scoring no goals.

Meanwhile, between 2016-2017, he played on loan for Alaves, who scored 0 goals in 32 games. Finally in 2019 he joined Atletico Madrid and is an influential player for this team. All the statistics mentioned before are related to the games he has played in the league.


Llorente spent the 2015 playing matches over Manchester City, Inter Milan, and Valerenga. On 17 October of that year, played as a second-half replacement for 

Mateo Kovacic

 in a 3–0 home victory against Levante UD.

On 10 August 2016, Llorente was lent to La Liga club Deportivo Alaves for one season. On 10 September of that year, he displayed the full 90 minutes in a 2–1 victory at 

FC Barcelona


On 23 September 2017, Llorente's deal was prolonged until 2021. He had one show in the UEFA Champions League when Madrid achieved their third sequential and 13th title in the competition.

Llorente scored his initial competitive goal for the team on 22 December 2018, netting the second in the 4–1 win over Al Ain FC for the final of the FIFA Club World Cup and being called the man of the match.

On 20 June 2019, Llorente joined Atletico Madrid on a five-year deal for £35 million. Started playing first match on 18 August, performing 25 minutes in the 1–0 home victory over Getafe CF.  His initial goal came the following 14 February, when he set his team forward in a 2–2 tie over 

Valencia CF


On 17 June, he was called player of the game in the league match at CA Osasuna later coming from the bench in the 63rd minute, scoring an individual goal and after delivering passes of goals two times in the 5–0 win.


Llorente made his initial game for the Spain under-21 side on 10 October 2016, featuring the whole 5–0 home loss of Estonia for the 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifiers, in Pontevedra.

He was called in November 2020, for a friendly game over the Netherlands and UEFA Nations League qualifiers with 


 and Germany. He had his initial shows over the first game, substituting Sergio Canales for the final 18 minutes of the 1–1 tie in Amsterdam.

Marcos Llorente Honors

Real Madrid

  • UEFA Champions League

    : 2017–18

  • UEFA Super Cup

    : 2017

  • FIFA Club World Cup

    : 2017, 2018

Spain U21

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship runner-up

    : 2017

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