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Starting at six years old, Mats Hummels has always been interested in football. He is now playing as the center back for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the Germany national team. Read the following article to learn more facts about Mats Hummels.

Mats Hummels

was born on 16 December 1988 in Germany. He signed his professional contract in January 2006 with

Bayern Munich

youth academy. He is a humanitarian and a philanthropist. Mats is deeply concerned about the state of the world and inspired to make the world a better place. This is one of the incredible

facts about Mats Hummels


His worldview attracts many people to him and his friendly personality makes it easy to become his friend and companion. His family and teammates are deeply connected with him and they all know that he is the kind of person that they can rely on in any kind of situation. Aside from being a successful football player, he is also a very interesting person.

Read on to learn more facts about Mats Hummels:

Unlike many football players, he is not at all arrogant or proud. He strives to treat everyone equally. However, he respects those who can do something more for humanity and he evaluate people based on what they can do for bigger causes. If you are curious to know about him, keep on reading to learn more about him and his amazing life.

Mats Hummels early life

Mats Julian Hummels was born on 16 December 1988 in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Mats Hummels zodiac sign is Sagittarius and like many people who are born with this zodiac sign he has an optimistic worldview and loves humanity.

Mats Hummels personal life

is filled with philanthropy and humanitarian actions.

One of the most incredible facts about Mats Hummels is that he believes life is so much more than what we are living and if we try our best, we could definitely make a difference. Mats is a family man and he feels extremely lucky to be a part of a family who loved and supported him through thick and thin. Mats is also very spontaneous and fun to be around, which is an incredible fact about Mats Hummels.

His friends and teammates always have a great time with him because of his friendly and easy-going character. Something that he learned from a young age was that if he ever wanted to reach for the stars, he has to try his best and probably burn the midnight oil many times. In his opinion, nothing great comes easy.

Another amazing

fact about Mats Hummels

is his passion for nature and traveling. He is fascinated by the beauty of mother earth; therefore, he tries to find a time in his free time to visit nature and enjoy himself in the peacefulness of mother earth. People’s well-being and happiness are as much important as their own. This is probably why he decided to become a philanthropist.


Mats Hummels age

, which is 33, he is leading a perfectly amazing life. Mats is a member of UNICEF and he pledged his support to collective fund Common Goal, a charity run by the Berlin-based streetfootballworld, which represents a group of 120 charities in 80 countries. With the help of UNICEF, he built a school with clean water for Malawi children in 2018. He also built a library for them. This is a heart-warming fact about Mats Hummel.

Mats Hummels is extremely handsome and has fascinated many fans over the years. He has a charming complexion and a stunning body. His eyes are hazelnut brown and his skin color is fair. Mats is 1.91 cm tall and weighs around 90kg.

Mats Hummels body measurement

makes it so easy for him to practice every day for the team.

Mats Hummels Family

Mats Hummels Parents

have always been so protective and loving toward their children and they have done their best so that they could have everything growing up. His father, Hermann Hummels, was a former footballer and manager, and his mother, Ulla Holthoff, was a sports journalist. His mother was among the first women who wrote about sports in magazines.

Ulla Holthoff was born in 1958 in Welver in the Westphalian province between Soest and Hamm. Although she is from a modest family, she never let hardships block her work and endeavors. Instead of giving up, she read many books and did a lot of sports to fulfill what she lacked. She did a lot of jogging and cycling. Also, she played as a water polo player at SC Rote Erde Hamm. She always knew that she wanted to become a successful journalist.

With great hard work, she reached her dream and became one of the most successful journalists in Germany. Mats grew up in a media environment, which is an interesting fact about Mats Hummels. Many journalists have known him since he was a little boy and often they start their interviews with this notion. Growing up around hardworking people, Mats learned early on that he had to be resilient and determined.

Mats has a younger brother named Jonas who is very close to him. Probably, it was because of Mats’ father that the passion for football was always burning inside him and his brother ever since that they were kids.

Mats Hummels childhood

is filled with memories of him playing football with his Father and brother.


Mats’ brother, Jonas Hummels, started his career in the youth team of Bayern Munich. Then, he left the club to join SpVgg Unterhaching at the age of 16. He spent three years on the reserve team and later on was promoted to the first team in 2011. His performance was truly excellent, but a few years later, he was retired due to injuries.

When Mats was six years old, his family moved to Munich. The reason for this sudden move was that his father, Hermann, accepted a position as a youth coach at Bayern. It was an amazing change for the family because it paved the way for Mats to, later on, join the same Youth Academy that his father was a coach at the age of six. This is an exciting fact about Mats Hummels.

Although he was under his father’s watch, he was never an object of favoritism. For the first few months that he spent in the club, he was on the bench and was used mostly as a substitute. Later on, he played in the match as a center-back and a midfielder. He always kept on practicing hoping that one day he would become a professional player. He finally made his wish come true on 19 December 2006 when he signed his first professional contract.

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Mats Hummels club career

Mats Hummels signed his first professional contract with Bayern Munich Youth Academy when he was 18 years old. At first, he spent many times on the bench and was only used on the pitch as a substitute. He practiced a lot and was very enthusiastic during strategy sessions. During his third season in the team, he appeared 31 times and he appeared only 10 times during the next season. 

Later he joined

Borussia Dortmund

on a loan. It didn’t take him very long to become a key player in the team. His performance was truly remarkable. Although he couldn’t finish the end of the season strong due to an injury, Borussia Dortmund definitely wanted him. Therefore, they signed a contract with him in February 2009 with an initial fee of €4 million. During the 2008-09 season, he appeared in 14 matches and managed to score one goal. The next season, he appeared in 33 matches and was able to score five goals.

The next season was one of the high lights of mats Hummels professional life. His performance was genuinely astonishing. Mats was the regular choice for the center back position in which he often paired with Subotić. Consequently, they shaped the strongest defensive duo that Bundesliga has ever seen. Thanks to them, the team was able to win the League title. This is an interesting fact about mats Hummels professional life.

During the 2010-11 season, he appeared in 42 matches and scored six goals. On 3 June 2012, Mats Hummel signed a new five-year contract. During the 2014-15 season, Mats appeared in 32 matches and scored two goals and during the 2015-16 season, he scored three goals in 50 matches. In June 2016, he decided to rejoin Bayern Munich on a five-year contract.

Mats made his first professional debut on 14 August 2016 in the German Super Cup final. He obviously became one of the key players of the team and the manager and his coach relied on his performance. This is an incredible

fact about Mats Hummels

. After three amazing seasons at Bayern Munich, the club came to an agreement with Borussia Dortmund for the return of Mats Hummels. The managers were ecstatic to have him back at the club.

They agreed on a deal of €37 million. Mats Joined on 1 July 2019 and will be on a contract until 30 June 2022. He is genuinely one of the amazing defenders of all times. As for

Mats Hummels transfer market

, his current market value is $16.05 million as was last updated on 10 February 2021. His highest Market value was estimated at $66 million on 4 April 2018.

Mats Hummel is undoubtedly one of the best defenders in the world. Let’s go through

Mats Hummels stats

during the following season. So far, he has appeared in 22 matches and managed to score three goals out of 17 shots. He has won 281 tackles and had 20 fouls.

Mats Hummels net worth and salary

Mats Hummels is currently on a contract with Borussia Dortmund and his contract stays until 30 June 2022. His initial contract fee was €10 million. Sponsoring for famous brands occasionally, he is leading a luxurious life.

Mats Hummels salary

is presently €9 million per year. Since he is a significant player, we could only expect this number to go up.

Mats Hummels net worth

is €30 million. He is currently based in Munich, Germany. It is not surprising for football players to own amazing cars. Mats is certainly not an exception. He drives an incredible Audi RS 7. He got this car when he was playing for Bayern Munich and he still drives it. Why wouldn’t he? The car is pretty awesome!

Mats Hummels social media

Mats Hummels social media is very active mainly because it is through these platforms that a player like him can showcase his presence and run sponsorship campaigns. Mats Hummels Instagram is very popular and he has 3.1 million followers, which is an awesome fact about Mats Hummels. You can find his account with



Mats usually posts pictures of his professional life, but occasionally posts pictures of his wonderful wife, Cathy. He also has a Twitter account. It is one of Mats Hummels astonishing facts to know that he is also very popular on this particular platform. He has 2.1 million followers on Twitter and usually tweets about football and other players. You can find his account with



Mats Hummels’ wife, Cathy Hummels

Cathy Fischer Hummels was born on 31 January in Dachau, Bavaria, Germany. Cathy Hummels like many other Aquarius people is very high-spirited. She has a strong will and doesn’t accept no as an answer. She has always worked very hard for her dreams and goals. The spirit of Aquarius inspires her to have a hot temper and a sensitive soul.

Cathy Hummels’s parents, Freddy Fischer and Marion Fischer have always tried their best so that she and her sister, Vanessa, feel safe, protected, and loved. She stated that she has so much fun growing up with her sister. The two of them share many great memories playing, reading, and singing songs together. She used to be such an active child ad also excellent at school. She was always a top student and praised by all her teachers.

Cathy is a charming lady with a memorable complexion. She has beautiful brown hair and stunning green eyes. She was always a top student and praised by all her teachers. Her father has always inspired her to have a strong will and never give up on her dreams. She always knew that she wanted to work for media and worked very hard to achieve what she wanted.

Cathy Fischer Hummels attended the Technical University of Dortmund economics and studied business administration. She graduated from the university with flying colors, and then took some courses to get familiar with the industry and show business. Before she becomes a TV presenter, she appeared in a few documentaries. Later on, she started to work as a columnist for Closer magazine in 2013.

She worked as a reporter for the ProSieben telecast red! Stars, lifestyle, and more at the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2013. Cathy also worked as a presenter on the Sky Sports telecast Cathy Go from August 2013 to July 2014. Interestingly, Cathy Hummels kept a video diary for blid.de during the soccer World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

In March 2015, she appeared in the 8th season of the RTL show Let’s Dance. Cathy was captivating and managed to leave an impression on a lot of people. She was danced alongside professional dance Marius lepure. Unfortunately, the couple did not obtain the required points and finished the last. On a positive note, the competition helped her gain recognition on social media platforms.

Cathy Hummels is also a published author and has published three books so far. Her first book was “Stark mit Yoga” (Strong with Yoga). In this book, she has mentioned the best exercises for every situation including yoga during pregnancy. In 2020, She published her second book named “Zs Zabert und Sandmann” (The sugar-free cookbook for children) and her third book was named “My Detour to Happiness” published by Benevento Publishing house.

As for Cathy Hummels recent activities, she presented the reality show Kampf der Realitystars – Schiffwreck am Traumstrand. Cathy starred in the Prosieben show Schlaq in 2020. Cathy has always been so supportive of her husband Mats and showed up several times for his matches. Having such an incredible wife is genuinely a fantastic

fact about Mats Hummels


Mats Hummels and Cathy Hummels’s relationship

Cathy and Mats met each other when they were very young. Cathy was a cheerleader at high school and Mats was 18 years old playing for Bayern Munich Youth Academy. Being together for so many years is a wonderful thing about this couple. As for 

Mats Hummels children

, he has only one son named Ludwig. He was born on 11 January 2018.

The sweet couple always shows up at events and celebrations together. their closeness and love are inspiring. It is always exceptional to see some as successful as Mats Hummels leading such a full-filling life. Currently, they aspire to keep going forward in their professional life and watch their son grow up.

Mats Hummels Tattoos

Usually, football players are covered in interesting ink. However, Mats Hummels does not have a tattoo just like his wife. We don’t know how does he feel about tattoos in general, so he might get one in the future. Considering how he looks right now, imagine how hot he would look like having tattoos! He does not smoke either and has never been involved in anything scandalous.




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