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Top facts about Thiago Silva

How well do you know Thiago Silva? How did an aspiring defender from Brazil get to conquer the Scudetto and the Ligue 1 title with two of the best teams in Europe? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the most intriguing facts about Thiago Silva that you might not know about.

Thiago Emiliano da Silva, shortly known as Thiago Silva, is without a doubt one of the greatest center-backs of his generation, who has managed to play for some of the greatest teams in Europe, making more than a whopping 600 appearances throughout his career with several clubs including RS Futebol, Juventude, Fluminense, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and now



Of course while the Brazilian footballer has added a number of teams to his CV over the years, many might know him for his years at the Italian side

AC Milan

or for his time at the French side Paris Sain-Germain, with whom he got to build quite a nice and full trophy cabinet in eight years. He gained prominence by Joining Milan and helping the Rossoneri win the league title in the 2010-11 season. But his fame only became worldwide after joining the Parisians in 2012, when the French club paid a massive €42 million to acquire his services.

The Brazilian had previously joined AC Milan from Fluminense for €10 million, which meant that his transfer to PSG had quadrupled his market value. This rise in his transfer market price had many interested in the then youngster, with many looking to find more facts about Thiago Silva. Even though a long time has passed since his debut for PSG, many more, especially from the UK, have found an interest towards

facts about Thiago Silva

ever since he moved to Chelsea in 2020.

We will be having a range of facts about Thiago Silva that could be as simple as Thiago Silva birthday and as detailed as information about his tattoos and current net worth. His social status gained quite a boost after his move to the Premier League, and people have also found an interest in the Brazilian’s personal life, wanting to know more about his childhood, his family, his wife and even children, so that they can find a closer connection to the Chelsea center-back.

So stay with us here at


as we go through some of the more interesting bits of info about the Brazilian’s life. The

facts about Thiago Silva

will begin with some of the simpler details about his life and go on into detailed information about everything you might need to know.

Facts about Thiago Silva you probably did not know

Before going through some of the more in-depth and personal

facts about Thiago Silva

, we have provided below a set of basic information about the Brazilian defender that could give you an overview of his general attributes.

  • Full name: Thiago Emiliano da Silva

  • Date of birth: 22 September 1984

  • Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Marital status: Married

  • Nickname: The Monster (O Monstro)

  • Current club: Chelsea

  • Jersey number: 6

  • Zodiac sign: Virgo

Now that we have had an overview of the former

Paris Saint-Germain

center-back, let us have a look at some of the top facts about Thiago Silva that will certainly pique your interest as we go on.

Thiago Silva birthday and zodiac sign

We all know that the Brazil international is a veteran of the game we all love. But how is the former Fluminense defender exactly? Many might already know that the center-back is 36 years old, but few know that

Thiago Silva birthday

is on 22 September. He was born in the middle of the 80s in 1984, in the beating heart of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

While there are footballers such as



Cristiano Ronaldo

who were born on the same day in different years and actually share a birthday, there were few notable footballers who were born on the same day as the Brazilian defender. The only notable footballer other than Silva to be born on this date is Maarten Stekelenburg, who was born two years before the former PSG man.

As a true footballing veteran, Thiago Silva does not seem to have many years left in him as a professional footballer playing in the game’s top-flight in Europe, which is why his fans are cherishing his performances even more. He has already made more than 20 appearances for Chelsea, and has even managed to score two goals, going strong at the age of 36.

One of the interesting facts about Thiago Silva, of course, is not the fact that he was born in September, or that he was born on the same day as the former Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, but it is the fact that Thiago Silva’s zodiag sign is Virgo, which completely describes his traits and attributes as a footballer. Virgos tend to be hard-working, creative and reliable, which are classic traits of the Brazilian footballer.

Of course we are not here to analyze his personality only based on his zodiac sign, as the following facts about Thiago Silva will definitely give you a better idea of what kind of a person and player he actually is. A person’s early years in life are quite crucial in forming their personality and decide which path the person is going to take later in life. That is why we should also take a look at Thiago Silva childhood to see where and how he grew up to become the man he is now.

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Thiago Silva childhood story

It has somehow turned into a norm in countries such as Brazil, for youngsters and children to grow up in a rather impoverished neighborhood, playing football in the narrow streets and alleys of Rio de Janeiro with the hopes of one day making it into the big scene and becoming a world-renowned superstar.

Thiago Silva

is no exception from this norm, as he born into poverty and many difficulties, with his mother already taking care of his two older siblings when she became pregnant with Thiago.

Of course thankfully, his mother decided to keep her baby as she finally gave birth to baby Thiago on 22 September 1984. Growing up in a shantytown in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Thiago had to overcome many difficulties and constantly live in poverty, just like the rest of the children in that area. One of the heartbreaking facts about Thiago Silva is that he had to experience his father walking out on their family, as his parents split up when he was quite young.

He did later admit that he used to miss his father terribly, as the split had its toll and psychological effects on the young Thiago. Thankfully, though he did find a father figure in the form of his step-father, with whom he bonded pretty quickly. Silva grew up with his two siblings, Erivelton and Danila, and found one of his best friends in David Luiz, with whom they used to be neighbors back in the day.

Few could have guessed back then that two best friends, who used to act as mascots for the Brazilian national team, would one day play together in the same national team, being the proud wearers of Brazil’s national team jersey, going through the pains of their infamous 7-1 humiliation against


in the 2014 World Cup. The young footballer grew up so poor that he had to take free Bus rides to training.

As he recalled in an interview:  “sometimes, I used to put my school uniform on when I took the bus to training. That way I didn’t have to pay the fare. The bust drivers would say ‘sorry young man, this bus isn’t going to your school.’ I always told them the truth. I said ‘I’m not going to school, but if you can help me make my dream come true, then I’ll be eternally grateful.’ They never once threw me off, they always let me go to training. I thank the bus drivers in my childhood neighborhood.”

Thiago Silva childhood

passed by in a flash, just like everyone else, and he grew up with the passion of playing football, especially on a professional level. Coincidentally, he was admitted into the same school that acted as a feeder for one of the more famous clubs in Brazil, Fluminense. Silva, now a teenager, managed to show his abilities and immense potential to those at the club during a friendly match, which earned him a trial with Fluminense.

His first years of trying to break into the ranks of professional football clubs were not as glamorous and hopeful as the young Thiago might have wanted, as he struggled to find a club and got rejected by teams such as Madureira, Flamengo and Olaria. Having gone through such difficulties and heartbreaks at such a young age, the Brazilian finally managed to get into a club, as he joined local side Barcelona.

Even though he had to start his professional minor career with a not-so-famous team, Silva did manage to catch the eyes of then RS Futebol manager Cesar Carpegiani, who offered the defender to join his club’s ranks. Silva finally caught his break as he signed for RS Futebol in the end of 2001. He finally became a professional footballer by signing a contract with the Brazilian side, for whom he went on to make 25 appearances and even score 2 goals in the process.

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An early retirement

It might be hard to believe and even sound silly at first, but Thiago Silva was about decide his future early on in his life, as he was forced into retirement from football as a youngster. The reason behind such a decision was the fact that the Brazilian was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, which completely broke the now Chelsea player, as he had to leave the football pitch for good. It was even revealed that had he waited a couple of weeks before being admitted into the hospital, the chances of him dying would have soared through the sky.

Thankfully we did not lose one of the best defenders in football history, as his mother Angela and wife Isabele convinced him not to retire from football forever, helping him get back on his feet and continue working on his passion. The doctors had initially suggested that they cut a part of Thiago’s lungs in surgery in order to help cure the disease, but thankfully he denied listening to the doctors, and still emerged victorious in his battle against Tuberculosis.

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Thiago Silva wife and children

Growing up as a child of divorce, Thiago Silva gained an appreciation for family, siblings, children and everything that related to a single unified and loving household. That is why the Brazilian footballer is a complete family man. The former Paris Saint-Germain defender might have something that dare to say all of us yearn for, which is finding our true love and spending the rest of our lives with them.

Thiago is married to the gorgeous Isabele da Silva, whom he met quite early in his life, as the two were in fact childhood best friends who then became sweethearts. The 36-year-old even recalls one of his earliest memories to be of him declaring his love for the sweet Isabele. The two have been married for more than fifteen years already, as they tied the knot back in 2005, after being together since the early 2000s.

In the case of

Thiago Silva children

, you must know that their love life has been quite fruitful over the years, as they welcomed their first son, Isago, in 2008, and gave birth to their second son, Iago, three years later in 2011.

Thiago Silva wife

is of course stunning enough to be a model or a social media influencer just like many other WAGs. But the Brazilian prefers to support her husband through thick and thin from behind the curtains.

Taking a look at the Brazilian center-back’s Instagram profile would show you how important exactly Thiago Silva wife and children are to him, as his profile picture is a sweet image of his two sons kissing their daddy on the cheek.

Thiago Silva Instagram, tattoos and net worth

Just like any other footballer, celebrity, influencer and every other human being on planet earth, Silva uses social media platforms to keep in touch with others while also earning money through paid-partnership deals and endorsements for his commercial posts. Much like his success on the pitch,

Thiago Silva Instagram

account has seen quite a significant success as well, as he currently has over 17 million followers on Facebook’s subsidiary Instagram. He himself follows more than 1200 people through his account as well.  

Thiago Silva Instagram is exactly what one might expect to see from a professional footballer, as he usually posts about his training routines and sessions with his teammates, or some cool images from their recent matches, while also adding a number of social, commercial and of course personal images and videos here and there, in order to keep his supporters and fans updated on his life as well. Looking at his pictures or watching him on the pitch during matchdays, one could see Thiago Silva tattoos, which have been inked on his shoulder and forearm.

There are several markings that show Thiago Silva’s tattoos on his body, but their meaning is yet to be discovered as the Brazilian has kept silent on what they actually mean to him on a personal level. It is also mentioning that while footballers tend to have high and sometimes whopping transfer market values, the Brazilian center-back has turned his market value into his own net worth, which is quite impressive, as

Thiago Silva net worth

is believed to be around €42 million.

The only time his market value reached his current net worth was when Paris Saint-Germain acquired his services from AC Milan for the same amount back in 2012, which makes Thiago Silva net worth all the more impressive.

Thiago Silva quotes

Now that we know more about some of the top facts about the Chelsea defender, we have gathered below some of the best

Thiago Silva quotes

that could give more insight into the Brazilian center-back’s personal identity and his overall personality. These are all Thiago Silva quotes which have been directly recorded from the footballer himself during interviews and press conferences.

“I started off as a right-winger, but my coaches pushed me further and further back. So much so that I ended up in defence, because I wasn't good with my hands and there was nowhere else to go! So they put me there and that's when I found my position.”

“Each day you learn something new. Professionally, personally and even emotionally, because the emotional aspect is so important.”

“During a training session, Ibra made a mess of five consecutive passes and no-one told him anything. When I made a mess of one, he shouted at me. We had an exchange of words. After training, he came to apologise, and told me it was the first time in his life that he'd been wrong.”

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