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In this article, we want to talk about Federico Bernardeschi Biography. A player with an attractive appearance and playing at the highest level.

In the pre-season 2020-2021, there were rumors about his separation from


. His possible transfer option was Barcelona, ​​which did not happen and he will continue to play for Juventus this year.

A player with an excellent physique. A left-footed player who is a special player in the world of football. Consider talents like


and Maradona who have made history in the world of football. Of course, comparing Bernardeschi to them is fundamentally wrong, but his unparalleled talent and ability to carry the ball, cut, and hold the ball set him apart from other ordinary players.

In 2014, he was invited to the national team. He says he appreciates all the moments he was with his parents. He says that if they were not with him, he would not have reached this stage of his life. Bernardeschi says that his coach named Sosa told him that if you want to progress, you must invest in yourself. Sosa also told him to focus on winning to become a great player.

The captain of their team, who had a leader-like personality, always helped him and showed him the right way. They were always together on trips and had a good time. He even consulted with Astori when he decided to come to Juve, and even tattooed the number 13 because of Astori's shirt. He wanted this feeling to always be with him.

All that was said about part of

Federico Bernardeschi's life story

to know how those around him influenced his success. Certainly, the influence of the family can not be ignored, which we will mention in the rest of this article.

He has had a difficult time like many football players. He has always dreamed of becoming a footballer and in this article, we will describe who he was and who he became. He is happy in Turin and says that everything that is said about Juventus is true. Because in Turin, everyone is thinking of winning. Now he sees and touches all his dreams closely.

At one point in his life, he even had a heart problem, and although he was very interested in playing football at the time, he was very upset about it, but after a break, he returned to the green rectangle and took a brighter step to fulfill his dreams. He picked up and in this way his mother was his companion more than anyone.

In the following of Federico Bernardeschi's biography, we take a brief look at his football career. Born in Tuscany, Carrara,


, Federico Bernardeschi spent his early years at Fiorentina youth. He signed his first professional contract with the team to participate in the Italian Youth Football Championship in 2011-2012.

After Bernardeschi's amazing performance in this competition and scoring 17 goals in his name, he was able to gain his first professional experience as an Italian Serie B player in Crotone. In this team in the 2013-2014 season, he was able to play a role in scoring 17 goals in 39 games.

His return to


in 2014 was accompanied by his presence in the first purple team in Serie A. Bernardeschi played 93 games for Fiorentina in Serie A, and in the 2016-2017 season, he was named the youngest player in Serie A history to score more than 10 goals in a single season.

In addition to offering him a place in the national team, the Juventus team also offered Bernardeschi to join Bianconeri in 2017 to benefit from the services of one of the most talented players in Italy.

Bernardeschi can change speed quickly, sharpen and a magic wand called the left foot, which causes fans to get up whenever he reaches the ball in the final third In addition to offering him a place in the national team.

The player can change speed quickly with his magical left foot, which causes fans to get up whenever he reaches the ball in the final third.

Everything you need to know about Federico Bernardeschi biography

Here in this article, we intend to introduce you the further basic info regarding 

Federico Bernardeschi's biography

, after which we will dive into his professional career and talk more about what he has done or achieved.

Federico Bernardeschi Information

In this Part of  

Federico Bernardeschi's biography

, we want to talk about 

Federico Bernardeschi religion

Federico Bernardeschi date of birth

 and Personal Info.


  • Full Name

    : Federico Bernardeschi

  • Profession

    : Professional Football Player

  • Nickname

    : Brunelleschi

  • Current Team:


Bodily Stats

  • Height

    : 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

  • Weight

    : 77kg

  • Hair Color

    : Brown

  • Skin Colour

    : Olive

  • Facial Hair

    : Clean

  • Religion

    : Catholicism

Soccer Information

  • Position

    : Winger, attacking midfielder

  • Shirt Number

    : 33

  • Age

    : 27

  • Preferred Foot

    : Left

Date of Birth and individual Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 16 February 1994

  • Birth Place

    : Carrara, Tuscany, Italy

Federico Bernardeschi Early Life

At first we should say that

Federico Bernardeschi Nationality

is Italian.

In an interesting interview, Federico Bernardeschi talks about the important events that took place during his career as a footballer. Follow us to know more about

Federico Bernardeschi childhood


"White in Kerra means something else. Kerra is the city of marbles (a kind of precious stone)" This is how all people know Kerra. I am from there. The city is famous for its white marbles. Most of these marbles are for the hills in the city and we used these stones to make different shapes. My father, like many locals, worked for a marble company. He worked from 5 am to 6 pm."

"One of the images I remember from my childhood is when I was 6 years old. I think it was a dream. A black corridor that had no way out but white marbles at the end and I was finally able to get out of that corridor. This dream was always repeated and I did not understand what it meant."

"I loved my life and my family. When I was 3 years old, my father and I went to a toy store and I chose only one ball. Since I was a child, I could not let anything get in the way and prevent me from achieving my goal. That was my nature. If you are from Kerra, you will become as hard as marbles. Do not you believe? Ask

Gigi Buffon


All the conversations we mentioned above were writings that Federico himself read from, and we hope you enjoy them and follow us to the end of the article.

Federico Bernardeschi Profile

In this part of

Federico Bernardeschi's biography

, we want to mention his games and performance this season. He has made 17 appearances for Juventus this season in 20/21 season, receiving one yellow card and not a red card.

Federico has made one assist this season but has not scored. He has played in 19% of games from the beginning and shows that he does not have a very stable position in the team and has played more as a substitute.

He was also present in 26% of possible minutes and was effective in 2% of Juventus goals. These are the statistics related to him in Serie A. He has played 6 games for Juventus in the

Champions League

and no goals or assists have been recorded in his name. He also played 4 games for Juventus in the Coppa Italia 20/21 and did not score a goal and received 1 yellow card.

He has played one game for Juventus in the Italian Super Cup. In total, at the moment of writing, he has played 28 games for Juventus, scoring 1 goal. It was Federico 6 days before his birthday that Juventus congratulated him on his birthday in a video message.

Style Of Play

In this part, we want to talk about Federico Bernardeschi's style of play.

He is a player who is more inclined to penetrate the opponent's final third. Also, as you know, the player is a shooter and if space is given to him, he will shoot very well towards the goal. We remember the beautiful goals due to the shots of his left foot.

When he gets the ball, he usually moves in the width of the Arjen Robben style and hits a sudden shot. It is not present on earth. Another characteristic of him is that he does not throw himself on the ground when he is tackled on his feet and does not dive into tackles.


On June 20, 2014, Federico led Montella to his first team. Less than three years after his first professional game, at the age of 22, Federico became a young and talented team captain. Hard work, a good sense of location, and a goal to consider.

Although he was young, Federico was in his age group and at the age of 22 on the football field in Italy, at which time he had an excellent experience.

In the next season, 2015-2016, Federico was awarded the number 10 shirt, which was previously worn by Roberto Baggio. At the same time, he got his nickname. Brunelleschi. He was given this title due to his technique and delicacy on the field.

As a charismatic leader on the pitch, Federico Bernardeschi was awarded the AIAC Football Leader Under 21 Award. His success did not stop there, and Federico also became the only Italian to be included in the UEFA Under-21 European Championship squad. This unique event attracted the attention of many top European teams and clubs.

After his successive brilliance, Fiorentina found a serious rival and that team was none other than Juventus. The transfer was made and it was great for both Federico and Juventus. They won almost all the trophies they could have won in the Italian league over the years.

Goal Celebration

In this part of Federico Bernardeschi's biography, we want to talk about the goal celebration of Federico.

He usually shows the number 2 after scoring goals, which is the sign of victory with both hands, and raises his hands towards his chest and crosswise shows the number 2 or victory. Most of the happiness of his goals is like this, but like many football players, sometimes he is not very special celebration and then he shares his happiness with the players.

Federico Bernardeschi Outside Of Football

At the age of 16, Federico Bernardeschi, who was doing very well and progressing day by day and was close to Fiorentina's senior team, just at the same time that he thought everything was going well for him, something bad happened to him. This happened when Federico went to the doctor for a regular physical examination.

Fiorentina's medical team found something that said something was happening in his body and forced them to do the next tests on him and the X-ray test on him. A few days later, the doctor did what They observed Federico's body explained to his parents.

Doctors said Federico's heart had enlarged. They said they were not very sure how bad it was. However, they said that it is even possible that he will not be able to continue playing football. The doctor told his parents: "As expected, it happened and Federico could not believe it at all at that time and refused to hear it by shouting." "No, this is impossible." His mother tried hard to calm him down.

Doctors finally, after carefully examining his condition, concluded that Federico would not be able to play football for only six months. The news made the Bernardeschi family feel at ease. He went through these six months with all the difficulties, and after a lot of reviews and specialized meetings and visits, Federico was finally cleared to start his football again.

Federico Bernardeschi Personal Life

His mother was a nurse in a hospital. Although she was a nurse, she always balanced between being a mother and being a nurse. Federico says his parents made him feel moderate with their behavior. His mother was very kind and his father sometimes took him seriously to make progress. His town was small and there were not many clubs. At the age of eight, he decided to join Ponzo, 70 miles from their hometown.

Federico's mother always followed him 45 minutes before the end of school, at 15:45. He was given a bowl of pasta and it took them long hours to reach the Empoli. Federico always put his bag and shoes in the car and ran to the grass as soon as he reached the training ground. It was 11 o'clock when he got home and he repeated these steps 4 days a week for a year.

This period was very difficult but valuable for him. And then he joined Fiorentina and his mother was by his side throughout his football career.

Family, children, and relationships

Here we check out who is Federico Bernardeschi dating now, who has he dated, Federico Bernardeschi’s girlfriend, previous relations, and dating record. We will besides view Federico’s biography, his dating, and much extra.

Who is Federico Bernardeschi dating? Federico Bernardeschi is presently single, following our archives. The Italian football Player was born in Tuscany on February 16, 1994. The winger who linked Juventus in 2017 and the Italian national team in 2016. The contract for a 40 million euro on a five-year agreement with Juventus in July 2017. He has 700,000 followers on Bernardeschi's Instagram account.

As of 2021, Federico Bernardeschi isn't dating anyone. Federico is 27 years old. according to CelebsCouples, Federico Bernardeschi had a minimum of 1 relation formerly. He hasn't been before engaged.

In the Following of Federico Bernardeschi's biography, we want to know about his girlfriend. Federico Bernardeschi doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. All dating records are fact-verified. We apply openly accessible data and resources to make sure that our dating statistics and biographies are correct.

Similar to the most famous players, Federico Bernardeschi attempts to hold his individual and love life secret. Of Course nobody. Of course, no one knows what will happen in the future, and these things may change, and maybe even he will get married.

As we mentioned before, He had a minimum of a relationship before. Federico Bernardeschi has not been formally engaged. We are presently in the procedure of having looked at data on the formerly dates and relationships.

Online rumors about Federico's past relationships may vary. Although it is relatively easy to figure out who he is meeting with Federico Bernardeschi, it is more difficult to save track of all his flights, connections, and separations. Keeping up with every dating page and relationship timeline is even harder for celebrities.

He also, like many players, loves dogs, and the published photos confirm this. Follow us to know more about 

Federico Bernardeschi bio



There is no information about his philanthropic work, and perhaps he has preferred that, like many people, if he does something in the same direction, his news will not be public. In any case, benevolent deeds have always been and will always be good. Whether the player does it or a normal person.

The only thing we know about him and according to him, football is very important for Federico, but the most important thing in the world is the charity for him, which is why he is one of the great ambassadors who works to save the children of the non-governmental organization. Federico has a special interest in black skinny children and always supports them.

Follow us to the end of the article to know more about Federico's personal life and football life.

Legal Issues

Fortunately, it can be said that he had no legal problem in his life. Of course, this is not a strange thing. He has a very calm personality on and off the field. Of course, players at this level usually try to solve the problem in any way if they make a mistake.

Federico Bernardeschi Career Statistics

The 27-year-old, who now plays for Juventus at number 33 shirt, played for the A.S.D Sporting Atletico Carrara in 2000-2001. He also played for Polisportiva Ponzano between 2001-2003 and then decided to play for the Fiorentina youth team, where he played for about 10 years (between 2003-2013).

Federico played 72 games for the first team between 2013-2017 and scored 14 goals. He was also loaned out to Crotone in 2013-2014, playing 39 games for them and scoring 12 goals.



started playing soccer at age six beside Atletico Carrara. A year after Federico moved to Ponzano, a soccer school of Empoli, previous reach at Fiorentina, who allocated him to the "Pulcini" age group at the age of nine in 2003.

Later passing among the levels of the Fiorentina younger method, he spent the 2013–14 season on-lend at Crotone in Serie B. He made his expert entry at 19 years old, on 8 September 2013 opposite of Pescara, when he registered the field later 75 minutes, substituting Soufiane Bidaoui. At the close of the season, Bernareschi scored 12 goals in 39 shows and Crotone practices the alternative to obtain part of the player's deal in co-owned.

In 2019, Bernardeschi disclosed that he used to battle heart disease at around the age of 16. On 20 June 2014, Fiorentina formally redeemed 


's half of Bernardeschi's deal, and he was included in the main team under the management of Vincenzo Montella.

Through the 2014–2015 season, he achieved 10 shows and three goals in all tournaments, partly impeded by a break to his ankle which held him away from November 2014. He created his Serie A entry on 14 September 2014, at the age of 20, coming off the bench in the 57th minute of a 0–0 home tie opposite of Genoa.

Four days after, he created his entry in European entry in a 3–0 home victory against Guingamp in the Europa League, in which he besides made his initial goal for the club. After come back to the team after his injury, he scored his initial goal in Serie A on the last game of the season, in a 3–0 home victory against 


 on 31 May 2015.

He was given the number 10 shirt at the beginning of the 2015–16 season before used by the likes of Giancarlo Antognoni and Roberto Baggio. On 26 November 2015, Bernardeschi scored two goals in a 2–2 outside tie opposite of Basel in the Europa League group stage. On 6 February 2016, Bernardeschi scored his second goal in Serie A, Through a 1–1 outside tie opposite of 



2017–18 season, On 24 July 2017, Bernardeschi was contracted by Juventus, one of Fiorentina's principal opponents, for €40 million on a five-year contract. Although he was called as an available nominee for the number 10 shirt in the press, he ultimately selects the number 33, declaring: "The No. 10 is a number I like but I will need to deserve it. Wearing the No. 33 is the true select at this item."

On 13 August, he created his club entry, coming on as a replacement in a 3–2 loss to Lazio in the 2017 Supercoppa Italiana. He created his UEFA Champions League entry on 12 September, coming on as a second-half replace for Rodrigo Bentancur in a 3–0 outside defeat to 



On 1 October, he created his initial begin for Juventus, and scored his initial goal for the club, besides helping different for Gonzalo Higuaín, in a 2–2 away draw against 


. He scored his first Champions League goal on 5 December, after coming off the bench, making his club's second goal in a 2–0 away win over 


; the result allowed Juventus to advance to the knock-out stages of the tournament.

On 9 February 2018, Bernardeschi come back to Florence, achieving rude abuse from home supporters during the game; he scored a free-kick in the second half to quiet the throng.

2018–19 season, Bernardeschi scored his initial goal of the 2018–19 season in Juventus's beginning Serie A game on 18 August 2018, making the victor in a 3–2 away win against Chievo in the hurt moment.

2019–20 season, On 4 July 2020, Bernardeschi created his 100th shows for Juventus in a 4–1 home victory against rivals Torino in Serie A. On 26 July, he scored his initial and just league goal of the season in a 2–0 home victory opposite of Sampdoria, which permitted Juventus to conclude the Serie A Cup.


On 5 March 2014, he created his entry with the Italy under-21, in a Euro 2015 qualifying match opposite of Northern Ireland. He participated at the 2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship under boss Luigi Di Biagio.

In June 2017, he was contained in the Italy under-21 team for the 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship by boss Di Biagio. In Italy's last group match on 24 June, Bernardeschi scores the mere goal in a 1–0 victory against ultimate champions Germany, which permitted Italy to progress to the final four of the tournament.

Italy was removed by Spain in the semi-finals on 27 June, as a result of a 3–1 loss, with Bernardeschi scoring Italy's transient balance. He was called to the team of the competition for his plays.

From 10 to 12 March 2014, Bernardeschi was summoned to the higher national team by tutor Cesare Prandelli as section of a traineeship to assess youth players forward of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, affirmed on the next gathering between 14 and 15 April.

Bernardeschi achieved his initial formal remember to the Italian older team by coach Antonio Conte in March 2016 as the friendly opposite of Spain and Germany. He created his international entry for Italy on 24 March, coming on as a replacement in a 1–1 home tie opposite of Spain, and was involved in 

Lorenzo Insigne

's goal.

On 31 May, he was called to Conte's 23-players Italy team for UEFA Euro 2016. He created his just show-off the competition on 22 June, in Italy's last group game, which finished in a 1–0 loss to Ireland. He scored his initial older international goal on 11 June 2017, in a 5–0 home victory against Liechtenstein in a 2018 World Cup qualifier.

On 12 October 2019, Bernardeschi scored in a 2–0 home victory against 


, which closed Italy's qualification for Euro 2020.

Federico Bernardeschi Honors


  • Serie A

    : 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20

  • Coppa Italia

    : 2017–18

  • Supercoppa Italiana

    : 2018, 2020


  • AIAC Football Leader Under-21 Award

    : 2015–16

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Team of the Tournament

    : 2017

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