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Sun 28 February 2021 | 18:30

In this article, we`re going to have a look at some facts about Curtis Jones, Liverpool`s homegrown talent. At 20 years old, Curtis has become one of the key players in Liverpool`s squad. So let`s get started and find out about Curtis Jones personal life, childhood, girlfriend, and much more!

Curtis Jones made his debut for Liverpool`s first team in 2019-20 season in a FA Cup match against Wolverhampton. Shortly after his first matches for Jurgen Klopp`s side, he became a fan favorite by scoring match winning goals against rivals such as Arsenal and Everton.

After that in his second season as a senior football player, he continued his great form and became one of the main players of the 2020-21


squad alongside other world class players such as Jordan Henderson, Mohammad Salah, Thiago Alcantra. He has renewed his contract with Liverpool to make sure that he is not leaving his hometown club anytime soon.

Everything About Curtis Jones Personal Life

As a young starlet in Liverpool F.C, Curtis Jones has a bright future in front of him. If you want to know everything about Curtis Jones net worth and his salary, facts about Curtis Jones parents and family, or even questions about Curtis Jones children and facts about

Curtis Jones Transfermarket stats

, you have come to the right place.

Curtis Jones Childhood

His full name is Curtis Julian Jones and he was born on January 30th of 2001 at Liverpool in England. Curtis Julian Jones is the youngest child of a middle-class family in Toxteth – south of Liverpool. So at the time of writing this article,

Curtis Jones age

is 20 years old.

As a young boy in a middle-class family in the south of Liverpool,

Curtis Jones childhood

was not that fancy. He showed his passion for football from a very young age by playing in the streets of the Toxteth. As he mentioned in an interview lately, there was not much facility around to help Curtis and his friends in developing their talent as a footballer.

But football is a simple game and Curtis knew that. So he and his friends used every single opportunity to play the game and enjoy it. One of these opportunities was a primary school at the street which the Curtis Jones family lived. In this school, there was a decent football pitch that was a step-up from playing in streets and dirt. The pitch also had perfect lighting that helped the kids to play football even at night.

Curtis and his friends were not going to lose this chance. Even at nights, they used to climb over the school`s fence and play football under the lightings, like a Champions League evening! Also sometimes they would borrow the school`s small goal post to add some quality to their games on the streets.

With such a passion and talent that Curtis was showing in football, it was time for him to join a professional football academy and try his luck in becoming a pro football player. So he joined the

Liverpool youth academy

in his hometown and by the time he was aged 9, his talent was recognized by the coaches and they were counting on him as a kid with some potential.

 At this time Curtis Jones childhood as a Scouser (people from Liverpool) who was just spending his days playing football in the streets and school was over. Now he was a youth football player for Liverpool football club and had the chance to play competitive football alongside other talented kids.

Everything was going through the plan for Curtis and as he grew older, the hype around him to make it to the top-level got bigger and bigger. One of the interesting

facts about Curtis Jones

as a footballer is that he made his way to Liverpool`s 18s squad at the age of 15! That shows how capable he was even as a teenager. 

Curtis Jones Early Career

When he was a teenager, he showed that his skills are way beyond his age. It got to the point that when he was playing with kids in his age group, he felt no pressure at all and was basically showing off his skills on the ball. So the Liverpool`s youth coaches had to play him in higher age groups to keep him motivated and develop his talents.

 At the Liverpool under 18s team, Curtis Jones was being coached by Steven Gerrard – Liverpool`s homegrown legend – who was a midfielder the same as Curtis Jones. So this was a great chance for Curtis to learn from not only a childhood idol but also one of the greatest midfielders in the history of

English football

. Gerrard helped Curtis to find out how he can use his skill set and talent in the best way possible and turn into a complete player even at a very young age.

At this point, Curtis Jones name had spread out in English football as a teenage starlet with a bright future and because of that, Other English giant clubs such as Manchester City and even the rivals

Manchester United

started inquiring about him to see if there is a chance to sign him.

 But when we are talking about

facts about Curtis Jones

, it worth mentioning that he had a bigger ambition than just playing for some big clubs at the Premier League.  He wanted to be an idol for kids like himself in the streets of Liverpool who had the dream of playing for their hometown club.

 He wanted to show the world what local kids in Liverpool are made of and what they can do. So he decided to turn down the offers from both Manchester clubs and remained in Liverpool. It was at this time when he signed his first-ever professional contract and officially started a career as a football player. 

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Curtis Jones Debut Game

At the age of 18, Curtis Jones became the key part of Steven Gerrard`s U18 squad. Actually, he was too good that Gerrard built the team around him. He could do anything with the ball and nothing could stop him from making his way to the senior team. He was called up for a

Premier League

match against


on April 7, 2018. But manager Jurgen Klopp kept him on the bench and Curtis didn`t find the chance to make his debut on that day.

 But finally, the time has arrived. On January 7, 2019, Curtis jones made his debut for Liverpool first-team in the FA Cup third round against Wolverhampton Wanderers. He was in the starting line-up and played for 70 minutes before he got substituted by Roberto Firmino. Liverpool lost the match by two goals to one and got eliminated from the FA Cup.

 But it was the first step for Curtis jones to become a regular player for the Liverpool F.C first-team. Not long after that, in September 2019 in an


match against MK Dons Curtis had another chance to start a game in the senior squad. This time he played the whole game and Liverpool managed to win the game by two goals. Jones had a decent performance and was named man of the match because of that.

EFL Cup became an ideal opportunity for Curtis Jones to gain experience as a prospect. Later in another EFL Cup match against Arsenal, both teams gave a chance to their youngsters to play top-level football and Curtis Jones was one of them. It turned out as an absolutely crazy game that each team scored five goals in it. Then it was up to penalty shoot-outs to decide the winner.

Although Curtis couldn`t score one of the five goals during the regular time, he was lucky enough to score the last penalty in the shoot-outs and sent Liverpool to the next rounds. Now not only the Liverpool fans but also every football fan in England was talking about him as a wonder kid.  But scoring the match-winner penalty against Arsenal was just a beginning.

Curtis Jones First Goal For Liverpool

With Jurgen Klopp raising trust in young Curtis Jones, he had found more playtime in the first-team. But still, he needed something to prove himself to the fans and show that he can cope with the pressure of playing in a UCL winner squad. And what was better than a match-winning goal in a Merseyside derby? So on January 5, 2020, in a

FA Cup

match against Everton at Anfield Curtis Jones scored his first goal for Liverpool.

 It was an amazing curler from 20 yards and outside of the box. This was the only goal of the match and made Liverpool the superior side against the rivals. Also, it was a record-breaker goal as it made Curtis Jones the youngest player ever to score in a Merseyside derby with the age of 18 years and 340 days.

Now everybody in Liverpool was talking about this young lad and was excited about his future at the club. Three weeks after that, on the next round of the FA Cup against Shrewsbury Town, once again Curtis found the net in a 2-2 draw. Then on the replay match against Shrewsbury Town, Jurgen Klopp sent the youngest ever starting XI with an average of 19 years and 5 days to kick off the game.

 It was a chance for Curtis Jones to became Liverpool`s youngest ever captain with the age of 19 years and 5 days. Curtis Jones debut goal in the Premier League came against Aston Villa in a 2-0 win on July 22, 2020. It was a goal that was assisted by the Egyptian

Mohammad Salah

with a header. 

Curtis Jones Play Style

Curtis Jones play style is pretty much something that every manager wants from a midfielder in his team. He is so comfortable with the ball and makes smart decisions in passing it to his teammates. Curtis is a right-footed player and in addition to his decent passing ability, he is a good shot taker even outside of the box.

He showed that with his debut goal against England`s number 1 goalkeeper,

Jordan Pickford

. He is capable of playing in more attacking positions such as left and right winger and that`s what the German manager Jurgen Klopp is aware of too. That`s why he started his career at first team as a left winger.

With his 185 cm height and 75 kg weight, Curtis Jones has some good physical attributes that help him dominating the midfield.  Alongside his attacking abilities, Curtis can come back deep near his own team box and intercept the ball from the opponent. So all things considered, Curtis Jones is a versatile player who can play in multiple roles in midfield and both sides’ wings.

Definitely, he has a long way to go and must keep up the hard work to become a midfielder who cannot be replaced. With playing alongside some world-class players and under a world-class coach such as Jurgen Klopp, Curtis Jones has a golden chance to become the next local hero for Liverpool fans.

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Curtis Jones Parents

There is not much information about Curtis Jones family origins. All we know is that he is of mixed ethnicity and has a mother named Sandra. He was raised by his mother alongside his three older siblings. Until now, there is no reliable information about Curtis Jones`s sibling's gender and exact age.

Although Curtis was raised without a dad, her mother Sandra played a huge role to help him become the player he is today. When he was a teenager, it was his mom that accompanied him to the training ground and supported him. That summarizes all the facts about

Curtis Jones parents

and family.

Curtis Jones Salary and Curtis Jones Net Worth

After his good performances for Liverpool`s senior squad, the club decided to renew his contract on July 4, 2020.

Curtis Jones salary

had risen with this new long-term contract to £15,000 per week until 2025. Obviously, if he manages to continue with his current form, there is a good chance that he gets another long-term contract before 2025 and earns more money than now.

As mentioned above, Curtis Jones salary is £15,000 per week currently. So it is estimated that

Curtis Jones net worth

should be about £4M at least. Considering his very young age and how popular he is to the fans, Curtis has the opportunity to make some paid partnerships with big sponsors and increase his revenue and net worth in the future.

Curtis Jones Transfermarket Stats

According to transfermarkt website – which is a reliable source to value footballers – Curtis Jones current value in the football market is about £13M. Other facts about Curtis Jones transfermarket stats include that he has MIDAS SPORTS MANAGEMENT LTD as his agent. Now let`s take a look at

Curtis Jones stats


Curtis Jones has played 18 games in Premier League and assisted 1 goal up to this point in the 2020/21 season. Also, he played five matches in the UEFA Champions League group stage and managed to score one goal and assist two. Before that in his debut season in 2019-20, Curtis jones stats includes 6 games in the Premier League with one goal against

Aston Villa

and former Liverpool goalkeeper, Pepe Reina.

 Also, he had played 4 games in FA Cup and managed to score two games in a row against Everton and Shrewsbury Town. As a matter of facts about Curtis jones stats, he was the first teenager to score two goals in a row in two games after

Raheem Sterling

did it in April 2014.

Besides that, he played 2 games in EFL Cup in his debut season and managed to assist one goal. He was also called up for two games in

UEFA Champions League

against KRC Genk and RB Salzburg but he didn`t find the chance to come off the bench. But in his second season at Liverpool, he had an important role in leading his team to the top spot at UCL group stage.

Curtis started his career in Liverpool`s senior team with the number 48 shirt. But with the start of the 2020/21 season, he has chosen the number 17 shirt which was worn by Steven Gerrard and Steve McManaman in the past. Until this day Curtis Jones has managed to win a Premier League in 2019-20 season and a

FIFA Club World Cup

in 2019 with a Liverpool shirt.

Curtis Jones Girlfriend and Curtis Jones Children

Until December 2019, there were not many facts about

Curtis jones girlfriend

and private life. Then he posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend on social media. There are not many facts about Curtis Jones girlfriend but we know that she has Indian Muslim parents and probably she is a Muslim too. Curtis and his girlfriend are together for more than a year now and there is a chance that they end up marrying each other.

Although there are footballers that became a dad even sooner than Curtis Jones age, but Curtis has no children at the time of writing this article. Curtis is been recognized as a young lad that his main focus is on developing himself as a top level football player. So we have to wait a little longer to see

Curtis Jones children


Curtis Jones Social Media Accounts

Curtis Jones is an active football player in social media. He has active accounts on Twitter and Instagram. He has nearly 287 k followers on Twitter and 802 k followers on his Instagram account.  You can follow

Curtis Jones social media

accounts by clicking on

Curtis Jones Instagram account


Curtis Jones Twitter account

. Up to this day, Curtis Julain Jones does not have a public Facebook account.

Like every other football player in these days, Curtis also has experienced some harsh criticism from the fans on his social media. Especially after a mistake that led to a goal in a match against West Bromwich Albion. But he didn`t let these abusive comments distract him and managed to bounce back with a decent performance against


at UCL.

Curtis Jones Personal Life

As you may have noticed during reading this article about

facts about Curtis Jones

, he is not the type of person to talk much about his personal life. It seems that he has no interest in revealing his personal life facts even about his siblings and unknown dad.But from his social media activities and posts, we can say that he is a simple kid who is totally focused on his football career.

He doesn’t have any tattoos on him yet and doesn’t ride fancy and luxurious cars. Also, we can`t say for sure that if he is a Christian. Although he has never shown any signs of his religion on and off the pitch, being in an English family at Liverpool, there is a big chance that he was raised as a Christian. 


source: SportMob
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